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- Wade Miller is scheduled for a rehab start in AA on Tuesday. The Cubs can keep him on a rehab assignment for up to 30 days before having to make another move with him. - Same article says Kerry Wood has yet to throw off a mound. - Some theories on Carlos Zambrano's struggles from the Sun-Times and Ken Rosenthal. Some choice cuts from Rosenthal's article:
Maybe Zambrano's ERA would have been 5.83 after eight starts if the Cubs had finalized his five-year, $80 million-plus contract. ----- Zambrano wants to stay with the Cubs, but he needs to postpone further negotiations until the end of the season, if only to clear his head. ----- Tribune executives are probably too preoccupied with the sale to care, but they had a heck of a deal with Zambrano in place. ----- If the negotiations dragged into November —and Zambrano still chose to stay in Chicago — he could perhaps double the team's initial $80 million guarantee. Try explaining that to Cubs fans. Or to the team's next owner. Tribune can't.
For what it's worth, Zambrano emphatically states that it's not the contract that's distracting him and his early season problems stem from issues with his mechanics. - The same Rosenthal article says that Ryan Dempster has the 4th lowest batting average against for closers with at least 5 saves.


the Cubbies have moved up to 8th from 15th place in ESPN power rankings...for what its worth...

Someone just called up WFAN and proposed that the Yanks trade Cano and the Farns for Derrek Lee.

As if..!

Oh, the arrogance of New York fans.

How about Cano, Melky, Phillip Hughes, Humberto Sanchez, and about $50 million? That might get it done.


Dusty talk...

knew [I would be replaced] sometime after Greg Maddux was gone.We didn't reload at all when everybody got hurt. I was sort of told: 'Play the youngs, try not to overpitch [Scott] Eyre and [Bob] Howry and don't worry yourself to death over wins and losses.' I had never been told anything like that at any level.

"play the youngs" - Failed, but for Dusty it must've seemed like a radical success

"don't overpitch Eyre and Howry" - Failed

"don't worry yourself to death over wins and losses" - Success ... one outta three ain't bad.

Weaver and his 2.59 WHIP sent to the bullpen ... and he should be lucky!

that sounded like those instructions were given to him after Maddux was traded for the last 2 months fwiw....

Dusty's working full time making himself unhireable.

"At this point I'm not ready to [call a game at Wrigley]. I don't need any more abuse, you know what I mean? I was booed and jeered enough. You use every experience to your advantage to learn. Some you'd just as soon forget; some you don't. But it wasn't all bad."

WEAVER: I truly was astounded how well he pitched for the Redbirds. Go figure...

Apparently, he's just punching a clock, now.

As far as Z goes, my money is on back problems being the cause of his terrible pitching. It might account for his weird arm angle issues and the general goofiness of his mechanics lately.

"Someone just called up WFAN and proposed that the Yanks trade Cano and the Farns for Derrek Lee.

As if..!

Oh, the arrogance of New York fans."

What was the response from the host of the show? And if we can make trades like that, I say we trade Wade Miller and Ronnie Cedeno for ARod.

I truly was astounded how well he pitched for the Redbirds.

Umm... Weaver had a 5.18 Era with a 1.50 WHIP for the Cars last year after coming from the Angels. Opposing hitters hit .297 against him.

With the Angels last year he had a 6.29 ERA with a 1.52 WHIP. Opposing hitters hit .309 against him.

He was a bad pitcher last year also. He did pitch better in September, but was by no means good. He did come out of nowhere and pitcher very, very well in the playoffs, but that went against a clear pattern of crappy pitching over last few years.

Not sure if this was posted on here, but Cubs announced that make up date for the April 11 postponed game with Houston. It will be on Monday, June 11th at 7:05.

I guess STH's will be getting new tickets sent for that game, so you other STH's, keep an eye out. Also, Vineline subscribers (which every STH is) have the ability to buy tickets for that game at 50% off.

DAVE: "He did come out of nowhere and pitcher very, very well in the playoffs..."

This is really what I was alluding to.

To go from being a pretty crappy #5 (I think) on the Cards, to notching a WS win, and pitching exceedingly well in the playoffs, to me is very interesting.

Maybe the Cubs will get a whack at him again when the come to Wrigley?

Speculation continues that former Minnesota Twins general manager Andy MacPhail will become baseball's next commissioner when Bud Selig decides he has had enough.

