Brian Giles Hates the Cubs

Since the last time I used "Hates the Cubs" in a headline it got a bunch of extra hits from the interwebs, I thought I'd try it again (never underestimate how much the Cubs are despised by the rest of the world). The good folks at Chicago Cubs Online did a pretty thorough rundown of Bruce Levine's radio show yesterday and it's chocked full of information. I covered the rumors in this comment but there's the little tidbit where the Cubs had a deal in place for Brian Giles before last year's trade deadline and he turned it down.

In theory, the Cubs would have been spared the last 2 months of Kosuke Fukudome suck and all that playoff controversy fun. As we also know, Giles turned down a chance to go to the Boston Red Sox on a waiver wire deal after July 31st. So I think it's safe to assume that Brian Giles is mildly retarded. Alright, just kidding around, but for the life of me I can't think of a good reason why a player wouldn't want to play for a contender for 2-3 months. I mean, Giles had a team option for 2009 that certainly wasn't guaranteed to be picked up, so it's not like he was counting on returning to the Padres for 2009. The Padres have since picked it up, but that was no give-in in July or August. If he was worried about 2009, he could have made the Cubs or Red Sox guarantee the 2009 option or gone the other way and made them guarantee the $3M buyout so he could find whatever job he wanted this offseason. Instead, he chose to stick with one of the worst teams in the league.

Odd. Maybe Giles just doesn't like the tanning salons in Chicago or Boston

It did save the Cubs locker room from all kinds of naked shenanigans and ass-grabbing though.  (Giles shows up around 5:20 and be sure to check out the stoned or drunk (or both) Sean Burroughs right before that)

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the pull of living in SD can't be underestimated...and giles seems to love SD.

it's probably more about controlling his destiny in 09 more than what he might be doing the last 2 months of 08. whatever the reason is, he's had multiple opportunities to go to obvious WS contenders and it's always a blunt "no thanks."

the guy is a great gamble at his option price, and with the 3m buyout it was almost a sure thing that where ever he ended up he'd be picked up another season.

Giles has already been to the playoffs and been in pennant races. What were the Cubs and Sox offering that he hasn't already experienced? A chance at the WS? A 12.5% or a little better chance, shrug, he knows that making the playoffs doesn't guarantee a WS appearance.

Good to see the Cubs are kicking the tires on Bradley.

Soto should get his ROY award today...

i regret clicking play on that video.

"We (him and Jason Kendall) got our tips frosted, then we went for a couple of rounds in the tanning bed." -Brian Giles

Chad, are you there?

Sorry. Hard to type with only one hand.

Nice Chad, taking shots at yourself...or is it on yourself?

I know his is from a previous post, and I hate to seem like I'm defending Brian Giles in anyway, but he wasn't a AAAA player by any means, or just a platoon guy. He got stuck behind an OF of Manny Ramirez-Kenny Lofton-Albert Belle. The tribe also had Jeromy Burnitz waiting for a shot to play after the Mets dealt him.

Giles is still a d-bag.....

albert belle was already gone.

he played a platoon LF for 2 seasons for no good reason (to some).

and Richie Sexson. They had that experiment going in LF for a bit too.

Belle left Cleveland after 1996, Giles left Cleveland after 1998, so he certainly was blocked for some of that time by Belle, Lofton and Ramirez.

if you look at his minor league numbers, you can see he had a nice AAA season in 1994, yet had to repeat it in 1995 and another half season in 1996, very likely because of Albert Belle.

He finally got a shot with the Indians in '97 (after Belle left), but split time with David Justice, played some CF and RF as well (Grissom and Manny were the regulars). He finally got the bulk of playing time in LF in 1998 before being traded for Ricardo Rincon (whoops).

"Giles left Cleveland after 1998, so he certainly was blocked for some of that time by Belle, Lofton and Ramirez. "

Can Cubs find the guy who ran Indians drafts in 90's


hey, don't forget the Cubs drafted Doug Glanville 12th in 1991, the 13th pick?

Manny Ramirez to the Indians... 

Don't forget Jim Thome and Sean Casey.

fwiw, Lofton was drafted by the Astros in the 17th round in '88, traded to Indians in '91 with Dave Rohse for Willie Blair and Eddie Taubensee

im specifically targeting his platoon time in 97/98 when a lot thought he should be playing full time.

I think we all know the reason why Giles won't leave if you just ask yourself... in your heart of hearts, you know...

He'd miss the gay sex with Chris Young.

(Of course, I use the term 'gay sex' loosely, considering Chris Young's vagina and all...)

So let me guess, the only reason they signed Prior was to make it a threesome?

Brian Giles was born in El Cajon, California which is a sub-burb of San Diego. Which kind of explains why he doesn't want to leave SD.

I'm amazed that people get angry when a player uses his NTC. That's the fucking point of getting one. It's no one's business why he uses it, imo, it's his right. Family, west coast, gay sex, lame tans, whatever. Not everyone lives their life based around the possibility of a good thing he didn't come over.

The Cubs lost and looked ridiculous. Clearly, he made the right choice.

But, but, but ... nothing. I completely agree.

What about when a millionaire player like Holliday invokes his 'wife and kids' clause to turn down a hometown deal? Remember the hatred when Marquis invoked the clause last spring?

I can't for the life of me figure out what that has to do with anything.

It's a comment on how people who have nothing to do with the situation feel free to make assumptions about what should be important or not to someone else.

Any words too big?

Right... because getting moved to the bullpen is somehow comparable to getting sent to a new team, in a new city, away from your family.

