Brewers Fire Yost...the Chicago Way

Dan Fox offers a historical perspective on the Brewers' firing of Ned Yost while in the thick of the race for the post-season.

Turns out the 1932 Cubs were the first team to change managers mid-season (Rogers Hornsby out; Charlie Grimm in) and then go on to win the pennant. The 1938 Cubs repeated the maneuver (Grimm out; Gabby Hartnett in) and again, the result was a National League championship.

Cub-related names are all over this phenomenon:

Jim Frey, who steered the Cubs to the 1984 NL East title, was canned by the Royals on their way to the second half AL West title in the strike-shortened 1981 season.

And also in 1981, Yankees manager Gene Michael, who managed the Cubs for part of the 1987 season, was replaced by Bob Lemon, whose team went on to capture the AL pennant.

All in all, the Brewers' situation sounds like a complete mess, orchestrated by an impetuous owner.

I hope Mark Cuban never does anything like this to us.


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is Yost a verb?

Damn, who yosted Transmission?

Rumor mill says it was a female who is *not* Johann's mom.


You have inspired a complete overhaul of the headline.

By the way, the answer to your question is yes, it is a verb:

Transmission passed away peacefully in his sleep. Unlike the passengers in his car who were screaming for dear life.

that's a load of crap.

the real story is transmission is spending a lot of time with a lovely woman who happens to be amish and she dont have the internet on her oil lamp.

Amish only date other Amish.

why you gotta be bringing facts into this?


Amish date? I thought the marriages were just arranged?

no they use A-Date. They go down to the church and read the other single profiles.

Actually, they're segregated in church. Women on one side, men on the left.

But no, they don't go out on modern-type dates. They slip away during barn-raisings and, if they're naughty, hold hands.

They must have a way to deal with the pent up sexual frustration. I'm envisioning manually-powered sex toys made out of wood. Watch out for splinters!

"Rogers Hornsby was my manager, and he called me a talking pile of pigshit. In front of my parents! Did I cry? No! You know why??? BECAUSE THERE'S NO CRYING IN BASEBALL!!!" - Jimmy Dugan

Chestnuts yosting on an open fire.......

While I think that Yost is an idiot everyone over looks the fact that...


Prince Fielder is one dimensional and way overrated. Ryan Braun is a very good player but is not as good as last year would make you believe. His line this year:

.290 .335 .564

is going to be his career line. Very good. But not:

.324 .370 .634

Which he put up last year.

JJ Hardy is a good player as is Corey Hart.

Besides that the rest of the team is weak. Very weak.

Then there is the pitching staff.

Yes, CC is great as is Sheets. But besides that, the rest of them are garbage. I mean terrible. And yes, I know they are missing a young quality pitcher in Gallardo (sp?) but even then, if their starters can't go the distance, you are never out of a game with them.

Screw the Brewers! I hate them more than the Cardinals.

tells us how you really feel chad

Blah blah blah overrated; they have a chance. Plenty of "hot" teams get in the PS and stay there not because they're all that, but because they're hot at the right time.Last year's Colorado Rockies anyone? 2006 Cards?
I'm not taking anyone lightly. look how bad we've been.

"Joe Torre, Ron Santo and Gil Hodges are among 10 players on the latest Hall of Fame ballot for Veterans Committee voters."

[ ]

"Voting results will be announced Dec. 8 at baseball's winter meetings in Las Vegas. A player needs 75 percent to be elected -- the living 64 Hall members will vote."

Now Sharon Pinazo is gone who's job is it to call Ron to tell him he didn't get in?

i keed.

CF Cameron
2B Durham
LF Braun
1B Fielder
SS Hardy
RF Hart
3B Counsell
C Kendall

Cubs lineup per S-T

sori, riot, lee, rami, soto, dero, jhnsn, cdno, demp

notice what Svuem (or however he spells his name) bats the pitcher 9th?

Tells you what he thought of Yost's lineups.

Yost scrapped the pitcher batting 8th around May 25th.

replacing manny parra with seth mcclung is not a good way to start your new managing tenure, imo.

great arm...wild as hell, though.

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