Tuesday Funnies: Lackey clamps down on the Cards.

How enjoyable was that?


I thought he was going to Ozzie that bird with his massive chompers

Good luck getting any non-white players http://www.nydailynews.com/sports/baseball/ja...


Chicago isn't really any better...


There was also claims from Dusty, Jacque, Milton and Juan Pierre.

granted the hypocrisy  of "the best fans of baseball" doing it is worth a chuckle, but I wouldn't get too comfy on our high horses on this one.

Hate mail little different than screaming nword at game. Not okaying it but there's a next level with comfort of screaming that in public like your booing.

Plenty of stories about the racist fans in the bleachers too screaming the n-word and what-not....if you want to bury your head in the sand go for it. 

to follow-up, the allegation seems to be bullshit too (albeit quite plausible B.S.)



21m21 minutes ago

Fowler surprised by reports of racial slurs directed at Heyward last night. He didn't hear anything

Can we agree to hate Schilling? http://deadspin.com/espns-curt-schilling-shar...

the mega-conservative who bitches about welfare queens (and pretty much anyone not straight, not conservative, and not appreciative of how hard white people seem to have it in the world) while talking up his own personal responsibility that got a $75,000,000 loan from the government that he only paid $11m back on...and later settled only paying back $4.4m more...while the whole time (falsely) bitching about how he's in the poor house because of it? yeah, we can hate him, i guess. is ESPN capable of hiring anyone they don't have to suspend at least once a year?

I fully support free speech, and I do think that Schilling has a general point that both sides should be able to express views, even if one side is blatantly and disturbingly wrong. With that said. Free speech has consequences. Being on the wrong side of history has consequences. Being a bigot has consequences. So people shouldn't be hitting him on his turf on facebook...they should be hitting him in the wallet. Don't watch shows with his analysis. Don't support employers that hire him, etc. But yes. Him and Lance Berkman have proven what type of people they are. I wouldn't say I "hate" them as that gives them too much credit of relevance. Instead, I just think of them as very small and insignificant.

i live in NC...the current epicenter for this latest "thing"... we have a bunch of people who scream about how people are "too PC" that just can't come out and say "ya know, i think they're icky and i don't wanna see it around me." instead they double-down by not only making themselves (and won't you think of the children!) victims that don't exist in scenarios that don't exist, they decide to paint a scenario of this opening the door to perverts, rapists, and child molesters suddenly getting free reign to turn bathrooms into a 1970s Times Square XXX theater. beyond this, the NC bill also stripped away a ton of other rights, such as workplace discrimination no longer being able to be handled in the state courts along with other non-bathroom related "legal discrimination" allowances. it was passed in a special session and signed by the governor into law in less than 8 hours...no debate, no mention of who managed to whip up this special bit of text so quickly. you kinda lose the ability to bitch about a "PC nation" when you can't even come out and own your own hatred while at the same time demonizing others in order to make yourself a potential victim in a hypothetical scenario that doesn't exist...this is lost on many of the supporters. in conclusion, go cubs.

I don't want a big hairy man sharing a bathroom with my eight-year-old daughter and no one should unless they are either demented or demonic.

Why did Szczur pinch-run for Soler?

JAMES W: Baseball America has previously rated Matt Szczur the fastest player in the Cubs system, and he was going to replace Soler in LF in the bottom of the 7th anyway, so might as well use him as a PR for Soler if the opportunity arises.

So while Soler is not a slow runner, Szczur is faster. 

Plus it's harder for Soler to pull a muscle when Szczur is running.

I could see Soler pulling muscle while Szczur runs. But he'd probably have to hold Szczur by the Achilles or something.

AZ Phil, do you have scheduling info about EXST? It's evidently hard to find, and the Twitterati are asking.

Thanks Arizona Phil. I had stepped away for an inning or two and thought he could have been hurt.

milt pappas has died...76

Milt was a colorful guy -- I enjoyed him. I'm going to miss his ranting about umpire Bruce Froemming and Milt's near-perfect game no-hitter. He certainly had an eventful life.

Rest in peace Milt.

Keep talking like that and we'll put you on ESPN.