There’s Still A Pulse….

Robinson Tejeda, RHP
2-2, 2.95 ERA
42/39 K/BB, 2 HR in 55.0 IP
Jerome Williams, RHP
3-4, 4.61 ERA
36/20 K/BB, 8 HR in 56.2 IP
LF *Matt Lawton SS #Jimmy Rollins
CF Jerry Hairston
Lofton 1B Derrek Lee 2b *Chase Utley RF *Jeromy Burnitz RF *Bobby Abreu 3B Aramis Ramirez LF Pat Burrell 2B *Todd Walker 1B *Ryan Howard SS #Neifi Perez 3B David Bell C Michael Barrett C Mike Lieberthal P Jerome Williams P Robinson Tejeda How nice of the managers to put out the same lineups as last night, makes putting together these previews much simpler. Unfortunately for the Cubs, Jerome Williams doesn't handle the lefties as well as Big Z normally does. Something to watch for in tonights game. I wasn't witness to the cardiac moments of last nights game, but by all accounts it seems the Cubs staved off flatlining the season for at least another day. Today they face what appears to be a rookie having quite a nice little season when you look at that ERA. Then you look at his K/BB ratio and the fact that he's walking 6.4 per 9 innings and you realize he's ripe for a drubbin'. Sure he seems to keep the ball in the park (no small feat at Citizens Bank) as well as probably being the benefactor of some outstanding defense. But if there was ever a night for the Cubs offense to remain patient at the plate, tonight would be the night. Go Cubs!


Barrett is, has been, probably always will be a poor defensive catcher and I've never thought his bat makes up for it. He is horrible at blocking balls, rarely makes a play at the plate probably doesn't call a good game and is not smart.

But we have so many bonehead breakdowns that you have to wonder why. Somehow either the players or not focused or just plain lax.

I couldn't stand Barrett's D prior to tonight and now it is should be clear that he needs to go. Damian Miller would be an upgrade. We should have never let him go.

Meanwhile. when the Astros worst pitcher shuts down an Arizona offense the killed us, and the Astros offense crushes a pitcher who shut us out last week, it's probably a good sign of how the two teams stand in comparison to one another.

5-0 Astros bottom of 6th

We have 10 games left against the Astros. It now means that we will need to go 8-2 against them to jump them

All you guys saying tonight wasn't nothing to do with Dusty's fault are missing the whole dam point. No, Dusty don't make or break plays on the field, Barrett did that tonight, it'll be somebody else tomorrow night. The problem is that Dusty does have a HUGE hand in the way the players play the game. This team is so fkn horrible with fundamentals its dam sickening. Its been happening for 3 fkn years now ppl. Any time bad fundementals keep occuring over and over and over, blame has to be placed on the manager. Why is nothing happening to these guys after these baserunning blunders, fielding mistakes, strike out with runner on 3rd less than two outs, etc... Well you guessed it, NOTHING! And that is exactly why they play as the enigma they are. Start holding people accountable (players) and stop worring about being there DAMN friend and manage the damn team! Who cares if they like you, do you fkn job and stop the MENTAL MISTAKES! Good managers don't allow there players to make mistakes over and over, year after year. Now i see why the Giants didn't want him back, how the hell did they deal with him for as long as they did?

I can't believe you guys are saying to ditch Barrett. Hold him accountable for his mistake, as im sure he realized what he did wrong and feels worse about it than we do, but to say we should get rid of him after this? He is a top 5 catcher offensively in MLB, this year anyway and although he is horrible devensively, he is still one of the "good guys" on this team, along with Lee and Burny to name a couple. I mean Lee was throwin out trying to steal 3rd late in a game the other day with Ram at the plate and nobody out in a one run game. Ram singled, burny doubled and they scored nothing and they lost by that one run. So do u guys want to trade Lee now too? That was a pretty fkn boneheaded play but i don't see anybody saying to trade him.

I agree with the accountability thing. Dusty holds no one accountable for their shitty play. No one is under any pressure to think through the game out there. Here are our Cubs, yet again, finding ways to lose.


"MikeC was wrong, and his ego the size of China cause him to look like a pathetic desperate asshole."

