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  • Anna Benson is my idol. Her quotes are so inspiring.
    Just_a_girl 13 years 10 months ago
  • Anna Benson would know.
    Transmission 13 years 10 months ago
  • Oh my the Cubs escape with the lead after 7 eventhough the Dodgers had the bases loaded with one out.
    George 13 years 10 months ago
  • How much wood could a fluffer fluff if a fluffer could fluff wood?
    jacos 13 years 10 months ago
  • Just to warn the message board: Parachat will be invading, soon. And giving you all fluffers.
    Transmission 13 years 10 months ago
  • The best part about Scully was last night when he kept referring to our backup catcher as BLANK-O. Priceless.
    SM 13 years 10 months ago
  • From On Monday, Koronka threw from the bullpen mound at Dodger Stadium but left before the game began. It was the first time the southpaw had ever attended a major league game. I'm sorry. Please tell me I'm reading this wrong. This kind has been a professional baseball player for 8 years and has never attended a major league BASEBALL GAME?!?!?! This is just too nuts....
    Jaymay 13 years 10 months ago
  • Rob, when Vinnie says Koronka is "a southpaw all the way" he means he bats AND throws left-handed. I grew up in central California listening to Vinnie and there's nobody to compare to him as an announcer, although he's not quite what he used to be. On occasion, he does rise to the challenge, though. His stories on Memorial Day brought tears to my eyes. You mentioned him bringing up the Cubs' injuries each of the last three nights. It's really tough calling nine innings of baseball flying solo, especially on television where everybody can see his mistakes. He is truly an American treasure.
    Steve T. 13 years 10 months ago
  • Latroy Hawkins tonight: 1IP 4ER. youch.
    sedagive 13 years 10 months ago
  • anyone have any stats on patterson w/ a runner on 3rd and less than 2 outs? he's been horrendous the past 2 games...
    koronkadunk 13 years 10 months ago
  • Any complaints still about the starting lineup??? Why is it the worst lineups scores the most runs??
    mannytrillo 13 years 10 months ago
  • " how are the sox winning you say, wellitsy wellitsy wellitsy, lets take a looksie"
    Robert A . Booey 13 years 10 months ago
  • steve stone is a jackass i never like him all that much. "could the cubs win without prior, sure, will they, i dont know but...." can you stand anyone who talks like that?
    Robert A . Booey 13 years 10 months ago
  • top of the second NE!FEEEEEE
    Robert A . Booey 13 years 10 months ago
  • cant get ESPN Sox or Cubs because of black out rules... and this ChiSox post game stuff just wont end! aaaaaaahhh! FINALLY
    jared 13 years 10 months ago
  • On the plus side, ESPN's Sox coverage is offering a breath of fresh air, what with the best color man in the biz working the mic and all.
    Dan 13 years 10 months ago
  • stupid ChiSox... lose already... I am missing the Cubs game!!!!!! stupid CSN+ for allowing no extra time. stupid black out rules... ARG!
    jared 13 years 10 months ago
  • If my eyes did not just deceive (watching GameCenter), Latroy just gave up a grand slam in relief in the 8th. Poor guy.
    scott 13 years 10 months ago
  • Good Luck, Rob. The one I did for the first round of steroid testimony was a real pain in the ass!
    Transmission 13 years 10 months ago
  • Dear John Hill, Calling them up would though represent really throwing them in at the deep end, sink or swim, since not one of the three has a successful inning at Triple-A under their belt. Renyel Pinto was pretty good in AAA last season, save the first start.
    Ienpw 13 years 10 months ago
  • It was Leicester.
    Ienpw 13 years 10 months ago
  • No word yet on who got sent down????
    mannytrillo 13 years 10 months ago
  • Enrique Wilson at 3rd, batting 2nd. I think I just threw up in my mouth...
    Patrick 13 years 10 months ago
  • Whatever happened to Hairston taking some ground balls at 3rd earlier this year?
    Bleeding Blue 13 years 10 months ago
  • I swear, I don't post solely to complain, it's just on the nights I'm posting, things like... Perez SS Wilson 3B Lee Burnitz Walker Patterson Hollandsworth Barrett Koronka happen. Other guys: Izturis (The Real All-Star) SS Perez Drew Kent Saenz Werth Phillips Edwards Lowe
    Ron Galt 13 years 10 months ago
  • Great work. I remember the Cub minor league output being so meager through the late 60s-mid 80s, that we actually tuned over to catch each of Scot Thompson's ABs one Sunday when we were watching a Bears game. It was just exciting to see anyone from the Cub minors even get an AB in the majors.
    tbone 13 years 10 months ago
  • The 1st round of MLB All-Star voting was announced today and the good news is that the Chicago Cubs have the starting SS in the NL right now, the sad part is that it is Nomar Garciaparra (235,899 votes), not the deserving Neifi Perez, who isn't even in the top 5. Also on a down note, Derek Lee is somehow not the leading vote getter, but also somehow not even the #1 1B. Pujols has 570,004 and Lee has only 268,189. For the people who think we were doing somekind of disservice for voting Neifi in, I hope you take a look at how horrible the system is now.
