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Javier Assad
Ben Brown
Kyle Hendricks
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Mark Leiter Jr
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Tyson Miller
Hector Neris
* Drew Smyly
* Justin Steele
Jameson Taillon
Hayden Wesneski

Miguel Amaya
Yan Gomes

* Michael Busch
Nico Hoerner
Nick Madrigal
Christopher Morel
Dansby Swanson
Luis Vazquez
Patrick Wisdom

* Cody Bellinger
# Ian Happ
Seiya Suzuki
* Mike Tauchman

Kevin Alcantara, OF
Michael Arias, P
Alexander Canario, OF
* Pete Crow-Armstrong, OF
Jose Cuas, P 
Brennen Davis, OF
* Miles Mastrobuoni, INF
* Matt Mervis, 1B

15-DAY IL: 6
Yency Almonte, P
Albert Alzolay, P
Colten Brewer, P
Daniel Palencia, P
Keegan Thompson, P
* Jordan Wicks, P

60-DAY IL: 2
Caleb Kilian, P
Julian Merryweather, P

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Cubs vs. Marlins: Series Thread (Games 19-22)

The Cubs managed another series win in Arizona and return home for with an 11-7 record. Recent roster shuffling is likely to continue with Jameson Taillon returning and Patrick Wisdom likely to become available. See below for daily match ups in the four-game series versus the Marlins. 


Game 19, Thursday, April 18, 6:20 pm central
MIA: LHP A.J. Puk (0-3, 5.91 ERA)
CHC: RHP Jameson Taillon (0-0, -.-- ERA) 

A.J. Puk spent the first four seasons of his MLB career working exclusively out of the bullpen. His transition to the starting rotation has been rocky across his first three starts. His eight strikeouts to fourteen walks in 10.2 innings pitched seems like it's about as deep as anyone needs to dig into his current issues. The relatively disciplined Cubs lineup could be a test for him in his fourth outing. 

Taillon returns from the IL to make his 2024 debut. He had a disappointing first half of 2023 following signing with the Cubs as a free agent. His early numbers were so bad, and thr Cubs cratered so badly at the end of the season, that his second half success got somewhat buried. His second half WHIP was only 1.17 compared to 1.40 in the first half and his ERA was 3.70 compared to 6.15. The Cubs could certainly use a steady veteran presence in the rotation to complement the value currently being contributed by pitchers with relatively little MLB experience. 


Game 20, Friday, April 19, 1:20 pm central
MIA: LHP Jesús Luzardo (0-2, 7.65 ERA)
CHC: LHP Shota Imanaga (1-0, 0.00 ERA) 

Luzardo made thirty-two starts last season after never having exceeded 18 in his first four seasons. He was very good in 178.2 innings, striking out over 10 batters per nine innings and walking fewer than three. He still lives in the mid to upper 90s and mixes in a slider and a changeup. 

Imanaga gave up his first MLB run but also earned his first MLB win this past Saturday in Seattle. He didn't have as stellar command as he showed in his first two starts. Still, he did not allow an earned run and walked only two batters. 


Game 21, Saturday, April 20, 1:20 pm central
MIA: RHP Edward Cabrera (0-0, 1.50 ERA)
CHC: RHP Javier Assad (2-0, 2.16 ERA) 

Cabrera made his MLB debut in 2021 and has accrued 42 starts and 203.2 MLB innings since then. He's run an alarming 5.26 walks per nine innings in that time and relies on strikeouts and grounders to work around weak command of the strikezone. Things worked out great for him in his first MLB start of the year on the 15th; he struck out ten in six innings pitched but did not factor into the decision. 

Assad earned his second win of the season on the back of 5.2 innings pitched and two earned runs allowed to the Mariners. He's gotten very strong results to start this season and could be hard to send back to the bullpen if he keeps it up. 


Game 22, Sunday, April 21, 1:20 pm central
MIA: LHP Ryan Weathers (2-1, 2.70 ERA)
CHC: RHP Kyle Hendricks (0-2, 12.71 ERA) 

Weathers has made 35 MLB starts dating back to his age 21 season back in 2021. He has yet to find much success at the MLB level after being picked seventh overall in the 2018 draft. He's been going to his changeup more often of late compared to his time with the Padres. 

Hendricks was hurt by homeruns again in his third start. The Cubs offense saved him from taking the loss despite issuing three walks and allowing two homeruns on pitches left up and over the heart of the plate. Hendricks's recent results resemble a clock ticking down to a DFA or IL stint. Even a veteran like Hendricks is unlikely to be permitted to hang around with a double-digit ERA without some kind of roster action being taken. 


