Game 94 Thread / Giants @ Cubs (4 of 4)

Game Chat Matt Morris vs. Ted Lilly Lineups:
Winn CF Soriano LF
Aurilia 1B Theriot SS
Durham 2B Ward 1B
Bonds LF Ramirez 3B
Molina C Floyd RF
Feliz 3B Fontenot 2B
Frandsen RF Jones CF
Vizquel SS Kendall C
Morris P Lilly P
AZ PHIL UPDATE FROM FITCH PARK: Making his third rehab appearance in the last week (he threw an inning on Saturday and another on Tuesday), Kerry Wood made the start for the AZL Cubs versus the AZL Royals this morning at Fitch Park Field #3 in Mesa. Wood worked just one inning (seven pitches), and his fast ball topped out at 95 MPH. LINE: 1.0 IP, 1 H, 0 R, 0 BB, 1 K 7 pitches (7 strikes, no balls) 1 /0 GB/FB LOG: Top of the 1st inning Hilton Richardson batting Pitch 1: Strike One - swinging (fastball) Pitch 2: Strike Two - called (fastball) Pitch 3: Strike Three - called (curve) One out Lifete Jose batting Pitch 1: 6-3 ground out to SS. Two outs Fernando Cruz batting Pitch 1: Grounder to right of second-baseman, AZL Cubs 2B Elvis Lara made a nice diving stop, but his throw to 1st was too late. David Wood batting Pitch 1: Strike One - called (curve) Pitch 2: Chopper up 1st base line, K. Wood bobbles ball (E-1) and so his throw to 1st was late, but runner who was on first (F. Cruz) was thrown out trying to advance to 3rd on the play 3-5. Three outs


Rich Aurilia hitting second, you say?

I think Bochy just throws the 7 guys who aren't named Bonds in his size 8 hat and then just draws them at random.

I see the Giants are using their backup leftfielder today.

He's nowhere near what he was, but I still get uneasy with Mattmo on the mound against us.

DeRosa sits.

Kendall downgraded to the #8 spot....

Efiing Jacque Jones.....please hit a little so the Cubs can trade your sorry ass Jacque!!!!

Hey...he is hitting .222 over his last 10 games!!!
Whoo-HOO!!!!!!!!! A gift single yesterday.....great....
He effing sucks. Period....end o'

Our old nemesis Morris... What the hell is up with this lineup (he says half-heartedly)??? Ward AND Floyd fielding???
More bitching, people!

Yep, I could have sworn I read that Lou said Kendal would be hitting 7th...

This lineup needs more Izturis.

Muck Forris.

No DeRosa? Why is Soriano batting leadoff with Lee out? Way to go Lou, sit the catcher with 5 RBIs in one game.

OK, I think that's enough bitching for about 7-8 runs.

According to Lou's pregame, Izturis was in the lineup originally, but now...Not so much. That is a shame.

guys do get days off in baseball, no really, it happens all the time.

rather amusing to hear people complain about DeRosa sitting though. You would have expected that early in the year?

But yeah, keep up the complaining, get us at least 6 runs. :)

With this crap lineup we won't score a single run today.

in the pregame on Comcast, they said Lou wants to keep Fox up here a while. He won't be the roster move when Dempster is if Cedeno's getting his bus ticket back to the bigs, he might find a longer line to cue up in.

on the blog that shall not be named, there is a diary reporting that the brewers/reds are very close to a deal sending Dunn to milwaukee.

anyone else hear this?

Wow, dave. I would have thought that the Brewers had enough bad fielders...

Wind blowing in from CF at 11 mph... once again...

I see a rumor on Northside Baseball Forums...

Dunn for Weeks, Wise and Gwynn

We could do better than that...

Rumor only btw....definitely not done.

Has anyone seen AZ Phil and Superman in the same place, same time? AZ Phil is everywhere.

Cubs not the only team interesed in Greinke and Cubs also have looked at Dotel.

I don't think that Dunn is the missing piece for that Brewer team.

I agree, Chad. I think their fielding is already very suspect, and he would add another part of the field they'd be praying nobody hits the ball to...

Ted Lilly, go ahead an "Renteria" Bonds the first time up.

