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Daniel Palencia, P
Keegan Thompson, P
* Jordan Wicks, P

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Caleb Kilian, P
Julian Merryweather, P

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Cubs vs. Brewers: Series Thread (Games 33-35)

The Cubs split a close series in New York and return to Wrigley with a 19-13 record for a six-game homestand. They'll take on the current NL Central frontrunners, the Milwaukee Brewers. See below for matchups in the three-game series. 


Game 33, Friday, May 3, 1:20 pm central
CHC: RHP Hayden Wesneski (2-0, 0.87 ERA)
MIL: RHP Joe Ross (1-3, 5.40 ERA) 

Wesneski has been great in his three appearances swinging between the rotation and the bullpen. He's allowed one earned run and struck out six in 10.1 innings. With Ben Brown going only 4.2 in Thursday's game, continued reliance on the groundball would be welcome. 

Ross signed a one-year deal with the Brewers after last appearing in the majors in 2021. While results have not gone his way thus far, he is showing respectable strikeout numbers and sitting in the low to mid 90s with his fastball. He allowed six earned runs on eight hits and three walks in his last start versus the Yankees. 


Game 34, Saturday, May 4, 1:20 pm central
CHC: RHP Jameson Taillon (2-0, 1.50 ERA)
MIL: RHP Tobias Myers (0-1, 4.50 ERA) 

Taillon has been a massive boon to the Cubs since returning from the IL. Just as the offense was slumping, he has reinforced an overperforming starting rotation and looked like the pitcher the Cubs were seeking when they signed him before the 2023 season. He's allowed one earned run in each of his three starts and has finished at least the fifth inning each time. 

Righty Tobias Myers is a former sixth round pick of the Orioles. He's made two big league starts so far, striking out nine, walking one, and allowing three homeruns in ten innings pitched. He uses five pitches that all rate about average: a fastball that sits 93 mph, a slider, a cutter, a curve, and a changeup. 


Game 35, Sunday, May 5, 1:20 pm central
CHC: RHP Javier Assad (2-0, 1.97 ERA)
MIL: RHP Freddy Peralta (3-0, 3.21ERA) 

Assad had a sterling first month of the season, joining the Cubs starting rotation more or less as a fill in for Taillon. He's got a vice grip on that spot for now as he's given his team five or more innings in five of six starts and inducing a well above average rate of weak contact from opponents. He's mixed his pitches well but his fastball has been the highlight with the two-seamer standing out in particular. In New York he allowed one earned run on five hits while striking out only one batter in five innings. 

Freddy Peralta is the last remaining of the Brewer's trio of dominant starters. While rarely earning the attention that Burnes and Woodruff, when healthy, enjoyed, Peralta has consistently been a productive starter and a strikeout machine. His 2024 is off to a solid start as he's continued to strikeout way over a batter per inning and has kept the walks and strikeouts to a minimum. He earned a win against the Rays last time out, striking out seven and allowing two earned runs in 5.2 innings pitched. 


The Cubs continue their homestand on Monday against the Padres for three more games before their next day off. Justin Steele threw 63 pitches in a rehab start on May 1st and a decision on whether he'll make another rehab start or rejoin the major league club should arrive soon.


cubs going into the series 1gb.  every win/loss will immediately move the weekend series (hopefully).

steele is at wrigley, he throws a pen tomorrow, and is expected to start monday.

It seems PCA will stay up and Mervis goes down when Seiya is ready. It was reported yesterday that Belli will need more than the original 10 day IL stint via "Couns". Mervis owns AAA pitching. MLB arms appear to be own him. He's a dead pull hitter that's late a lot. I thought he acclimate/make adjustments. I'm not seeing anything being adjusted. Happ supposedly told him to get ready earlier. I believe that generally means get your front foot down and keep your hands quiet. PCA seems to get underneath pitches a lot, so he has adjustments to make as well. But PCA seems to have more bat speed. ONKC might be the replacement eeventually. I'm pro-"give young guys a lot of chances". Hope Mervis proves me wrong. But he looks overmatched too often right now. Dumb to say, but he has to change something. 

cubs down by 1...1 out...alzolay gives up a hit.

if history dictates, cubs are about to be down by 1 run with a HR.

Hopefully some of the various areas of pitching depth in the organization starts showing an ability to be high leverage soon or we might have a messy few months on our hands.

