Pirates @ Cubs - Worley vs. Hammel; Game 18 Thread

The battle for 2nd place rages on...

Vance Worley vs. Jason Hammel

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Hammel PMercer SS
Russell 2BWorley P

Cubs made a roster move today, optioning RHP Brian Schlitt-the-Bed to Iowa and calling up outfielder and probaly occasional infielder Junior Lake. Lake was doing a whole helluva little in Iowa, so I imagine he'll just be a late inning option although the Cubs do face a lefty tomorrow in Jeff Locke.

The injury monster has been busy terrorizing the N.L. over the weekend victimizing A. Wainwright (achilles) and B. McCarthy (UCL) for the season, while sending H. Bailey (elbow strain) to the disabled list. J. Heyward (groin) and M. Scherzer (thumb) will also miss some time.

Otherwise, Cubs enjoyed a 4-2 road trip and come back home to what we all hope is the Friendly Confines. Pirates have picked up the pace after some early season struggles, taking those last 2 games in Pittsburgh vs. Cubs to salvage the series split and then sweeping the lowly Diamondbacks on the road.


Speaking of lowly NL teams, it sure looks like Milwaukee is going to be really bad for a while to come. As in, Wrigley North is likely to be back in business the next few years.

DRose tonight, after making 2 dumbass plays in the last 3 seconds to lose Game 4: shoots 5-20, including 0-7 on 3s, and has 6 turnover to 2 assists. Halfway through both games tonight, I asked my son, an 18-year old Chicago sports fan, who he would rather see win. "Oh, the Cubs, definitely." Full disclosure - he likes the Bulls and Hawks, and really likes the Bears, but he lives and dies with the Cubs.

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he also made a huge 3 and a great pass to Gasol that tied it in Game 4. Butler went 5/21 tonight (huge Butler fan btw, go Marquette go). But why do people hate Rose again? Because he blew out both his knees being awesome? (Well he blew out one being awesome, the other being okay)

I'm all for a good comeback story and he's the only real chance the Bulls have at winning the next two years, so I'm hoping there are more Games 1-3 the rest of the year myself. He's a Bull for 2 more seasons and when he's on, there's very few better. And I think he's shown in the playoffs he can still be that guy, albeit not consistently quite yet.

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The only thing frustrating for me about Rose is having to watch him struggle to work out the rust. It can't be easy getting into playoff rhythm while trying to recover from another knee surgery. The good thing is that by now, he's used to it, kinda. If anybody knows how to play through a rehab it's gotta be Rose. But the guy can't win from a fan's perspective. If he doesn't play he's soft, and if he plays but looks rusty, he just sucks. Tough way to make a living. At least gets a nice paycheck.

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I think the Rose hate is a cumulative thing. If he wasn't going to play last year (despite being cleared by doctors), why was he at the pre-game shoot-around? Just to remind fans to buy his Adidas shoes (given his injury history I find it hard to believe anyone would buy his shoes.). Then, his constant reference to himself as an elite player (he is not, anymore). The ultimate Rose move was at the end of Game 4, when he tried to go 1-on-3 to prove he's still "the man" instead of passing the ball to team's best player or listening to his coach yelling for a time-out (which was the most logical choice). The result was a killer turnover which led to his amazingly stupid defensive lapse that cost them the game. That, plus the whole "have someone else take the SAT for me so I can get into Memphis" thing. Just a lot of baggage.

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Joe Cowley, is that you? Rose set the bar really high really young. Then he got hurt and the assumption was that he was going to come back ASAP (the Addidas campaign didn't help). The expectations for him to be THAT good again, this early, have always been unrealistic. And things like "he did X so he can be the man," that's just silly speculation. Cowley even insisted on Twitter that Rose and Butler have a simmering "I'm the man" thing going. Of course, does he tweet about how D-Rose patted him on the head in one of the games after Butler made a turnover? Of course not. No offense to any of the D-Rose haters, but I just don't get it.

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I think the Rose hate is a cumulative thing. If he wasn't going to play last year (despite being cleared by doctors), why was he at the pre-game shoot-around?

practice? support his teammates? Give the media and fans something to bitch about? Doesn't seem all the big a deal to me...

That, plus the whole "have someone else take the SAT for me so I can get into Memphis" thing. Just a lot of baggage.

If you have concerns over a player for their lack of interest in higher education, there can't be too many teams or athletes you root for :)

He got beat on that defensive play in Game 4, badly,and the poor decision before that, but I don't get why that's the culmination of everything bad and no credit for his Game 3 to put them in a position to sweep or what he did to just make it close enough that he could get punked in Game 4.