Does Dunn pitch?

cwtp - I heard the Cubs offered Jason Schmidt 3/44.

good start...double

DWard...faster than a speeding giant leftfielder!

give ARam a day off and look what you get...frisky on the bases!

Kendall is a HBP machine!

career #213, 2nd only to Biggio in active players (7th all time)

Interesting stat for the 1st inning:

Lilly 1,2,3 - 21 pitches
Morris faces 1-9, w/ 23 pitches.

Interesting stat for the second inning: I FUCKING HATE BARRY BONDS.

Now if we could convince ESPN that there was more to MLB than the Yankees, Red Sox, and Barroids, we'd be ready to rock.

Daryle Ward most unathletic player in the league....have another sandwich Ward!!!!

What happened to him? That kind of sucks.

Did they throw Bonds' ball back?

Ward - strained calf muscle. Probably day-to-day, but then aren't we all day-to-day?

Well, that's a poorly timed injury.

Has there ever been a sadder looking injury to a professional athlete than fat ass Ward's today? Christ, I think Cecil Fielder could have gotten to that pop up. And I mean the 2007 version of Cecil Fielder.

.....aaaaaand then Bengine Molina gets hit in the head with a fastball by his own pitcher...

Christ Cliffy down in a heap after legging out a ground ball....I hope that Jake Fox is ready to play...

At least Floyd could stay in the game..


MLBGAme is crashing!

Thanks - E

5-3 Cubs in 4th

5-3 Cubs, end of 3rd

So now we have Fox and K. Hill on the bench, right???

how come Wood only got credited with 1 ground ball, when the recap said he threw 3?

Ramirez lines a double to left to score Soriano! (who had singled to lead off and moved to third on grounders by theriot and derosa) Pagan hits a double to score for Ramirez! (Pagan in for Floyd)

1 ground out?

7-3 Cubs after four innings
You can follow the game live here

This is turning into one real ugly box score.

A: 0 1 2 0, 3 Errors
H: 4 0 1 2

7-3 Cubs, middle of the 5th

So... uhh... how do you get Randy Winn out?

Jacque upping his trade value this week...

Jones hitting .308 in July

Kendall hitting .205 in July

CWTP: Thanks, man for this groovy link. I have noticed quite a variance of performance between MLB, Yahoo Sports,, etc.

I have not used CBSsportsline for a game feed.

Cool. Blessings on you (and Fontenot).

I missed the first part of the broadcast. Any idea where santo is today?

Injury report on Ward? Serious? Details on the play?

Yeah he's a "Big Guy" (being nice), but a professional hitter, imo.

Actually, as I've said before, the 2007 Randall Simon - with no more sausages to kick around this year!

Ward calf strain, they said he's day-to-day.

Ronny in Cedar Rapids today helping open a hospital and giving a speech about life as a double-amputee.

Wow... that's throwing Petrick into the fire...

What happened to Floyd? Is he going to the DL?

Ted Lilly stole second? What is going on?

and... now it's 8-5...

Time to get this boy out of there...

Santo is in Iowa for the opening of a center of some sort for amputees.

Thanks...I was trying hard to figure out why Cedeno would be involved with amputees.

Fpnty comes through again! 9-5!!!

Brewers are bitch-slapping the D-Backs... 10-1

JJ with a 3 for 4 outing... I don't think he has done that this year...

Sure is lonely in here...

Maybe Lou told him to get some hits and he'll be traded. That's all the motivation Jack needs.

Ohman in to face Bonds with guys on 1st and 2nd, 2 out...Cub fans everywhere place hands over eyes...

Give a break.

Is anyone surprised???

Where does that put him?

*Random steroid comment*!!!!

What are they doing with the homerun balls?

We're letting him kill us.

He's now at 753, I think.

So predictable.

OKay, so now Marmol is up first this inning! Can't take him out, so he hast to hit for himself! Need some more runs!!!

What's the record?

Shoot me for not knowing...I just don't care that much, but I don't want him breaking it at Wrigley.

I guess whats bad for baseball is good for fantasy baseball.

No it looks like he's in for Kendall.


Lou pulled a double-switch, K. Hill in and hitting 9th, Marmol hitting 8th.