Kind of ironic how during the “lost years” of 2021 and 2022 the Cubs were able to find relievers off the scrap heap (Kimbrel, Robertson, Chafin, Tapera, Effross (their own home grown scrap heap guy)) and turn them into prospect gold. They also let a handful of other serviceable arms go for next to nothing (Megill, M. Rodriguez, S. Miller, Estrada, Hughes, C. Martin, Borucki) and now they’re hurting for reliable relief pitchers!

Of course, scoring more than one run a game would also be quite helpful, as was already pointed out.

[ ]

In reply to by TarzanJoeWallis

The thought crossed my mind as well. Bullpens are crazy.

Hopefully one lesson learned is to not give up on some. ManRod and Estrada had some initial success, struggled badly, got cut and and are now throwing well. Palencia could be on that track, but hope we reap the benefits of the learning curve.

So, some good news from the minors:

  1. When the Cubs traded Bailey Horn it felt like they would have accepted a sack of baseballs in return - they really just needed a 40 man roster spot. Instead the White Sox sent over a 2019 second round draft choice out of high school. He’s had a pretty good go of it for Tennessee. Tonight he pitched five innings of shutout, two hit ball before running out of gas and walking the first three in the sixth. Meantime Horn is now in the Red Sox organization. Not bad for a desperation trade.
  2. Pedro Ramirez at South Bend is tearing it up, hitting .373. Tonight he went 2 for 3 including his first homer. In the games I’ve seen he seems to be a good defender at third with a strong arm. I don’t think single A ball will hold him for much longer.

    As a big fan of the minors I love that Bally is now carrying telecasts of all the games!

I was at the game, and was appalled at the booing. This guy was a good closer a year ago, and had a couple of effective appearances this season. This time he didn't give up a homer; it was more deaths from 1000 cuts (and, I think it was Crunch, Amaya is not the best at preventing steals). All the comments on Alzolay are correct, but in my opinion it was totally bush to boo this guy.

[ ]

In reply to by fullykräusened

yeah, the booing was way heavier than i expected.  alzolay was really feeling it walking off the mound and hearing it.  people can say he deserved it because of what he's done this year...but wow...the level of booing really seemed like overkill.

he's lost 4 games throwing 13ip.  he's not only given up 8 earned runs, he's given up 3 more runs he was tasked to keep from scoring on someone else's ERA.  he's not the closer he was supposed to be.  he's showing he should be with the mop-up pen crew right now. 

still, that was a bit much from the wrigley crowd.

[ ]

In reply to by Charlie

he's coming off a great spring (7ip 3h 1bb 7k, 0r/er) that wasn't earned totally off end-game minor league fodder and the velocity on all his pitches are pretty much in line with past performance.

it has been an epic terrible start, 5 blown saves and 4 losses...

i have no idea why he's getting hit so much.  his slider is wonky, but it's not a wreck.  his fastball control/command comes and goes, but not bad enough he's walking guys (especially not like neris).

yes, a few of those infield hits today could have been easy outs if hit slower or a few feet right/left, but hard hit ground balls hasn't been his biggest enemy.

[ ]

In reply to by crunch

Bad misses in the zone are partly to blame. I wish we could get something like a batter's view comparison of him now vs last year. I suspect he's showing the ball to the batter earlier but I don't have a good enough eye to say that for sure. His homeruns per fly ball rate is absurd right now, which is often an indicator of luck (not to the exclusion of performance as a factor). 

[ ]

In reply to by Charlie

The usual explanation for something like this (a healthy pitcher who was very successful suddenly getting hit and giving up a boatload of home runs) is that he is tipping his pitches, and if that is the case, and while it is possible that the whole league knows what he is doing, it would be very difficult to believe that the Cubs aren't aware of it as well, and if Alzolay is in fact tipping his pitches and can't fix the problem in bullpen side sessions and the Cubs are aware of it, why is he being used in high-leverage / meaningful situations? 


Otherwise, with Alzolay out of options, the alternatives right now are using him like a stashed Rule 5 pick (he pitches only in blowouts and in extra innings after you run out of pitchers), or use him as an "opener" and let him go once through the order and if he gives up home runs you still have a chance to come back later on in the game. 


Or figure that as things stand right now he will probably be non-tendered post-2024 anyway, so trade him in a "sell low" deal where you get a pitcher back who is in a similar situation as Alzolay (a so-called "change of scenery trade") and hope that both pitchers can get a "mental reset" and get back to where they were last season. 

