Brooming Marvellous

After winning last night's game 2-1 in the ninth (recap, boxscore, play-by-play) to take a 2-0 series lead, the residents of West Tennessee have their brooms out tonight as the Jaxx look to go sweeping. Ricky Nolasco was simply outstanding yesterday, pitching eight scoreless frames. Though he had just the two innings in which he kept the bases clean, and a number of runners got themselves into scoring position, Nolasco immediately slammed the door shut every time, dialling his sinking fastball up to a very impressive 94mph in the late innings and inducing huge strikeouts with his excellent "Uncle Charlie" (or curveball, to you and me). 8 innings, 6 hits, 2 walks and a hit by pitch, 11 strikeouts, and, most importantly, 0 runs. Impressive. The Jaxx blew a 1-0 lead in the top of ninth though, with closer Andy Shipman, who was stolen from the Red Sox in the Jimmy Anderson back-and-forth last year, allowing a pair of hits and a run. Worry not though - the Jaxx came back in the bottom of the inning when Ryan Theriot, who was named Jaxx MVP before the game, tripled off the left field wall with one out. Two intentional walks followed and Brandon Sing struck out swinging before Buck Coats got the winning run home with an infield hit. Tonight...
Carlos Marmol, RHP
9-6, 3.34 ERA
141/77 K/BB, 17 HR in 153.2 IP
Luke Lockwood, LHP
2-8, 3.24 ERA
79/23 K/BB, 6 HR in 114.0 IP
2B *Frank Moore SS Ryan Theriot
3B #Drew Niles 2B Aaron Sisk
RF Juan Carlos Muniz 3B Casey McGehee
1B Jason Hill RF Brandon Sing
LF James Shanks 1B #Matt Craig
C #Dennis Anderson CF *Buck Coats
CF Reggie Abercrombie LF Luis Montanez
SS Rex Rundgren C #Jose Reyes
P *Luke Lockwood P Carlos Marmol
Carlos Marmol's a favourite prospect of mine. Signed out of the Dominican Republic in 1999 as a 17-year old catcher, Marmol was converted to the mound in 2003. He put together a very impressive season at Lansing (Low-A) last year, and this year he took a promotion to Daytona so well in his stride that Oneri Fleita gave him another. At first, Marmol struggled, walking 15 in his first 13.1 innings, but he's since settled down to being much more impressive. And there really aren't many better than Marmol when he's on his game. That was very much the case in his last start of the regular season, when he went seven scoreless one-hit innings, allowing just two walks and striking out 11. If Marmol today picks up where he left off, the Jaxx could really be laughing. Marmol, who'll only turn 23 in mid-October, truly has excellent stuff and a very high upside. His fastball and slider are both among the very best in the system, the former clocking in the low- to mid-nineties with excellent downward movement, the latter very hard-breaking. He also mixes in a changeup. Numbers-wise he's been known to have control problems come and go, and he allows a few too many home runs too. But for someone so new to pitching, who therefore could well have plenty of room for further improvement, he's a very promising prospect. Let's hope my eulogy isn't the kiss of death for his start today. Go Jaxx!


Mayo on projected a 3 game sweep in the series before game 1.

Hmm, is anyone else having trouble accessing the radio feed?

It's not 5:05 CST yet. The game's in another hour.

While you are waiting, on the open access (free) site, "Prospect Notebook" they discuss Joe Macias and the mystery of why he has a major league job if you want to read some headslapping material. That Hendry and Dusty think Macias is a valuable player does give one pause about what their judgement will bring us in 2006.

Ienpw, thanks. I'd appreciate it if we could pretend that I never asked and you never answered, stupid, stupid, stupid me...

Your forgiven. I have no idea what time it is anywhere in Europe.

And I just used Your instead of You're.

2-0 Jaxx after one, Marmol worked a 1-2-3 top of the first on just 6 pitches, and in the bottom of the inning Aaron Sisk tripled and was driven in on a Casey McGehee sacrifice fly, before Brandon Sing crushed an enormous home run.

Two more runs for the Jaxx in the bottom of the 2nd, 4-0. Buck Coats and Luis Montanez hit back-to-back doubles to lead off the inning, an RBI groundout by Jose Reyes drove in Coats (who didn't score on Montanez's double because he wasn't sure whether it'd be caught), Carlos Marmol beat out an infield hit to put runners on the corners, and Theroit singled in Montanez. Lockwood is out already, 1.1 IP, 6 H, 1 HR, 0 BB, 0 K, 4 R/ER and responsible for the runners on first and second. Go Jaxx!


I am hoping that BIR wins their series so that maybe CSN will show the finals of a Cubs affilate vs. a Sox affllate. I mean at 1:00 AM, a tape delay of the game, I am sure people with tivo/dvr's would record the games giving CSN some good ratings because I beleve those count in ratings.

3 outs away, 11-2 lead, go Jaxx!




After our hero's win the next series, will any of them get to sit next to Jose Macias on the big league club's bench?

Well, I hope at least one of the Sing, Theriot, Nolasco and company folks might find a spot next to Murton/Cedeno since they too are more likely to be sitting than playing it seems.