Kinda like when he said the SS ONLY covers 2nd for stolen bases...

He didn't realize that the 2nd baseman and SS give signals back and forth to each other to decide who covers the bag.

I'm starting to dislike this baker guy...

"Baker said left fielder Matt Murton would sit against Mets left-hander Tom Glavine on Friday, but will play Saturday against lefty Kazuhisa Ishii. Baker said he would try to get Murton at-bats, but he doesn't plan to platoon him with Matt Lawton, as he did with Todd Hollandsworth.

"We're trying to get to the playoffs, so we're going to play whoever I think the best lineup is against that particular guy," he said."

In case you didn't get the memo, Lawton isn't very good against lefties.

The article also stated that Nomar will start Friday/Sunday while Neifi will play Sat and be used as a defensive replacement. Hairston will be out at least a few days , no break, but he's flying back to Chicago for an MRI.

Well, Dusty's gut and instinct better be fine-tuned. I'm starting to believe he'll get fired if we don't make the playoffs. Let me rephrase that, I think he SHOULD be fired if we don't make the playoffs. You want to rely on who you 'think' and 'feel' should be playing, fine, but if this team fails, it'll be COMPLETELY on your shoulders.

From the archive of the Official Site of the Chicago Cubs:

2/17/05 Cubs Notes: Focus on Fundamentals
"Fundamentals was a word mentioned often at the Cubs' camp on Thursday, the first day pitchers and catchers took the field"

I didn't read the article, but my guess is the word came up in conversations like these:

"With Moises gone, who's going to be the group leader for baserunning fundamentals?"

"I hope they're not going to make us do fundamentals like we had to last year".

"I got a case of fundamentals over the winter, so I went to the doctor and got a shot and its gone now".

2/3 OF SEASON GONE TRADING DEAD LINE PASS, I BECOME A FAN. I will not critiza dusty or the players of the front office. There is not enough season left to bitch about. Let us look forward and say....

GO CUBS!!!!!

I don't care if we make the playoffs. I want him grady littled if we win the world series.

whats a worse way to lose. the way we did or to walk in the winning run?

"I mean Lee was throwin out trying to steal 3rd late in a game the other day with Ram at the plate and nobody out in a one run game. Ram singled, burny doubled and they scored nothing and they lost by that one run. So do u guys want to trade Lee now too?"

It was a bonehead play but Lee doesn't consistently fail on defense, and he's got a bit more going for him on offense than Barrett.
Barrett consistently fails to block the plate, can't seem to hold on to the ball for a play at the plate and rarely throws accurately to 2nd.
Ever notice how many 3rd strike foul tips he drops? These things wear on a pitcher. No wonder Z and Prior prefel Blanco.
Barrett has a decent bat but he really is a below average catcher.

Baker was livid over the lack of execution by Cubs pitchers.

"That's what we work on all the time," he said, "You can understand that happening early in the year, but later in the year, it's a natural thing that when a ball is hit to the right side, you cover first base. We gave them six outs in that [second] inning. Ö We gave them three out of four runs."


It's games like these that find me poking around the minor league stats, and I couldn't help but notice one E. Patterson.

Through August 2:
.330/.407/.504, 30 SB


Oh, last night he went 1-2 with a homer, 2 walks and a stolen base. Can you imagine what Harrison High's baseball team was like in 1998, when both Eric and Corey were just raking? They won the state championship after all.

I know it's only A ball, but I like this Patterson kid a lot. I don't think we mess around with this one. A poster above mentioned trading E-Patt for Pudge. I imagine it was probably half in jest, but that seems to be a monumental error in judgement.

Minor league stats can be misleading, but his patience is for real. He may not always have the average to go with (I don't know his BABIP, John Hill, but it might be very high), but as long as he's walking, ripping line drives and stealing bases--supposedly he's faster than Corey)--E-Patt looks to be a very solid major leaguer. His average seems to be for real, though, as he hit .326 in college at a big time baseball program: Georgia Tech. I'm quite excited and hope to see him in the starting lineup in '07.