755 is the record... He's not going to break the record at Wrigley... They're going to stop pitvhing to him!!! RIGHT???

Alright, then whatever. Just want the win.

Oh, so K. Hill is a better option to hit than Marmol?

Note to Lou: Bonds can hit lefties. Particularly lefties who aren't very good.

Well, I'll take that!

Lou had better hope this game doesn't go into extras.. is there even anyone else on the bench?

Jake Fox. Slugger!

Fox is still on the bench...

Super Fox gives Lou the luxury of putting in his back up catcher.

Marmol SOLID.

good pont Q.

since Fox can catch, he really is valuable to a manager who wants the flexibility to double switch with his two main catchers.

good point also...

JJ is 4-4, now that's enhancing your trade value!

Slugger Jake the Rake...

JJ is red hot right the Cubs really want to trade him...? we'll see what Hendy does.

At the risk of having people call for my head, if JJ continues to hit I really dont have a problem with him playing in center. Our centerfielders have struggled this year and the damage caused by his spastic throws is minimized when done from centerfield.


what a ride!!!

Will Ohman has simply got to go. Fer crying out loud, are you telling me Clay Rapada wouldn't be at least as effective as a pure LOOGY--and likely, much better?

Ohman nearly cost the Cubs the game today, and he has pooped his pants a half-dozen times this year. Enough already.

Eric - while I agree that Ohman is a little shakier than I would like, I am not sure that anyone should have been pitching to Bonds today. That was clearly a regrettable decision. That desicison is what almost cost the Cubs the game.

Perhaps Lou remembered Bengie Molina making them pay for the decision to pitch around Bonds earlier in the game...

Ohman has been doing just fine against lefties. Bonds though is someone special who hits everyone, great or not.

I don't care, sheffield! You don't pitch to a guy who has 752 HR's when he has already burned you once in the game. Leave it up to the lightweight with 9 HR's behind him to burn you...

tough week for Ohman but damn it's Barry Bonds, not like he was having a bad day before that.

and Bonds meant nothing there, it would be worse to walk him and get the tying run up. It was the right move.

I agree, Rob. And Bonds has been slowed by injuries and hadn't had a hit before today in forever--so there's no reason to assume he's got the energy to jack another one. If you'll notice, this second one only landed in the basket and not on Waveland.

(I meant that half-jokingly)


Cubs won right?

Potential Future Pen from the 6th inning on:

Wood, Dempster, Marmol, Howry..........Which brings back memories of LouPa's Bad Boy Bullpen.

This Bud's for you Cubbies...

I agree with Rob. Never put the tie or go ahead runners on, or up to the plate if you can help it. In all reality. All the cubs are doing is fixing their previously anemic record in 1 run games.

you walk Bonds intentionally and you guarantee the tying run is going to come up. You go after him and there's about a 12% shot (His HR/AB ratio this year and close to his career mark) he goes yard and stills brings up the tying run. It goes up to about 29% I guess that he just gets a hit and the tying run still gets up. I'll still take those odds. Ohman did get him out the other day and something like 0 for 5 going into the game.

Thou Shalt Not Speak His Name....

W is still in the AZL

OKay, I guess I see your point, guys... It was going to be twitchy regardless of how they dealt with it...

got it R.G. it won't happen again - even if a certain someone ever makes it back. we'll call him Glass.

haha cubfanbudman....

from the Trib blog
Piniella also announced that he was abandoning his plan to use Alfonso Soriano in the No. 5 hole against left-handers. Soriano will return top the leadoff spot on a full-time basis, after going two games without a hit in the 5-hole. Soriano was OK with the decision.

Didn't Ohman strike Bonds out in his pinch hitting role in yesterday's game? Lou likes to go with the hot hand, no reason to doubt his decision to pitch to Bonds in that situation. And speaking of Lou's fondness for going with players that are performing well, I sure hope he keeps Marmol and Howry in their present roles, and doesn't put Dempster into the closer role again. Remember Lou, keep going with the hot hand...

quote from Soriano right after that bit was that he didn't care...

Hell of a matchup in that Phillies-Padres game tonight -- Hamels vs. Young. I guess I'll pull for Philly, but they're nipping at our heels in the WC race too.