Yup... they are kinda' alike.

Starters make more than relivers - have your wet nurse whipe your drool now.

You're going awful Tito lately, Big_Ass, what happen a Republican lay you off from your drywalling job?

Yea... i am aware that starters make more than relievers. I am also aware that if Jason Marquis had been moved to the bullpen last year, he still would have made same amount of money. I am also aware that even if he had been moved to the bullpen, he still could get starter money when he becomes a free agent.

But other than that, you may have a point.

And drywalling? Huh?

So, if the Cubs put Marquis in the bullpen for 2008-2009 he would make the same money in 2010 had he had 65 league average starts over the same period?

Seriously, how can you not understand that?

" I am also aware that even if he had been moved to the bullpen, he still could get starter money when he becomes a free agent."

Yeah... give ONE, that it's just ONE, example in the history of major league baseball where this has been true. 130 years of baseball - go to it.

You realize, just because you say something, that doens't make it true... haha, what am I saying? Of course you don't realize that!

For whatever reason, I was brought into this. So, if Rob wants to ban me for this, please do. Real Neal, you sure are a fucking jagoff.

Hey Tito, I am sorry. For a month or two you took it upon yourself to argue with every comment I made. Based on this post, you probably didn't realize it, and I didn't mean to offend you, I was just using you as an example of an internet post stalker.

ESPN nerds pick NL ROY winner.

It's a Cubcensus.

Two things, its cool to see so many Geo Soto's in one place. Second, i can't believe one of those clowns didnt try to vote Votto just to be different and edgy...

its cool to see so many Geo Soto's in one place.
That's the first thing I thought as well.

The second was, "Where's Waldo?"

Congratulations, Geo. (And Longoria)

Edinson Volquez, who wasn't a rookie after throwing 70 innings for the Rangers from 2005-07, was given three second-place votes.
Votto got the one first place vote that didn't go to Geo. Seems like Cincy is a bit backwater. I hear Vada Pinson also got a 3rd place vote although that was probably from Marty Brenneman who thought he got to vote too.

A non-rookie got votes? I'm guessing that's a first in history. what fuck tards vote for this thing?

Matt Holiday an A now.

More as this develops.

So, does Beane flip him?

Bad news for Sean Gallagher's career if he is one of the guys being sent to the Rockies.

It'd be spectacular for Murton or E-Patt if they go, though.

maybe at the break, Beane was talking up how he hasn't had the OBP/SLG guys that he wants....whatever they gave up, worst case scenario is they get 2 draft picks for him after 2009. If they're failing in 2009, he'd be easy to trade at the deadline.

Onley just said that on ESPN, to paraphrase...If the A's in on contention in 09, then cheers. If not they'll get a "C.C. like package" for him in July, and if they can't work a deal, they'll get at least 2 compensation picks.

Also he said Houston Street and Gonzalez (some minor league OF from the Harren trade) were part of the package

I couldn't watch it while teaching the youth of the nation (they block youtube) but i'm glad i caught it now. 1. Burroughs is for sure hammered and stoned (just listen to how happy he was about the in and out burger)
2. Giles was hammered too, always funny to see professional athletes just shit faced.
3. I'd bang Giles' mom.

3. I'd bang Giles' mom

I hope you are kidding. Just go to your local bowling alley to find a similar piece of white trash. She'll be outside smoking.

'White Trash' is a racist thing to say. It's OK to be trash if you're Latino or Black, but if you're caucasian, then let's sit up and take notice.

the phrase is generally thought to come from the turbulent time around the 1850s where poor whites who didn't own property were arguing for their right to vote. they finally got that right.

this was soon followed/countered by states creating literacy tests in order for people to vote since most poor people (whites included) were disproportionately illiterate. though this concept was "born" in the north (Mass.) it was adopted in southern reconstruction states decades later as a way to limit the voting rights of blacks.

"racism"'s more about class than race, but there's a lot of people throughout history who's main purpose is to make others believe it's about race instead of class. with being sidetracked.

This isn't rocket science. He earned his 10/5 rights by staying in San Diego. With those in hand, he's now open to a trade.

Can't blame him one bit.

One more reasons not to like Californians - they make burritos at a tailgate party. They probably boo when they realize it's not a proper 'futbol' game.

Says the guy who munches on Swiss pastries before kickoff.

Have you ever been tailgating?

They, meaning tailgaters, make EVERY kind of food, regardless of whether or not it is California or not.

You want to see my seaon tickets, Big_Ass?

knock it off Neal....

you're not special, you're not smarter and you're not important...I let it go for this long, but I'm tired of you insulting everyone around here. 

If you don't like the site or the people around here, there's a million other sites. If you do, start behaving like a civil human being.

and the cup runneth over...

I am sorry if you're too much of a dipshit to notice, but ever since Big_Dick got his panties in a wad about the election he's been stalking me. Just call a pot black and it's cool.

Jesus, man, come on.

Have I complained one time about his signature, or Tito's? I am starting to think I miscast my ballot in the douche-off.

Wow. So you think that 1) I am stalking you, and 2) that it has something to do with the election?


dipshit, douche, mother stay classy...

no one cares enough about you or what you say Neal to stalk you

Either way, his mom is a skank.

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    Number eight for Jimenez. His team is 31-17. Yesterday they scored 17 runs against Lansing. Two weeks ago it was 15 runs against the same team. This is a nice team, South Bend. The Cubs must have had a good draft last year.

    Tonight the pitchers were Sands, Brooks and Effross.

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