[ ]

In reply to by Arizona Phil

Potential "change of scenery" candidates around MLB with previous success (pre-2024) but who have had a bad start and could conceivably be "exchanged" for Alzolay are A. J. Puk (MIA), Erik Swanson (TOR), Carlos Estevez (LAA), and Jose Leclerc (TEX). Estevez and Leclerc would require a relatively small AAV offset like Bote to keep the Cubs under the CBT threshold, but Puk and Swanson would not. 

On a more amusing note--literally--I found out when John Benedeck plays a bit of "O Fortuna" by Carl Orff. I was at the game today (all-a-y'alls comments are apropos), and four times he played that when the opposing batter was 0 and 2. A little corny--wouldn't it have been better when the batter was O-for two-na?--but I'd bet money (very popular in MLB) that this is the reason.  Note that Benedeck played the "Addams Family" theme every time Adames came to the plate. So, my unexpected classical music buffs on TCR-- we have an answer! Resume worrying about the hitting and the bullpen.

In an unexpected turn of events, I think Hayden Wesneski might be pitching Ben Brown out of the rotation. 

I would like Wesneski to start and Brown come in to the game in the 7th or later, and pitch the rest of the game.  That keeps him stretched out, while allowing him to have an impact on the game if he can perform well.  Next year, or later this year, return him to the starter position.

Agreed. On a team with a struggling bullpen Brown seems like as good of a candidate to help turn that around as anyone.

the closer with the 1.58 whip is looking like a closer with a 1.58 whip.

2 run lead turns to 1 run...

post-game news...

bellinger and suzuki could return next week according to counsell.  steele didn't have a setback today and is on tap for monday.

also, pre-game mervis was sent down and masterboney is back up.

South Bend wins 7-6 tonight on a go ahead three run homer with one out in the top of the ninth by - you guessed it! Pedro Ramirez. 3-5 on the night, raising his average to .388.

Brett Bateman was also 3-5 but he’s only batting .354 on the year.

2 of 3 from the brews...tie for 1st in the NL Central.

bring on the padres.  monday/tuesday are night games.

So what happens if Kyle pitches well enough in Iowa this week? Does he get one, two, three or more chances ?

Wicks is still on IL. Steele is back tomorrow

Imanaga, Taillon and Assad are locks

So one of Wesneski and Brown are going to pen. That's fine. When Wicks comes back, I guess both Wesneski and Brown can go to the pen.

But Hendricks has a lot to live up to here.

He has to be as good as Wesneski has been. I do not see Hendricks helping out of the pen at all. He doesn't have the stuff for that. Too HR happy for pen work.

Maybe Kap's rumor from tonight is true and Jed has spoken with Miami about Tanner Scott. That helps some but he isn't a shutdown 9th guy. Brown maybe gets a chance at that spot, eventually.

I think Kyle makes as many MiLB Rehab appearances as allowable as long as out current SPs keep posting zeroes!

[ ]

In reply to by Childersb3

Gotta think Lovelady stays, he’s gotten a few higher leverage opportunities.

Brewer is possible but maybe they want to keep the extra arm around and not risk losing him. Could be Palencia or Alzolay IL. Maybe even a Keegan if he has another bad appearance 

Brown probably already in bullpen with Steele’s return tonight. A Hendricks return either means 6 man rotation or one of Wesneski/ Assad to bullpen

[ ]

In reply to by Dolorous Jon Lester

I would imagine that Brown is "piggybacking" on Steele's start tonight just in case Justin struggles.
So, I see Brewer as the guy that is asked to go. Hopefully he doesn't elect FAgency when he's outrighted and goes to Iowa to wait for another opening.
I also forgot that Canario is still up in Chicago. Haven't seen him in a minute. Seiya comes back soon and Canario goes to Iowa. 
When Belli comes back it's either PCA or Mastro. Probably PCA since Tauchmann has statistically been our best hitter recently.
I'd go with Tauch in CF, Belli at 1B and Busch/Wisdom at DH.

[ ]

In reply to by crunch

I get that idea, but our bullpen is so spotty right now, we shouldn't send Brown or Wesneski down. I'm thinking one or both of them will when Hendricks comes back and I'm not happy about it.
Wicks will probably be back in a week or so and he'll be the SP in waiting in Iowa (along with Horton for later in the summer).
So, Imanaga-Taillon-Assad-Steele-Hendricks (kills me to type that) with Wesneski and Brown in the pen, and Wicks and Horton in Iowa. That's nine SP arms and at least seven of them being stretched out every week.
We're doing okay now with SP depth. And, I'd subtract one from that math (Hendricks).