BTW, if Ward and Floyd have to go on the DL, what moves do they make for the short - term? Call up Murton or Pie again?

neither injury looked all that serious, but we'll see.

I think, if both of them have to go on the DL, we'll see Cedeno and Pie.

Didn’t Ohman strike Bonds out in his pinch hitting role in yesterday’s game?

No... Bonds hit a ball pretty hard, but right at Soriano.

I hope you're right, Rob - but Floyd is an injury waiting to happen these days, and Ward...well, you know. Not exactly in prime physical condition, you could say.

Thanks for the clarification, Dave.

"[Hendry] told [Izturis] in the clubhouse, 'I want you to go out there and help beat some of those National League Central teams that we're trying to stay on top of and catch.'"

Paraphrase: "Don't forget that you're going from a winning team to a shitty team. If you win over there, it won't really mean anything to you, but it'll help us out at least."


I think Ward is going on the DL for sure, because if they both cant play for the weekend you can not really play with a 2 man bench. My guess would be a Buck Coats call up since he is a jack of all trades with the glove.

Not sure you bring Pie up while they're showcasing Jones. (Not sure you don't.)

Could bring up Kroeger or Coats. Piniella used Coats a lot in ST and seemed to like him all right. Coats has put up numbers this year and had three outfield assists in a game two nights ago.

Bring up Pie at ten minutes before midnight on July 31st or whenever it is you get someone to agree to pay one-quarter of Jones's salary for the rest of his contract (or best offer!).

seems like the guy the Cubs will get back, rated best defensive infielder/arm in BA's preseason rankings

Coats is on the 40-man, guess they could move Blanco to the 60-day (not sure how long he's been out) or Guzman (no idea how his rehab is going)

JACE: "...a little shakier than I would like..."

Are you KIDDING?! A little shakier?? C'Mon JACE!

He is a LOOGY that can't get lefties out! WTF good is he?

He has terrible control problems. Last year. This year. You can't count on the guy AT ALL.

A WHIP of 1.44 for a guy who is 'supposed" to pitch to one or two batters. and a 1-4 record!


I hate him and was pissed at Hendry for signing him.

Take Eyre and Oh-NO-Man and wrap them in cement and drop them in the Chicago River!

Mark my words - IF this team is lucky enough to get into the playoffs, Eyre and Oh-No-Man! will perform just like Guthrie and Veres did for Dust-bag.

Why him, Rob G? don't like Ohman, E-Man?

Jason Delaney OF (Altoona Curve) Looks pretty good... .323/.451/1.036

I got the feeling that E-man doesn't like Ohman, Joe. Is that what you're saying, E-man?


In any other MLB park, that 2nd Bonds HR is a f-8. It was a solid pitch. Shit happens. He is a solid guy v. LHP. He should really be a 1st LOOGY out of the pen though.

Ohman vs lefties this year

2006: 158/277/257
2005: 173/269/321

not sure what you're referring to Jace? I'm saying Coats would be the logical call-up if there's a DL move since he's on the 40-man.

No, Rob. I'm asking why you think that guy from the Altoona Curve might be the guy the Cubs get...

well actually Murton would be the logical call-up, he would have been today too.

and I was kidding about the Guzman kid, just looks like another slick glove, no stick infielder, exactly what you'd expect for Izturis.

I'm with E-Man on this one. Right now, we don't have a viable left-handed option out of the pen.

Ohman has no control. When he faced Bonds a couple days ago, he threw only one pitch in the strike zone and got lucky that the liner Bonds scorched went right at Soriano. He then promptly walked the following batter on four pitches. The only reason his ERA isn't inflated is because the runs he gave up recently have gone to Marmol and Weurtz.

At this point it isn't even worth playing the matchups. Lifting Weurtz, who had just struck out two, for Ohman today felt a bit like Montgomery Burns lifting Darryl Strawberry for Homer Simpson, only it didn't work out for Lou (perhaps I exaggerate a little).

Wuertz also let the first 2 batters reach....

As I said, Bonds 0 for 5 to that point vs Ohman and it's BARRY BONDS!!!!

bad week for Ohman, been good the last month before that.

Jason Delaney OF (Altoona Curve) Looks pretty good… .323/.451/1.036

which would be exactly why we won't be getting him...