    mannytrillo 13 years 10 months ago
  • How Monday landed one of the greatest Cubs ever: That would be Ryne Sandberg. The Cubs traded Ken Holtzman to Oakland for Monday. They traded Monday to LA for Bill Buckner and Ivan DeJesus. They traded DeJesus to the Phils for Larry Bowa...and Ryne Sandberg! One of my favorite picks was Mike Harkey. USA Today reported the Cubs' made an excellent pick at the time. He moved quickly up the oraganization. He won 13 games his rookie year-losing the roy to David Justice. That was 1990. Unfortunately, he had a hard staying healthy after that. The Cubs lost patience with him when he got hurt goofing around in the outfield before a game in 1993. That was pretty much it for Mike Harkey...
    carmenfanzone 13 years 10 months ago
  • DC Tom, yeh, I couldn't find it in the CBA either. That really annoyed me. But it's 10 days, thanks Ruz. I'll have to remember that this time, I keep forgetting.
    John Hill 13 years 10 months ago
  • Rob, I bought that Ty Griffin card too! Of course, I also had dozens of Earl Cunninghams, even more Mike Harkeys, Derrick Mays, Shawn Boskies, etc. I used to collect only Cubs cards, and give the rest away or trade them away. It probably wasn't a great financial decision, but I only valued Cubs cards. Everything else was trash to me. Oh well...
    K 13 years 10 months ago
  • It's 10 days -- if a player is optioned to the minors, he cannot be recalled from that optional assignment for 10 days except in case of an injury to another player. A couple of great resources:
    Christian 13 years 10 months ago
  • 1) The Cubs make most of their runs out of homers. That trend has to be changed somehow. Thus, I think the Burnitz bunt was not out of the question. The other night I saw Bernie Williams bunt for the first time in a decade and no one criticized Joe Torre for that call! On the other hand, you would assume that Dusty knows what his players can and cannot do. Still, at that stage of the game, he made the right call, in my opinion, by trying to manufacture a run. As Bleeding Blue pointed out, even Barry Bonds and Ted Williams bunted sporadically through their careers. This is the Majors. A player gets paid to execute. Contrary to what Brenly said in the broadcast, even Shaq ocassionally has to bring the ball down to mid-court. 2) I don't think Dubois (or anyone else for that matter) had a chance on that Texas leaguer. If the shortstop or the center fielder cannot get there because of their defensive positioning, forget it! There's something called no-one's land. What surprises me is that with all the Corey bashing, no one has mentioned the awful throw Corey made to home plate on that play. I believe a good throw would have nailed the runner and the Cubs would have probably won that game in nine innings. 3) The bullpen has improved so much lately! Finding a closer and defining roles apparently stabilized the pen. I'll watch tonight's game on ESPN and pay attention to what the announcers say about it (probably Joe Morgan, though I would love if it were Steve Stone).
    Rafi 13 years 10 months ago
  • Re #35 (John Hill), John, if you find the rule regarding the 10 or 15 day waiting period for assigning a player to and from the minors, please let me know. I could not find it in the CBA, though I will admit I did not look that closely at it. There is a general rule in the CBA that minor league assignments are to "conform to past practices", which may in fact incorporate an older rule. The first pick overall in the real draft (1965) was the esteemed Cub Rick Monday, by the KC A's. had a nice video of him the other day online in which they showed the famous but inexplicably-rare "Rescuing the Flag at Dodger Stadium" video footage.
    DC Tom 13 years 10 months ago
  • Ruth's sacrifice numbers include both sacrifice flys and sacrifice bunts, which is why his numbers are so high.
    Bleeding Blue 13 years 10 months ago
  • Strangely, Ruth had 113 sacs in his career with a career high of 21 coming in his 16th season.
    Chad 13 years 10 months ago
  • 3 of Williams were in his rookie year and 1 in his second. In the next 19 years he sac bunted 1 time. 2 for Bonds in his rookie year. 2 in the next 18
    Chad 13 years 10 months ago
  • The problem with bunting in that situation is that although you're playing for one run, what you're doing is actually *decreasing* the chance that you'll score one run, as well as *significantly* decreasing the chances you'll score more than one run. The only situation where it actively makes sense to bunt (ie where a successful bunt increases your chance of scoring one run) is with a runner on 2nd and nobody out. Even then, though, you have to take into account the guy at the plate and whether he has a good chance of putting one down. Playing for one run on the road isn't the best strategy -- I might have been able to excuse Dusty bunting Burnitz at home, where one run wins the game (and that's why I don't have as much of a problem with Tracy bunting in the bottom of the 9th) but in the top of thie inning it's bad strategy.
