Game 1 NLDS / Dodgers @ Cubs

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SP Ryan Dempster SP Derek Lowe
17-6, 2.96, 187 K,76 BB, 206.2 IP (2008)
14-11, 3.24, 147 K, 45 BB, 211 IP
    (Playoffs) 5-4, 3.34, 43 K, 23 BB, 67.1 IP
LF Alfonso Soirano SS #Rafael Furcal
RF *Kosuke Fukudome C Russell Martin
1B Derrek Lee LF Manny Ramirez
3B Aramis Ramirez RF *Andre Ethier
C Geovany Soto 1B *James Loney
CF *Jim Edmonds CF Matt Kemp
2B Mark DeRosa 2B *Blake DeWitt
SS Ryan Theriot C Casey Blake
P Ryan Dempster P Derek Lowe


The calender page flips to October and the Cubs are in the unfamiliar position of being the favorites. Well maybe not the favorites to win it all, I think that honor belongs to the Angels or Red Sox, but certainly the team to beat in the National League. TBS will wax poetic about curses and goats and I'll set the over/under line on a Bartman clip at top of the third. And I'll roll my eyes with each and every mention. 

But here we are, on the cusp of the playoffs with a Cubs team that is as good as many of us have ever seen; on the heels of a season that exceeded even the loftiest of expectations. Is this the team to break the drought? I don't know, but I sure do believe it is. 

As for today's game... 

I think Game 1 is actually the toughest match-up for the Cubs, on the blind assumption that Zambrano and Harden are healthy and ready to let loose. Lowe's been tough at Wrigley and has a good post-season track record. Compare that to Ryan Dempster, who has also been good at Wrigley, but has all of one inning of post-season experience.   And not be all doom and gloom, but since the inception of the Wild Card, the team winning Game 1 has gone 34-18. 

Well here it is, baseball's second season...may it treat the Cubs as well as the first. 




I'm staying late at work just to finish the game. I'm so excited.

May I be the first to offer a good luck, post season, this lineup sucks.

again, excitement will come for me during the, I'm just sick to my stomach nervous.

Recappage is in effect.

As long as the computer gods smile down upon me.

same old Soriano

starts the post season off with a strikeout

Dempster played with fire...he was oh so close to getting out of it but it didn't happen :(

so I am on computer. was Dempster being a chickenshit or was he just uncontrollably wild? 7 walks in 5 innings. Sheesh. talk about a choke job.

I'd go with uncontrollably wild...he threw 2 good splitters to Loney but before that about the only pitches he got over were 'get me over' fastballs.

That ump had the most inconsistent strike zone I've ever seen. Demp should have struck out almost every guy he ended up walking. Fucking bullshit.

I didn't get to watch the game (damn), but I at least half-heartedly agree with you here. The replays on ESPN looked like Demp wasn't getting any border-line calls. Then again, he also looked pretty wild on some of the clips. When you walk 7, it's hard to argue that you shouldn't have walked ANY of them, but there's also going to be a chance of some bad calls when you throw that many pitches to that many batters.

I can't help but wonder how the game would've changed if Manny's infield hit goes a little more toward short or more toward third and becomes a ground out instead. That seems like a big play.

I can't help but wonder how the game would've changed if Manny's infield hit goes a little more toward short or more toward third and becomes a ground out instead. That seems like a big play.

A better defensive SS makes that play fairly easily.

But Dempster was very wild. He wasn't helped by an inconsistent strike zone, but he had no clue what his pitches were going to do last night.

the infield hit was 2 innings before and Dempster K'd Ethier to get out of it.

Dempster was wild and he wasn't going to get the benefit of any calls. The ump still sucked. He seemed to not be giving anything on the outside corner to lefties all day and then suddenly rang one up on Fukudome that was clearly outside. There were a few of those moments. 

We're definitely winning the World Series now.

162 games to gain home field advantage.
1 game to lose it.

Absolutely devestating.

coming in 3...2...1

well, yes, based on history in a 5 game series, I'd say we should be feeling some doom and gloom. Losing game 1 in a short series is really, really bad.

Very true. TBS showed the stat that teams that win the first game of the Division Series win the series 24 out of 28 times. And yes, we should be feeling some doom and gloom.

Its the end of the world as we know it,
And I feel fine.

Kind of.

Bad starting pitching.
Bad relief pitching.
Bad offense.
Bad game.

well, tomorrow is a new day.

We really brought teh suck tonight.


We go get em tomorrow.

Just one game but....

1 We're Cubs fans, we can't help ourselves
2 It's a short series, better get it going soon
3 Dempster, Soriano looked terrible to name a couple
4 Win by LA is perfect for soothing the nerves of a young pitcher making first start, while riling up our own veteran bundle of nerves

Pretty much game 4 of the Arizona series...same old stuff. Game 2 becomes a must win and we have Crazy Z going. Excuse me if my confidence isn't sky high right now.

Oh BTW we've lost 6 straight post season games.

You mean Z's game 4 gem against the D-backs last year? :-)

Not sure if you meant game 2 or game 3, but that reminded me of game 2 in AZ. Grab a quick league, give up a huge homerun with 2 outs...and then do nothing on offense after that.

What game 4 of what Arizona series?

In 'Game 4' I just meant a continuation of the same old stuff...I didn't mean it was a replay of a game 4 that never happened. Awkwardly worded.

I was with you, Pico.

Look behind you. See, where there's only one set of footprints?