Neil Walker and Andrew McCutchen aren't too bad either, guessing they'll be staying in their system. :)

Doug Melvin goes off on the Adam Dunn rumors.....

"There are freaking geeks out there who get ... off on this kind of stuff," Melvin said.

has anyone made the Jake Fox looks like Jim Leyritz connection yet?

No, but he does kinda look like Private Pyle from Full Metal Jacket. Might just be the haircut.

CHRIS CARPENTER update... more updates expected today

Cardinals ace Chris Carpenter will undergo additional elbow surgery that will end his season and potentially cause him to miss a significant portion of the 2008 season, club and industry sources told the Post-Dispatch Thursday

The Cards had penciled Carpenter into the rotation for the upcoming seven game stand against the Cubs and Brewers...nix that...

Looking at the rest of the Cubs' schedule:
Team (H,A)
ARI (3,3), COL (0,4), SF (0,3), LAD (4,0)
STL (4,7), CIN (6,6), HOU (3,6), MIL (3,0), PIT (3,3)
PHI (4,0), NYM (4,0), FLA (0,3)

We're done with SD, WAS, ATL.

So, against the leaders: MIL, LAD, NYM: 11 games.
Against WC contenders (above .500): SD, ATL, AZ, CO: 10 games
Against WC pretenders (within 10 games): PHI, FLA, STL:18 games
Against the dregs: PIT, CIN, HOU, SF, WAS: 30 games

That's 48 games against the bottom 8 vs. 22 against the top 7.

speculates TJ surgery although the article couldn't confirm it..

er, 21 games against the top 7.

Jason Kendall=Charles Manson

Sean Marshall=WWE's Edge

Carlos Marmol=Barack Obama


Yeah, Hendry's a total tool for giving Izzy a huge contract and letting him basically play himself out of the starting lineup. How dare he? Someone ask Izzy how much he hates the contract he's guaranteed - the Hendry hate is out of control sometimes. Ballplayers respect the cash and the opportunity to play - he got that in spades.

I predict that Pittsburgh will trade Jack Wilson to Boston. Possibly for David Murphy.

He is a LOOGY that can’t get lefties out! WTF good is he?

Since when can Ohman not get lefties out? Don't make stuff up.

Rob G already posted the numbers.

Ohman has done a good job getting lefties out, especially recently. You can't really fault the guy for giving up a bomb to the one of the greatest hitters in baseball history.

I guess Ted Lilly sucks, because he gave up a home run to Bonds also.

Actually, I don't have a problem with Hendry. I just think that was a dick thing to say to someone you just traded.

Hendry didn't give Izturis the contract, the Dodgers did.

Since Ohman is the topic de jour, may as well throw in this free nugget provided by BP today:

Top 5 Luckiest NL Relievers, by Bequeathed Runs Prevented

Player, Team, Beq Runs Prevented

Will Ohman, CHN, 8.5
Michael Wuertz, CHN, 4.2
Trever Miller, HOU, 4.2
Cla Meredith, SDN, 3.9
Chris Spurling, MIL, 3.6

Wuertz's lucky # certain to go down after today ...

fwiw: I'm still in the "anyone but Eyre" camp whenever there's a lead or a chance of getting back in the game ...

OH-Man -

Yeah the splits Rob showed were pretty good.

He currently ranks # 84 in MLB (incl. starters), behind Steve Kline, Ray King, LaTroy Hawkins. Excellent company there.

28 hits in 27 IP. 28 K to 12 BB. Very good here on K to BB. Considering he works one or two batters, with a 4.33 ERA, and 10 holds in 40 games! (40) his success rate in protecting a lead is 25%, right?

So - the splits you show are misleading, imo.

Like CHAD when he says, "I see what I see...", all I know is on the occasions I tune in or watch him live - he STINKS.

I have ZERO confidence in he or Eyre. Were he not left-handed, he'd be working at Starbucks.

DAVE: No Lilly doesn't suck for giving up a HR to Bonds. BUT Oh-MAN! has almost as many losses as Lilly, and Lilly has pitched 98 more innings.

Ohman SUCKS.

TJ surgery confirmed for Carpenter...

