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40 players are on the MLB RESERVE LIST (roster is full), plus two players are on the 60-DAY IL

26 players on MLB RESERVE LIST are ACTIVE, plus eight players are on OPTIONAL ASSIGNMENT to minors and six players are on the 15-DAY IL

Last updated 5-25-2024

* bats or throws left
# bats both

Javier Assad
Ben Brown
Kyle Hendricks
Porter Hodge 
* Shota Imanaga
Mark Leiter Jr
* Luke Little
Tyson Miller
Hector Neris
* Drew Smyly
* Justin Steele
Jameson Taillon
Hayden Wesneski

Miguel Amaya
Yan Gomes

* Michael Busch
Nico Hoerner
Nick Madrigal
Christopher Morel
Dansby Swanson
Luis Vazquez
Patrick Wisdom

* Cody Bellinger
# Ian Happ
Seiya Suzuki
* Mike Tauchman

Kevin Alcantara, OF
Michael Arias, P
Alexander Canario, OF
* Pete Crow-Armstrong, OF
Jose Cuas, P 
Brennen Davis, OF
* Miles Mastrobuoni, INF
* Matt Mervis, 1B

15-DAY IL: 6
Yency Almonte, P
Albert Alzolay, P
Colten Brewer, P
Daniel Palencia, P
Keegan Thompson, P
* Jordan Wicks, P

60-DAY IL: 2
Caleb Kilian, P
Julian Merryweather, P

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Cubs @ Pirates: Series Thread (Games 39-41)

The Cubs enjoyed a day off before beginning a six-game road trip against Pittsburgh and Atlanta. The road trip will be followed by a six-game homestand against the same opponents. So, there will be plenty of opportunity to get familiar. The Cubs will likely even get their first two looks at Pirates phenom Paul Skenes as he debuts in the Saturday away game and would be due again in the home series. The 22-16 Cubs lost two of three to the Padres and fell to a half game behind the Brewers with the day off. The 17-21 Pirates, meanwhile, are continuing to shape an intriguing core of youngsters as they attempt to push their way into contention in the NL Central. Cody Bellinger rejoined the Cubs in the Padres series and Seiya Suzuki recently began a rehab assignment and could be available. The starting pitchers carrying the team lately would surely appreciate if the offense could back them up. See below for daily matchups in the three-game series in Pittsburgh. 


Game 39, Friday, May 10, 5:40 pm central
CHC: RHP Jameson Taillon (3-0, 1.13 ERA)
PIT: RHP Jared Jones (2-3, 2.63 ERA) 

Taillon has been fantastic since returning from the injured list. He has allowed very little hard contact and struck out seven Brewers in his last start. 

The Pirates picked Jones in the second round of the 2020 draft. His high 90s fastball and plus slider helped him move quickly through the minors and he is showing much better command in the majors than he did in the minor leagues. He mixes in the a curve and changeup frequently enough to prevent opponents from focusing exclusively on his two best pitches. His last start, against the Rockies, was his longest of the season. He struck out ten in seven innings and allowed only one hit and no walks.


Game 40, Saturday, May 11, 3:05 pm central
CHC: RHP Javier Assad (3-0, 1.66 ERA)
PIT: RHP Paul Skenes (0-0, -.-- ERA) 

Assad continued a strong run to start the season, pitching around three walks to complete six shutout innings against Milwaukee. He's been a key figure in a starting rotation that has carried the Cubs through the first quarter of the season. 

Paul Skenes makes his MLB debut after being taken first overall in the 2023 draft. He has only once pitched more than 4.1 innings in the minors, having gone 6.0 two starts ago. He sits at almost 100 mph with his heater and his slider rates as his next best pitch. 


Game 41, Sunday, May 12, 12:35  central
CHC: TBD - likely LHP Justin Steele (0-0, 0.96 ERA)
PIT: TBD - could be LHP Bailey Falter (2-2, 4.34 ERA) or RHP Mitch Keller (3-3, 4.41 ERA) 

Steele returned from the IL and pitched 4.2 innings on 63 pitches against the Padres. He allowed no runs and struck put only two, but that also helped him get theough his innings efficiently. 

