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Dansby Swanson, INF

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Yency Almonte, P 
Albert Alzolay, P
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Keegan Thompson, P 
* Jordan Wicks, P

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Caleb Kilian, P
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Z and His Agent Finally Get Story Straight Plus Draft Signing Updates

If you were following the Z drama through the papers or through our comments, you would have noticed the healthy amount of spin his agent Barry Praver was putting on the situation, because there is nothing worse for an agent than losing out on the 10% commission of the $24M or so he's still owed. It went something along the lines of, he said nothing about retiring, wait, yes he did, but it was not meant for public consumption. He came back Friday and returned his stuff, no I meant Saturday...he never punched Michael Barrett, Michael Barrett fell on his fist, etc, etc...

Kapman today scored the first interview with Z and it appears they finally found the narrative they plan to go forward with. Essentially, yes Z did make comments about retiring, but they were all intended to be private (counterpoint: Cubs claim to have text messages saying "good-bye and thanks" from Z). He also tried to return to the team Saturday with his belongings, but was not allowed and naturally, does not agree with the Cubs punishment. They intend to file a grievance by the end of the day.

Anyway, the idea of Z gifting the Cubs $18M next year seems out the window, but give credit to the Cubs for seizing the opportunity to save $3M or so this year by putting him on the disqualified list. Him leaving early means nothing to me, but obviously it rubbed many of his teammates the wrong way and in the end he gets a longer vacation and Cubs fans get Casey Coleman.

And now for the rest of the story...

Big Z: "I received text messages of support from Sosa, Byrd, Ozzie, Jason Giambi, Pena, and Soriano." Also said he and Soriano are cool.

Surprised Derrek Bell didn't think to drop him a note...

Today is the deadline for the Cubs to sign their 2011 draftees. I was keeping track of all the signings and bonuses over at Wiklifield and now suddenly it won't let me edit pages anymore, only sections of pages and the bonus info isn't part of a section. Meh. Here's what I have cobbled together so far...many thanks to you guys for getting the scoops in the comments (especially QuietMan).

Round Player Bonus Comment
1 Javier Baez $2.625M and no major league deal
2 Dan Vogelbach $1.6M Callis just confirmed deal is done
3 Zeke DeVoss $500K Playing for Boise, .442 OBP, 11/14 on SB's
4 Tony Zych $400K reliever with a bit of a wacky motion
5 Tayler Scott $279,950 S. African native, also excellent soccer player
6 Neftali Rosario $150K Crushing the ball in the Arizona Rookie League
7 Trevor Gretzky $375K drafting and signing for that much a bit of a head scratcher, headed for shoulder rehab in Arizona
8 Taylor Dugas Unsigned appears he's going to U. of Alabama
9 Garret Schlecht $235K recently made his debut with the AZL Cubs
10 Daniel Lockhart $395K This was done awhile ago apparently, just waiting to be official.
11 Shawon Dunston Jr. $1.275M seems excessive....
12 Jacob Lindgren Unsigned Appears he's going to Mississippi State
13 Trey Martin $250K not doing much for the AZL Cubs so far, was to go to Kennesaw State with Daniel Lockhart.
14 Dillon Maples $2.5M just a tad less than first round pick Baez
15 Justin Marra $100K or so this website says
16 Rafael Lopez Signed doing okay at Boise so far
17 John Andreoli Signed looks like he'll play in Arizona for a few weeks and return to UCONN to finish classes
18 James Pugliese Signed Pitching for the AZL Cubs
19 Paul Hoilman Signed Striking out and hitting HR's for Boise
20 Ben Klafczynski Signed hitting poorly for Boise and now Peoria
21 Andrew McKirahan $75K Pitching well for the AZL Cubs
22 Ethian Elias Signed doesn't seem to be playing anywhere yet
23 Bradley Zimmer Unsigned
 can't find any credible whispers on this one
24 George Asmus Unsigned  can't find any credible whispers on this one
25 Rock Shoulders $294K that's about 4th round money
26 Michael Jensen $225K doesn't seem to be playing anywhere yet
27 Taiwan Easterling $200K not doing much for Peoria right now
28 Christopher Garrison Unsigned
 can't find any credible whispers on this one
29 Drew Weeks Unsigned
 can't find any credible whispers on this one
30 Arturo Maltos-Garcia Signed doesn't seem to be playing anywhere yet
31 Ronnie Richardson Unsigned
not looking good according to this
32 Pete Levitt Signed not pitching particularly well for Peoria
33 Sheldon McDonald Signed not pitching particularly well for Boise
34 Hunter Kelley Unsigned
can't find any credible whispers on this one
35 Ian Dickson Signed
6'5" righty that missed all of 2011 with injury, will report to Arizona
36 Travis Garcia Signed Was hitting decently for Boise, and then mysteriously retired
37 Steven Maxwell Unsigned 
can't find any credible whispers on this one
38 Casey Lucchese Signed doesn't seem to be playing anywhere yet
39 Ricky Jacquez Unsigned Decides to go to Texas
40 Patrick Francescon Signed nice strikeout and walk rates for Peoria
41 Austin Urban $100K that's around 6th/7th round money I believe
42 Brad Zapenas Signed hitting poorly for Boise
43 Jay Calhoun Unsigned 
Appears he'll be going to Dallas Baptist instead
44 Kenny Socorro Signed hitting poorly for Boise
45 Tanner Kichler Unsigned 
can't find any credible whispers on this one
46 Scott Weismann Signed doesn't seem to be playing anywhere yet
47 David Ernst Unsigned 
appears he's going to North Dakota State
48 Sam Howard Unsigned 
seems he's headed to Georgia Southern
49 Antonio Gonzaeles Unsigned 
can't find any credible whispers on this one 
50 Cody Edwards Unsigned 
can't find any credible whispers on this one 