He currently ranks # 84 in MLB (incl. starters), behind Steve Kline, Ray King, LaTroy Hawkins. Excellent company there.

Ranks #84 in what?

10 holds in 40 games! (40) his success rate in protecting a lead is 25%, right?

No... not at all. That would assume that he was only in games that the Cubs were leading. And the holds stats is a bit more complicated than that.

From ESPN:

A Hold is credited any time a relief pitcher enters a game in a Save Situation (see definition below), records at least one out, and leaves the game never having relinquished the lead.

So you are assuming that Ohman only comes in in a save situation, which is just silly.

That splits that Rob posted are not misleading at all. You said he can't get lefties out, and that is flat out wrong.

BUT Oh-MAN! has almost as many losses as Lilly, and Lilly has pitched 98 more innings.

You can't really compare wins/losses between starters and relievers. Two very different situations.

W news, one more AZL appearance on Saturday, then bowling, then Peoria or one of our other affiliates

Here's a scary thought from's story about W's outing today.

Trainer Brett Fischer, who has worked with [W] for two years, said he would have bet his house a month ago that the pitcher would have to undergo surgery. In fact, Fischer said he had talked to the Cubs about the operation and asked for four more days of therapy.

Suddenly, the pain disappeared. Fischer said he has no idea why.

"I've been doing this 25 years and I've never seen a shoulder turn that fast," he said. "To me it was a miracle. This guy's shoulder really turned around in four days."

that should be all italics.. dunno why it didnt do that

Ohman, against lefties:

52 at-bats (59 plate appearances)
11 hits (.212 BAA)
7 walks (.309 OBP allowed)
17 k's

Only a .327 slugging % allowed.

Those are pretty good numbers.

"You can’t really compare wins/losses between starters and relievers. Two very different situations."

Hmmm. Well, maybe he should not be left in to pitch against the righties after he has (luckily) succeded.

This is probably another reason that expands his sucktitude.

says Wood was throwing 45 mph before the sudden turnaround...sheesh.

ESPN headline in the mlb section says "Cubs acquire Izturis"

That's cold.

You'll see DAVE - When Oh-Man! loses a game for the Cubs - in a KEY situation - during a game the team really needs - I'm gonna show you your Stats - and watch you say "He Sucks!"

Well, maybe he should not be left in to pitch against the righties after he has (luckily) succeded.

You are correct that Ohman shouldn't be facing righties, at least in important situations.

But I am thoroughly confused about how a pitcher can get so lucky for three straight years against lefties.

After doing a little research on the Pirate's farm, Here is the guy I would want:

He is a 22 LHP reliever in Hi-A ball and would replace Blevins in organizational depth.

I’m gonna show you your Stats - and watch you say “He Sucks!”

Look... Ohman isn't an all-star, but when used correctly (as a loogy) he has done a good job. And he will also not be perfect. No pitcher is.

Today he got beat by Barry Bonds; everyone gets beat by Barry Bonds.

But he has more than done his job this year as a loogy. Lou just has to realize that he should only be used as a loogy.

Wood still has a tear in his shoulder, correct?

"I predict that Pittsburgh will trade Jack Wilson to Boston. Possibly for David Murphy."


I doubt Theo would trade Murphy for Wilson, especially with Lugo starting to hit.

Was Wood able to throw anything other than fastballs today, AZ Phil? I would guess a curve is possible, but sliders most likely out of the question forever at this point.

Stone was saying his splitter was good down in Az from the reports he was getting.

AZ Phil's reports says a couple of curves and the news reports says he did as well and they "were really good".

Cubs have won 6 of their last 7 series.

DAVE: Well, we have seen Lou kind of "stay at the table too long" with both Eyre and Oh-Man, and get greedy.

One time was a couple weeks ago with perhaps the Braves (?) when Eyre got the 2nd and 3rd outs in his first inning back after not being used for a while - due to the trust factor. Lou marches him out the next inning and he gets torched - we lose eventually. This is sort of what I do in golf - after I go OVER the water on my second shot on a par five, on the back side I try the same thing instead of lagging, and always screw up.

Why not take the success and move on?

