Jorge Soler's double was the hardest hit ball I've ever seen live.

We had the really good seats 10 rows behind the Cub dugout...
I was with a buddy and we were catching up, doing that thing where you're having a conversation but looking at the game, so when I reacted to Jorge Soler's breathtaking double in the 5th, there was no break in whatever sentence I was in the middle of.
Something like, "My kids are doing great, my son came home from school yesterOHMYGODTHAT'STHEHARDESTHITBALLI'VEEVERSEENINMYLIFE!"
Everybody stood up to try and follow it, but by the time you got to your feet it had already reached the wall and with a tad more trajectory woulda made somebody in the bleachers feel pain.
Maybe it was just the proximity but I swear I've seen plenty of games from these seats with plenty of homers and just... the crack of the bat and the energy you could feel when the ball took off was just...different.
This was SUCH an awesome Game. Of. Baseball.
Not the last night of Wrigley before the jumbotron or any of that.
The game itself was just loaded with cool stuff - the Metheny strategy blowing up in his face when he intentionally walks Logan Watkins to get to Arrieta and then that gorgeous triple...Arrieta's pitching was absolutely God-like... how many balls were SMOKED by the Cubs (even if they got caught)... the Alcantara diving play at 2nd... the bullpen... Holliday's ofer with the 2 Ks... this game had everything.

I know I'm supposed to hope for losses so the Cubs can get a better draft pick.
No can do against this team.


So funny! And super true. He punishes the ball. Bugs Bunny style tear the cover off the ball stuff.

Also what's all this Jeter talk? Are they moving him to 3B?

I noticed it on TV. I was trying to remember a ball bouncing around in corner of Wrigley like that, it was like a super ball.

rundown of BA's take on AZL Top 20 prospects

Sands, Jimenez, Torres, Steele and Mitchell mentioned

Sell high!! //ducks as fast as possible

Soler's swing is just amazing. Baez' swing is fast, but very big. Soler's swing is sudden, like a rattlesnake striking, or a young Muhammad Ali knocking out Sonny Liston. I watched one of his early home runs over and over. I showed it my wife. She said, "Yes, dear, that is amazing." and went back to Zulily. Sigh.