The Cubs get Monday to rest before continuing the homestand with three games against the Astros.


cubs getting crazy good at not having player moves leak.

taillon we 100% know is pitching tonight.  who he's replacing and any additional moves are unknown as far as i can tell.

p.wisdom was not in today's lineup in iowa (rained out) and he was removed from the game last night mid-game, but not for injury.  good bet he's with the team in the bigs, too.

Wesneski and Mastrobuoni to Iowa

Taillon and Wisdom up

Wesneski can't pitch for a couple of days after the 4 IP from last night. But Jed picked Wicks over Wesneski.

[ ]

In reply to by TarzanJoeWallis

That’s just kinda how it works though, for every team. No team plays their best guys all the time. No team is comprising of their best 26 even removing injuries.

When baseball became a business, like REALLY a business, it became important to keep some of the vets happy, which in turn keeps agents happy and keeps the team with a good reputation among players and agents. No one wants to play for a team that has a bad reputation in the same way no one wants to work for a company that has a bad rep.

Don’t get me wrong, I hate it too. But there’s nothing anyone can do about it.

On that topic, I find it silly the Cubs brought up Canario to sit as much as he has. He’s going to get Velazquez’d, and it’s a shame.

[ ]

In reply to by Dolorous Jon Lester

Totally depends on the team and the player involved. If your team’s philosophy is to pay huge dollars to bet on the future performance of past stars in order to win championships then, yes, all of the factors you mentioned are important.

If on the other hand, if the team’s primary focus is to identify and develop future stars in an effort to win a championship, and you’re a young player looking to establish yourself as a star, that’s a fit too. Otherwise your buried within your own organization.

Your comment about bringing up Canario for the purposes of sitting him illustrates perfectly the dangers of rewarding a non-performing, highly paid player over a hungry young prospect, like Canario, who is perpetually without a roster spot except as an insurance call up, but too good to trade. Totally disincentivizing the performance of the prospect and likely diminishing it.

Sticking it to your prospects and providing lousy baseball to your fans, the consumers and source of revenue for your sport, solely so that the next free agent gamble finds your team to be a comfortable landing spot even if he sucks? I suppose  that makes sense to some teams but it’s definitely not the way I want to see my team run.

Once again, DJL, our differences in philosophy emerge!

[ ]

In reply to by TarzanJoeWallis

The issue is the Cubs are 11-7 and have been on the road for 12 of those 18.  We should be at least 13-5, maybe 14-4. Jed isn't feeling any pressure to play anyone he doesn't see fit.
But Canario on the bench, Morel not at 3B for Madrigal and Wisdom in RF wasn't what I thought would happen in this series.
I was hoping for Morel at 3B, Canario in RF, Wisdom at DH and Madrigal as a pinch hitter or late replacement.
Maybe Madrigal starts 1 game against the three LHSP for Miami.
I'm thinking Canario goes back to Iowa on Sunday night for Mastrobuoni after the Miami LHers are gone.
Canario needs ABs in Iowa and not bench time in MLB.
With Seiya out for a while Wisdom is safe unless his SOs are just overwhelmingly bad.

My real issue with the lineup isn't Madrigal. I'm not a fan, but I've given up on that one.
It's Tauchman getting a large number of ABs as the de factor DH and everyday player.
I didn't realize that was going to be the case.
We need a better LH DH. PCA or ONKC need to force the issue in about a month.
But, even if they do so, Jed doesn't have to change anything if the Cubs stay a few over .500!!!

[ ]

In reply to by Childersb3

Miles Mastrobuoni cannot be recalled until he has spent at least ten days on optional assignment, unless he is recalled to replace a position player who is placed on an MLB inactive list (IL, Paternity, Bereavement / Family Medical). 


And for a pitcher it's 15 days on optional assignment before he can be recalled, unless he is replacing a pitcher who is placed on an MLB inactive list (IL, Paternity, or Bereavement / Family Medical). 


And a pitcher (or a position player, but almost always it's a pitcher) can be recalled as the 27th man for a doubleheader regardless of how many days he has been on optional assignment, but then he must be sent back down again the next day. 


That's why the Cubs had to wait as long as they did to send Jose Cuas down and recall Keegan Thompson. Thompson needed to spend the first 15 days of the MLB regular season on optional assignment before he could be recalled (and he spent EXACTLY the first 15 days of the MLB regular season on optional assignment before he was recalled). 

