Wednesday Funnies: Wonder what Cardinal fans think about Schwarber?

Just a cartoon.
Now go back to serious baseball discussion!


Cardinals fans, maybe. The Cardinals organization is thinking the following:
Let's hack into the Cubs computer systems and get as much scouting data as we can on Kyle Schwarber. Doing baseball the right way is way too much work, so let's find some way to cheat. Our fans are morans. They won't care.

they lost me when they gave a zillion minute standing O to mcgwire when he came back as a coach. cheating is one thing, dragging others through the mud and calling out their credibility to sustain your lies is another thing. that's screwing with people's lives to protect your own misconduct. cheating doesn't pay...except for the big paycheck for hitting homers and then coming back as a coach once you're busted to mentor younger athletes.

It is a great thing that the Cardinals can rely on the "competitive balance" draft pick. It is obvious that the morans NEED the help because no one goes to their games, and they have been mired in last place for years!