Just Adam Greenberg, he's the only one on the 40 man roster that I'd think they'd consider (Pinto and Aardsma are on it as well) I just don't see them messing with the 40 man right now and there's really no point to it anyway. And Greenberg is no certainy, the only reason I think they'll call him up is to give him a chance to overcome his poor-man Moonlight Graham rep that's he's got going for himself right now.

Speaking of Sept call-ups:
The Cubs have played 13 games since Aug. 26th.
Hill - 0 Games played
Mitre - 1 Game played
Soto - 0 Games Played
Koronka - 0 Games Played
Cedeno - 8 Games played (since Aug. 26th)
Murton - 6 Games Played (since Aug. 30th)
McClain - 7 Games Played (since Aug. 27th)
Van Buren - 2 Games Played (since Aug 30th)

The last few were called up a few days before for various injury reasons. So don't know what getting called up would do for any of them, although Greenberg in center and leading off would be something I'd like to see. Not that it's really a glimpse of the future, but something we could see one day.

Why does Dusty keep playing Patterson...? He just can't seem to get on base. Most of the Cubs's offense tonight was impatient and could not get any traction...Only D. Lee could really connect...Sad. What a young pitcher the Giants have (he's not even 20 and he retired the Cubs like there was no tomorrow). I wish Dusty would start Murton in EVERY game for the rest of the season -- lets see what he can do...We need more players that can actually get on base and hit the ball...Hairston's had a lot of trouble recently and Patterson has been worse...Let the young guys play Dusty...What do the Cubs have to lose...?

Marmol's GB:FB was under 1.00 this season, 167:176 if I remember right (I accidently closed the spreadsheet without saving). His ERA over his last 12 starts was 3.10 and that's including the 3 straight bad ones at the end of August.

That would explain the home runs, Ienpw.

Great lineup today

1 Corey Patterson, CF
2 Jerry Hairston Jr., LF
3 Derrek Lee, 1B
4 Jeromy Burnitz, RF
5 Scott McClain, 3B
6 Todd Walker, 2B
7 Ronny Cedeno, SS
8 Henry Blanco, C
9 Mark Prior, P

Oh boy....

It's been said that a monkey typing on a keyboard if given enough time would come up with a great novel.

Is that dusty's approach to lineup selection?

We've already had ONE bad century...

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  • @thekapman Marty Brennaman on trading Schwarber for Aroldis Chapman: "I would carry Schwarber on my back to NYC if I was getting Aroldis Chapman back."

    Brian Peters @thekapman that is one DUMB mfer you're talking to, Kap.

    Rob G. 44 min 46 sec ago view
  • The lineup 6-8 is looking a bit shaky.

    billybucks 54 min 21 sec ago view
  • Yeah, I have fond memories of old #28. He was a good field, no hit CF when he came up with the Mets, but later on in Chicago he had learned how to work the count and then demolish 3-2 fastballs. (Wish Javy Baez had the concept.) I remember, in '69 or '70, someone (maybe Durocher) saying that Hickman and Joe Torre were about the two best righty hitters in the league.

    VirginiaPhil 58 min 18 sec ago view
  • Ryno 1 hour 6 min ago view
  • The Tim Federowicz DFA expires today (Monday 6/27) .

    Arizona Phil 1 hour 35 min ago view
  • Unfortunately, Peralta is indeed an extreme flyball pitcher. Even when he was at his best (2011-14) he surrendered a lot of HR.

    He has had significantly better success versus LH hitters than versus RH hitters, thanks to a plus-splitter. So he will probably be used like a LHRP (even though he is a RHP).  

    Arizona Phil 1 hour 36 min ago view
  • "is the wind blowing out or in?"


    "get peralta up."

    crunch 2 hours 13 min ago view
  • Joel Peralta was one of Maddon's bullpen guys in Tampa Bay.

    Arizona Phil 2 hours 19 min ago view
  • Well there is no "You go, we go" without Fowler. The last week has showed how important he is to the Cubs.

    I imagine the Cubs getting back on track once we get some DL players back, but hopefully sooner rather than later.

    chitownmvp01 2 hours 42 min ago view
  • Well, there you have it. Bullpen fixed. Time to move onto the World Series.

    Eric S 2 hours 58 min ago view
  • I hope it is Jack Leathersich.

    James Watkins 2 hours 58 min ago view
  • Hearing its Peralta....Joel Peralta? Ugh.

    Dusty Baylor 3 hours 6 min ago view
  • ERIC S: The way it was done (with no immediate corresponding roster move) makes it look disciplinary. 

    Arizona Phil 3 hours 20 min ago view
  • I guess Joe and Jedstein did not much care for Concepcion's bases clearing double yesterday - he's on his way back to Iowa per twitterverse. No corresponding call up announced yet.

    Eric S 3 hours 35 min ago view
  • Other than the NL East (Dusty!), not much cookin' on division races. I am fine with that.

    billybucks 5 hours 12 min ago view
  • I love winning! It's, like, better than losing?

    billybucks 17 hours 20 min ago view