[ ]

In reply to by Dolorous Jon Lester

DJL: if a pitcher is recalled to be the 27th man for a doubleheader and then is optioned back to the minors the next day, the 15-day "clock" does NOT reset. The one day call-up for the doubleheader is treated like it never happened with respect to a pitcher having to spend at least 15 days on optional assignment before he can be recalled. 

[ ]

In reply to by Childersb3

Totally onboard with your thoughts concerning today’s lineup. Not sure about your take on Tauchman though.

The guy typically doesn’t pound the ball out out of the park, and his BA is quite unimpressive. But he brings something unique to the table that the undisciplined batters of the past didn’t. He always provides a quality at bat and he makes the opposing pitcher work because he has a great eye for the zone and protects the plate with two strikes exceptionally well. In addition to making him a base runner more often than it seems through his walks, that kind of at bat wears a pitcher down both mentally and physically so that the other guys who may hit the ball harder are more apt to take advantage of subsequent mistakes and do their damage.

I can’t remember a time when the Cubs valued this kind of contribution but this year they have a couple of guys doing it, with Happ being the other. It doesn’t make for gaudy stats but it definitely contributes to winning ball games. I do believe that’s why Tauchman has garnered so much playing time.

[ ]

In reply to by Childersb3

I don’t see Tauchman as a weak link in any position. He simply adds his value in a different way.

I don’t know that we gain much by putting him in the outfield - Happ, Bellinger and Suzuki and Tauchman all field their positions well. If you’re looking for Taucnman’s kind of AB in a particular game I don’t see why it can’t come from DH.

[ ]

In reply to by TarzanJoeWallis

Indeed they do TJW!

For the record I’m not in favor of solely building a team through paying big to free agents. But I’m also of the mind that when you develop really good players, get them signed to extensions that buy out a couple years of free agency, including with team options. And supplement the home grown players with free agent splashes or using excess prospects to trade for stars under team control for a few years. Sort of what Atlanta does, basically. Everyone talks about the dodgers but I feel that Atlanta is the peak organization at the current moment.

That said, the constant roster churn is very Rays- ish. What they do is incredible, but it’s extremely hard to do which is why they’re the only ones frequently successful that employ that strategy. I definitely do not want to see a large market team like ours follow that model closely. But I don’t think free agent frenzies is always the answer. It’s really only the Dodgers that play in that realm. I could see an argument for the Mets too. The Yankees don’t really operate like that anymore since the elder Steinbrenner passed. Though I would say the reigning champions built a good deal of that team through free agent spending.

I THINK I agree with that decision. They committed to Wicks as a starter and, while he hasn’t been stellar I don’t think he’s been bad enough to undo that commitment.

That said, Wesneski’s performance last night dictates he be the next righty up.

Quite the dilemma. They have many good options, particularly in relief, but not many great ones. And complicating the situation is that the pitchers being paid the most are by and large performing the worst - or in Taillon’s case, at least to this point, not at all.

bit of a hot take here, but i'm gonna say it.

the 2024 marlins don't seem to be good at doing baseballs.

happ, right hamstring tightness, day-to-day (hopefully 0 days).

he will be reevaluated tomorrow.

[ ]

In reply to by crunch

Probably the only reason David Peralta is still in the organization (he is at AAA Iowa) is to be available in case anything bad were to happen to Ian Happ (which it just did). So if Happ needs to go on the IL, the Cubs can select Peralta to play LF, DFA Wisdom (and hope he and what remains of his $2.725M salary gets claimed off waivers), and recall Mervis to platoon at DH with Cooper (with Canario / Tauchman sharing RF), at least until Suzuki and Happ are back...


[ ]

In reply to by Arizona Phil

Mastrobuoni can't come back, yet

Wisdom does have an option left. He can hide in Iowa if Jed DFA's someone else

Does Brennan Davis get shown the door? I know it's too early for that, but these injuries are crunching the roster of a 12-7 team playoff demands and BDavis isn't going to help anytime soon.

Someone has to go to add Peralta. And Canario isn't going to get to play everyday regardless of RHers or LHers. Neither is Tauchman. Also don't see PCA getting a chance over Peralta.

If Jed does those moves:

4 OF: Belli, Peralta, Canny, Tauch

2 C: Gomes and Amaya

2 DH: Cooper and Mervis

5 INF: Busch, Nico, Dansby, Morel, Madrigal

Little short on OF depth but two injuries will do that  

i'd just like to take a moment to express to the world i'm still pissed willson contreras is not a cub when the pricetag was 5/87m (17.5m/yr).

it would be nice to have a legacy-type player to stick around, especially one with his leadership and the respect he gets from his peers.  cubs fans deserved more than 1 season of contreras + morel...that was gold.

