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The Cub Reporter was established in July, 2001, by Christian Ruzich, whose first post reflected on whether or not Jason Bere and Julian Tavarez could "keep this up all year." (They couldn't.)

TCR has grown into one of the largest, independent Cubs sites on the net. Our unique team of writers doesn't let their combined 174 seasons of heartache get in the way of offering fresh takes on all things Cub.

If you have any questions about the site or our writers, please try our FAQ. To contact any of the writers, please click on his name and send them a note through the contact form.

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Rob G.

Rob G. has been obsessing with all things Cubs since he adjusted the rabbit ears on his parents old TV set and watched Ryne Sandberg take two out of Wrigley against Bruce Sutter in 1984. For better, and often for far worse, he's married to the Cubs and can attest that this love...is certainly blind.

Arizona Phil

Arizona Phil has been a Cubs fan since 1960...and a Cubs expert almost as long. TCR's resident minor league/roster/history/just-about-everything guru has been gracing the TCR front pages with his expertise since 2005. His one-of-a-kind eyewitness spring training reports almost make the offseason months bearable.


A lifelong Chicagoan, the author fell in love with the Cubs in the days of Santo, Kessinger, Beckert, and Banks and has never completely forgiven himself for it. Now in his mid 40s and on his 22nd manager, he continues to hope for the best, even though deep down, he knows better.

Dr. Joseph Hecht

Dr. Hecht grew up in walking distance of Wrigley Field and went to high school at Lane Tech just down Addison Street. An orthopedic surgeon who trained at University of Chicago and specializes in joint replacement but still has a large general ortho practice. When not thinking baseball, Dr. Hecht is the managing partner of Orthopedic Specialists of NW Indiana. He lives close enough to watch the boys in blue about 30 games a season...and can talk Cubs baseball for hours and hours.

Hero: Ernie (of course) and Homer (Double entendre? now all he needs is a single and triple for the cycle)...and he made sure his son (Ken) is a Cubs fan, proving it's a transmissible disease.


Transmission is a professor of the history of science and other assorted maladies. He was brain-washed into loving the Cubs by his mother, Harry Caray, Ron Cey and the rest of the 1984 team. Transmission holds profound doubts about the nature of his existence beyond the roles of professor of history and professor of Cubs fandom. Please send cookies.

Michael Wellman

Mike is the author of Far From the Trees, a finalist in the 2009 Indie Book Awards, and STUBS: A Father’s Tickets to the Greatest Shows on Earth. His latest release, Versus the Demons, is historical fiction that begins with the first night game in the history of pro ball which happened in Des Moines, Mike's hometown, in 1930.  As a TCR correspondent he provides first-hand accounts on the I-Cubs. Born in Banks’ rookie year, he’s snared three BP balls ‘ballhawking’ on Waveland and Sheffield, and was once carried from Wrigley on a stretcher,something he expects will happen again when the World Series finally returns. His favorite ‘I was there’ Wrigley moment was the weekend in ’03 when the Cubs clinched on Saturday & Santo’s number 10 was retired on Sunday.

Christian Ruzich

Christian Ruzich founded The Cub Reporter in 2001 in the midst of the Don Baylor era. For five years he first- and second-guessed the Cubs brass and cheered and commiserated along with the TCR faithful until late 2006, when too much Dusty Baker drove him screaming from the site to take refuge in the arms of his beautiful wife and daughters. Since then he's been a (very) occasional contributor but hopes year 3 of the Sweet Lou era will re-light his second-guessing fire.

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