Who Should Be the Cubs 2009 All-Star Game Representative?

Let me preface this entire article with a big old - who cares? With the Cubs playing the way they are, the mercy All-Star that the Cubs will get is of little importance, but I needed an article idea for the day and it's a fun discussion. And dagnabit, baseball is suppose to be fun.

So assuming the lemmings that are voting don't get Alfonso Soriano in there (currently 4th behind Carlos Beltran who is on the DL), the Cubs All-Star will be a reserve. In 2003, the All-Star process was changed and the players vote for eight reserves and eight pitchers, along with the eight starters voted by the fans. It's a 32-man roster, so the managers (in this case Charlie Manuel) gets to pick seven and the fans vote for the final player out of a pool of 5.

So who will be the Cubs representative(s)? Options below the fold...

Ted Lilly -  He's probably my pick for the Cubs because if you're going to take a representative of this team, it should be on the pitching side. He leads the team in ERA (for qualified pitchers), wins and strikeouts. Has he been one of the 8 or 9 best NL starting pitchers this year? Well until that second to last start versus the White Sox he was probably in the discussion, although now he's just 14th in ERA and tied for 12th in wins. He seems to be pretty well-respected around the league, so the player vote should be strong and I assume some will remember that he was a choice for the WBC.

Randy Wells - The unqualified ERA team leader has been more than a pleasant surprise, but for the entire NL to notice, a glossy win-loss record would need to accompany it. I just don't see him getting picked over a vet.

Carlos Zambrano - Like Lilly, if the players got their vote in early in the month, he may have a shot when his ERA was 3.39. He's still considered the ace of the staff by most of the league, so maybe he'll get the reputation vote or as Joe Sheehan likes to pimp at Baseball Prospectus, the All-Star game should be a reward for the better players in the league rather than just having good first halves.

Derrek Lee - He's been the only Cub to hit decently over the last two months but his overall first half numbers are sorely lacking at a strong position in the NL. Albert, A. Gonzalez and Prince Fielder are all sporting OPS numbers over 1.000 to Lee's .834 which just ranks 8th among qualified 1st basemen. His production numbers are sorely lacking as well behind Berkman, Howard and Todd Helton.

Ryan Theriot - The shortstop crop is pretty weak in the NL once you get past Hanley Ramirez. Tejada has trailed off considerably from his hot start and Tulowitzki's surge has been pretty recent that it may have gotten missed by the players. Theriot's 4th in runs scored and home runs among shortstops and no doubt it would be a mercy inclusion if he makes it, but someone has to on this forsaken team.

Vote below for your choice


other = Gatorade Cooler

I voted for TheRiot, 1) he's awesome, 2) the NL needs some Scrap Pack action to win one of these damn games, and 3) because I need a reason to watch.

it's too bad you don't like baseball. perhaps you should watch soccer.

I love baseball...and I happen to enjoy soccer. It's too bad you're a turd.

no you don't. any person who thinks that Ryan Theriot makes any game worth watching doesn't like baseball.

I guessed soccer as you seem to like things that are boring.

I wonder Chad, what you have against a guy who actually hits on this team? Is it the mediocrity? Is it that Nomar just didn't work out they way we all would have liked? Or are you just a Neifi fan still depressed over his departure?

Get a clue dope. Some people happen to like certain players. Do I wish he could throw better than he does? Absolutely. Fact of the matter is he should be our leadoff hitter, and you sir are just a Theriot hater. I might like boring things, but you're still a turd.

let's pretend we're civil around here today in anticipation of our nation's birthday...

What does our nation's birthday have to do with civility?

as much as not being civil does not have to do with it...

just making a joke...occasionally they're funny, most of the times they're not....

Dave meant to say he thinks you're fabulous.

He is fabulous. And occasionally uncivil. And obviously occasionally patriotic. But mostly just brilliantly fabulous.

You're right Rob. I'm sorry for my anti-Chad stance.

