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Brennen Davis, OF
* Matt Mervis, 1B
Luis Vazquez, INF

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Dansby Swanson, INF

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Yency Almonte, P 
Albert Alzolay, P
Colten Brewer, P 
Daniel Palencia, P
* Drew Smyly, P
Keegan Thompson, P 
* Jordan Wicks, P

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Caleb Kilian, P
Julian Merryweather, P


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Cubs vs. Reds: Series Thread (Games 50-52)

I'm a day late on this one, so I'll keep it brief. The Cubs got reinforcements in the forms of Kyle Hendricks returning from the IL and Tauchman joining the outfield mix. They'll plan three against the Reds this weekend as both struggle to stay out of the bottom of the NL Central dog pile.


tj friedl (CIN) jumped into the OF wall trying to make a play like it's not wood/ivy covered bare brick.  he just got back from the IL a couple games ago.  dude, leaves aren't cushion.

another d.ross special, 4.2ip and taillon is gone.  he was not terrible, but it wasn't good considering it's the reds.

damn i hate fulmer.  4.2ip for taillon and here comes fulmer on his 2nd pitch to give up a 2r HR and the lead.  fulmer out here working on his 4th loss.

3 out the last 4 outings he's given up runs and he gets a shot with men on and the lead.  now it's 4 out of 5.

b.brown threw 5.1ip 4h 2bb 11k, 1 r/er in iowa tonight...cody heuer had another solid outing after his bad start in iowa.  madrigal hit a couple singles and a walk if anyone cares...

[ ]

In reply to by Dolorous Jon Lester

im sure jed can package them in a trade deal with some cubs bad gamble making 10m+ so they can get an A-ball semi-prospect and payroll relief that won't be reinvested in the team next year.

i know some people are stoked about an ohtani FA this offseason, but as a realist i'd like to see a list of guys having a bad season or 2 that were once good 3+ seasons ago.

girardi and pat hughes in the booth is a combo that really works well.  pat hughes can carry almost everyone, but this combo is really clicking.

d.smyly gets a d.ross special... 4.2ip and done.  tie game, men on corners, 2 outs.

I like what Girardi said yesterday about teams today trying to duplicate what the Royals had in 2015. They had 4 top RP that could shutdown games. 

That's essentially impossible to do for a whole season.

SPs have to go 6 or 7 IP to help your team. 

If they aren't capable of doing that, move on to the next group. 

But, this has been just rough to watch the Reds simply be a better team. They hit better. They're faster and younger. And their SPs have better arms.

And the Cubs gave away Billy Williams Bobbleheads yesterday with the wrong # on them. What a kick in the pants!!

Recent comments

  • crunch (view)

    morel's knee and foot seems to be feeling a bit better.

  • crunch (view)

    iowa gave away the game in the late innings.  davis got a single and double to add to the pile, though.

    may  9th - .135/.306/.216

    may 18th - .279/.439/.689

    in 8 games over 9 days he's gone from washup to prospect resurgence.  it would be nice to get that heat from 2021 back.

  • crunch (view)

    unreal.  be crazy to see where this goes in a month or 2....unless it gets too crazy to ignore at the mlb level.

  • TarzanJoeWallis (view)

    And another solo shot in the third. He’s not hitting cheapies either. Definitely capturing my attention at this point.

  • Dolorous Jon Lester (view)

    He is on a serious heater right now 

  • TarzanJoeWallis (view)

    Brennan Davis two out first inning grand salami for Iowa.

  • crunch (view)


    walkoff win!  morel has been involved in at least 4 walk-off wins this year by my count.

    his bWAR is tied for next to last on the team (-0.1)...just saying.

  • crunch (view)

    ha.  the mccutchen AB where he almost homered in the 6th (foul) got me thinking about the mccutchen/furries thing.

    it's a coincidence, but mccutchen does VERY well at the plate when pittsburgh's annual furry convention (Anthrocon) is in town and there's a home game.  all 4 days of the convention will be home games for PIT.

    be on the lookout for mccutchen's twitter account to simply post "Furries" during the week of the convention.

    he's aware of the coincidence and plays into it.

    baseball is weird.  social media is weird.  furries are also weird, but whatever...ya'll do ya'll.…

  • crunch (view)

    i love that wrigley is packed, but you can tell a lot of these fans are new(ish) to in-person baseball.

    pop outs that don't even reach the warning track are getting huge fan pops as possible homers.

    that said, it's good there's so much fresh eyes on the field product.  the game needs a constant influx of newer fans.

    i noticed a lot of 20-somethings really getting into baseball during the covid era.  they also really got into baseball cards, but that's another side show in itself.  the baseball card boom died down a bit, but the interest in baseball overall seems to have stuck around.

  • crunch (view)

    "The New York Post’s Joel Sherman reports the Mets offered first baseman Pete Alonso a seven-year, $158 million contract extension last summer."

    22.5m a year.  on one hand, no way his agent would sign that.  on the other hand, the mets obviously see some warning signs long-term...most likey his lack of body conditioning.  he's got a very pre-roids era slugger build.