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Cubs vs. Brewers: Series Thread (Games 1-4)

Game 1, April 7, 1:20 pm ct

CHC: RHP Kyle Hendricks (0-0, -.--)

MIL: RHP Corbin Burnes (0-0  -.--)

The belated 2022 Opening Day is upon the Cubs! Rotation mainstay Kyle Hendricks gets his third Opening Day start. He is opposed by the 2021 Cy Young winner, Corbin Burnes, and the reigning NL Central Champs. 

Grab your preferred snacks, beverages, and couch companions. Baseball is back again.

Friday, April 8, 1:20 pm ct -- Postponed due to weather 

Game 2, April 9, 1:20 pm ct

CHC (1-0): LHP Justin Steele (0-0, -.--)

MIL (0-1): RHP Brandon Woodruff (0-0, -.--)

Game 3, April 10, 1:20 pm ct

CHC (2-0): RHP Marcus Stroman (0-0, -.--)

MIL (0-2): RHP Freddy Peralta (0-0, -.--)


ortega (DH) - madrigal - contreras - happ - schwindel - suzuki - heyward - wisdom - hoerner

[ ]

In reply to by SheffieldCornelia

"This lineup sucks."

Nice throwback reference to the mid-2000's TCR comment thread discussions!  As I recall, that often was followed by a better-than-expected performance by the offense (many of those lineups would have Neifi Perez in them -- ~shudder~).  Well played, Mr. Sheff!

Patrick Mooney @PJ_Mooney
The Cubs are not discussing a one-year agreement with Willson Contreras and plan to go to an in-season arbitration hearing vs. their All-Star catcher, president of baseball operations Jed Hoyer said on Opening Day at Wrigley Field.

this is sad as hell attendance for opening day, even with the weather issues.

The special five man Taxi Squad rule is still in effect in 2022. 

This rule allows an MLB club to carry up to five players who are on the club's AAA affiliate's 33-man Active List roster (one must be a catcher) on its Taxi Squad at any one time, and the players are physically with the MLB club while on the Taxi Squad and go on road trips just like any other player. However, they are paid at the minor league rate while on the Taxi Squad, and are paid at the MLB rate only if the player is moved up to the MLB Active List roster. 

With one exception, players on the Taxi Squad are permitted to participate in pre-game bullpen work, BP, and other drills, but cannot be in uniform during the game. The one exception is the catcher on the Taxi Squad may serve as a bullpen catcher during the game.  

A minor league player on a club's MLB Taxi Squad can be exchanged for a different minor league player whenever the MLB club so chooses. 

A player on the Taxi Squad can be elevated to the club's MLB Active List roster to replace a player who is placed on the CoViD-19 IL. Once the player on the CoViD-19 IL is reinstated, the replacement player can be sent back to the AAA roster (and back to the Taxi Squad) without having to be placed on Outright Assignment Waivers, and the player cannot elect free-agency after being returned to the AAA roster and Taxi Squad.  

Minor league players assigned to an MLB Taxi Squad must consent in advance to the assignment. 

Alec Mills starts on the IL with low back strain. As expected, so are Simmons and Miley.

fraizer (DH) - madrigal - contreras - happ - suzuki - villar (SS) - heyward - wisdom - rivas (1st)

weather rainy and in the high 30s...miserable.

I flew up to Chicago to watch the game today from SC

Got off the L at noon, and game gets cancelled

The sun was poking thru the clouds at noon

They said the cancelation was due to potential lightning

I'm still here in Wrigleyville at 330pm and no weather at all

A bartender told me her friend works in the the Cubs office and said they cancelled knowing they sold hapf capacity and wanted to move game to Memorial day Monday.

I get making money. But come on. Ricketts have enough cash. This is a joke

[ ]

In reply to by Childersb3

we expected more and were told to wait for that sweet TV network revenue, but the moving of this game to monday just might be the extra financial push that will get the owners to spend a bit more on the team.

Wintrust™ me on this one...this is a good bet brought to you DraftKings™ via the world's best internet service provider Comcast™.

seriously, though...  that sucks.  hopefully you have good dinner reservations or some other great plans.

Javy with a walk off, off the wall-then glove, OF "single" to beat the WSox closer. After seeing the replay, AJ Pollock missed a catchable ball that hit the wall before hitting his glove. The Kimbrel-Pollock karma gods were working it today.

It was a good day for former Cubs yesterday: Schwarber's lead-off HR, Rizzo's 2-run HR in the 1st, and Baez's walk-off hit. 