From Yahoo! Sports Rumors.

andy's got a pedigree of experience/relatives plus knowlege of all the existing owners. non-confrontational and without a huge ego, too. has an ability to accept blame and spin without sounding like a victim or a bully.

hopefully he can keep his hands off the game. selig has had a lotta fun playing with how the game is played and the expansion of territories. he's probably put the greatest impact on the game during his tenure since the creation of free agency and the DH in the 70s.

for better (the current playoff system and 3-tier division, imo) or for worse (the over expansion of teams)...selig's had has hands all over the game seemingly yearly with a new quirk to "innovate" the game.

The E-Man:
Maybe the Cubs will get a whack at him again when the Pilots…er…Mariners come to Wrigley?

Good theory. Unfortunately he pretty much shut down the Cub's lineup in ST. :(

Still agree with Z's mechanics not being right. I've said it a few times, but he still has to get that elbow up a little bit. He has said something to that effect after every start, but then goes right out there the next time and has his arm in the same slot.

You can't outcoach being stubborn. I think I read something where Roth said that he and Z have talked several times about where his elbow needs to be, but then Z goes right back out there and doesn't change anything.

On a silly Friday note regarding this weekend, did anyone notice that the starting pitchers for this weekend's series with the Phillies all have last names starting with the same letter each day?


When was the last time THAT happened?

Better ask BP.

Aw, I was kinda hoping we'd face Jamie.

Unfortunately he pretty much shut down the Cub’s lineup in ST.

Yea... and Wade Miller pitched great in ST also...

I think I read something where Roth said that he and Z have talked several times about where his elbow needs to be, but then Z goes right back out there and doesn’t change anything.

I am not sure that this means Z is uncoachable or stubborn. Patterns are hard to break, especially when you have somehow become accustomed to a certain arm angle.

"Aw, I was kinda hoping we’d face Jamie."

You wanted to get shut down by yet another soft tossing lefty?

dave, that's not his normal arm angle. If it was, I might understand. He's doing something incorrectly from his normal mechanics. That's an easy fix for nearly every pitcher.

Habits are hard to break, unless you can't make it out of the sixth inning. Typically, that will get you to fix whatever's causing you problems.

I'm not going to try and breakdown the warped psyche of Carlos Zambrano, but he knows what the problem and he agrees that it's the problem. So it doesn't make much sense that he's being stubborn, at least not to me.

What makes sense to me is there's something in his body right now that's not letting him repeat his normal delivery easily even when he wants to, which worries me that there's an arm or back issue that's not being talked about.

Z is gone unless Hendry gets permission to start talks again. There is no way he resigns during the offseason. Selig will drag his feet on approving new owners and they won't get approved until at least February, long after Z becomes a free agent in November. He's gone. The new owners get to take over with that good will gesture.

Well, we can all be sure that Jerry won't be the new owner.

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  • Yeah, it's the past but you keep complaining based on the past. First they tanked and shouldn't have. Now they make some comments about needing to have a budget and you say they're crying poverty -- all before any trades/signings have been made. (They signed a $155 million pitcher last year, I recall.)

    FYI, the Cubs have had a skating rink the last couple of years. It's not a permanent structure (obviously) and probably doesn't cost all that much. But who knows, maybe it'll be the reason they don't win a World Series.

  • Thanks guys! Pretty sure Bill Murray says thanks too.

  • Awesome job, Tim!

  • Classic.

  • Outfielder Chris Young signs "multiyear" contract w BoSox.

    Wow, Dombrowski is a buffoon

  • Not sure I understand the logic, especially for more than one year.

  • well, that's the past. we're left with the present. even though that past you're seeing is some weird black/white either/or where hybridization of ideas isn't allowed...nonetheless...

    the present is ice skating, movies, concerts, beer gardens, hotels, office space and other wonderful baseball activities based around a young, successful baseball team.

  • All money making ventures, which would have been offset with a reasonable TV contract that previous ownership screwed up

  • Brilliant!

  • Nah, I'll probably just contemplate how they should've done a Padres-style all-in plan.

  • of course not. maybe go ice skating and think about it a while. make advanced reservations at the hotel they're starting construction on. check new releases for possible entertainment from the movie screens they want installed. think about renting an office in the new office spaces. write a letter to the cubs requesting your favorite beer be added to the beer garden. lobby your favorite band to play the outdoor venue.

    ...and in between that maybe they can find $40-50m to invest in the product that all of this revolves around.

  • let's not get caught up on phrasing for a setup and lose the gist of the post. i don't care what one wants to call the playoff exit.

    -crapping out
    +they lost their playoff attempt

    there. now we can focus on something other than not liking the tone of a line that's setting up a point.

  • I didn't like the entire post, if that helps.

  • Making the NLCS with a young team = "crapping out of the playoffs with a young team."

  • I'm guessing 3/30 and all the two foot long hot dogs you can eat didn't work