Cubs @ Pirates - Hendricks vs Locke; Game 15 Thread

There was snow, there were home runs, but there was no victory. Cubs try to secure the series win with the roster leftovers this afternoon.

 Kyle Hendricks vs. Jeff Locke

Denorfia LFHarrison 3B
Soler RFLambo RF
*Rizzo 1B*Polanco CF
Bryant CF#Walker 2B
Castro SS*Alvarez 1B
Castillo CMercer SS
Russell SSRodriguez LF
Hendricks PStewart C
#Herrera 3B*Locke P

Don't have a lot of time this morning, but a reminder that I'll have the chatbox up in the lower right around game time.  Kris Bryant playing in center field today is the pre-game buzz as Dexter Fowler tweaked his groin on a bunt attempt yesterday. They say Fowler's available to pinch hit if needed, so doesn't sound like he'll be out for long. In the meantime, Bryant shifts to center field today because either Joe Maddon has him on his fantasy team and wants to up his position eligibility or because Bryant played a literal handful of games there in college and claims it's the outfield position he's most comfortable playing.


Boneheaded base running by Castro. 0 out with a ground ball right to 1B he tries to go home. UGH!

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it wasn't boneheaded at all, it was a go on contact play and if he didn't go home it was an easy double play because Russell didn't break out of the box. Since they had to tag Castro, they couldn't turn the 3-6-4 or -3-6-3 double play instead.

1st and 2nd with 1 out is better than 3rd and 2 outs any day.

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Then he was loafing running down the line, he was jogging at best. The 1B was playing in, so can't understand why it was a go on contact with 0 out when hit to 1B. Makes no sense. He shold have broken down the line to freeze 1B and then he wouldn't have been able to turn two. I still think he went on his own, but we won't know till after the game, and then likely not know as I am sure Maddon will cover for him, like he did for Bryant swinging 3-0 yesterday.

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because with the pitcher due up next that's not Travis Wood, what you don't want is a double play. If it was a go on contact play or Castro on his own it really doesn't matter, it was the best play there. Yeah, he could have tried to get caught in a rundown, but I took it as he knew was out. If he sped up the play, he gave them a chance to throw Russell out, so whether it was intentional or not (probably not) him cruising in (he was dead to rights, it really didn't matter) actually helped the play.

Didn't he tear up his knee last year on a slide to home? I'm guessing that maybe he's a bit gunshy on the plays at the plate if it's unnecessary then.

Feels like the worst loss of the year. Hendricks at 90 pitches, one out one on in the 6th, leading 4-2, and the move is to bring in EJax and Schlitter? What the hell? Crappy way to end the series.

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My instinct is to give Maddon the benefit of the doubt and think he's doing some pitch count thing - I didn't see today's game so I don't know how many pitches Hendricks was at, but I did see he gave up two doubles in the inning he got pulled, so there's that. But my instincts are wrong because even with all the reasons I can come up with, he's just gonna wear down the bullpen before the end of May. But the Maddonini Kool Aid is still going down too good for me to really worry much about this.

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Speaking of the White Sox game what is up with the Royals?? Every time Ventura pitches (3 starts in a row) there's a fight and TWICE he has gone after batters for comebackers to the mound. The one yesterday wasn't even hit hard and the first time was Trout who plays the game pretty close to the vest. That kid needs a lobotomy ... getting easier and easier to hate a team that should be very easy to root for ...

Bulls are pretty legit with this version of Derrick Rose, next round is gonna be damn fun.

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I think I'm in love with their big man game too. I hope they keep Mirotic out until the next round just to be careful, he sure turned out to be a pleasant surprise right out of the gate. Between them, the Hawks, and Cubs, we sure have some goofy(and talented) bastards to root for right now. We are in the middle of a basement remodel which I somehow convinced my wife that we needed 3 TVs for, can't be done soon enough!

they've got to send schlitter back to Iowa; I don't even care if they call someone up to replace him

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Yeah, Schlitter to Iowa and any warm body that can be a backup OF or IF makes sense. I have high hopes for this bullpen if Ramirez and Grimm can get healthy and Maddon can let his starting pitchers get deeper into games once in a while. Too bad Armando Rivero is off to a poor start in Iowa (1:4 K:BB). CJ Edwards or Corey Black could beat him to the MLB bullpen if nobody else hurries back.

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I would have to agree.. Maddon is morethan likley taking this 1st month to evaluate what he has. Shitter is this year's early season BP failure. On a lucky day, when everything is perfect, he can get ONE out. Other than that his body of work shows he is not a MLB pitcher. "NEXT please!"