Hey knucklehead but a sub 100 ops+ is not a guy who can hit.

learn some moneyball.

and i'm the dope? you want one of the weakest hitters at the top of our lineup.

Whoa whoa whoa. OPS+? Who is this heterosexual and what have you done with Chad and his baseball theory?

I do believe there is far more to baseball than sabrestats.

Having said that, when you have a guy who is not a good fielder, he better be a good hitter. How else to do you determine it?

SJS thinks multi-hit games are important. You know I am not a sabreguy but even i know that is ridiculous.

Outside of Boston, how many championships has the moneyball idea won? Thank you.

"One of the weakest hitters"? All Theriot did last year was lead the league in multi-hit games. All he's doing this year is hitting better than anyone else who started the season with the club.

But I'll bite, if not Theriot, then who would you have play short? That's right, no one. So even if you don't like him, you're stuck with him or someone who is by far worse. Even if I'm wrong, you still have to live with him on this team.

...still a turd.

Chad is still puzzled about why the Cubs traded Izturis.

"Moneyball" hasn't won any championships. It's a book.

How many times has the team with the best OBP lead the league in runs scored, or with the lowest OBP allowed lead the league in runs allowed? More than twice.

keep calling me names. it's working you're starting to win the argument.

actually no. you are not.

and let's look at your post above. you make two distinct arguments.

You say the Theriot is a good hitter because he led the league in multi-hit games. I say he ops+'ed at 93. do you know what that means? below average hitter. so, do i care if our shortstop is below average as a hitter? no. no under two conditions. 1. that he is a + fielder. Theriot is not. Some say he's average at best. I think he is bad. 2. if that below average hitter hits 8th. right where he belongs.

second argument that you make: who would play short if not for theriot? answer is no one. you are right. the only problem is that you are insinuating that i think we should bench him. we should not bench him. we should start him and bat him 8th where he belongs.

i would try to replace him yes, but with someone not currently on the cubs roster.

Of course, Theriot hit .307 with an OBP of .387 last season, leadng the team in? GETTING ON BASE, which is what the lead off hitter should do.

OPS+ is frigging fabulous, but if the Cubs lead off hitter is getting on base, and scoring runs, I really don't give a shit what he slugs.

**NEWS FLASH** The Cubs SS, Ryan Theriot is a SINGLES HITTER. He's not going to have a high OPS because he doesn't do much in terms of extra base hits. All he does is get on base. If you want a leadoff hitter who slugs then you should be more than happy with Soriano leading off.

Preaching to the choir....

Duely noted. I still get the feeling that Chad is stabbing his 'Riot voodoo doll even harder now.

it's obvious that you don't know what ops+ is.

It's the basic OPS adjusted for parks. Even though I had to look it up, it still doesn't change the fact that if you are a singles hitter than OPS anything are the wrong stats to be using.

it also takes into account runs created. and theriot is very ordinary in that department. is right at league average.

I voted DLEE just because he has been able to climb from Mendoza-line horrendous in April, to respectable .285, and really been the only consistent offensive "bright spot".

Although, Pujols way, way, is more deserving.

i voted neifi perez...because i'm like that.

Lilly only. F*** this team.

I voted for Fox!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I also picked other = the Burger King guy. He is also Soto's favorite!!

Seriously, after having half the team in the All-Star game last season, we deserve to have no one make it. If I was forced to take someone, I'd have to flip a 6-headed coin. Even after missing 2 months, Ramirez might still be most deserving to go!!

I concur. I think it is stupid to force the AS Teams to take a player that doesn't deserve it. Personally, as a fan of a bad team, I don't want any of them to make the team. It should be a reward and none of these guys deserve one.

Hey PAUL NOCE, ROB, and others interested, Moneyball "The Movie" (blow-up) makes mainstream:

front page NY Times Web:


Thanks. It amazes me that they already spent $10 million on the pre-production. Well, it amazes me if you stop to really think about $10 million and how much that is to real people, not Hollywood.

Agreed. They spend the money because they can. See "The Player" sometime - ore read the book.

