Cubs Avoid Arbitration with Will Ohman

The Cubs have signed Ohman for two years avoiding an arbitration case this year and next. Financial details have yet to be disclosed. I would assume this means he's still in the Cubs plans rather than being trade bait as has been rumored. UPDATE: Ohman will receive $900,000 next year and $1.6 in 2008. Bonuses include $100,000 for appearing in 75 games next season and 70 in 2008. He'll get $200,000 for appearing in 80 games in 2008. And in what has become a Hendry staple, there's bonus money for finishing games that begins at $25,000 each year for finishing 15 games, up to $150,000 for finishing 35 (or more).


Levine: 2/$2.5m for Ohman

Does his signing mean he cannot be traded (before June)? Or does that rule apply only to free-agent signings?

When I read the headline, thought he quit.

That rule only applies to FA signings.

I thought the same thing Chad.

Me Too!

I was already groaning that we didn't get the chance to even trade him!

If Bruce Levine is right and it is 2 years for a total of $2.5 million, then that is a very good contract.

contract details, 900,000 next year, 1.6 in 2007, all kinds of bonuses

Why did he resign? Was he forced into it?

Fine I changed the title...sheesh. It probably won't show up for an hour though for most people until they get rid of this caching thing. They have moved to a dedicated server fwiw, still working on the caching business as far as I know.

great deal...i was expecting 4-5m, honestly.

a lotta really crud-level relievers have been getting 1yr/1.75m-2m without trying too hard this offseason.

Rob G.:
"contract details, 900,000 next year, 1.6 in 2007, all kinds of bonuses"

Good deal. Seems fair for both sides. He wouldn't of gotten much more in arbitration.

Any early guesses on Prior's deal?

I think he'll get exactly the same as last year with lots of bonuses...

I think the numbers will be:
Prior will come in at: $4.5 million
Cubs will come in at: $3.75 million
They will settle for $4.15 million (with some incentives)

Mark Prior should be waived, not granted another contract. Of course that won't happen. Nope. The Cubs will keep pouring money and hope into the rat hole that is Mark Prior.

Can an arbitrator make Prior give back money? Or at least make him play for free?

"So you want a raise from 3.65 million last year and you were 1-6 with a 7.21 ERA in 43 innings?"

"Hell I can do that for $7.50 an hour. In fact that is your new salary, $7.50 an hour. If you pitch an average of 30 starts and each game is 3 hours you can easily clear $675 in a season."

"Elijah Dukes was charged with misdemeanor marijuana possession after a traffic stop in Tampa on Monday night."

..well, at least he didnt try to beat up the cop, i guess.

Why would you release Mark Prior? Got to be the dumbest thing I have ever heard.

Why aren't the Cubs releasing Derrek Lee? The Cubs are just going to keep pouring money down that rat hole as well.

I am sure tons of teams give up on 26 year old pitchers with a career 10.37 K/9 (757 SO, 657 IP). You should be slapped for your comment.

hell of a good deal -

in typical Hendry Fashion - we have an abundance of Left Handed Pitching, We have no Left Handed Hitting, Too many starting pitchers, and very few guys who take walks, move runners over, and do the small things.

anyone interested in trading this depth for something we need - Try Eyre Murton and Marshall for Rocco Baldelli?

Oh yeah cuz Tampa is dire need of more OFers. That sounds like a brilliant idea.

hey billy beane II, figure something out. apparently 3 -ways aren't popular in your world, but they are in the baseball trading world.

Given your list of problems with the lineup, I'm not sure why you want Baldelli. He's a righty and he walks about as often as Neifi.

Hey "K" let me run down a list of Tampa Bay OFers.

Carl Crawford, Rocco Baldelli, Elijah Dukes, Delmon Young, BJ Upton, Johnny Gomes.

They have about as much interest in Matt Murton as we do in bringing back Neifi Perez.

Tampa was wanting Atlanta's Chuck James and their top SS prospect Yunel Escobar so they could officially move Upton to the OF.

You fail to understand they have 6 potential OFers, only 3 positions, Tampa has said they want to aquire top notch pitching talent, and the biggest gaffe of them all is Matt Murton plays LF, the same position Carl Crawford plays. You do the math at what Tampa wants in exchange for Baldelli. It sure as hell doesn't involve Matt Murton thats for sure.

"K" - So - we'll have to assume you were with Elijah Dukes smokin' dubes with him.

Rocky Baldelli ain't worth all of that.

Be real!

not to mention bj upton is about as much of an infielder as barry bonds is.

athletic as hell, but cannot catch popups, grounders, pivot, handle a DP, or throw.

