Sunday Not Funnies: Rizzo and Russell collide.

Maybe you were watching.
Maybe you heard it on the radio.
But when Anthony Rizzo and Addison Russell collided going for that pop up, I figure everybody felt like this.

Luckily, they're okay.


I love the old "Realistic" radio, complete with correct logo. Such an honor for the now defunct Radio Shack.

I gave that Realistic to my daughter when she was about 6.
But I immediately stole it because only transistors work in the office (they have to be by the window).
Still works.

Watching Kris Bryant swing and miss some falling off the table breaking pitches and Soler struggling a bit, I feel a bit like the Dana Carvey old man character when he says, "when I was young..." pitchers who threw like Bruce Sutter were, well, Bruce Sutter, and led the league in saves. Today, every major league pitcher not named Schlitter seems to have some electric pitch. It's really amazing. They either throw 100 mph like a guy I can't even remember the name of from a few weeks back, or they have nasty breaking stuff and sliders. This Cubs season is going to be up and down with these kids. Hopefully enough up to keep them afloat and above .500. When the kids look great, I need to remind myself that it is probably nothing more than a taste of what's coming. And when they suck, I just have to remind myself that it's a helluva lot better than watching the Hendry journeymen getting consistently overmatched.

1. Carlos Gomez (R) CF 2. Jean Segura (R) SS 3. Ryan Braun (R) RF 4. Adam Lind (L) 1B 5. Aramis Ramirez (R) 3B 6. Khris Davis (R) LF 7. Elian Herrera (S) 2B 8. Martin Maldonado (R) C 9. Jimmy Nelson (R) P


1. Dexter Fowler (S) CF 2. Jorge Soler (R) RF 3. Anthony Rizzo (L) 1B 4. Kris Bryant (R) 3B 5. Miguel Montero (L) C 6. Starlin Castro (R) SS 7. Chris Coghlan (L) LF 8. Jason Hammel (R) P 9. Addison Russell (R) 2B

A+ for vomit...A++ for cat.

Aram with hr. /Cub Great

Maybe the Cubs can get the Brewers back in the race!!!

Alcantara and Baez have HR's, Szczur has a triple; 7-0 I-Cubs, bottom 5th

I honestly would not take out Nelson if I was Roenicke. He's pitching really well, got nasty stuff. See what happens here. EDIT: That's why I''m not a major league manager.

And now, neither is Roenicke.

All I could think of watching Segura on the ground there was, "We'll take the loss if you can get up on your own."

JD let out an "Oh Jesus!" when it happened. Luckily got him square on top of crown.

Whole different game when clean, eh Braun?

Really? IBB to get to Aram?

Baseball karma with the broken bat single by Aram I suppose ...

The kids all look like shit at the plate this weekend.

Swinging at everything ... true old-school Cubs approach. If you want something more fun to watch, Twins are beating the White Sox 13-2 so there's probably some vintage Hawk happening.

Whenever I hear Hawk I look like the Cubbyblue characters at the top of this post.


Only when he says "can of corn"

"I know we' re having problems, but I know we have a great team" Hawk today /7-0 twins at time / / said after third error of inning ///pass whatever ur smoking over here

They play "black dog" (zep) during pitching changes? /heard it twice

they blare a lot of stuff at wrigley now...walk up music, pitching change music, mound visit music, dude just popped out music... with all the crap being done...i mean damn, just open a new park somewhere already. all that's left at wrigley is some ivy on a brick wall as far as that oldschool park feel...and some really cruddy bathrooms. even the city views are disappearing in many directions.

They've been BLASTING ads thought the loud speakers for hours before the game for well over a decade. Enough to make me stop going early.

Tyler Skulina pitched 6IP, 1H, no runs, 8K, 1BB and Billy McKinney hit two solo HR's in a Pelicans 2-1 win.

mcK is making a push to be promoted to AA already...some thought he might start there rather than A+. dude turns 21 in late august. shame he's not playing CF this year.

from BP on McKinney, based on games of May 1-3:
Billy McKinney, OF, Cubs (Myrtle Beach, A+): 2-4, 2 R, 2 HR, K. Scouts have questioned McKinney’s raw bat speed, which is average to above average, but lacks that elite level associate with most plus hit tools (which McKinney features). The Cubs outfielder makes up for it with exceptional feel for the barrel and with a patient approach that consistently puts him in strong hitters counts that allows him to cheat and get the barrel of the bat moving. He’s a smart hitter with good instincts, which can help make up for less-than-elite natural talent.

