Wednesday Funnies: What to do when the Cubs get shut out

What a dull game.
Anibal Sanchez pitched like some kinda genius, which he hadn't really done this year (he's a plus 5 ERA guy this year), and the Cub bats...
The closest thing to a run came when Dexter Fowler advanced to third on a wild pitch. 
And Jon Lester was Lack Luster.
Cubs zeero, Tigers 6.

Beat the radio.

If you recognize the painting, it's because I just re-did it for a fundraiser.
It was originally done in 2003, when we listened to the Cubs playing the Pirates on Memorial Day Monday.
Kerry Wood left the game in the 7th down 0-1.
In the 8th, this happened:
Phil Norton gave up 2.
Dusty said uh uh.
Juan Cruz, show us your stuff.
He gave up 4.
Dusty consulted his toothpick, and it said, "Well how about Antonio Alfonseca?"
Alfonseca gave up 3 but the silver lining was he finally got the last out of the 8th.
Cubs 0 Pirates 10.
Thanks for the memories, Phil and Juan and Antonio!