With today's technology, a feature can be shot for festival release, well under $1MM.

"Bubble", speaking of Stephen Soderbergh, was done for $1.6MM (Mark Cuban behind it), but lost money (it sucked, imo).

And, a movie like "The Visitor", which garnered an Oscar Nomination for Richard Jenkins was done for around $2-3MM. It has grossed $9.6MM (and, in this case, it is a fabulous movie, imo).

So, they could make terrific films for much less money, but they choose not to. Or, let's just say that based on star-power, they are selective on what they spend and how - no matter the cost (isn't that right, Jim Cameron?)

I'm glad you brought up "The Visitor", that's an excellent movie. I wish Hollywood would formally realize there is a nice sized U.S. audience who enjoys films that aren't nothing but explosions and CGI. It has seemed for years that with few exceptions the most interesting movies I find come from overseas. Thank god for Netflix.

While we've been on the Moneyball theme today, FoxSports has an article up ripping Billy Beane and questioning why anyone would want to make a movie about an arrogant GM who has never won anything and currently is in his fourth consecutive losing season...


screens...we got less theatres and the ones being built are mega-plexes.

it's almost charity for these places to hold any flick that isn't heavily promoted and intertesting to the US at large.

we get near across-the-board panning of Transformers 2...so far it's taken 250million. case closed. blame Jaws.


wut...people wanna watch eye candy and 'splosions. occasionally they wanna watch a family comedy or an epic drama.

rarely are any of these flicks timeless or persistant over the years as a "must see"...it's disposable entertainment that costs 100+million (200m in the case of Trans2) and people want to see.

check out the list of some of the best grossing flicks of all time...you'll see a lot of trash you'll rarely watch or want to recommend to someone 10 years after the fact.

it's just what people want.

Nevermind Crunch #45.

You said "Jaws"


I saw Transformers 2 was at only 22% positive reviews a week ago at Rotten Tomato's, I don't follow that site's reviews very often but I can't remember a big budget movie getting reviews that bad in quit a while. Then there are the "professional" critics who are paid by the studios to give those stupid positive quotes. "Transformers 2 is the greatest accomplishment in human history!" or "The final moments of my life were spent in peace watching this masterpiece. My eyes glued to Megan Fox, I forgot all about the flesh eating bacteria that was consuming my brain."

Speaking of big budget movies and low RT scores, Catwoman was on AMC last week... I shit you not.

"Blame Jaws"


third consecutive losing season...and last year they put up the white flag mid-season, I don't think it's a stretch to think that they would have been over .500 keeping Blanton and Harden and any other deals they made.

That being said, Beane is looking like his reputation benefitted just as much from the 'roid era as Dusty Baker 

As for a decent audience for the Visitor, $9.6M gross and apparently a $6M profit is pocket change out here. I wouldn't call that a nice-sized audience.

Also, the general public likes American Idol, Top 40 music and will fill Wrigley Field no matter what the Cubs record, so there's no accounting for taste among the masses.

One would think the Hollywood accountants would persuade the execs to only consider the percentage return on investment, not the 'peanuts' sized profit. All those foreign film studios seem to exist just fine without cranking out films that cost $100 mil or more to make and promote. And these days I'll bet $100 mil is on the small side for some of that crap.

all the majors own their own "arthouse" labels...like Fox Searchlight and similar.

thing is...a lot of these labels are more about buying already produced products from festivals/conventions...especially since the 80s.

it's really shitty when they buy a film then f'n shelf it...usually over stupid stuff like some posters/products/etc. on the set they can't clear or music rights.

why would the percentage matter so much, they're not gonna squeeze anything more out of the Visitor. Most of the world doesn't care abour Richard Jenkins. The first question out of most people's mouths when asking about a movie, is "who's in it?" Occassionally you get a sleeper with word of mouth and no-name actors at the time, but it's a rare feat.

