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Last updated 2-6-2024
* bats or throws left
# bats both

Yency Almonte
Adbert Alzolay 
Michael Arias
Javier Assad
Ben Brown
Jose Cuas
Kyle Hendricks
Porter Hodge
* Bailey Horn
* Shota Imanaga
Caleb Kilian
Mark Leiter Jr
* Luke Little
Julian Merryweather
Hector Neris 
Daniel Palencia
* Drew Smyly
* Justin Steele
Jameson Taillon
Keegan Thompson
Hayden Wesneski 
* Jordan Wicks

Colten Brewer 
Chris Clarke 
Carl Edwards Jr 
* Edwin Escobar 
* Richard Lovelady 
Sam McWilliams 
* Thomas Pannone 
Ethan Roberts 
Cam Sanders 
Riley Thompson 
* Brad Wieck 

Miguel Amaya
Yan Gomes

Jorge Alfaro 
Pablo Aliendo
Joe Hudson 
* Bryce Windham

* Michael Busch 
Nico Hoerner
Nick Madrigal
* Miles Mastrobuoni
* Matt Mervis
Christopher Morel
Dansby Swanson
Luis Vazquez
Patrick Wisdom

David Bote 
Matt Shaw 
Chase Strumpf 

Kevin Alcantara
Alexander Canario
* Pete Crow-Armstrong
Brennen Davis
# Ian Happ
Seiya Suzuki
* Mike Tauchman 

* Owen Caissie  

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Offseason Update: Questions facing NL Central Teams

Cubs pitchers and catchers report to Spring Training in a week. What now appear to be the most urgent questions for each NL Central club? 

Let's start with the home team and move down last year's standings. 

Will the Chicago Cubs add one of the remaining top free agents? They have made several moves to fill gaps in the pitching staff and have aquired a highly regarded prospect in Michael Busch who could take a lot of the playing time at first or spend some time at third and DH when needed. They've been linked to both Matt Chapman and Cody Bellinger, each of whom remain available and could fill positions without an established performer so far. Will the Cubs make one more splash or move forward with what they have in a division without a clear favorite? 

The Milwaukee Brewers ran away with the division as the Cubs faded down the 2023 stretch. However, they've lost Brandon Woodruff to a shoulder injury and traded their final year of control of Corbin Burnes in favor of multiple years of prospects from the Orioles. Will they also send Willy Adames on his way, further leveraging in favor of long term control and sacrificing some punch in 2024? 

The Cincinnati Reds are an exciting young team. They may be without Joey Votto for the first time in a long time. Will Elly de la Cruz break out enough to be the next difference maker in 2024? 

The Pittsburgh Pirates got off to a strong start in 2023 but sank nearly to the bottom of the division over the course of the season. Can Bryan Reynolds return to his 2021 form, or will he settle in as the solid but unspectacular player he has been during the last two seasons? 

Finally, the Cardinals lost a good chunk of their roster as a result of a horrendous 2024. They've patched some holes in the starting rotation with short term deals, most notably adding Sonny Gray. Will they have a return of some of that Cardinals magic, or will Ollie Marmol continue to feel Yadier Molina breathing down his neck? 

Please continue your offseason discussion below. I am looking forward to having some Spring Training content to discuss with you all soon!


first televised spring game Feb 25 (sunday) and it's a packed television schedule with only a few off-days the rest of the way.  some broadcasts utilize only the "away" feed, but that's not unusual for spring games.

also the brews signed SF reliever jakob junis and intend to put him into the rotation.

...and the brews sign gary sanchez.  okay...  i find it hard to believe they're paying 7m for a backup catcher, but they do have spare loot to spend.  i guess it's a C/DH situation for sanchez/contreras, maybe...  william contreras might be on the move, though i've heard nothing about him being shopped.

It will be interesting to see where Morel will be playing when spring training begins.  And Busch also, although I will be surprised if it isn't first base.

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In reply to by Bill

morel playing 3rd on some of those hard/fast spring training fields would be a hell of a showcase to show how quick he is (or isn't).

i imagine he'll play some 1st since he didn't play any in winter ball, but worked outside of games to train there.

it seems they're going to hold onto madrigal + masterboney, so in the regular season morel will probably still be used as a DH/3rd/2nd/CF guy with a shot to add 1st to his game.  it would be nice if he could solidify 3rd base and not have to worry about it for a few years.

I will be interested in seeing the difference that Counsell makes in terms of the final roster decisions and who lands at what positions as the spring unfolds.

Presuming the Cubs 2024 self-imposed max payroll limit is the 2024 CBT threshold ($237M), the Cubs presently have about $25M in 2024 AAV available (with more potentially available if the Cubs trade Hendricks and/or Smyly). So if the Cubs do not use the $25M to sign a high-profile Boras FA, it is very possible that the Cubs will try and sign Brandon Woodruff (off-season shoulder surgery, will miss entire 2024 season) to a two or three year major league contract with a "token" salary in 2024 (maybe $1M) while he rehabs followed by maybe a $13M base salary each season for 2025-26 with substantial performance bonuses based on GS and IP. That would be a $9M AAV hit 2024-2026, which would probably not be possible if the Cubs sign one of the high-profile Boras clients. 

Clubs with a full MLB 40-man roster can place an injured or rehabbing player on the MLB 60-day IL beginning on the first official day of Spring Training (the day pitchers & catchers report), so now is the time when the Cubs could sign Woodruff and then immediately place him on the 60- day IL. So the Cubs would not have to drop anybody from the 40 to make room for Woodruff, which would not have been the case earlier in the off-season. 