[ ]

In reply to by Childersb3

i would absolutely go ahead and pen brown.

he's got 2 pitches and he's not randy johnson.

wesn is good enough to stay in the bigs in any role, but i'd let him stay stretched out in AAA if he's not going to get regular work in the bigs.

it's nice to have an overabundance of arms, but it sucks to figure out who gets what role...and a certain guy named hendricks who would be in AAA or DFA'd if not for a $$ contract and veteran status.

[ ]

In reply to by crunch

If the rotation for now is going to be Steele, Taillon,  Imanaga, Assad, & Wesneski, I would rather they keep Keegan, Brown to pitch the 6-8th iinnings as long as the bullpen sucks. Leave the last 4 outs for Leiter & Neris. I've kind of seen enough of Lovelady, Palencia, Brewer, & Almonte. When or if Horton is MLB ready, Wesneski could be their 3rd MIRP option. Or maybe trade for 2 good short men, ideally one of them a closer.

Hendricks and Smyly - I've already mentally DFAd them.

Hi Cub reporter world,  I have been reading since 200X, but I don’t comment often.   I love this site the best pure baseball board on the Cubs.   You guys are the best.     My reason for commenting tonight, I don’t think we need another starter, but we need a couple relievers.    Javier is staying in the rotation. So no worries Crunch.   We could cut Brewer in a second to free up a spot.   I think they are hoping to fast track Michael Arias to Chicago by July/August, but these are risky moves.    I would like to see them pick up 2 relievers, but don’t give away the farm.   Looks like we have a pipeline of starting pitchers coming, but 25% of those usually make it.     

Steele up

Keegan down

Didn't see that as an option

Couns/Jed didn't want to lose Brewer or Lovelady and picked Palencia over Keegan.

Keegan had one bad inning, but had options left. 

Recent comments

  • Childersb3 (view)

    Phil with an absolute dagger to the heart here !!
    All Perlaza did was hit and hit at every level. Switch hitter and performed equally well from either side. He produced good results. Just like Assad did at every level.
    Jed didn't think he was worthy of the 40man.
    I get keeping Canario over Perlaza (but Canario is never going to play for Jed)
    I get keeping B. Davis in order to save some value there after his injuries (but he'll never play for the Jed)
    Jed had to add Alcantara. Just can't let him walk in the Rule5.
    But Perlaza not being on the 40man in order to use him as a DH is just nuts to me.
    He's younger than Mervis. And statistically just as good if not better than Mervis. Probably has more bat speed from both sides of the plate. Why didn't Perlaza get a chance?

    Phil, did Perlaza sign a 1yr deal in the KBO? Can he's contract be purchased by a MLB club right now? I'm sure that's not possible, but I wanted to ask.

  • Arizona Phil (view)

    Former Cubs minor league OF Yonathan Perlaza is hitting 327/405/624 with 15 HR and 15 doubles in 51 games for Hanwha in the KBO. He leads the league in SLG, is tied for lead in HR, is 2nd in OPS, and is tied for 4th in doubles. He was a minor league 6YFA post-2023 but the Cubs chose not to select him to the MLB 40-man roster and he declined to sign a 2024 minor league successor contract. 

  • Dolorous Jon Lester (view)

    I know they’re managing innings especially for Brown, but I feel like if we’re rolling out our top 5 SP, it includes Assad and Brown, and Wicks would be in Iowa. Wicks is solid and I think will continue to be, but Brown has been awesome and Assad has been our second best SP this year.

  • crunch (view)

    110%...unlike the decision to put in t.miller to protect a 4 run lead with 1 on and get the last out of the game.

    this is the most over-managed thing i've seen of counsell with the cubs.

  • Eric S (view)

    Seemed like the right decision from my vantage! 😂

  • Eric S (view)

    What is this whole clutch hit/score multiple runs thing the Cubs are doing? They can do that? And it’s legal? Nice!

  • crunch (view)

    this game got really f'n good.

  • crunch (view)

    scoring from 2nd on a 60ft hit...a hit off the pitcher's elbow...ow.

    megill walking off the mound towards where the ball was rolling was a poor decision even if he was nope'ing himself out of the game to the dugout.

  • Eric S (view)

    Vazquez with the heads up running - Cubs could could steal this one back. 

  • Eric S (view)

    Is Adames going to steal the Cubs soul two days in a row? Yep