$250M for Transformers, $200 M to make >>>$9M for Visitor, $3M to make for any corporation

the bulk of movie audiences are stil teenagers and the bulk of America doesn't take movies seriously, just like they don't take baseball as seriously as most do on this board. It's entertainment, it's suppose to be fun...

Sure, we search out what we like and this is generally a more intelligent crowd on this board, I mean for the most part we resist to yell "first" on each thread, but I think you guys get that the general public thinks Visitor is a boring movie (I haven't seen it myself, I'm sure it's fantastic).

I don't think there's a shortage of good movies out there, there may be a shortage of good movies produced and marketed by the major studios, but that's because they need to make profits, not art. Sometimes they mix, but mostly it's just about how many toys and Happy Meals and teenage kids they can get into a theater.

Let's say you want to invest your own money, would you choose to invest $3k with the chances of getting a 200%+ return on your investment, or would you rather invest $20k that might get a 100% return on investment? Sure, that $20k might get a much higher return than 100%, but it also might lose money.

My point is that businesses are in business to make money, and gambling hundreds of millions of dollars on one project doesn't make as much sense to me as spreading the risk with smaller investments that could more easily return a much higher percentage of profit.

What did Juno cost to make? With many of these lower cost movies, the problem isn't that they don't make money, it's that the powers that be at the film studios decide not to promote them. When they do promote small budget movies and get them into more screens they make a nice profit.

It's all greed, they don't care about the quality of any film, or even making a nice profit on The Visitor or Juno, they see the chance at making $500 million in profits with Terminatorformers and go wild with lust. How many of those big budget movies really make double their investment back?

One site says Juno cost $7.3 mil to make and grossed $143 mil.

"the bulk of movie audiences are stil teenagers and the bulk of America doesn't take movies seriously"

You are right ROB G., I own two teenagers.

However, to their credit, when their film school-instructor dad wanted to look at the really bad "Robocop 2", to distract me from the gawd-awful Cubs game, they yelled at me "How could you watch such a shitty movie!" - then went upstairs to watch Fight Club...

Because even the best movies in the world fail to find audiences, for whatever reason. There's probably half a dozen Juno's a year that cost little to make, find an audience and some really take (Greek Wedding is another example)...but sort of like sabermetrics and objective analysis can tell us the safest way to build a successful baseball team, the movie formula is  bankable stars and franchises with pre-built audiences as the most reliable source of big profits.

As crunch mentioned, most studios have an independent or small movie branch that basically buys well-acllaimed small movies from the festivals, occasionally they finance their own. It's their low risk, often low reward part of the business, with the hope that once in awhile they buy a lottery ticket.

Yep. CRUNCH has got it.

"...the movie formula is bankable stars and franchises with pre-built audiences as the most reliable source of big profits."

This and the top Marketing guys to hype with perfect timing for the Oscar run!

oscar? ptth.

in 1989 "do the right thing" rocked cinema...best picture was "driving miss daisy"


HAAAAAAATE! *throws a trashcan through a window*

ps- spike lee can't write roles/dialogue for women worth a shit

pps- it's hard for "newcomers" to get the big nominations, much less win...even newcomers breaking long-standing roles for themselves. a lot of people thought rodney dangerfield should have gotten a best supporting actor nomination for his very serious role in "natural born killers" at the very least.

Stop defending Hollywood. It's evil. It has turned an art-form into a 2 hrs of mass produced mindless stimulation.

The problem is that they just make too much money. There is garbage in other countries as well, but movies in general don't make so much money that talented directors and actors are as likely to 'sell-out' for more money. That's why, IMO, good directors in Japan, Korea, China, etc. continue making great movies throughout their careers with a great deal of autonomy. Most actors in Japan, for instance, make most of their money from commercials and advertisements etc...they can then choose movies that are good/challenging as opposed to to which pays the most.

I'm not sure what my point is, but I hate Michael Bay.

I'm not sure what your point was either...

Then we're on the same page.