Those were the days...

[ ]

In reply to by CTSteve

i still can't believe the haul for rizzo/baez was a few kids who might show up in 2024, especially after the pre-season darvish trade for a slew of dudes who aren't old enough to drink.  when you trade off almost the entire team in 2021 and feel worse about 2022 that's not fun stuff.

weak NL Central and we're doing this semi-punt, no really we're not punting, but yeah, punting...

at least this teardown shouldn't be a long one...unless none of the fringe guys filling this lineup and pen don't pan out.

[ ]

In reply to by crunch

I am extremely pleased with the haul that we got for Rizzo/Baez/Bryant/Darvish.  By the time they traded Darvish, two things were obvious.  They were not going to resign the potential free agents, and would have to retool to a certain extent.  And Darvish had shown himself to be rather injury prone and was at the peak of his trade value.

Letting your top players go as free agents, with no compensation other than a couple of draft choices is foolish.  And when you have put yourself in a position where all of them are going in the same year, it is suicide.  The only issue is what return do you get.  I see little reason to trade them for grizzled mid level veterans that might lift you from a likely third place finish up to a second place finish for a few years.  I believe it is much more sensible to go for high potential youngsters that can make you an actual contender three years down the line.

As I said, I was pleased with the trades at the time they were made, and I am even more pleased at this point.  Most of those youngsters are looking quite good.  And at the same time they have brought in a couple of free agents that are going to make this year's team fun and interesting, if not competitive at the top level.

[ ]

In reply to by DavidP

it's not the trading away of guys that disapointed me, it was the focus of those trades.

we got an extreme swing-for-contact 2nd with average D + a middle reliever ready to go for 2022...and a ton of 18-21 year olds.

i don't mind madrigal.  i like the guy.  but he's a support piece on his best days.

these trades weren't made with 2022 in mind, or 2023 (maybe caleb kilian in 2023).

different fans want different things.  that's all good.  there's no 100% correct way to flip now for future.

i see a weak 2022 NL Central, arguably the weakest division in MLB, and the Cubs seem to be looking past 2022.  it doesn't help optics that our "biblical losses" ownership group is trying to buy a damn soccer team with a bunch of other billionaires.

[ ]

In reply to by crunch

Last year the majority of analysts, and also of fans, were complaining that the Cub'' major weakness was that they had too many swing and miss players, and not enough contact players.  They had been concentrating on power players, but had no one to get on base in front of the power hitters.  Madrigal has been one of the best contact hitters in baseball, and should be a good addition to go along with Hoerner.

I certainly HOPE that the Cubs are looking past 2022.  Ignoring the long term was what got them into this situation.  They should have been making moves for 2022 back in 2018, instead of trading prospects for grizzled veterans in a vain attempt to "take advantage of the window".  But I think with Epstein gone, the front office will have a much more balanced plan.

Anyone that thinks that the Ricketts family buying a minority interest in a soccer tem has anything to do with the baseball team, they are paying attention to the facts.  The Ricketts family has done  more for the Chicago Cubs and their fans than any owner in the past 75 years.  I lived too long under the ownership of Phil Wrigley and the Tribune to underestimate the value of finally having good owership.

[ ]

In reply to by DavidP

ricketts family obviously has money to throw at everything from anti-democratic election influence schemes to soccer teams and everything in between, but i'm also sure the "Ricketts Family Education Trust" has more than 140m to throw at this team without harming future plans of the Cubs or anything else.

i'm not going to be unfair about it comparing the cubs to a NY or LA team, but the Boston Red Sox (a smaller market with a similar nation-wide fan base) seems to have no problem finding 40-60m more per season to spend on their team without harming any player development.

i just don't find all this punting neccessary for success.  we're in our 2nd multi-year punt with this ownership group.  it seems this is going to be a short punt, but it's also very clear money concerns from ownership had a heavy hand on the product we're consuming.  hell, more than once public pressure has made this team spend more so there's lots of people who have no issue expessing this side of ownership criticism.

also, i wouldn't be counting on madrigal to be an ob% guy.  he swings at everything and makes contact with most of it.  that's a great skill, but it's 1-dimensional see-ball-hit-ball.  he doesn't walk.  he has extremely low average exit velocity (some of the worst in all of baseball) because he puts some bad balls in play with weak contact.  his game is so contact heavy you really should ignore exit velocity, something that can tell a story about other types of players.