The only thing that is troubling is the high strikeout total. 76 is a lot, especially at this stage in his career. He is a Patterson after all. It may be something we'll have to live with. But lots o' K's can be forgiven with lots o' OBP.

I like this Patterson kid a lot, but I remember saying those exact words five years ago. I haven't given up on Corey. I still love him, but that's another conversation entirely.

trade for pudge? hehe...if anyone wants to pay him he's pretty much there for the taking.

same for griffey..

pudge is broken and not the 10-million dollar man...he's all that when he's healthy, but that's about as much as mike sweeney or rondell white over the course of a season

I wouldn't get too excited about Eric Patterson. What I've read suggests to me that he's unlikely to ever be more than a bench player. Solid (but not spectacular) speed and defence, decent patience, pop rather than power, but contact problems, and at 22 he's very old for the Midwest League, so the fact he's dominating (.395 average on balls in play, by the way) is hardly surprising and you shouldn't read too much into it. He needs to be promoted to Daytona as soon as possible, I think, and if he makes it as far as West Tenn, that will as always be the acid test.

Trade him for Pudge? Well, that's not going to happen, firstly because Pudge probably won't clear waivers, secondly because we don't need a catcher, hyperbolic miscreants be damned, and thirdly because Pudge is an expensive and overrated player. But ignoring all that, I'd give up E-Pat for Pudge without a second's hesitation.

Adam and the whoever else was in the chat...

You do realize I was argueing just to argue last night? You guys were arguing back and forth about whether it was a SO or not you completly forgot it doesnt matter either way. All Barrett had to do was get back to home plate and keep Rollins from running home. Thats all I kept saying after that play. But ohhhh god was it a strike out, was it not? Was it or wasnt it? WHO CARES! Barret screwed up.

I was pissed about that and you silly people are argueing if its a SO or not. We lost the game did you happen to notice that? Sorry sarcasm doesn't come over well on the internet but I am glad I pissed alot of you off. You pissed me off argueing about something that didnt even have an outcome on the play. Barret all he had to do was hold the freaking ball and worst case scenerio you have 2 outs bases loaded.

Is it fun being frustrated by stupidity in the parachat? Now you know how I feel when you guys were argueing at the end of the game about something stupid. You deserve to be screwed with back. I got a few choice insults for some of you now, but I want this post to be seen, while the rest of your guys insults are deleted.

Tata, fun way to lose huh?

Lost in all this was Brenly who was livid about our pitchers not covering 1st base. Kudos to him. This was the most upset he has been on the air openly disgusted with this teams lack of fundamentals.

Brenly said the pitching staff should report for drills at like 5am to practice this stuff after Lee had to slide into 1st base to get someone out. And Brenly was dead on that this was a good way to get Derrek Lee injured by failing to cover 1st.

Personally the lazy covering of 1st base is just an overall sign this team has no heart. It seems Derrek Lee is the only one that cares because he actually is working for something, a triple crown bid. The rest of the team is just blahhhhhhhhh. And when you get lazy on simple fundamentals bad things happen.

Sickening game all around.

Arg I am still pissed and its hours after the game.....

Brenly was more critical in tonights game than Stone ever was last year. So does this mean the team will say Brenly is overly critical? Is there now bad blood again between the broadcast booth and the players again?

Brenly started off as "Dont say anything critical" and has graduated to "Frustrated, upset, and occasionally critical".

It is all in the team atmosphere. Dusty supposedly brought a winning attitude to the Cubs and in looking at the 2003 season he did just that. The other teams were choking and THE CUBS WERE CAUSING THIS. What has happened last year and this year is that the team has reverted back to its losing ways. No confidence, no energy, and always seem to catch the bad breaks. They are the victims. I've got news for you THE CUBS ARE CAUSING THIS TOO. We control our own destiny and I think the cubs are quick to blame injuries, bad luck, bad calls etc. As talented as this team is they should be able to overcome obstacles. We are paying them what 100 mil? There is no excuse for this team to be scoring 3 runs per game and there is no reason for any of us to believe this team is worth a crap until the offense can do otherwise.

"You want to rely on who you 'think' and 'feel' should be playing, fine, but if this team fails, it'll be COMPLETELY on your shoulders.
Posted by: Rob G."