If you stumble across any bonus information, let me know. I had to get back to work, but will try to hunt down more info before the day is over.


Z also said he didn't throw at Chipper, the ball got away. He's such a lying sack of dung. The sooner he is released/bought out the better for everyone. I don't want this crap to drag out a month or even a week, get rid of him today. Sell his contract the most out the way team you can find, I don't care if we have to pay the full deal, make his life miserable. Have fun in the Siberian Penal League, asshole.

"Surprised Derrek Bell didn't think to drop him a note..." he's probably in a jail cell somewhere and out of quarters. his life has gone downhill badly...should be dead via meth abuse any year now. thnx for the chart/list, btw...nice stuff.

How can anyone spin this other than another Hendry snafu (see - Sosa, Bradley) where an overpaid contract with NTC makes the guy un-moveable under 'normal GM' circumstances. Once again, behavior forces a less than ideal move from Hendry. My take would be to tell Paver that he can accept a number between $1 and $23 million that is less than 8 digits. OR..........Z will be the highest paid middle relief pitcher in MLB for the 2012 season, and good luck getting a big multi-year deal as a starter next off-season.

[ ]

In reply to by The Joe

He can't handle failure. That might be appealing in theory, but we're not talking about Steve Jobs or some genius businessman who uses that as motivation, this is an athlete who needs to get along with the other 24 players on the team. Every one of his tantrums/blow ups has come when he gets rocked in a bad game. The bottom line is what we as fans think or want doesn't matter. The only thing we need to know is that Z's teammates publicly criticized him and not a single one stepped onto the field to defend him after all of the Braves ran on the field. That's how his teammates feel about him. No successful team is going to put up with that type of crap. Do you think the Yankees would give him another chance after this if he was a Yankee? No. Nor would the Phillies or Red Sox, or any sane team or business. He can live his life however he wants, but he has major anger/anti-social issues and it's not the responsibility of an employer to give a person 85 opportunities to change.

Z handled his interview pretty classy, imo...didn't call anyone out or blame anyone (including himself)...calm...owned up to talking about retiring and said something to the effect of he really did feel like retiring after a crappy outing.

ROB G: Excellent summary of the 2011 draftees. Just two minor things (I'll let you make the changes): Jacob Lindgren is a Mississippi State (not Ole Miss) recruit, and Schlecht made his pro debut today for the AZL Cubs (played LF and went 1-5 with a single and three K). Also, four Non-Drafted Free-Agents (NDFA) were signed by the Cubs after the draft: 1B Ryan Durrence (Bethune-Cookman) and C Taylor Davis (Morehead State) are playing for the AZL Cubs, and RHP Nick Johnson (U. of Cincinnati) and C Pat Terry (U. of Santa Clara) have not been placed on an Active List.

Just a reminder that because he has no college eligibility left, the Cubs will retain the exclusive negotiating rights to 2011 37th round draft pick RHP Steven Maxwell (TCU) until one week prior to the 2012 June draft. All other unsigned 2011 Cubs draft picks are removed from the Cubs Rule 4 Negotiation List as of midnight (EDT) tonight.

from that Kendall Rogers fella Source: On #Cubs 14th-round pick Dillon Maples. "It's not about if it will get done, it's more about when." FWIW. #mlbdraft #MLB #UNC be 3 first round-ish talents if it happens, depending on your view of Vogelbach.

[ ]

In reply to by The Real Neal

I went to HS in Peoria, and got to see Thome up close as he decimated our varsity team 17-2. He hit a bomb over the fence in RF that hit a house across the street. He was a big guy, but still thinner of course. He was listed as 6'3", 200 lbs at age 17. He came up through the minors, and didn't show a lot of power at age 20...hitting only 7 HR's between AA and AAA. He broke out at age 22, hitting 25 HR's at AAA, and 7 more with Cleveland. Again, the difference in your physical strength and maturity, from age 25..there's a pretty big jump involved at each age. His power jumped at age 22, not 29 or 30, and it's not like he did it for a couple seasons, and then reverted back to form....or suddenly showed up 25 pounds lighter. Could he have taken steroids? Sure. I can't rule out 100% on anyone. I would be absolutely shocked, and would need a heckova lot of proof to believe Thome was juicing.

