Passing time

The previous thread was getting a little long and I'll be with limited Internet access in about 25 minutes and I'm typing this on my iPhone. Let's see if this ends up on "damn you autocorrect".

The Cubs have strung two wins together for the first tine since 1989, or so it feels like. The second win on the heroics of Geovany Soto and Tyler Colvin (twice). He hit what looked like the game winner in the 9th after Soto tied it up, but it was called back on fan interference. He then later reached and scored the winning run. Hopefully it's the start of his season turning around.

I thought the most fun part of the game was when Q-ball had to make the decision with 2 outs and runners on the corners to walk D. Brown. Charlie Manuel somehow blew through his bullpen with the rain delay and all, and was now forced to either stick with the pitcher or go all out for the win there and pinch-hit. With 2 outs and the odds not that great for a winning play, he stuck with his pitcher who made the last out and then got the lost in the next inning thanks to an error by Polanco.

Cubs get to face the holy trinity the rest of the weekend. Hope all of your weekends fare better.

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