Of course you're right, Dusty is responsible for the lousy play of his team. Why is this even controversial? Have the nitwits forgotten that when Baker took this job he announced that he was building a champion and it would take four years?

This is year 3 and THIS is what HE built. A chaotic mess.

AQC (post #218)-
Nice post...

Can you imagine how good the G-Tech team must of been with EPat and Murton together??

Wasn't in chat last night--but the game ending play was confusing. As it happened I too thought about a force at home...but within a few seconds I realized the batter couldn't advance and the runner at 3B coming home was in a straight steal situation--or advancing on a wild pitch/passed ball. I can see where people would be confused about it.

And yes all Barrett had to do was stand at home plate and look dumb with ball in hand...and it would have been okay.

As far as heart--you got it...the Cubs don't. Their heart isn't in it. These are the people who play like they really do care...Carlos Zambrano, Greg Maddux, Robert Novoa, Derreck Lee, Murton, Macias and Neifi....what is bad is half of that list consists of the best players and half consist of the worst....

I am one who believes (my opinion not based on stats here) that teams personalties reflect the manager somewhat. The Sox have heart....Ozzie G. has a LOT of heart....the heart is in every game. They play fun exciting ball...Ozzie promotes fun exciting ball. Dusty Baker doesn't seem to promote anything. He seems pretty well does his team. Baserunning blunders...getting picked off the bases...running with less than 2 outs on fly balls getting picked off etc...ALOOF....just like Baker.

Some of Lang Whitaker's column this week about what makes manager Bobby Cox great --- BAGS BAKER PLEASE READ!!

"3) Consistency -- This is Bobby's gift and his curse. Once he understands where a player is best utilized, he never varies, always using the same guys in the same spots. It's especially evident in his handling of the pitching staff: starters go six innings, rarely throwing more than 110 pitches; relievers generally go one inning apiece; righty batter, bring in righty reliever, and vice-versa. While it can be maddening to watch, his steady hand gives the Braves players comfort, knowing Cox won't use them where they can't succeed.

4) Show Emotion -- Aside from his vocal exhortations, Cox seems mild-mannered, but he's generally just one bad call from exploding. Cox is the leader among all current managers in career ejections, and he's the only skipper to be ejected from the World Series twice. While he occasionally gets run for arguing, many times he gets ejected for show, either to get his troops fired up or to keep one of his guys from getting tossed. Without saying anything directly to them, they know he's got their backs.

5) Surround Yourself With Greatness -- The Braves current coaching staff is stocked with three guys who could be major league managers right now: Leo Mazzone, Terry Pendleton and Fredi Gonzalez. I love that Cox isn't afraid to hire guys who know more than he does about different aspects, as Mazzone has certainly proved while molding the Braves pitching staff into the best in baseball. Cox's loyalty to them pays dividends, as it did last week when Mazzone was erroneously linked to the Yankees. "I've been under contract with the Atlanta Braves for 14 years, and I hope to be under contract with them another 14 years," Mazzone said. "I love it here."

6) Trust -- If you're playing for the Braves, if you're on Cox's roster, he trusts that you can get the job done. Earlier this season, as the Braves started calling up their entire minor league system, rookie Kelly Johnson got plugged into the two hole in the batting order and responded by going 1 for 30. But Cox stuck with him and he straightened himself out, and he's now unseated Brian Jordan in left field. Similarly, you'll never hear Cox disparage a player to the media. He holds his tongue, handles business in private, and as a result engenders a great deal of affection from his team. They want to give their best for him. And that's the best you can ask for from a leader, isn't it?"

5 back of houston and how many against the astros?



" For the first time in his managerial career, Piniella is using relievers in defined inning slots rather than employing a matchup system. Piniella likes Chad Orvella for the seventh inning, Joe Borowski (0.00 ERA 10 games 10 Holds with TBay) for the eighth and Danys Baez as the closer. ``I've never done it this way before, but you learn things,'' Piniella said. ``I like it.''

Maybe we need to keep a Dusty meter on TCR...seems to be he is the center of debate. He has his supporters and detractors.....

