“…But If You Try Some Time, You Get What You Need”

If Eric Patterson had only known how much impact his tardiness would create in the 2007 playoff picture. When Corey's little brother was sent down to the AA Tennessee Smokies playoffs as the consequence of his reporting late to the ballpark, little did he realize he just might have Wally Pipped himself. In a quasi-punitive measure, Cubs GM Jim Hendry sent EPat out and recalled Sam Fuld. MLB teams use the roster expansion differently when a team is in the pennant chase than for a team playing out the string. Outside of the Geovanny Soto "happening" (how cool is that?), teams in the race use the extra players to rest the bullpen in blowout games or play defense late in games or pinch run. Only the non-contenders like the Astros and Pirates are playing some of their promising minor leaguers to see what they look like at this level for next season. Being in the pennant chase, the Cubs didn't expect Patterson to see much action except as someone who could pinch run or maybe sacrifice bunt. Mostly it was a reward for a good minor league season and a chance to catch some important learning by observation at the major league level including some rare Chicago-style pennant fever. Invaluable experience for a young ballplayer. So when it was decided that his "opportunity" was not being respected it was rescinded, thus opening the door to the Sam Fuld experience. Sam played most of the year with the AA Tennessee Smokies (335 AB, .372 OBP) but was promoted late in the season to AAA Iowa for 52 at bats and who's season at AAA Iowa was over when he was brought up. As TCR readers know, Sam Fuld is an Arizona Phil favorite. His strengths are a high baseball IQ, good defensive CF skills with a plus arm, he is tough to strikeout and is a good base-stealer. Az Phil also warned us about potential downside: " ...he plays with a hyper-reckless abandon that has resulted in a number of season-ending or season-interrupting injuries over the past few seasons (torn labrum and fractured shoulder at Stanford in 2004..." He had a great college career at Stanford. Ron Santo has taken him under his wing as they both have had to deal with Type I diabetes. Yesterday's catch by Fuld, was a season highlight with a fearless race to the right centerfield brick wall on a ball crushed by Nyjer Morgan, a crash landing with his shoulder hitting the bricks and hat flying stage left. Then he showed enough moxie to bounce and not break (note that Mr. Floyd), followed by a one hop throw to double off the runner, Nate McLouth at first, to end the inning for reliever "Stevie Ire". It was a play that will be remembered in Cub fan lore for the ages. It's been a long time since fans had the opportunity to chant, "Sam-mie, Sam-mie", and it sure felt good. ...and I can only wonder how E-Pat felt, as he watched it last night on Sportscenter with the rest of us.


I, too, have been wondering about Fuld for a couple of years. I have seen his OBP, and his low K totals, and have been wondering what he is doing in the Cubs' system. I have been fairly sure that he was exactly the type of player to be traded away from the Cubs system, to become a good player elsewhere. What could the Cubs possibly do with a patient, high OBP, SMART baseball player?

And (from the last thread) congrats to Pell Mell on the birth of your son, Commemorative Brick Mell.

Dr. Hecht,

Lately I've been having this unsettling feeling, I was hoping you could help with a diagnosis. You see, every time I see the Cubs win, I get this feeling in my head and my stomach. My face contorts--the best way I can describe it is that the corners of my mouth are strangely "pulled up" and my teeth get revealed. Somebody told me this was happy excitement, but I think it's more clinical. As a Cubs fan, I know that whatever it is, it's not normal.

Your thoughts?
Mister Whipple

Milwaukee Journal baseball writer Jim Lingl showed up at Wrigley yesterday with a goat and tried to get in. He thinks he successfully renewed the billygoat curse but methinks he may have transferred the curse (he used a nannygoat) to the Brewers instead. That sure was an excruciating loss Milwaukee suffered last night after being "one out away" from a win.


I'm sure it's been mentioned but Trachsel named the Thursday starter.

WSCR radio reporter David Schuster from the Ballpark...

the same lineup as the previous two days. SOTO lives!

Mr. Whipple...there is a radio commercial about a parent reporting to her doc about her teenage daughter having weird twitching in her legs, etc and she's worried about siezures.

the doc says it sounds like she's: Dancing

and I believe it's about to be redone to the tune of: Go Cubs Go.

somewhere Steve Goodman is smiling.

re #4:

Actually that may help our voodoo karma hex stuff. You see, you can't try to revive a hex just by recreating the scene. I think it will have a reverse effect, and should the Cubs win the World Series, that move will be pointed to as the reverse curse that made us win.

The worst part is that guy was from Milwaukee so once he was stopped from going in, well, I think we know what happed in his Motel 6 room that night.

Poor goat.

Chat it up for the Brewers/Braves if you wish

the doc says it sounds like she’s: Dancing

Gol dangit. Beaten to the punch.

MIL game on TBS again.

Atl on the board

went to the game yesterday and Sammy's catch and throw was the best I have seen live.

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