Still Nothing Happening

Alright, we all know Greg Maddux will get in the Hall of Fame on his first attempt in 2014. We all agree on this, right? There's not one person thas ever read this blog - that wasn't looking for porn by accident - that wouldn't cast a ballot in favor of Maddux if they were given a vote, right? So my question, which of the 539 or so voters are going to go down as the biggest assholes of all-time? I'm getting a little ahead of myself here, as the 2011 results are just about to come filing in, but I already know I'm going to be angry about it. The top vote-getters of all time are Seaver (98.84% and all but 5 votes), Ryan (98.79% and all but 6 votes) and Cobb (98.23% and all but 4 votes). So which douchebag is going to self-righteously appoint themself as the guy that won't allow a unanimous Hall of Famer in?

In other news, today's Bears game is going to be about as meaningless* as the one in 2006 when Grossman shit his pants in the finale against the Pack and then they still went to the Super Bowl. I'm fine with that scenario if it happens again, although the Packers do look like the sleeper/surprise playoff team to watch this year.

*Barring some win-one-for-the-gipper upset by Carolina over Atlanta and Tampa upsetting New Orleans (thank you dear readers).

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