Game 111 Thread / Pirates @ Cubs (2 of 3)

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SP *Ted Lilly SP *Paul Maholm

10-6, 4.49, 124 K, 47 BB, 134.1 IP
7-6, 3.79, 96 K, 36 BB, 140 IP

LF Alfonso Soriano 2B Luis Rivas
SS Ryan Theriot SS Jack Wilson
1B Derrek Lee CF *Nate McLouth
3B Aramis Ramirez C #Ryan Doumit
CF Reed Johnson 3B Andy LaRoche
RF Mark DeRosa RF Stephen Pearce
C Geovany Soto LF *Brandon Moss
2B Ronny Cedeno 1B Chris Gomez
P *Ted Lilly P *Paul Maholm


this lineup sucks -- I hope I'm not too late

Go Cubs Go!!! I hope I'm not too early (it is the Pirates, you know).

Following the game thru gameday. Nice job by Cedeno to get two runners home from the 8 spot in the lineup - with Lilly hitting behind him, definitely take the gidp to get that 2nd runner in. Not sure why the bucs didn't walk him in the 2nd inning with 2 outs ...

22 gidp's for Lee on the season now ... LouPa will need to get serious in starting either Fonzie or The Riot when they got on in front of him. Previous career high for gidp for Lee was 18 in 2001. Will he end up having more HR's than GDPs this year?

1) Biggest play was Cedeno's RBI single in the second inning. Russell gambled with first base open and two outs that Maholm could get Cedeno, and the gamble failed.

2) The Pirates had the leadoff man on in the sixth, seventh and eighth and didn't score in any of those innings.

3) Marmol's fastball the past two days was timed at 96 mph, as hard as he's thrown in weeks.

Why no love for Johnson? Another find offensive outing for the sometime CF - man comes to play, could become even more important depending on Edmonds knee instability. And Marmol's definitely dialed in again - yay.

Johnson's trash in 75% of the games. The ones where the pitchers don't throw from the wrong side.

Well, don't know if you've noticed or anything, but that's kinda why you platoon him with a guy who has an 841 OPS against "the pitchers who don't throw from the wrong side".

Nailed it, Wes.

I think "Rekes" point of contention is that Reed could be the savior if Edmonds is hurt. Because I think we saw what happens when he gets regular PT vs righties.

That's fine.

264/314/393 isn't exactly great, which is Reed v. RHP in '08, but I'd take it if my choices were him, any of the likely candidates to be put on the waiver wire, or Pie. His numbers against right aren't even as good as Reed's are. 242/304/371.

I know we're splitting hairs about defining "trash", but I think Reed's righty numbers are fine for a 8th place hitter if he's going to play good defense.

All that is assuming you don't put Fukudome in center, play DeRosa in right, and put Fontenot at 2B. But, that's another discussion.

Griffey, Jr out with leg cramps. Allegedly he played a fantastic CF today.

I saw one diving catch on the highlights. I just assume it's a ball that anyone under 30 makes routinely out there.


Prince Fielder is under 30.

Under 30 and under 300

Cardinals losing heading into the 9th, 2-1.

Another arm for Sept? Angel Guzman has 2 inning start tonight @ Daytona

according to chicago mark cuban
is the first round leader with a bid
of 1.3 billion and with the support
of red sox ownership and nba commisioner

Prince Fielder is under 30.
just not his waistline

Guzman looked sharp, allowing just one earned run in two innings pitched, contributing to an 13-5 Cubs win... Guzman pitched much better in the second inning, striking out catcher Christian Lopez and then getting two ground outs.

Nolasco with 13K's in 8 innings last night.

so many day games.

only 1 night/evening game this week. bleh.

I love day games... gives me something to look forward to at work.

work \'wurk\ n.: a social construct in which Cub fans isolate themselves in an 8x8 room with a computer, performing menial tasks in exchange for local currency while waiting for Parachat gatherings.

Day games are vastly preferred. I can watch those live.