The Pirates acquired Falter from the Phillies in 2023. He spent parts of the last three seasons in the majors but broke camp this year as part of the Pirates major league rotation. As a starter, he has posted both below average strikeout and groundout rates. But he's also extremely stingy with walks, allowing him to survive the contact he permits. Keller most recently pitched a complete game and allowed one earned run to the Angels.


sean burroughs has died.  former SD 1st rounder.  43 years old.

collapsed last night coaching his son's little league game.

cody bellinger when he went on the IL


cody bellinger in 3 games since returning


7 for 13 with 2 homers in 3 games.  he's hit 5 homers in his last 8 games.

[ ]

In reply to by George Altman

Hold that thought for awhile. Up until his injury he was performing pretty poorly. For that kind of commitment plus potentially blocking a top prospect I expect consistent MVP level play in the field and at bat and I haven’t seen that yet with a week or two of hot streak. There’s a whole year available to evaluate. No need to proclaim the need for or wisdom of a huge commitment yet.


alzolay just put up one of the ugliest 1ip 1h 0bb 2k performances i've ever seen.

he was wild.  he got called strikes that were actually balls.  2 balls were hit that were inches from homers, one off the top of the wall in RF and 1 legit robbed over the fence in LF by happ for an out.

the numbers look good.  the performance looked awful.

[ ]

In reply to by crunch

I didn't stay up to watch the end of the game, and when I saw Alzolay's line in the box score, I thought, "Okay, he's getting back to where he was." And then I watched the DVR.  Some good sliders, and his FB was up to 96 at the end (after starting out 93), but wow, two near home runs, one of which really was but for Happ stealing it. Still no way he should be used in high leverage situations. 

Yency Almonte to the 15-day IL (right shoulder strain) and Jose Cuas has been recalled from AAA. 

happy paul skenes day.

let's ruin it for him.

also, let's hope steele has his control today.  it's been spotty on his rehabs.

cubs have snagged jake wong (RP) from CIN for cash...organizational filler...for some reason it's being pushed on news outlets now even though it happened days ago and he's already had a AA appearance.

phil noted this on 5/1...

lol PIT meltdown.  5 runs score after 2 outs.  double, single, K, K, HBP, BB, BB, BB, BB, single...rain delay

tie game.  tarp the field.  send the PIT fans to the concourse full of hate.  nice.

rain delay expected to be at least 1hr.

Steele couldn't get a glove side strike call today. "Bleep" happens sometimes.

From yesterday, it was nice to see PCA get an oppo field fit. He was pretty pull happy. Lots of Pop/Fly outs. He'll hopefully continue to adjust.

Couple of times he got on base in the 9th spot, with Nico hitting behind and Nico swung early both times. I don't think PCA was going to try to steal, but maybe he should've been trying? And Nico could take a pitch to help set that up? That's probably thinking way to old school! But Nico does swing early a lot for a guy who is mostly a contact hitter. He shouldn't be afraid to hit with two strikes but seems to avoid that situation often. I'm probably wrong.

Pirates RPs just threw 15 straight balls. I'm talking straight outta "Major League" and Harry Doyle saying "Ball four.....Ball eight.....Ball 12!!" Stuff. Wonder what the MLB record for consecutive balls thrown is?

braves first no-hitter (combined, in this case) of any type of no-hitter in 30 years broken up by a 2-out, bottom 9th, homer by jd martinez.

Quality relief pitching is always at a premium. That said, is it just me or is the pool of available talent anticipated for the trade deadline this year shaping up to be particularly thin relative to need?

morel jammed his knee sliding into 2nd earlier in the game.  madrigal has replaced him in the game.

seen about enough of richard lovelady...if they insist on needing a lefty brad wieck can make his return...also thomas pannone exists.

hard to say the cubs didn't earn their loss, but that was a tough one to lose given PIT tried to give the game away in the 5th.

STL currently with a 1 run lead over MIL in the 7th.

[ ]

In reply to by crunch

As I have said here before, a closer cannot give up home runs. Can't do it. If Alzolay is giving up home runs like he has been doing this year, he can only be used in a situation where a home run doesn't lose the game. Like in garbage innings in a blow-out or maybe as an "opener," where he would go (at most) once through the order at the start of the game. 