SS? no. 2nd? no. 3rd? no.

they'll let him continue to be one of the worst SS's ever, but he cant stay there long and his issues can't be solved with a move to 2nd or 3rd...

imo...joel guzman's not a great IF'r either...

they got a lotta OF fodder and seem to be in no hurry to shift anyone waiting on their next mets-style-ripoff payoff trade.

More of the same old regarding Jones but Erstad seems to not be on the A's radar anymore...

The Cubs are interested in Erstad as a potential stopgap in center field, but their plans are on hold as they attempt to trade outfielder Jacque Jones.

Erstad living off the success of one season.

EMan, Crutch, Vovare, and Mike C,

Something you, and ole' Jim Hendry shoudld take from Billy Beane-----Because we acquire a player from Tampa Bay, this does not require that we trade our players to Tampa Bay. There are three way deals which find a way to help multiple teams. Tampa needs pitching talent.

For instance, 1) Cubs trade Eyre and Marshall to TB, along with Matt Murton who will be used in a separate deal.
2) Cubs get Baldelli from Tampa Bay.
3) In a third piece, which takes some innovation and can be substituted many ways ---Tampa sends the escrowed Matt Murton plus BJ Upton -over to Florida for the likes of Scott Oleson and another young arm.

creativity can be used out of our strengths: and right now, we have 3 really good, and marketable left handed relievers, and 8 starting pitchers.

deal a few guys before they get lost in the shuffle.

Rotoworld says Z wants $15.5, Cubs put in $11.025...

"Something you, and ole’ Jim Hendry shoudld take from Billy Beane—–Because we acquire a player from Tampa Bay, this does not require that we trade our players to Tampa Bay."

well, if you wanna throw that out...anything can happen at any time to any one.

you can throw countless variables and just assume 28 other teams want to work with the club to make it happen.

we can work out great trades for zambrano to leave if we just assume a 3rd team can come in and we, as fans, can pick apart their teams for fodder.

its just something that happens, but until rumors or negociations start, you cant assume will happen just because it can.

with a multi-team trade proposal with no backing of truth to working together its all pretty pointlessly open-ended.

Mark Prior is a fragile wuss with a four year case of vaginitis. Every offseason its the same crap with this guy...nobody knows or can diagnosis his health status.

The guy is a pussy who should be sent packing.

Why o' why is Jim Hendry hell bent to trade Jacque Jones. I for the life of me do not understand. The ONLY decent left handed bat and a good outfielder to boot (if you ignore his rag arm). Put Alfonso Soriano in center (which will be much easier for him to transition to versus the difficult right field of Wrigley) and keep Jones in right field. Acquiring Steve Finley or Darin Erstad is idiotic. Both players were done two years ago.

jones' possible exit has very little to do with jones ability to play RF or CF.

you cant dismiss that if you wanna critique it.

you're better off going up into the bleachers screaming at drunks and racists if you really care about jones that much.

i want him to stay, but his experience last season combined with having a new kid (and the crap his wife AND mom put up with) are causing him to request an exit.

and no, hendry doesnt have to trade him, but it looks like its gonna happen if hendry can make it happen.

I agree with the other poster who mocked Jim Hendry's roster construction. Look at this team right now. A suspect rotation, a huge question mark at closer, a big liability behind the plate, two outfielders playing new positions, little lineup balance, still way too many K's and way too little OBP, etc.

This team has a boatload of question marks. Subtracting the underrated and productive Jacque Jones is idiotic and will serve to compound matters.

Says BLUE Jays were asking for Billingsley and a second player likely Broxton or Kemp for Alex Rios. Haha

Also were interested in Brett Myers for Rios (and I can only assume someone else).

The name to watch is Mark Buerhle. I have a hunch the White Sox trade him to somebody prior to April 1st.

unlikely. If the Sox trade Buehrle it won't be until the trade deadline and they'll have to be out of it. They're short one starter as it is if you don't count Gavin Floyd whom most of us wouldn't, so why would they trade Buerhle now?

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  • @billybucks you speak the truth and it's precisely what me and others have been saying for over a year. It's an unfortunate hitch in his game, one that seems correctable, but so far has not been corrected. Also a hitch that is going over 3 seasons now and no one has been able to truly exploit in any meaningful way (except sort of the Royals in that Wild Card game although they stole plenty of bases off the other pitchers in that game and the rest of the playoff teams the rest of that run).

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  • I really thought he would be the one getting the call-up. This must be a favor to the player from Theo.

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  • Glad to see Hudson having another good outing. He is so impressive for an 18/yo. Surprised to see Shane V. still there. I thought he would be gone this week. I can picture today. Thanks Phil!

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