Bryant still considering filing a grievance against Cubs.… I don't think he has a case as this article even states it was legal, so hopefully he doesn't pursue it. But maybe the players union should try and get the service time changed, so that the team couldn't just wait 12 games to call this player up, but instead have to wait the first half of the year. Say if he plays more than half the season, it counts as a full season.

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"he hears that Bryant is displeased with his treatment and would like to establish some sort of precedent that would prevent later players being subjected to the same service time games" it's hard being a millionaire superstar rookie these days. that said, he's right...but if he wants anything out of it, it should be focused on changing the situation for others rather than trying to get back what he may assume was taken from him (imo).

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Well, those two goals are not mutually exclusive, that's his idea of "establishing a precedent." To change a law for everyone going forward you have to take an individual case to court and win it.

I think the likelihood of anything more coming of this is low though, for the collective bargaining issues noted by many others already on this issue. 

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this whole thing can work outside courts, legal system/settlements, etc. MLB on whole (thanks to the anti-trust stuff they like for everyone to ignore) tends to like to police it's own issues before it becomes a "thing" out of their direct control. the last time the government got involved in baseball heavily (that i recall) it was over MLB's desire to license out MLB-Extra Innings and other PPV services out to a single provider rather than making it available to all cable/satellite providers. that issue managed to make it to the US Senate with john kerry sticking up for the cable industry (which he's prone to do). MLB caved quickly. that said, i doubt this will go much of anywhere, too. i'd like to know if bryant truly cares about this or if it's something he wishes didn't happen, but carries little mental weight on the issue. we know his agent cares...a lot.

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I gotta say it shouldn't, but it pisses me off to hear players complaining about shit like this... Who knows if this is directly taken from Bryant or is via Boras, or what the context is ... but it sure rubs me wrong to hear that he is spending energy on this at this juncture in his career. He's probably right and he has the right, I just find it hard to be a big fan when a player has focus off the field. Yes I realize it's a two way street, but I love the illusion that owners do business, agents complain and negotiate, and players play ball. Frankly I think it's a PR blunder for Bryant to comment on it directly and it's not in HIS best interest for it to be attributed directly to him. That's what agents are for ... he should play ball, be good cop, get endorsements etc. boras can be his bad cop and do it very well. Edit: Doh!!!!!…

A snipit from the bottom of the Heyman article on Bryant: The expectation is that MLB's tampering investigation spurred by Tampa Bay's allegation against the Cubs in the Joe Maddon case will be wrapped up fairly soon, and while MLB was still interviewing people involved as recently as last week, there is believed to have been no smoking gun found. (Had there been, it certainly wouldn't have taken this long.)..... In this case, MLB has gone to the trouble of doing computer forensics on devices belonging to Cubs people and also to Maddon's agent Alan Nero. One weakness in the case would seem to be Maddon's olive-branch offer to stay with the Rays for what is said to have been a four-year deal for only slightly more than half of the $25 million, five-year deal he ultimately got with the Cubs. If he had any inkling the Cubs were going to make him $5 million a year, it's difficult to understand why he'd offer to stay for barely more than half that.…

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July 18, 2018 - It is expected that the tampering case against CHC by TB should be reaching a conclusion by the end of the month. April 9, 2024 - The long awaited decision in the tampering case involving CHC and TB over retired manager Joe Maddon is expected to be handed down later this month. May 12, 2031 - The decision involving a tampering issue between the CHC and the Montreal Skates (formally TB Rays) is nearing a conclusion. The long fought issue involves former manager, the deceased Joe Maddon, and a dispute involving his hiring by the Cubs.

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Fowler's Back! 1. Dexter Fowler (S) CF 2. Jorge Soler (R) RF 3. Anthony Rizzo (L) 1B 4. Kris Bryant (R) 3B 5. Chris Coghlan (L) LF 6. Starlin Castro (R) SS 7. David Ross (R) C 8. Jon Lester (L) P 9. Addison Russell (R) 2B

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Fowler, who looks like a much better player than I thought from just the casual reads I did when he first got traded here. Unlike a lot of you guys, if he's not wearing blue I often don't know much about a player from another team not named Mike Trout.

Good start. Leadoff single against Lester and the guy steals on first pitch and gets a huge jump with no throw to 2nd.

And now a WP by Lester as Hamilton is bouncing around on 2nd base. Ok Lester you can act somewhat like a $155 million pitcher anytime now.

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