[ ]

In reply to by crunch

The Cubs got themselves into a difficult situation when they decided to go all out while the "window" was open, and it resulted in a situation where the entire core of their team came up for free agency at the same time.  Bryant should have been traded two years ago, and Baez one year ago.  And most of all, they should never have made that idiotic trade of Cease and Jimenez for Quintana.  At that point, there was little they could do to prevent a sudden and bstantial decline.

Every team has declines, regardless of payroll.  Boston did when Epstein left.  The Yankees did, And with all the money that the Dodgers have spent, they have won no more world series than the Cubs have in the last 10 years.

How much money the Ricketts family may have is irrelivant.  They purchased the team, and have publicly said that they have not taken ANY money out of the team, nor do they intend to.  I have seen NO reporter claiming to have evidence that this is not true.  As far as any other money they might have, it is no business of mine.  Nor is it any business of yours.  The team is NOT a public utility.  Nor is it any of our business what their politics might be.  If we choose our team (or our friends) based upon political differences, that doesn't say much for us.

[ ]

In reply to by DavidP

Yeah, the Quintana trade (sigh)....   

i recall secretly hoping for a 10 game losing streak as we approached the deadline, so that Epstein would NOT do exactly that, and would instead trade Wade Davis for some addional young hopefuls.  I still wonder what would’ve happened if we had held onto Eloy & Cease, and had a couple other guys developed with them.

As for ownership, yeah, it’s always tempting to get mad when they don’t do what you want.  And sure I’ve certainly become enraged over the years. But maybe it’s best to look away from the non baseball parts of their lives and enterprises.


[ ]

In reply to by DavidP

there is a 0% chance i will not call joe ricketts absolute human trash in any situation, whether asked for my opinion or not.  some others don't share this opinion, or extend it this far.  that's their call.  pete is needlessly cruel, but that's what his voting base wants and the bigger issue are those thousands who want it, not the 1 guy putting it in action when the next guy will do much the same.

that aside, my main issues with the club's ownership isn't joe ricketts.  it's that other stuff.  joe didn't want the cubs, his money is just along for the ride because his kids want to own things and the cubs/wrigley/wrigleyville are good investments.

[ ]

In reply to by crunch

This analysis is pretty much on point, sadly. Father Joe talks like someone who has had "fuck you" money long enough to no longer care how what he says will sound to others.

I don't want it to affect how I feel about their ownership of the team but it does, even if it is against my will. 

[ ]

In reply to by crunch

You can call Ricketts anything you want.  It might be better though, it you didn't do it on a baseball board.  I have great interest in what you have to say about the Cubs, and about baseball in general, as you have demonstrated extensive knowledge in the areas.  You have not done so in the area of politics, however, and since this is a baseball board, it might be better if you take your political opinions to a politics board.

[ ]

In reply to by DavidP

ive pretty much summed up how i feel about joe and pete.  that stuff aside, im more upset about being here in 2022 with a 140m team in a weak NL Central coming off a 2021 where we knew punting and shedding talent was the designed output.

fans had to bitch like hell just to get them to okay joc pederson coming on board in 2021 and that was a late decision based on what was left to scrape off the pile.

[ ]

In reply to by crunch

I completely forgot about Joc Pederson. What a strange way to try and replace Schwarber. "Schwarber isn't good enough, here's a guy who is extremely similar to him."

I also wanted to make sure I give you a shout out here, crunch. I'm not in the Cubs market so I need to watch. I wasn't going to bother this year but the $25 MLB Players Alumni Association donation to get half off deal? Clutch. Thanks!

[ ]

In reply to by DavidP

I want to keep politics off this board also. The problem with Joe Ricketts is that he doesn't have the wisdom/self awareness/give-a-fuckness to keep his mouth shut about stuff that a substantial amount of your fan base finds really stinky. That stink starts to attach itself to the team he owns, at least for me. I am starting to have to will myself to ignore the smell when I think about the team's ownership. As a businessman, you want to avoid putting your customer/fan base in a position where they are having to do that. 

this is some really terrible MIL pitching.  caratini isn't helping things too much.

also, contreras got HBP again today.  he's got 59 career HBP, 15 of them are from MIL.

i wonder how long before players are bitching about the MLB-supplied rosin.  there's been a lot of guys for a long time used to using sticky stuff for grip and spin that can't do the same thing with just rosin.

claude passeau getting a shout-out on the marquee feed!

he's a semi-forgotten cub, but one of the best pitchers for them during the WW2 talent-shortened era.

he also never had a baseball card during his playing days (not may baseball cards came out in the late 30s or during WW2, and they didn't get going nationally again until 1948-49).