    Christian 13 years 10 months ago
  • As a 6-year old, I was pretty excited when the Cubs drafted Ty Griffin. All I remembered about him was he hit 2 HR's in the Pan-American games to beat Cuba 2-1 in Indianapolis. It was a game I was at as a 5 year old.
    MerigoldBowling 13 years 10 months ago
  • joe morgan absolutely doesn't realize that that's a sabermetric idea. he thinks that billy beane wrote the book moneyball about himself because his ego is so large. he is absolutely the last man i want to hear doing a baseball game. below brenly even. unfortunately, out here in new hampshire, i would assume i'm getting him and jon miller again tonight since they did the game on monday also. then tomorrow in san diego more espn, more of the same. not that i'm complaining, it's kinda cool to watch it on tv instead of the computer. chicago in 2 weeks and then i can go in person and it's not an issue.
    Green Lantern 13 years 10 months ago
  • For the record - Bonds has 4 career Sac Bunts, Ted Williams had 5.
    Bleeding Blue 13 years 10 months ago
  • "the stats this year might not prove wilky is better, but he was 30/30 last year and is just in his prime. 32 HR, 13 SB." whoops i could have sworn he as 30/30 but i guess not :-/
    hoagie 13 years 10 months ago
  • manny- i guess what i meant to say was to point out that on monday - "It was the first time the southpaw had ever attended a major league game." that seems very odd!
    koronkadunk 13 years 10 months ago
  • RobG nevermind. BillyW was too early for the real draft, which is your focus here. Too bad I'm not as focused as this piece...
    Ranch 13 years 10 months ago
  • Thanks RobG, it is clear now regarding RF. But then why isn't BillyW the LF?
    Ranch 13 years 10 months ago
  • Rob-- "I don't believe you can keep shuttling players back and forth. I believe there is a 10 day wait period once you send a player down to the minors, unless there is an injury." It's either 10 or 15 days, I forget which, but you're definately correct that such a rule exists. I'll look it up. The only exception, as you say, is in case of injury. Therefore, Manny's suggestion of rotating Koronka and Mitre isn't allowed under the rules. No doubt that exact scenario is why the rule was implimented in the first place. Brent-- "The other thing about the shuffle is that, I believe, there are only so many times that you can send a player down to the minor leagues before the player has a right to demand free agency." Not exactly. You can option a player as many times as you like in their three option years, an option year simply being a year in which you option them. The "out of options" phrase is misleading. It should really be "out of option years". I know what you're thinking of though - a player successfully outrighted off a 40-man roster more than once in his career (by successfully, I mean that they clear outright waivers) has the right to refuse the assignment and elect for free agency. That's normally only applicable to journeyman players though - you rarely see a good player outrighted once, yet alone twice, simply because by doing so they're exposed to other teams with nothing but a $20k waiver wire claim price tag.
    John Hill 13 years 10 months ago
  • Billy Williams signed as an amateur free agent in 1956 with the Cubs but was playing with the Cubs in 1965 and beyond, mostly in left, a bit in right. Thus he doesn't get counted in the all-drafted team. The other players all played right field for a few years, but all started with other organizations. I was basically trying to point out how the Cubs right field position has been filled with players who were not drafted by the Cubs and that's why Scot Thompson made the All-drafted Cubs team despite a rather useless career. Hopefully that clears it up for you.
    Rob G. 13 years 10 months ago
  • Rob G, this paragraph confuses me: "Right field has been another revolving door of players. Billy Williams, Jose Cardenal, Jerry Morales, Keith Moreland, and Andre Dawson all patrolled the right field well in Wrigley before the ever-entertaining Sammy Sosa was acquired in 1992. So 1974 first round pick Scot Thompson, mostly a utility outfielder who did manage 128 games with the Cubs in 1978, is reluctantly named to my team." I'm guessing that BillyW is the only Cub draftee among these players. And he didn't play much RF. I see the conclusion as good, but why are any of these other guys even mentioned? They aren't Cub draftees...I'm still confused...
    Ranch 13 years 10 months ago
  • There is a certain time a player must spend in the minors before being brought back up. I forget exactly how many, but I remember that discussion floating around on here when Leicester came up for a start earlier in the year. ESPN has some pretty bad columnists, but I'm starting to lean closer to Steve Phillips being the worst. This article has some of the stupidest ideas I've ever heard in it. Meanwhile Joe Morgan is extolling the use of a relief ace. I wonder if he realizes how close he is suggesting something that *gasp* sabetmaticians think is good.
    Jedi Knight 13 years 10 months ago
  • The other thing about the shuffle is that, I believe, there are only so many times that you can send a player down to the minor leagues before the player has a right to demand free agency.
    Transmission 13 years 10 months ago
  • I don't believe you can keep shuttling players back and forth. I believe there is a 10 day wait period once you send a player down to the minors, unless there is an injury. I used for the bulk of my research and they very conveniently list in bold every player who has major league stats. My fault for trusting them. He did pitch 3 games but was awful, in essence still useless. Thanks for catching that...
    Rob G. 13 years 10 months ago