Cubs rumors

2010 Winter Meetings Day One

6:17 PM CST (Rob G.): Count on

4:13 PM CST (Rob G.): Damn. Apparently they're talking.

2:15 PM CST (Rob G.): Rosenthal

YESTERDAY (Rob G.): Some important stuff (as important as baseball rumors can be) from y that I haven't seen mentioned.

- Cubs offered Berkman the same $8M as the Cardinals but with deferred payments.

- Lyle Overbay is also on the Cubs 1b radar.

- If the Cubs can't sign a starting pitcher, expect Andrew Cashner to move to the rotation.

- Kerry Wood is a possibility if he's willing to accept the dollars($5M or less) and set-up role.

- Fukudome will be shopped.

2:15 PM CST (Rob G.): are making a push for Carlos Pena.

2:10 PM CT (Cubnut):  (@stevehenson333) says a Dodgers source told him Loney will not be traded "because he'd be too expensive to replace on free agent market."

1:05 PM CST (Rob G.): As Arizona Phil predicted, Expect an official announcement tonight.

 12:20 PM CST (Rob G.):, says Cubs are one of four teams interested in Dan Wheeler.

- The Nats say Colletti wanted SS Ian Desmond and RHP Jordan Zimmerman. Apparently the moon isn't available in trades this year.