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Cubs vs Rangers: Series Thread (Games 6-8)

Following a rainout and a scheduled off-day, the Cubs rollover their rotation and return to Wrigley. There, they'll greet the 4-2 Rangers. See below for daily matchups.

Game 6: Friday, April 7, 1:20 pm central

CHC: RHP Marcus Stroman (1-0, 0.00 ERA)

TEX: RHP Nathan Eovaldi (1-0, 5.40 ERA)

Stroman braved a cold opening day at Wrigley and walked away with a win, 8 strikeouts, and a bunch of outs on the ground over 6 innings.

The 33-year-old Eovaldi signed a two-year contract with the Rangers this offseason. He's coming off a 20-start campaign with the Red Sox in which his velocity was down a tick or two compared to his stellar 2021 season.

Game 7: Saturday, April 8, 3:10 pm central

CHC: LHP Justin Steele (0-0, 0.00 ERA)

TEX: LHP Martin Perez (1-0, 1.59 ERA)

Steele provided the encore to Stroman's opening performance, striking out another 8 over 6 and walking only one along the way. He had a lot of bite on his slider and used it over half the time (compared to a career average around 25%).

Perez returned to the Rangers in 2022 after a three-year absence while he played with the Twins and the Red Sox. 2022 looks like a career year for the veteran lefty. He posted a 2.89 ERA across 32 starts. Perez's strength is inducing ground balls, and he relies on a cutter and changeup as his secondary offerings.

Game 8: Sunday, April 9, 1:20 pm central

CHC: RHP Jameson Taillon (0-1, 6.75 ERA)

TEX: RHP Jon Gray (0-1, 2.84 ERA)

Taillon looked uncomfortable in his first start of the season, and his much discussed new sweeper didn't show a ton of apparent sweep. He struck out only two while allowing seven hits across four innings.

Gray, the former Rockie, made 24 starts in his first season as a Ranger and maintained strong strikeout numbers while keeping his walks per 9 under 3. A mid-nineties fastball and a nasty slider remain his main weapons.


the free games on AppleTV are now on the AppleTV+ paid service.  great job MLB.  get your money.

took a bit over 1 hour to make it through 5 innings.  damn.  ...and stroman picks up his 2nd pitch clock violation in the 6th.

Bottom of the 7th, 2-0 lead, seems to me that’s a good time to pinch hit for Barnhart: against a lefty with a runner in scoring position. 

“Related” Cub News: Mallory Swanson’s knee injury yesterday in Texas was a torn patellar tendon. That correlates with the marked pain she was in at the time of injury. This gets surgical repair and it’s a lengthy rehab often up to a year, so she will definitely miss the World Cup this summer. Sigh, this news really sucks. 

Recent comments

  • crunch (view)

    i know it's still very early, but i'd like to go into the xmas-to-newyears part of the off-season with something more than...*checks list*...patrick wisdom avoids arbitration with a 1-year deal

    also, steven brault retired and was spotted at the winter meetings with a demo reel and making contacts trying to break into broadcasting (not a joke).  unless he's more optimistic than talented (we already know he can sing) he should make it one day because he seems to be very serious about it.

  • Cubster (view)

    I blame Jason Schmidt’s 3/44

  • Craig A. (view)

    Was all that stuff with the Blue Jays just to squeeze an extra $10 million/yr out of the Dodgers?  It's more than enough to cover his California income taxes!

  • crunch (view)

    unless he pitches into his late-30 that is gonna sting.  a 70m DH...ow.

    it's great to take care of 2 roster spots in 1 player, and i'm sure the team will cut into the pay with the amount of merch/etc he can sell just by being attached to the team....but yeah, i'm not mad the cubs didn't go that extreme.

  • WebAdmin (view)

    Shohei Ohtani to join Dodgers according to ESPN. 10 years for $700 m
  • Cubster (view)

    I'm getting the feeling that Todd Walker might be a Shaw comp. A valuable hit first player but limited albeit not awful on defense. Hopefully, he has more upside. Not a bad floor if Steve Garvey is his ceiling.

  • Wrigley Rat (view)

    AZ Phil - If that's the level of return, I would want NO part of that trade to Cleveland for Clase and Bieber. I have some faith that the Cubs have a strong plan for which prospects they will keep (even if they dangle them in trade talks) and which they will move, because they have plenty of solid prospects they can trade but they shouldn't be trading any of the ones they hope will be future core players. Some guys are redundant, so I hope they choose the right players to keep and the right players to move. It's always important for a team to know its own minor league players better than scouts from other teams (obviously), but I don't think that's always been the case for the Cubs and many other clubs. 

    Cubster - I watched an interview with Carter Hawkins a couple days ago where he said that although Morel hasn't gotten into any Dominican games at 1B, the Cubs did send coaches down with Morel to work on first base skills during practice. So he is developing those skills, whether the Cubs end up using him there or not will probably be dependent on a lot of factors including how those coaches think he looks at the position while training. 

  • tim815 (view)

    He could still play SS at Double-A, but Vazquez, Hoerner, and Swanson are much better defensively, arm strength or not. I'd be good leaving Shaw at SS with McGeary and Ballesteros around, but by the first of June (?), 1B might make sense in DM.

  • crunch (view)

    i have no reason to see a problem, it just seems like it's his most obvious reason to give pause on him at 1st.

    the cubs situation dictates 2nd/SS isn't an option.  his arm dictates 3rd isn't an option.  1st or CF seems to be his best path and he's only played CF in summer ball back in highschool/college...and of course PCA is a better + closer to the bigs CF.

    it's a lot safer to say he's made for 1st than it is he's made for 3rd.  even as a SS his arm is weak, and it's not like his glove is so great he needs to stay in the middle-IF.

  • Arizona Phil (view)

    CRUNCH: Steve Garvey (one of Shaw's comps as a hitter) was a 5'10 right-handed throwing first-baseman with a rag arm. Jeff Bagwell (another Shaw comp) was a 6'0 right-handed throwing first-baseman with a rag arm. Carlos Santana (who played 1B for Counsell in Milwaukee last season and is an above-average defensive first-baseman) is 5'11. It's not like Shaw is 5'7 or 5'8. I don't really see the problem.