Thurs Funnies: Cubs eat up Alfredo Simon


Alfredo... Yum...

I love the frames with eye-roll L and eye-roll R! HAHAHA!

If it was Jumbo Diaz they could eat for a week.


"Baez will join Triple-A Iowa on their road trip to Round Rock and should be activated some time next week."

Tommy Birch ‏@TommyBirch 53m53 minutes ago Change of plans. Hearing that Javier Baez is now expected to be headed back to Chicago. #Cubs #MiLB

sweet. be nice to have him back for a few weeks before his next head/hands-first slide puts him on the DL again. imagine we'll be seeing a bit of zobrist in LF for some of these erratic lineups.

I really hope we still have Soler in LF the majority of the time. I feel like a) he needs that experience to get his defense better. He was clearly better in RF than LF and b) he has the potential to be one of the best bats in the lineup once he gets comfortable. That said Baez was showing a lot of signs of getting better last year and it'd be nice to see that happen. As an aside, the Cubs are close to the top at not swinging at pitches outside the strike zone and are currently dead last at making contact at pitches inside the strike zone so it'll be interesting to see if pitchers will stop nibbling and if they start throwing strikes how our batters will adjust.

I shall be attempting Recappage.  You have been warned.

ive already used up my best jumbo diaz joke :(

Trans, you are so rusty. Its like been, 3-4 years now?

But yeah... Frequency hasn't been too impressive...

First start of the year, might want to just limit yourself to simple declarative sentences. Wait till next outing to mix in similes and alliteration.

Indeed.  Don't want to strain anything by going to hard and fast, too soon...

Yep. Just let the Summary come to you.

Rizzo is having some rough AB's in the early going... Bases loaded, pitcher struggling, k's badly... And, on cue he leaves another runner on 3rd w/2 outs...

cubs 8-1 most runs scored in all of MLB. 2nd least runs given up in all of MLB. yawn.