I didn't read Moneyball, but I can't see how anyone could make a movie about a GM. It's just not visual enough. Guy makes a speech about OBP. Guy looks at a stack of scouting reports. Guy tells college kid, "You're our kind of player. Sign here.'' There just isn't much to _see_.

Jerry Maguire waves hello!

"Or, let's just say that based on star-power, they are selective on what they spend and how - no matter the cost"

Are you still talking about movies or is this line about the cubs?

they were pretty deep into this one, sets had to been already built, 2 screenwriters, stages booked, whatever the director and actors already got for rehearsals, film tests, crews and tickets booked, etc....

Geez...that is truly incredible.

They spent one year of Milton Bradley's salary :D

I chose "Other", because I think it should be "None of the Above".

No Cubs player deserves to be an All-Star and the stupid rule should be changed to force every team to have an All-Star.

I don't know how any Cub this year would be able to keep a straight face accepting his nomination.

Lack of Focus is our AS. I still like Lou. He won't be here next year, don't you worry. Rick Morrissey needs to go work for TMZ. I could do without his gossipy interpretation of the Cubs. In other words, what a pussy.

Agreed, and Morrissey should take Phil Rogers with him. Neither one has any concept of facts or truthiness.

Morrissey shows his true colors on Chicago Tribune Live. He's so awful.

Monty Brewster
Joey Gathright
None of the Above
Neifi Perez
The Burger King guy
Milton Bradley
Gatorade Cooler

Come one. The Bradley one is clearly a joke.

Are we allowed to vote twice, in Chicago tradition?

Three times if you're dead.

How many All-Stars did we have last year, six or seven? Now we don't legitimately have one.

I disagree that the players vote will come into it. I think the manager/NL will have to name a Cub, the only guy who could have gotten any players' votes is Lilly, but I don't think he'd get enough to get voted on the team.

I'll guess Wells, since he should get one more start before they finalize the rosters. Lee and Theriot haven't been terribly good, and are too far down on the pecking order.

I disagree that teams shouldn't get an all-star onto the team no matter what, because I watched more than one ASG hoping that a Cub player would get a chance to do something. What's killed the appeal of the ASG is interleague baseball. If they moved that to after the game, it would be more popular again. If they totally killed it, the ASG would again be the highlight it used to be.

7 originally, then Marmol replaced Kerry Wood, so 8.


I really don't think Wells has much of a following past Cubs fans. Manuel's gonna pull up a leaderboard and Wells won't even show up since he doesn't qualify. If Manuel can't decide (and I don't know who the assistant coaches are) and calls up Lou to ask who he think should be on the team, I doubt Lou would pick the rookie over the vet.

Lilly may not make the original player vote, but I think he'll finish strong and by basis of being the Cub that leads the team in the Triple Pitching Crown, he'll get it either way.

Also, I don't know when the players have to get their votes in, but I think it's entirely possible some, if not most, submitted their ballots weeks ago when Lilly had a much stronger case.

But we shall see...

I would guess that player voting is done on one day, probably this week, some clubhouse guy passes out ballots and pencils then takes them up and fed ex's them to NY. If you just give the players ballots to mull over they're going to lose them, forget about them, leave them in San Francisco etc.

i still find it hard to give a crap about the ASG after watching how it's played in the modern era.

some blame pete rose...and he did "ruin it" for some...but busting-ass hasn't even been solved by artificially making it mean something for the league that wins.

they should just mic up everyone on the field for the side show the ASG is so we can at least hear them having fun.

It used to be the only chance for players who weren't in the WS to demonstrate that their league was superior. Now that there's no need for that the players and managers treat it as an exhibition.

Speaking of...they added an extra roster spot this year...


and the 8 manager choices are in conjunction with the MLB.

on another note, did they do away with the Rookie of the Month award? Dont' see anything for 2009.

They still have it. MLB.com's page has 2008's, but I know Brian Barden won it in April of this year.

thanks, looks like Gerardo Parra won for May.

Thought Wells had a chance for June, but looks like Jordan Zimmerman outpitched him and Colby Rasmus had a nice month.