[ ]

In reply to by Charlie

i think the fans learned from the lame scapegoat of him causing pitchers to perform less that adequately that was tossed around last year.

the "fix" helped nothing, and they lost a batting slot to multiple catchers that couldn't hit so contreras could DH.

also, contreras handled it all really well while commentators and upper team management/coaches allowed him to be dragged for months.

btw, he's in incredible shape going into this season.

[ ]

In reply to by crunch

I loved Willson. Javy, Rizzo, and Bryant too. I know they all couldn’t stay and the latter 3 have fallen off significantly, but it’s still an incredible shame not a single one was a legacy Cub for life. I believe there is real value to fans and honestly to business to keeping those types of players around for their whole career.

I also staunchly maintain if Javy were playing somewhere that fans really got into the game, he wouldn’t be struggling nearly this badly. He thrives off fan energy.

[ ]

In reply to by Charlie

shockingly, it's just suck.  he had some injuries (wrist/thumb/hip) people have pointed to over the past few years, but even when totally healthy with those issues things never got better.

people theorized a few deaths in his family bugged him, but dude's life is filled with death at a much younger age (father when a young teen, sister when he was 21) he played through.

no one expected the guy to learn to take walks, but the hitting and power have declined sharply in the past 2+ seasons while playing nearly full time for a middle IF'r.

defense is still good, at least.

[ ]

In reply to by Charlie

I’m in Michigan and catch a Tigers game now and then. He looks a little out of shape to me. Not overly so but an extra 10 pounds can make a difference on a guy who relies on quickness.

Recall for the first one to two weeks the Tigers were tearing it up. Detroit can stir up a lot of energy when their teams are playing well and they have some good young talent at this point. Whatever energy was in the park during that start did nothing for Javy.

hendricks vs the 2nd worst team in MLB tomorrow.

i know throwing a guy's role away before april ends is a bit premature for a vet, but what he's shown has been consistently terrible, not just a couple bad ones.

if he can't make it happen tomorrow, at least be "average" or "meh"...then it's time to reconsider his role going forward, at least for now.

assad gets d.ross'd and pulled after 4.2ip.

the guy is awesome, but his quality tops around around pitch 80, though he's capable of going 90-100+ pitches.  command gets a little sketchy and velocity becomes slightly inconsistent around pitch 80+.

it's pretty much the only thing keeping him from being a totally solid pitching option.  hell, this issue would be ignorable and lived with on many teams out there, but the cubs got a bit of an excess SP issue...which is nice.

4 games...21.1ip 14h 8bb 21k, 2.11 era, 1.03 whip

O.k. So for those of you who don’t already think I’m nuts…

We have somewhat of an excess of starting pitching, including some young guys who really need to pitch in the bigs at this point. You have a closer who has developed a proclivity to throw gopher balls. And you have a well paid, unmovable, experienced veteran who clearly lacks the stuff to start anymore but usually does ok the first time through the order, who has a calm demeanor, a brilliant mind, and is a team player.

You know where I'm going with this. It sounds crazy but we've seen this act before. Guys named Eckersly, Smoltz, and even Wood.

Ok, time to let me have it!

pretty damn bold to let neris close a game after recent performances...nailed it, though.

No Happ. Not sure if he’s still just day to day. Amaya catching Hendricks. Busch hitting cleanup.  OF is Canario, Bellinger, Tauchman. Cooper DH. Chilly (around 50 degrees) but sunny.


i'm just trying to be supportive over here.  go sportsball.

hendricks still gets some K's, but dude is just throwing complex batting practice.

sometimes it gets hit where a glove happens to be, sometimes it isn't.

two pitches, both hittable.

Steele will throw 3 live innings in AZ on Friday.

Seiya did "light" baseball activities today.

We just need to hang in for a couple of weeks

Okay, this is completly off the discussion. I have noticed several times that organist John Benedeck has been  playing a phrase from the first movement of Carl Orff's Carmina Burana ("O Fortuna"). He has done some hilariously hip music for opposing players over the last couple of years (succeeding the immortal Gary Pressey), but I don't get this one. I ask the very diverse TCR community to help me out! What's the connection? I can't find any pattern, but maybe it's for two-strike counts. ("O, Fortuna")

O, Fortuna mystery. The music is striking. It reminds me of ELP’s cover of Fanfare for the common man.

 I wasn’t familiar with this so I started some research to possible pop references but no real answers.

Three items struck some potential. 