STL playing their 20th extra inning game of the season...or something like that. top of the 11th, but whatever, they're like 19-0 so far in extra inning games this year.

PIT takes a 2-1 lead in the top 12, and STL ties it in the bottom 12. STL...getting sick of your shit.

...and STL walks off in the bottom 14th with a win...because STL does stuff like that.

(Cardinals' coaches meeting before the game) One guy: Hey, do you think we should lose today? Other guy: Nah, not today. One guy: Oh, OK, sounds good.

that's why they get paid the big bucks.

From @DanHirsch:

How good has the Cardinals pitching been? Their ERA+ is 172. In Sandy Koufax's peak (1963-1966), he had a 172 ERA+

so it's maintainable.

maddon's broken out his 1st regular season fashion parade theme day... blackhawks unis with their name/number on the backs for their trip to STL.

cubs picked up a.varvaro off waivers guessed it...the rsox. j.ortiz DFA'd.

Red Sox traded former Cubs prospect Aaron Kurcz to the Braves for Varvaro.

That series. Sucked. Ass.

Congrats on winning your first series, Ron. You're fired!

You know you played some bad baseball when the team that just kicked your ass fires their manager after the series. F%ck

I know that over a long season the Cubs will lose a few series like this to total crap teams....but it still really sucks when it happens. So, let's take 3 of 4 in STL and make us all feel a lot better.

3 of 4? 4 of 4. commie.

4 of 4? You want the government to do everything for you? Socialist! J/k. Vote4Bernie!

Bernie!!!! Why can't baseball be more like Scandinavia?!!

If salaries keep going the way they're going, eventually the players will need to own the teams, thus owning the means of production and...

With the Great Maddonini at the helm, and wearing their Hawks jerseys to StL, the Cubs should win a MINIMUM of 5 out of 4 games this series. Morans.

If I hear the phrase "RED BIRD WIN" again I am gonna puke out my ribs.

In my "3 of 4" comment, I was assuming one rain-out. Obviously.

I was at the game yesterday. Beautiful day, depressing game. There was a guy there wearing a shirt that had an image of a red plastic cup on it. Instead of "Solo Cup," it said "Soler Cub." So at least one cool thing came out of yesterday.

good news, the panels for the RF jumbotron have arrived and are expected to be installed by the next home series. revenue-rific.

Forget the jumbotron, how about some seats out there?

forget that, sell the ad space on the vacant seats. they can build mini "ad bridges" between seats to sell ads on, too. limitless ads! (brought to you by olive garden)

That's just how out of it I am. I heard about the jumbo tron and assumed it was the wintrust thingy. Isn't the wintrust thing enough?

If the Wintrust thing is not a jumbotron... what is it? [sudden ontological dilemma]

they changed (and got approved) the signage scheme toward the end of 2014 to replace the proposed small RF signage with another big board in RF. it's supposed to be "sunk" a bit lower in the park's OF section so it shouldn't tower above the park like the board in LF, though.

Jean Segura's Head CT scan was negative for fracture.

That is great news. Very scary. Luckily he tiled his head down slightly right before impact. It was great to see him jog down the line and want to stay at 1B to run. Obviously the team was like, sit down buddy...

From what I could see he took himself out of the game.

White Sox announced signing of Tyler Colvin over the weekend, sent him to Charlotte. Brett Jackson off to a good start at Sacramento (Giants) before he hit the DL last week. (That's a familiar pattern with him.) Josh Vitters released by Rockies in late March. Hasn't turned up so far in any venue known to Baseball Reference.

wsox released 26yo 2009 1st rounder j.mitchell (23rd pick) after slashing .050/.174/.100 with 22K at AAA in 46PA to make room for colvin. blah blah blah obligatory reminder of everyone in the 2009 draft who didn't pick m.trout (who went 25th). in it's own odd way, it's an upgrade.

I didn't see Ryan Sweeney latch on anywhere. Anyone heard anything?

Submitted by Ryno on Sat, 12/20/2014 - 7:33pm Permalink Prediction: The 2014-15 off season will haunt Rick Hahn.

Does anybody understand what they are planning to do with the bullpens? The stuff I have heard -- under the bleachers (?) -- doesn't seem to make sense.

Yep under the bleachers, but I don't believe that will happen until need season. They were going to expand the outfield wall doors and make them more see through, but the city said no to that.

more see through --- Large Mesh doors?

Thank you, Cubster! That was alright...

It's pretty cool when Cubster talks anatomy.

Especially in Brazilian.