1-0 win in Milwaukee, Pelfrey (who I just dumped off my fantasy team), S. Green and K-rod combine for the shutout

Like their views or not, I think both Rogers and Morrissey are good writers...movie rights still available for Far From the Trees; make me an offer...leaving now to watch Josh Hamilton take BP w/ OKC Redhawks in Des Moines [over/under = 28?]; hope also to see Barney in the lineeup @ SS - will file report tomorrow - Ramirez to Peoria but we still get a one-game peek @ the reigning one-round HR Derby record-holder as a consolation...

All due respect Mike, but I think Rogers and Morrissey are poor writers. Rogers is the better of the two at craft, but also the more likely to create strange arguments and pawn them off as insight. Morrissey's reactionary hackery is more blatantly offensive, but at least has less pretense.

I could smile wide with Cubs coverage that precluded both. Throw Paul Sullivan out too, and I'd be downright giddy.

There must be hundreds of thousands of unemployed journalists out there--surely the Tribune could upgrade.

Screw em all. Just send Patton and if the game goes 14 innings let him pitch. He's been an all star last resort pitcher this season.

Mark DeRosa.

He's still a Cub, right?

he's day to day injured and 0 for 9 so he might as well be

LOU!!! He's back! The hat went flying, and then his spittle went flying as he verbally abused the first base umpire for costing us a run.

Also, Rich Harden would have beat that out by 3 steps. Dude's a gazelle.

I missed it! fill me in on the Lou blow-up, please!

Well, it wasn't the 2007 blow-up, but it was good to see him get fired up and stick up for one of his players.

The Cubs had runners on 2nd and 3rd (I believe) with 2 out and Randy Wells batting. Wells hit a grounder up the middle that the pitcher got a glove on but deflected away. The pitcher recovered and threw to first, but it looked like Wells just beat it out. Unfortunately, the ump called him out, and Wells started to argue. That's when Sinatro got between him and the ump, and Lou came out guns blazing.

First, he pump-faked throwing his hat to the ground, then went for it and spiked it into the dirt. He then got in the ump's face, and in beautiful hi-def you could see the little bits of spittle flying everywhere. He was careful to back up as the umps kept getting closer to him so he wouldn't make any accidental contact and earn his mandatory suspension.

Anyway, I think he got his money's worth, got his point across, and hopefully lit a fire under his players (or at least showed that he's got their backs when they get fucked over).

Too much detail? Fuck it, I hate missing games and only getting to read a bullshit recap in the Trib (at least when Trans doesn't fill in the rest of the details).

it was a bad call but that seemed like one of those  "Throw me out ump, I want you to throw me out ump"  shenanigans...

at least he'll get a 3-day reprieve on the Lou has lost his fire stories...

I am slowly beginning to detest Lou, but I have to wonder if this wasn't a crazy like a fox move. His pitcher had just busted his ass down the line (by the way, someone teach Wells not to cross first base like a girl experiencing her first pajama raid) and was probably a little upset himself. Lou's shenanigans probably gave Wells a chance to catch his breath and put things in perspective before he had to go back out there. If that was the case, though, I have to admit, our dipshit manager is one helluva (can you say helluvan?) actor.

He's been far more calm on more egregious calls, this seem planned in some way. He was relatively calm by the time he got off the field.

That is why the whole thing was lame.

to me, it was an obvious attempt to light a fire under his team. should he have gone out and argued? yes. should he have gotten himself thrown out? no. not against the last place team in a 3 - 1 game.

Earlier in the at-bat, Wells had hit a hard grounder down the third base line that was called foul, and the camera showed Lou barking to the umpire after he called it foul. I think he was genuinely upset, then, when the ump missed the call at first. I liked the going crazy move, particularly because it involved Wells. He's a young guy who initially was pitching great and not getting the results, and he had just busted down the line after a pretty good at-bat with guys on base, particularly for a pitcher. Who cares if he gets thrown out anyway? It's not like he can't communicate with Trammell from the clubhouse.