Obviously the contract is regrettable in hindsight, but a good Rose is they're only chance at making the Finals. Considering how much time he's missed, I'll forgive a few hiccups along the way. Maybe he's the reason they lose to Cavs, but more likely because Lebron is one of the 5 greatest players to ever play.

But presuming they do close out the Bucks here, I do think with the Cavs injuries and suspensions, Bulls got a legit shot to knock them off.

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Yeah, I know...I can't disagree with any of your points. Just something about the kid that I don't like (and I used to be a big fan)....MJ was no angel, either, but at least he won 6 titles... In other news -- enough, already, with the NFL draft stuff -- guys blathering incessantly about their irrelevant predictions. As Sean Connery said in the Indiana Jones movie: "This is intolerable!"

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I get it that you aren't being serious, but I wouldn't even know how to fit Schwarber into the defensive alignment... Soler option, move Coughlan to RF? I wouldn't be quick to move Soler (He'll get straightened out) or Coughlan who, despite his 0-4, crushed the ball last night, 3 to the warning track and 1 laser beam line drive directly at an infielder.

I don't get this concern that people are having about Soler. He is not really struggling. He has a .762 OPS right now, which is right with everyone else not named Rizzo or Bryant: Montero (.752), Castro (.770), Coghlan (.765), Fowler (.758). He is second in BA, only behind Rizzo and Bryant. He leads the team in total bases with 32. And he is playing good defense. The only thing that he is struggling with is strikeouts, where he admittedly leads the majors with 29. His strikeout rate is a bit higher this year than it was last year, and that was a bit higher than it was in the minors. It will almost certainly come down a bit as he settles in and adjusts; but it is probably always going to be high--he will likely K in 20-25% of his PAs. But if this is Soler struggling and likely some of the worst we will see him (he probably won't lead the majors in strike outs), then we are in good shape.        

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Another reason to love Maddon. And he managed in the AL for years. And I don't buy the argument it should be changed because pitchers don't practice it in the minors anymore. That is an organizational decision to do that. They know the rules that the pitcher hits in the NL, if they don't want them to practice, then they will be an out every time. That is just stupid. As for getting hurt, yes it does extremely slightly bump up the chance a pitcher can get hurt, but Wainwright could have hurt his achilles coming off the mound to field a bunt. I guess I will be that old stogy curmudgeon that wants to see baseball in the NL stay as it is for as long as possible. I understand it appears it is going to change to DH throughout the leagues at some point, but I don't have to like it. I will still watch and love baseball, but will miss some of the game taken away.

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I think the NL should just go-ahead and out DH the American League with 2 designated hitters by introducing a fielding specialist. All those amazing, slick fielding shortstops and center fielders that just can't hit. Wouldn't the game be much more exciting with more highlight defensive plays? However, those guys just can't hit so let's have two DH's. No need for strategy and defensive switches, no need for well rounded players; the best fielders field, the best hitters hit. Plus the MLBPA would love it, higher salaries. We all know that the Pirates for example secretly have an extra $15 million in payroll flexibility that they are simply hoarding because they don't have to pay for a DH or that the Red Sox would simply save the money they currently spend on Big Papi instead of reallocating it to make their team as competitive as possible. In all seriousness, I understand that it will eventually happen and that both leagues should have the same rules. -disgruntled shrug of resignation-

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I think by AA, they will let pitcher hit if affiliate is an NL team. I'm all for keeping pitchers hitting, just wished they worked on it. Most of these guys were probably decent hitters through high school. At least enough to make it interesting. But they don't and they're not going to and it's hard to argue that it makes for better baseball when they're not even trying.

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I hate news like that, no matter who it is. I had a family member with MS and those types of diseases just suck. Shouldn't be wished on anybody.

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When I was a kid my dad was a white sox fan and he'd drag me to games back in the Jack Drees as announcer era and the stands would be empty. So, it'll be just like that. Side note: As bad as Jack Drees was, he was a hall of fame broadcaster when compared Can of Corn boy.

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1. Dexter Fowler (S) CF 2. Anthony Rizzo (L) 1B 3. Jorge Soler (R) RF 4. Kris Bryant (R) 3B 5. Welington Castillo (R) C 6. Starlin Castro (R) SS 7. Junior Lake (R) LF 8. Travis Wood (R) P 9. Addison Russell (R) 2B

well, we finally find out who the next STL ROY + multiple CY winner we've never heard of is going to be... "Tim Cooney will start for the Cardinals on Thursday afternoon against the Phillies." 3nd round pick (college), 2012.

"Jesse Rogers @ESPNChiCubs Denorfia has little foot issue so Lake gets the start." that seems to be one less bench bat...make that 2 less since t.wood is pitching (ps- wood pinch hitting rather than a real hitter is getting less "cute" as he continues to not hit...thankfully it's not happening excessively).

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