On Tuesday night, he gets Bonds on a hard-hit ball - Nice - then walks Rodriguez (a .222 hitter, and a righty, Lou leaves him in) and then Roberts (that's his game) - a .239 hitter - not nice.

This night's "Loogy Rule" did not pan out.

"Wood still has a tear in his shoulder, correct?"

I don't think so.


Stone is on the radio here all the time and he prefaces everything about Wood saying "he still has a tear in the back of his shoulder."

Could be wrong.

Why not take the success and move on?

E-man - I agree. But that is on LouPa, not Ohman.

The writing is definitely on the wall for Matt “no-tool” Murton.

I love when having the ability to hit over .300 consistently, with an OBP at .360+, with decent power (15-20 hr) and decent speed equates with "no-tool."

Jake Fox was called up for several reasons.

And you listed two. Two is not several.

He has a small tear/strain in his , which is located, as Jacos said, in the back of his shoulder, but it's not a shoulder injury per se.

This injury is seen more in football and soccer players.

Ugh, delete my previous message, Rob.

Here I go again:

He has a small tear/strain in his triceps, which is located --as Jacos said--, on the back of his shoulder, but it's not considered a shoulder injury per se.

This injury is more common in football and soccer players.

If Wood is throwing 95 mph heat how can that slight tear be that significant? Or is it vulnerable to constant re-injury? I don't want to look at it through rose-colored glasses per se - I know he'll never be close to the pitcher he was in '03 (or really before that), but he might be able to contribute to the pen on occasion, as many upthread have mentioned, no?

Rob G. — July 19, 2007 @ 4:43 pm
Coats is on the 40-man, guess they could move Blanco to the 60-day (not sure how long he’s been out) or Guzman (no idea how his rehab is going)


ROB G: Angel Guzman has been shut down again at the Fitch Park Infirmary. More elbow/forearm soreness. So if anybody needs to go on the 60, Guzman is the guy. He was placed on the DL effective to May 2nd (48 days ago), and I doubt that he will be ready to be reactivated from the DL in 12 days, even if he were to start throwing again today.

And I agree that Cedeno and either Buck Coats or Scott Moore will get recalled if both Floyd and Ward go on the DL, but only Cedeno if it's just Ward or Floyd (but not both).

With Ohman, you can't focus on the raw numbers, because he rarely starts an inning. Look at how he's done with inherited runners, and his true suck begins to emerge. I'm with E-man; Ohman stinks and I wouldn't lose any sleep at all were he jettisoned.

Clay Rapada would be an acceptable alternative, at least he throws strikes. Or for gawd's sake, what does Carmen Pignatiello need to do to get a shot?

Now someone will note that the just-traded Jerry Blevins might have been a solution, and he might have been down the road, but he was still too far away to help this year. He was just promoted to AA earlier this year for the first time, and he had never put up these kind of numbers before. But still, for Jason Kendall's rotting corpse?


KW did have an MRI-Arthrogram at one point last year that showed a partial thickness rotator cuff tear. He opted to treat it nonsurgically over this past offseason and apparently that hasn't been on his problem list this year.

From spring training 2007: He hurt his rib cage in the infamous hot tub injury, then he hurt his triceps (which you alluded to above) then he developed severe biceps tendonitis which lead to him being shut down towards the end of spring training as well as April/May before resuming throwing in June.

So he probably does have some pathology in his rotator cuff but it's not been surgical (yet). Apparently when he had his shoulder arthroscopy by Dr Kremchek out of Cincy, they identified a labral tear that was repaired but no rotator cuff tear was seen at that surgery from August 2005. The MRI/Arthrogram was in 2006 when he wasn't able to go past 80 pitches without getting shoulder soreness, I think that was about June.


The triceps injury Wood has only affects his mechanics, not the power that results from his motion. Last we heard, Wood's labrum, rotator cuff and bursa were "crisp" and "clean."

Good things come in threes: I think we can officially add Angel Guzman to the Wood and Prior fraternity at this point--without the 110 combined big league wins, of course. Too bad, the Gooz did look awfully electric way back when.

Carlos and Cubster - good info. Thx.

Ooh, I see. Thanks, dr. Hecht. I completely forgot about that report. I was mostly talking about Kerry's 2007 injury list, but you're right -- a tear was discovered late in 2006.


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