I prefer west coast night games. :-)

Here's a note from America's favorite journalist, Paul Sullivan, this morning. This is being filed under "crunch is muttering to himself while he responds in anger":

Cubs record when the wind blows in:
2007 & 2008 (Under Lou): 48-23 .676
2003-2006 (Under Dusty): 83-91 .477


I am no fan of Dusty, and would like to forget most of his time here, but given the overall better play, isn't it a given that the Cubs will have a better record under Lou than Dusty in any category?

Unfortunately, Sully can't put 2 and 2 together there.

So now we are just going to absolve Michael Barrett of all blame? I'm not sure if I can live with that.

well look at the facts.

it obviously is his fault.

i dont know why they bother spending all this loot on players when they can just go out and get injured.

i've always said what the cubs need is a 50-70 year old fat man to point and yell at people/places/things.

The seven keys to translating for Fukudome:

This whole not scoring any runs against Brian Moehler thing is really getting old.

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  • trevor clifton (high-A) could be interesting in a couple seasons...could even become a high/middle rotation guy. he's got a lot of pluses in his pitching except control.

    eric leal's (high-A) progression through the minors should be worth watching even if only projects to be an mid/end-rotation starter.

    we also gotta keep a long-distance eye on guys like jose paulino (ss-A) and preston morrison (A).

    crunch 56 sec ago view
  • As Johnny Bach used to say when it was time for the MJ Bulls to crank up the defensive pressure: "Release the Dobermans!", and Jordan, Pippen, Rodman and Harper would just suffocate the other team.

    I'd love to add Carl Jr. to that group - he's got the stuff.

    billybucks 20 min 49 sec ago view
  • Historically, the Moneyball guys have been great at identifying productive hitters. Not so much with pitchers.

    billybucks 22 min ago view
  • Wow - Pierce Johnson with an ERA of 8.01 in 42IP!

    What a stud prospect! Must be pitching with a pierced johnson.

    Looks like Ryan Williams is the only legit prospect there. That is sad...

    The E-Man 24 min 11 sec ago view
  • Well it would seem that's all they need now. "Stropy" can have his moments, but he's been more consistent post-asg.

    The E-Man 32 min 58 sec ago view
  • Take THAT, Cardinals -- you beat Fernandez, we beat Sale.

    I really like Lackey as a 6-inning pitcher.

    billybucks 59 min 44 sec ago view
  • Three amigos? Because the Dominican, the Venezuelan, and the Cuban?

    Maybe the three-headed dragon?

    John Beasley 1 hour 15 min ago view
  • Who says Contreras can't frame? Stone cold robbery of Eaton with that called third strike for the first out in the eighth

    Eric S 1 hour 46 min ago view
  • Three amigos time?


    jacos 2 hours 1 min ago view
  • he should hit more of those. that would be an ideal outcome. /moneyballs

    crunch 6 hours 17 min ago view
  • Russell with 19 RBI in July so far. Grand Slams help.

    billybucks 6 hours 59 min ago view
  • ...and Familia with back-to-back blown saves. Blows a one-run lead vs. Rockies today, gets his 2nd consecutive loss.

    I am OK with the Mets missing the playoffs and suffering crushing losses at home --- just want them to beat St. Louis.

    He played with fire twice agains the Cubs -- unfortunately, the Cubs couldn't stop swinging.

    billybucks 7 hours 3 min ago view
  • How about Kyle Farnsworth? I know he was consistently upper 90s.

    videographer 8 hours 57 min ago view
  • If he puts up Soriano numbers I will be ecstatic

    jacos 10 hours 45 min ago view
  • I think Javy is learning--but he's learning to make contact, not learning to lay off pitches out of the zone. A quick glance at his plate discipline numbers on Fangraphs shows that his contact rate is up, especially his contact rate out of the zone, but his swing rate is up too, especially his swing rate out of the zone.

    Charlie 11 hours 19 min ago view
  • I definitely saw ballpark radar guns go up to 102 on Kerry Wood back when he was still a starter, but who knows how accurate they were.

    Charlie 11 hours 33 min ago view