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Free Agents Predictions Contest

It's Game Two of the World Series, so what better time to start thinking of the off-season and who goes where. Yes, yes--it's time for the TCR Free Agents Predictions Contest!

Congrats again to Anthony, last year's winner, who had a whopping 12 points. See the final results here:

Free Agents Predictions Contest

Now that we're forced to think prematurely about 2018, it's time to commit your predictions to the public record. That's right: announcing once again our "renowned" .

As always, there are no prizes because it's free to enter and because we are too cheap to really care. Besides, if you aren't satisfied with bragging rights, then you aren't a real sports fan and you probably won't win, anyway. 

TCR Free Agent Frenzy 2010

Once again we piggyback on's . MLB picks the 15 free agents, you pick the team and then rank them by confidence levels, 15 being the most confident, 1 being the least confident. The submission form is after the jump, otherwise . Be sure to include your name on the bottom and include your email if you want me to contact you directly and don't check the site all the time. The form will not check for duplicate confidence value points, so please check your work (I recommend writing them down first). Entries will be closed on November 23rd at 4pm CST like the official contest OR when the first free agent from the list signs. Whichever comes first. Good luck.