I suppose it would depend upon the likelihood of Woodruff returning to top form.  At one time, shoulder injuries were pretty much the death of a pitcher.  But I have no idea if that is still true, nor do I have any idea what the projected recovery rate would be for the specific surgery he had.  But I suppose, if the guarantee was no more than 2 million for the following two years, the total gamble of 6 million would be worth it.

[ ]

In reply to by Bill

He’s not signing 3 years and 6 mil. He was a cy young candidate in the very recent past.

13 mil in each of 25 26 if he comes anywhere close to what he had been is a bargain in todays game. I’m not advocating for the signing, I’m just saying in the modern game, that would be enormous value. If he were healthy and hitting the open market he’d be looking at a long term 150-200 mil type deal at least

I didn't say he would sign for 6 million..  I said that I didn't think it was worth the gamble to sign him for 3 years with 2 years at a base salary of 13 per year, depending upon the prognosis of his specific surgery.  26 million dollars is a lot of money to gamble, even to someone richer than you and I are.

[ ]

In reply to by Bill

Hell, make it 2 years $14 mil guaranteed with a mutual option for the third year.

If you’re not willing to gamble 26 million on someone with Woodruff’s track record you probably shouldn’t be running a front office. Wasn’t that the gamble on Bellinger? Maybe 25 million instead? I get it was one year instead of two but it also spreads the tax hit across an extra year

If you are willing to gamble 26 million on someone that you have no idea what his surgery or the resulting prognosis is, you will probably be unemployed along with me.  If it had been TJS, with a considerable record of success, it would be one thing.   But neither of us know what the surgery was, who had had that surgery in the past, and what was it's success rate was.  Much better just going to Vegas and getting it over with quickly.

non-roster invites...

RHP - colten brewer, chris clarke, carl edwards jr, sam mcwilliams, ethan roberts, cam sanders, riley thompson 

LHP - edwin escobar, richard lovelady, thomas pannone, brad wieck

IF - david bote, matt shaw, chase strumpf

OF - owen cassie

C - jorge alfaro, pablo aliendo, joe hudson, bryce windham

i look forward to seeing david bote put up another insanely good spring showing and not make the team because his exit velocity is too spooky or something.  he gets 5.5m in 2024 to hang out in the minors...he got 4m last year.  cubs fans will always have august 12, 2018.

dude has a ST career .322/.414/.533 slash line in 244 PA.  he owns march.

[ ]

In reply to by crunch

No Cade Horton
I guess that signals to everyone involved he'll be slow rolled due to his lower career innings pitched level. 
He'll probably start back in AA at TN and work his change-up and pitch count until he shows he's just too much for AA hitters, forcing a move to IA.
I could of course be completely wrong and he starts at AAA, but I think Jed will keep older vet types there for Wrigley Insurance

Recent comments

  • crunch (view)

    morel at 3rd, shaw at 2nd...wicks starting.

  • crunch (view)

    im gonna go ahead...without any evidence pointing to it...and predict bellinger returning to the cubs in 2 days on the 8 year anniversary of dexter fowler's surprise signing.

    ...and of course the cubs will go on to win the world series months later.

    ...and the cubs will finally sign brian roberts 3/44m

  • crunch (view)

    it looks like rich hill may not find a 2024 contract even though he wanted to pitch in 2024.

    being a guy turning 44 during spring training coming off a bad season isn't a good look if you don't have a contract by the time spring games start.

    he's played 19 seasons for 13 teams.  his 337.2ip for the cubs is his 2nd highest for any team (361.1ip for the dodgers).  he's the last man standing still playing out of the 2005 cubs crew.  geo soto last played in 2017.

  • crunch (view)

    SD fans are just trying to concentrate on yuki matsui right now.  the rest was terrible all-around.

    matsui K'd 3 with 12 pitches, 1 of them gavin lux.

  • Cubster (view)

    Pads gave up 14 runs using 11 pitchers. 3 pitchers gave up all 14 runs during their ***checks notes*** 0.1 IP. Yep, spring training.

    Only thing missing was a position player pitching.

  • crunch (view)

    boras is holding onto 4 "top level" FAs and ST games have officially begun.  montgomery, snell, chapman, and bellinger.

    there seems to be a bunch of teams not willing to blink, but there also seems to be a slew of teams willing to snap up any of these dudes if the price is right.

    at some point it may pivot to front-loaded deals with very early (and probably multiple) opt-outs.

    it's still "cubs advantage" on bellinger because there's a QO hanging over him and none of the teams with money are in heavy need of a CF or 1st.

  • crunch (view)

    ahhh...spring baseball.  put that shit right in my veins.  

    the dodgers are up 8-0 after 2 innings.  joe musgrove pitched to 4 batters and didn't retire any of them...all 4 scored.

    cubs tomorrow afternoon.

  • videographer (view)

    Here is an interesting thought about Boras's negotiation strategy:   Going into the off-season, Boras knew MLB GMs were not convinced of Bellinger's success enough to offer a long-term and large AVV contract.  His strategy was to convince the one team that experienced Bellinger's success that a market was there to take away a beloved player and make the Cubs bid against themselves.  So far, that has not worked and Boras has to scramble to not be embarrassed by a contract much lower than promised. 

    The question is:   What is a scenario in which Boras and Bellinger look good signing a bad contract?  Until that plays out, I suspect Bellinger could go into the season without being signed. 

  • crunch (view)

    it's pretty damn stupid.  don't they realize how much stadium-adjacent real estate they could buy for 77m?

    no one cares about baseball talent on the field, it's all about the baseball experience around the field!

    YOU HAVE TO 'C' IT (tm)

  • Dolorous Jon Lester (view)

    Could be Boras smoke. Could be a team trying to actually improve and win.