Wed Funnies: It's like this is all just a game to Joe Maddon. Hey, wait...

The disappointment of Jon Lester's masterful 7.2 innings of 3 hit ball with just the one dinky run given up (a homer from Billy Hamilton)... a 2-1 Cub lead... only to be dashed by Hector Rondon in the fail-save role.
Cubs and Reds go into extras tied at 2.

Then, innings of nothing as no one could hit any reliever and each team used their whole bench.
But that's where Joe Maddon may have a leg up on everyone.
'Cause he plays baseball like it's a game, and he's got a joker in his deck:
Travis Wood.
"One of the best athletes on the team."

Trevor Cahill had done a great job in the 12th, but in the 13th he gives up a couple singles and there are Reds on 1st and 2nd with just one out.
And Joey Votto up to bat.

Really really not good.

First, Maddon took out Cahill and put Joel Peralta on the mound.
And he also put Wood in left.
What in the world?...
Then a miracle double play line drive to Ben Zobrist ends the inning.
Top 14.
Baez - a nothing pop up to 2nd.
Szczur - a grounder to short.
And then it's Wood, who hits a fly ball to left and while it was an out, it seemed like the Cubs' most well-struck ball in the extras.
So far.

I felt change in the air and...
This is where Maddon began to play Twister.
With Wood in left, righty Spencer Patton comes in to face Brandon Phillips.
Then, left hand pitch - Wood pitches while Patton plays left.
Then, left hand left - right hander Patton pitches while lefty Wood plays left.
What just happened?
Pure fun.
(With the added benefit of actually working.)

Cut to Travis Wood in the dugout laughing.
Maybe he knew this would be The Big Inning.
Because then Zobrist walked, Heyward singled and Bryant knocked in Zobrist with a single.
They walk Rizzo on purpose to load the bases and get to... Jason Hammel.
Who grounds out, setting the stage for Javier Baez, who honestly looked like a man who would swing at anything last night.
Which he did again, only this time the ball went 430 feet straight over the center field wall.
Now it's Cubs 7, Reds 2.
And with lefty Wood on the mound and righty Pedro Strop in left, 7-2 is how it ended up ending.
Damn was it ever entertaining.

Cubs still in front of the Cards by 10.
It's almost July.
Greatest. Summer. Ever.