Bear Down, Chicago Bears

...make every play clear the way to victory; Bear down, Chicago Bears, put up a fight with a might so fearlessly. We'll never forget the way you thrilled the nation with your T-formation. Bear down, Chicago Bears, and let them know why you're wearing the crown. You're the pride and joy of Illinois, Chicago Bears, bear down.
I didn't have time to check for a chat program this week, so stop by Chad's Bears Chat site if you wish to discuss the game. If you want baseball news, I've got nothing other than Shawn Estes just won't die.


it was ugly, but I'll take it. Get that huge ass monkey of our back.

Please bring back our defense though, we'll need it.

A playoff win 16 years in the making.

Thanks ROB G for acknowleging this Bears team. Great win yesterday!

Beating the Saints will be a tall order, indeed.

Chris De Luca pines in on why JJ is best CF option in today's Sun Times.

Amazing game yesterday.

Go Bears!


This new site continues to be almost impossible to get to. Nothing's changed. Constant 500 server errors, slow or no-loading timeouts and "site not found"s.

Have they migrated you to a dedicated server yet?

nice of DeLuca to join the party

25/80 out of your CF is pretty good, especially if we limit his AB's vs lefties.

if trading him can make us better, then whatever, but it's hard to see how that will happen.

Also, after posting the thread count doesn't update.
e.g. after posting the 6th post of the thread the count remained at 5.

AND, after posting via the permalink, the script returned me to the thread but with no comments displayed.

No cubswinthepennant, still working on it. I got an update yesterday detailing the frustration on the server side. At the very least, they seem dedicated to fixing it.

You all should have been watching the Bears anyway. :)

the comment # not updating is this whole caching mess which won't be fixed until they fix the server mess. Same goes pretty for all the problems.

When they tell me they think they've fixed it, I'll let people know. The popup comments seem to be working though for the most part...

"the comment # not updating is this whole caching mess which won’t be fixed until they fix the server mess. Same goes pretty for all the problems."


Cubs offer Schmidt 4/44

the bears win was sa-weet, but close. had to use the portable defibulator and respirator that i originally bought for bulls games, who i also hope will advance beyond the 1st round of the playoffs this year. it would also be nice if the sports gods remember the CUBS while theyre smiling on the CHI as of late (the sox already got their love and then some).

Jacos.... huh? Thought schmidt was signed???

Jacos…. huh? Thought schmidt was signed???

lol...i think he is serious...

Sosa worked out with the Rangers...


Cubs offer Schmidt 4/44


Seriously, though, can you imagine the Rangers signing Sosa? I doubt they could justify meeting his demands. He's probably delusional and asking way more than he's worth.

Some people don't know when to hang it up. JOHN MABRY snags a minor league contract with the Rockies.

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