I actually watched the entire game, the first for a long time. To expand on the above, Wells got to the bag with both hands over his head, referenced in another comment below. He looked to the ump to see the call and when he saw that he had been called out he angrily screamed "you've got to be fucking shitting me!" Enter Sinatro to get between.

Camera goes away from the umpire, Len says Lou is running out there to get to the ump. Lou yells (like he's been arguing for 10 minutes already) "No way" , "No Fucking Way!" . He continued jawing with the umpire, with every word he slung his head back and forth . The only other words I could lip read were, "He was SAFE. He was FUCKING SAFE!" Another ump comes over and calms him down. He looked like an insane bobblehead out there.

the Sam Fuld throw from LF to get jack wilson at the plate on the freddie sanchez single in the 5th inning is a highlight not to be missed

...the throw was great and beat wilson but the cool part was what Fuld's body did to get EVERYTHING the little guy has into the throw. His arm was all about the throw but his body looked like a high diver doing a half gainer and he almost landed on his head. Bob Brenly said that was a max effort play which is the way he always plays.

Remember his crashing into the CF wall catch in Sept 07 at Wrigley including a throw to double up the runner at first, which was also against the Pirates.

Refreshing to see some defense in LF (opposed to the loping, hopping and fumbling we've grown accustomed to.

Len and Bob, especially Bob, just gushed about the play. Deservedly so, as his throw was a laser right on the money, but it seemed clear that Brenly was trying to show up Alf. I know he won't repeat last night for the rest of the season, but Fuld was all around outstanding. In the field, he made a sliding catch in addition to the assist mentioned above, a ball that Alf would not have come close to. He also tracked down a ball in Left-Center that Fuku probably could have handled, but Fonsie wouldn't have even been in the picture.

I would love it if Alf a couple more games off to let Fuld stay in the lineup. I know they could sit Kosuke, but he hit the ball great yesterday. Milton had some good at bats, too. Len and Bob said that he or Joshua (can't remember) figured out that he was closing off his body too much and leading to weak contact. Hopefully it's enough to get him going

per the cardinal tv broadcast...DeRosa not going to the DL but he's unavailable tonight because of a wrist injury


it is a long-time coming, but was glad Soriano was sitting tonight.

What a pleasure to see a very competent OF in LF.

Fuck that they wouldn't even have run on Soriano in that case, but it was pleasurable to see a leadoff man who actually got on base.

Cubs are 1-0 in July...THIS IS THE MONTH!!!

are you drunk?


okay, i've run these numbers for hours. i've emailed them to friends all over the globe. we've all put our data together and it looks like the cubs are on pace to win 26 games this month. yeah!

i swear to God i will kick you both in the nuts.

now cut it out.

unfortunately not...

4-game set versus the 1st place Brew Bitches and their ass pitching staff...time for the offense to wake up at home.

McClung vs. Dempster, Suppan vs. Zambrano, Looper vs. Harden, Burns(?) vs. Lilly

We coud be back in first place by Monday.


joking aside, if the bats are awake this weekend, the Cubs have the pitching advantage in each game by a fairly wide margin.

speaking of Yellon'd, i have an email to send you...

did you get yourself banned?

i sure did.

i even saved the threads. i'll edit them down if you will post them

as much douchebaggery that goes on there, I try to be the Switzerland of Cubs blogs...so I won't.

you're welcome to save them on flickr or something and post the links in the comments though.

hmm maybe a real website with some balls would post it you know like that one that called us douchebags.

you know i am kidding.

I must see these comments

They're not hard to find. They're in the game thread from last nite. The role reversal is pretty amusing.

Jeez, Chad, it looked to me like you wanted to get tossed.

now that would be irony.

and i kinda did. i wanted to prove, yet again, how thin skinned those people are.

Stop namecalling or I'm going to go home and tell my mom! What is the average age over there, 13?

And I always love the people who call someone a moron but spell it "moran". That is just priceless!!