[ ]

In reply to by VirginiaPhil

You mean the kid that walked onto a DSL team and hit .300 and then did the same everywhere he played until he jumped to the majors at age 20? The only way the Cubs developed Castro was making sure he got enough protein to put some muscle on. It's like giving the Expos credit for developing Vlad Guerrero, some people just have the God given ability to hit what they swing at. Developing hitter is teaching them the strike zone, teaching them what they can, and cannot do. Turning physical ability into major league productivity. There's no organization in baseball worse at it than our Chicago Cubs. Is there any team that has drafted high school hitters as high as Montanez, Vitters, Patterson and Harvey and gotten so little productivity out of them?

[ ]

In reply to by The Real Neal

The top ten picks in the June 2000 draft: Adrian Gonzalez (Marlins) Adam Johnson (Twins) Luis Montanez (Cubs) Mike Stodolka (Royals) Justin Wayne (Expos) Rocco Baldelli (Rays) Matt Harrington (Rockies) Matt Wheatland (Tigers) Mark Phillips (Padres) Joe Torres (Angels) The Phillies drafted Utley at #15, so they must have better minor-league coaching. The mistake the Cubs made with their pick is that Montanez didn't project as a major-league shortstop or any type of infielder. When Montanez was 22, they sent him back to Boise for 58 games to learn to play the outfield, and he never played an inning of infield again. That's usually the kiss of death to a major-league career. Imagine the Cubs saying to Barney, We don't think you have the glove for middle infield, so we're going to try you in left. By and large, shortstops and second basemen drafted by Wilken have not had to move to the outfield, as Montanez and Eric Patterson had to. Flaherty and LeMahieu have both played a little shortstop this year and still project as second- or third-baseman. Logan Watkins played second when Hak-Ju Lee was around but has played 42 games at short this year. Josh Harrison is still a second baseman. Tony Thomas may be the one exception to the rule. Clevenger was converted to catcher immediately, so he was drafted for that position. Anyway, the high minors are littered with former first-rounders. Cub fans should not get so hung up about their prospect busts. Many are called, few chosen. Until recently not many Cubs were called, so practically none were chosen. Here are several recent Cub players who brought with them the scent of first-round failure from other teams: DeWitt (Dodgers), Diamond (Rangers), Moore (Tigers), Snyder (Indians), Burke (Padres), Fontenot (Orioles), Heilman (Mets), Barrett (Expos), (Jerome) Williams (Giants), Grieve (A's).

[ ]

In reply to by VirginiaPhil

Submitted by VirginiaPhil on Wed, 08/17/2011 - 9:50am. The mistake the Cubs made with their pick is that Montanez didn't project as a major-league shortstop or any type of infielder. When Montanez was 22, they sent him back to Boise for 58 games to learn to play the outfield, and he never played an inning of infield again. That's usually the kiss of death to a major-league career. Imagine the Cubs saying to Barney, We don't think you have the glove for middle infield, so we're going to try you in left. ========================================== VA PHIL: I saw Luis Montanez when he first arrived at Fitch Park in 2000 and then at Instructs post-2000 and post-2001 & at Minor League Camp for several seasons after that, and he was definitely projected as an infielder for at least four or five years. Maybe not a SS, but certainly a 2B (an offensive-first 2B). What caused him to be moved to the outfield in June 2004 was that he had been the starting 2B at Daytona for the first two months of that season (and that was his third year in a row at Daytona) and he was really struggling both in the field and at the plate, and he was actually regressing as a hitter to the point where he was a candidate to get released. So the Cubs decided to try him in the OF to see if playing there might help to clear his head so that he could develop as a hitter, and in fact that's exactly what happened, although he became a six-year minor league FA (and signed with BAL) and left the Cubs organization before he became an established AAA (or 4-A) OF.

[ ]

In reply to by Eric S

It was a series in Atlanta in June '07. Soriano hit three HRs in the Friday game, then (in Cox's mind) stretched a single into a double in his last at bat. Leading off the game on Saturday, Soriano took one in the back. On Sunday, Lilly retaliated against Renteria, and that led to the mugging of Fontenot. The following June 11th, Soriano got hit in the hand by an Atlanta pitch and was out until July 23rd. I remembered this series of events when Hendry apologized to the Braves' organization and to Cox the other night. I'm sure Cox is highly regarded among his friends and his players and among fans of the team. To me he seemed like a clever, mean SOB on the order of LaRussa. Piniella had more class than either of those two.