What Hector Neris is doing is not sustainable. Luck and good fortune are not sustainable. You can't walk the world and/or load the bases on hits & walks & HBP and hope to get out of it with magic and sleight of hand. If it wasn't for Nico Hoerner's diving stop of the bounding ball headed for left field through the 5.5 hole the Cubs would have lost yesterday's game. Almost all of Neris's saves have featured similar good fortune.  

There are probably only two contenders with both the prospect depth and the need for an elite closer required to meet the price for Mason Miller from the A's, and the Orioles and Cubs are the two. 

[ ]

In reply to by Childersb3

During the offseason I recall the fan base bemoaning the loss of an AZL outfielder and unproven single A pitcher for the top offensive player in the entire PCL.

So let’s assume the A’s are willing to trade their star closer, even though they’re currently only 3.5 games out in easily the worst division in baseball. Dropping the generic “prospects” label what are some real names we would be willing to lose but that would still constitute enough talent and potential to swing the deal?

[ ]

In reply to by TarzanJoeWallis

Horton, Wicks and Brown are untouchable for me.

I wouldn't deal any young LH bats, so no PCA, ONKC or Moises. 

I'm not dealing Alcantara either. Rare ability and size there.

That leaves Shaw, Triantos, Rojas, Canario, Mervis, Aliendo, Rosario, C.Hernandez, P. Ramirez, and recently drafted college arms not named Horton.

I'm paying Bellinger to be my 1B. Morel at 3B. Nico and Dansby aren't going anywhere for next 2.5 yrs minimum. I'm okay with losing Shaw and/or those others listed above.


[ ]

In reply to by Childersb3

I don’t see enough there. Sure, there’s a degree of talent and potential, but the only name that has any pop at all is Shaw, and Shaw alone won’t get the job done.

I’m not saying that something doesn’t need to be done - there is clearly a problem to be solved. But I’m thinking we need to be a little more realistic and creative. Look at teams that are more obviously out of contention and into their depth charts. Kopech was mentioned earlier and would be possible if the White Sox were to magically become more flexible than they have been, but that’s not likely.

The Marlins are down in their luck but good at identifying and developing pitching. There may be some hidden gold within their system and they may be willing to look at combinations of the names thrown out there as “available”. The Angels have been pitcher happy with their recent drafts but I think most of their talent left during their ill advised run to the playoffs last year. With Toronto fading in a strong division they may offer some fertile hunting ground as well.

I went to the Jacksonville Suns (Marlins AAA) page on Baseball Reference. Randomly picked a pitcher named Anthony Maldonado to take a closer look at. 11th round pick in 2019 out of Bethune Cookman. Unheralded organization number 20 prospect. All of 7 games in the majors and very successful throughout his minor and young MLB career, including a 2.16 ERA in the MLB. The Marlins seem to routinely fart out guys like this. 

I think the Cubs are in a much better position to land a guy like this than one of the more established names. The stars have to start somewhere. Is it risky? Sure! But what move for a reliever isn’t?

Recent comments

  • Dolorous Jon Lester (view)

    I know they’re managing innings especially for Brown, but I feel like if we’re rolling out our top 5 SP, it includes Assad and Brown, and Wicks would be in Iowa. Wicks is solid and I think will continue to be, but Brown has been awesome and Assad has been our second best SP this year.

  • crunch (view)

    110%...unlike the decision to put in t.miller to protect a 4 run lead with 1 on and get the last out of the game.

    this is the most over-managed thing i've seen of counsell with the cubs.

  • Eric S (view)

    Seemed like the right decision from my vantage! 😂

  • Eric S (view)

    What is this whole clutch hit/score multiple runs thing the Cubs are doing? They can do that? And it’s legal? Nice!

  • crunch (view)

    this game got really f'n good.

  • crunch (view)

    scoring from 2nd on a 60ft hit...a hit off the pitcher's elbow...ow.

    megill walking off the mound towards where the ball was rolling was a poor decision even if he was nope'ing himself out of the game to the dugout.

  • Eric S (view)

    Vazquez with the heads up running - Cubs could could steal this one back. 

  • Eric S (view)

    Is Adames going to steal the Cubs soul two days in a row? Yep

  • crunch (view)

    hector neris...still not a closer.

  • crunch (view)

    morel has three 3-walk games in may.