Speaking of, how about this link, and the shirt the guy is wearing? Is that beautiful or what??


Heh... what a strange, strange place it is when Chad actually looks like one of the smarter ones.

Reading some of those comments really made me appreciate our TCR commenters. Even some of the douchey ones.


here is the best part, that clown druishdruid told me i was wrong. as in factually wrong when i said that bunting decreases the chances of scoring the run. although i was completely right.

Gordon Wittenmyer's opening line for his writeup on last night's game:

PITTSBURGH -- How might history have changed if Wally Pipp had a $136 million contract?

We'll probably never know.
...now that's well played


Yahoo sports reporting the Cubs have traded for Rockies 3B/2B Jeff Baker (currently on the 60 day DL) - link at http://tinyurl.com/l8jou8

Baker just turned 28 in June, non-prospect. Looks like a move to help the Iowa cubs with Jake Fox's promotion.

Jeff Baker = savior!

Jeff Baker. 28 years old.

.268/.322/.468 in 2008 with the Rockies. 299 AB, 12 HR, 48 RBI. In 561 career AB in the bigs, .257/.313/.458.

He's not nearly crappy enough to fit in on the Cubs middle infield merry-go-round, but he is injured, so there's that. Has played 2B, 3B, 1B, and OF.

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  • On the other hand, Pries won his first start for Iowa, only giving up two HRs in the process. This trade has got some legs yet!

    Eric S 5 hours 51 min ago view
  • KB now with 0 RBI in his last 10 games and 1 in his last 15, despite having 19 hits in his last 15 games and raising his batting average from .278 to .286 over that span.

    Maybe have Zobrist hit 2 and KB hit 4?

    Also -- no HR in the last 15 games -- time for a bunch. Starting tomorrow.

    billybucks 6 hours 7 min ago view
  • Down a run. Fowler on first. Nobody out. KB singles to left, Fowler makes it to third, perfect throw from Cabrera nails KB trying to stretch for 2nd.

    So, instead of 1st & 3rd and no out, you have 3rd with one out. It was a perfect throw, but why take the chance with 3-4-5 hitters coming up?

    billybucks 6 hours 21 min ago view
  • Must be a Cub thing - our lefties can;t get lefties out.

    billybucks 6 hours 22 min ago view
  • Splitting hairs, but Jake's pitch was poor execution, while KB's play was a poor decision (and the 2nd time he got thrown out trying to stretch in the game). Poor execution happens. Poor decisions are preventable. Speaking of poor decisions -- Baez's steal of 3rd made absolutely no sense.

    billybucks 6 hours 22 min ago view
  • Didn't Jake cost them the game with a pitch to Frazier?

    The E-Man 6 hours 36 min ago view
  • Missed the play w/Bryant. What happened?

    The E-Man 6 hours 37 min ago view
  • Not a good decision by Bryant in the 9th. That may have cost them the game.

    billybucks 6 hours 41 min ago view
  • Can we un-do the Montgomery deal? Please?

    billybucks 6 hours 42 min ago view

    crunch 6 hours 44 min ago view
  • Who is this Arrieta guy? Can I get the old one back please?

    The E-Man 7 hours 53 min ago view
  • Well, this is, once again, the whole season for the Sox.

    billybucks 7 hours 57 min ago view
  • ...and the Bryant RBI jinx continues in the 3rd....crap.

    billybucks 9 hours 29 min ago view
  • bryant's in the dugout filling a police report BECAUSE HE JUST GOT ROBBED.

    f'n cabrerra...

    crunch 10 hours 7 min ago view
  • chapman showing up and available tomorrow night.

    i'm sure he'll be a bit hit. hope he doesn't choke. dude has a rifle for an arm. he'll add a bit of punch to the bullpen.

    crunch 10 hours 8 min ago view
  • the 'crosstown classic' sure has lost it's magic with interleague. the excitement level is barely noticable...maybe it's a bit more hype in the city, itself.

    crunch 10 hours 12 min ago view