1- 1983: The album Carmina Burana by Ray Manzarek, keyboard player for The Doors, produced by Philip Glass and Kurt Munkacsi; arrangements by Ray Manzarek. A&M Records.

2- The Trans-Siberian Orchestra covered it in 2006. 
Here is the You Tube live performance:

3- The Ohio State Marching band has a cover of this. Maybe an OSU connection?

It’s still a mystery to me. (Obscure Fleetwood Mac reference intended). Maybe there is a movie score it was in?

[ ]

In reply to by crunch

Recalled it was sampled in a Nas song.  Did a little sleuthing.  It was a Nas song called "Hate Me Now" that featured Puff Daddy.  Imploring the crowd to hate somebody seems a bit overly dramatic for a keyboardist but perhaps there is some other connection to the song. 


In general there has been a weird overuse of Carmina Burana's O Fortuna in sports and commercials in past decade or so.  Maybe it is a fallback choice if there isn't anything else.   


Sidenote, while the O Fortuna part has become a bit pop-culture cliched; the overall piece is very interesting and rather expansive in scope. I played percussion in a production of it while in college.  There is a rather jovial movement set in a tavern.  In the score it calls for the clinking of beer steins.  Let's just say we did a lot of research to determine the best sounding beer steins. 

[ ]

In reply to by Sonicwind75

More than 50 years ago (I'm old), I was in the audience when my HS choir performed the whole thing. (It was a really elite choir and director.) That was my first exposure to the piece. You're right, Sonicwind75, there is a lot more to it than "O Fortuna," just like there's a lot more to Beethoven's Ninth than the Ode to Joy, etc. Much if it, as you say, is bawdy: "O! O! Totus florio! Iam amori virginali, totus ardeo!" Basically, "I'm really horny for these virgins!" And the guys in the choir adopted the "Skoal"- type greeting from the tavern scene: "Wafna!" 

I knew some of my fellow TCR folks would have something to say about this! I'll keep listening for the tune at games, and see if I can figure out the significance. 

Recent comments

  • Childersb3 (view)

    Phil with an absolute dagger to the heart here !!
    All Perlaza did was hit and hit at every level. Switch hitter and performed equally well from either side. He produced good results. Just like Assad did at every level.
    Jed didn't think he was worthy of the 40man.
    I get keeping Canario over Perlaza (but Canario is never going to play for Jed)
    I get keeping B. Davis in order to save some value there after his injuries (but he'll never play for the Jed)
    Jed had to add Alcantara. Just can't let him walk in the Rule5.
    But Perlaza not being on the 40man in order to use him as a DH is just nuts to me.
    He's younger than Mervis. And statistically just as good if not better than Mervis. Probably has more bat speed from both sides of the plate. Why didn't Perlaza get a chance?

    Phil, did Perlaza sign a 1yr deal in the KBO? Can he's contract be purchased by a MLB club right now? I'm sure that's not possible, but I wanted to ask.

  • Arizona Phil (view)

    Former Cubs minor league OF Yonathan Perlaza is hitting 327/405/624 with 15 HR and 15 doubles in 51 games for Hanwha in the KBO. He leads the league in SLG, is tied for lead in HR, is 2nd in OPS, and is tied for 4th in doubles. He was a minor league 6YFA post-2023 but the Cubs chose not to select him to the MLB 40-man roster and he declined to sign a 2024 minor league successor contract. 

  • Dolorous Jon Lester (view)

    I know they’re managing innings especially for Brown, but I feel like if we’re rolling out our top 5 SP, it includes Assad and Brown, and Wicks would be in Iowa. Wicks is solid and I think will continue to be, but Brown has been awesome and Assad has been our second best SP this year.

  • crunch (view)

    110%...unlike the decision to put in t.miller to protect a 4 run lead with 1 on and get the last out of the game.

    this is the most over-managed thing i've seen of counsell with the cubs.

  • Eric S (view)

    Seemed like the right decision from my vantage! 😂

  • Eric S (view)

    What is this whole clutch hit/score multiple runs thing the Cubs are doing? They can do that? And it’s legal? Nice!

  • crunch (view)

    this game got really f'n good.

  • crunch (view)

    scoring from 2nd on a 60ft hit...a hit off the pitcher's elbow...ow.

    megill walking off the mound towards where the ball was rolling was a poor decision even if he was nope'ing himself out of the game to the dugout.

  • Eric S (view)

    Vazquez with the heads up running - Cubs could could steal this one back. 

  • Eric S (view)

    Is Adames going to steal the Cubs soul two days in a row? Yep