[ ]

In reply to by Rob G.

I don't really agree. Granted, I'm not saying the f'ng Braves are above or below any other organization, but I recall reading more than once about Schuerholtz (sp?) focusing on character a lot in acquisitions. I also have always gotten the feeling that Chipper kind of runs their clubhouse, be it good bad or otherwise. I certainly don't think he's a boy scout (hookers and blow for all my friends), but I've always believed he was an 'unwritten rules' kind of guy, and I think he enforces that to some extent, a la 'will be dealt with swiftly'. I think Chipper'd actually back that up. Smoltz, on the other hand, does strike me as a little extra sleazy and full of himself, so yeah, nevermind. There is some holier-than-thou in there. Although I agree with him re: accountability, just come out and say what you're trying to say, "The Cubs should have released/traded/pummeled him years ago" instead of beating around the bush, or don't fucking say anything at all.

[ ]

In reply to by crunch

I would be shocked if he did. Hendry doesn't understand that you can sign 2-3 yr deals (unless you're overpaying for middle relief), he thinks they're illegal for position players. Here's what I think is going to happen. ARam and ostensibly his agent have already decided that if Rammy is going to get paid, it needs to be after this year (turned 33 in June). That's the real reason behind the chicken bones or whatever has him hitting this way--It's a contract year. The Cubs will want to retain him at $16M for next year, which he will most likely void based on his agent testing the waters and the response he gets. If he voids it, the Cubs get out of the $2M buyout. Who signs him? Angels, 5/65.

ROB G: Terrific chart. Very nice. You mentioned an agent's take as 10%. On the entertainment side, the figure of 15% is usually the one I hear most about. Is 10% the common figure (maybe the Jerry McGuires make more?) BTW - did you see Moneyball yet? Anyone attend a screening here?

The Cubs interviewed Scott Sanderson some time ago. Sanderson was working as an agent at that time. He stated that the average agent percentage in baseball was about 3 %, with Boras and one or two others getting 4 %. He knew of no one getting more.

Random and sad observation. When Michael Wilbon (who I love), a self-proclaimed 'Zambrano guy', says it's over for him on the North Side, it's over. PTI video in Levine's blog (sorry if 3/44) Wilbon actually looks just sad over the whole thing, which I agree with. Also pissed, mind you, but mostly just sad. Sad.

From today's chat: "Hendry or whoever is in charge will have to make trades." "I don't expect Zambrano or Soriano to be with the Cubs." "dan (texas) bruce, whats the first thing you would do, to turn around this franchise? Bruce Levine (1:23 PM) I would hire Pat Gillick, Bobby Cox or Terry Ryan to oversee the entire baseball department. Hendry could work well with any of those guys and none of them want to be a GM anymore. You couldn't find three better guys to begin with." (In a follow-up, Levine called for rainbows and world peace.)

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    And another solo shot in the third. He’s not hitting cheapies either. Definitely capturing my attention at this point.

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    Brennan Davis two out first inning grand salami for Iowa.

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    walkoff win!  morel has been involved in at least 4 walk-off wins this year by my count.

    his bWAR is tied for next to last on the team (-0.1)...just saying.

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    ha.  the mccutchen AB where he almost homered in the 6th (foul) got me thinking about the mccutchen/furries thing.

    it's a coincidence, but mccutchen does VERY well at the plate when pittsburgh's annual furry convention (Anthrocon) is in town and there's a home game.  all 4 days of the convention will be home games for PIT.

    be on the lookout for mccutchen's twitter account to simply post "Furries" during the week of the convention.

    he's aware of the coincidence and plays into it.

    baseball is weird.  social media is weird.  furries are also weird, but whatever...ya'll do ya'll.…

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    i love that wrigley is packed, but you can tell a lot of these fans are new(ish) to in-person baseball.

    pop outs that don't even reach the warning track are getting huge fan pops as possible homers.

    that said, it's good there's so much fresh eyes on the field product.  the game needs a constant influx of newer fans.

    i noticed a lot of 20-somethings really getting into baseball during the covid era.  they also really got into baseball cards, but that's another side show in itself.  the baseball card boom died down a bit, but the interest in baseball overall seems to have stuck around.

  • crunch (view)

    "The New York Post’s Joel Sherman reports the Mets offered first baseman Pete Alonso a seven-year, $158 million contract extension last summer."

    22.5m a year.  on one hand, no way his agent would sign that.  on the other hand, the mets obviously see some warning signs long-term...most likey his lack of body conditioning.  he's got a very pre-roids era slugger build.

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    "we gave a manager 8m dollars a year." - jed

    "lol, patrick wisdom gonna lead off." - counsell

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    imanaga walking the leadoff man on 5 pitches.  really rare for a dude that hates to walk anyone in any situation.