congrats to the ricketts for monitizing wrigley field earlier in the year for an episode of a reality TV show...and inviting the cast to sing the 2nd 7th of the year @wrigley.

congrats to cubs fans that the crew of that show isn't hanging around in the booth to talk about the show in the bottom 7th.

happ just got f'n nailed hard in the leg/knee.

hopefully it's hard pain rather than injury.  it's a 0-9 game in the need to stay in even if he's good.

he's walking off on his own, but that sound...ow...all bone.

congrats cubs fans.  game 2 and we're neck deep into a fued with MIL over HBPs.  17 games to go this year.

tomorrow looking like a lot of fun.

keegan thompson ejected.  yes, it was most likely intentional.

1st game with the cubs and stroman forgets how many outs there are in the 2nd inning.  great start, bro.

a simple double play turns into a force at 1st.  he gets out of it with 2 extra pitches and a groundout.

Recent comments

  • crunch (view)

    i know it's still very early, but i'd like to go into the xmas-to-newyears part of the off-season with something more than...*checks list*...patrick wisdom avoids arbitration with a 1-year deal

    also, steven brault retired and was spotted at the winter meetings with a demo reel and making contacts trying to break into broadcasting (not a joke).  unless he's more optimistic than talented (we already know he can sing) he should make it one day because he seems to be very serious about it.

  • Cubster (view)

    I blame Jason Schmidt’s 3/44

  • Craig A. (view)

    Was all that stuff with the Blue Jays just to squeeze an extra $10 million/yr out of the Dodgers?  It's more than enough to cover his California income taxes!

  • crunch (view)

    unless he pitches into his late-30 that is gonna sting.  a 70m DH...ow.

    it's great to take care of 2 roster spots in 1 player, and i'm sure the team will cut into the pay with the amount of merch/etc he can sell just by being attached to the team....but yeah, i'm not mad the cubs didn't go that extreme.

  • WebAdmin (view)

    Shohei Ohtani to join Dodgers according to ESPN. 10 years for $700 m
  • Cubster (view)

    I'm getting the feeling that Todd Walker might be a Shaw comp. A valuable hit first player but limited albeit not awful on defense. Hopefully, he has more upside. Not a bad floor if Steve Garvey is his ceiling.

  • Wrigley Rat (view)

    AZ Phil - If that's the level of return, I would want NO part of that trade to Cleveland for Clase and Bieber. I have some faith that the Cubs have a strong plan for which prospects they will keep (even if they dangle them in trade talks) and which they will move, because they have plenty of solid prospects they can trade but they shouldn't be trading any of the ones they hope will be future core players. Some guys are redundant, so I hope they choose the right players to keep and the right players to move. It's always important for a team to know its own minor league players better than scouts from other teams (obviously), but I don't think that's always been the case for the Cubs and many other clubs. 

    Cubster - I watched an interview with Carter Hawkins a couple days ago where he said that although Morel hasn't gotten into any Dominican games at 1B, the Cubs did send coaches down with Morel to work on first base skills during practice. So he is developing those skills, whether the Cubs end up using him there or not will probably be dependent on a lot of factors including how those coaches think he looks at the position while training. 

  • tim815 (view)

    He could still play SS at Double-A, but Vazquez, Hoerner, and Swanson are much better defensively, arm strength or not. I'd be good leaving Shaw at SS with McGeary and Ballesteros around, but by the first of June (?), 1B might make sense in DM.

  • crunch (view)

    i have no reason to see a problem, it just seems like it's his most obvious reason to give pause on him at 1st.

    the cubs situation dictates 2nd/SS isn't an option.  his arm dictates 3rd isn't an option.  1st or CF seems to be his best path and he's only played CF in summer ball back in highschool/college...and of course PCA is a better + closer to the bigs CF.

    it's a lot safer to say he's made for 1st than it is he's made for 3rd.  even as a SS his arm is weak, and it's not like his glove is so great he needs to stay in the middle-IF.

  • Arizona Phil (view)

    CRUNCH: Steve Garvey (one of Shaw's comps as a hitter) was a 5'10 right-handed throwing first-baseman with a rag arm. Jeff Bagwell (another Shaw comp) was a 6'0 right-handed throwing first-baseman with a rag arm. Carlos Santana (who played 1B for Counsell in Milwaukee last season and is an above-average defensive first-baseman) is 5'11. It's not like Shaw is 5'7 or 5'8. I don't really see the problem.