What if we look at situations and see how well the team performs...

One area to look at is situations where the team has runners in scoring position and no outs...or 1 out and see what percentage of the time they get a run in....If Baker's team is less than a certain percent...then he's failing..if not he's succeeding...

And come up with other situations we think are vital they succeed in. I think everyone would agree that runners in scoring position with less than 2 outs need to get home....any other least we could manage how well Dusty manufactures runs.


To defend Baker on Murton not starting aganist Glavine, he is a reverse split pitcher.


The reason I want Barrett gone is that he sucks on defense. He is Mike Piazza with the glove, and he does not hit like Piazza.

John Hill,

I think I-rod would pass through waivers to us. His contract is bad like you said, and all of the AL contenders having good catchers. The only NL team below us on waivers that would take a shot is the Dodgers. The reason that Gabe's trade would not happen this year is Barrett wouldn't clear waivers in the NL. The Dodgers would for sure claim him and even if they didn't the D-backs and Padres (assuming Hernandez is out for the year) would.


Definitly how we lost yesterday.

Or a Hendry meter up on TCR that states how many players he signs that are injured, get injured are seriuosly lacking in basic fundamntals that are learned in Little League.


A Hendry meter will be fine as long as you realize Hendry is getting a guy based solely on his past performance....

Dusty is getting a guy who he has direct instructional guidance and control over.....Hendry doesn't influence anything except getting players to the field. He gets them based on their past performance. What happens after Hendry gets them is Dusty's responsibility. We have all the data to analyze Hendry's moves based on the past stats of the players he obtained prior to becoming a Cub. If they were solid as pre-Cubs but start looking like foolish pickups once they perform as a Cub--well that then is Baker's doing more so than Hendry.

Jason Dubois watch:

Since joining Cleveland...
8-33 (.242 avg & .342 OBP), 5 runs, 2 HR, 2 RBI, 5 BB and 17 K's.

Yes that is not a typo, he has K'd in more than half of his AB's.

Is this at all realistic?

2 out of 3 in PHI
2 out of 3 in NYM
3 out of 3 vs CIN
2 out of 4 vs STL
1 out of 3 in HOU
3 out of 3 in COL
1 out of 3 vs ATL
2 out of 3 vs FLA
2 out of 3 vs LAD

Can we go 18-10 in August or not? Otherwise, it's football season...

If I-Rod's contract is bad, why exactly do we want it? Bench Barrett for a series and be done with it.

.. The Sox have heart....Ozzie G. has a LOT of heart....the heart is in every game. They play fun exciting ball...Ozzie promotes fun exciting ball.

There's no "fun, exciting way" to rock on pitching and defense, which is how the Sox win games. Their offense is not good.

Incidentally, J-Dub's player note in the 2004 BP book is something along the lines of "Sometimes, if these kinds of players get really lucky, they pan out and turn into Jody Gerut."

1st and 10

Post above:

"Tonight's loss certainly has to be blamed on Barrett.

BUT I think a whole lot needs to be said about the fundamental mistakes we've seen on the Cubs teams over the past 2-3 years."

As a long time Cubs fan, how I truly wish it were only the "past 2-3 years". Last night was a classic - chalk that one into your answer column for the 1 day (in probably 50 years) when the CUbs win the World Series and someone asks you, "but why is it so difficult to be a Cubs fan?"

I see the Dusty-apologist spin machine is working bright and early this morning.

I can see the memo now: Poor coaching and fundamentals lead to a loss. Make sure to blame Jim Hendry for getting the players in the first place and then quickly try to change the subject to a player who used to be on Dusty's bench.

dubois has also walked 5 times in 33 AB's

he only walked 7 times in 142 AB's with the Cubs..

He finds some patience at the plate and he'll be a useful player.
And of course those numbers are still better then Hollandsworth.

It's one thing if Dubois wasn't playing in front of Matt Lawton all season, it's a whole 'nother story when he's being blocked by Todd Hollandsworth. Same thing goes for Ronny Cedeno, being blocked by Neifi isn't the same as being blocked by Nomar.

I'll give Dusty the benefit of the doubt the rest of the season, he's earned enough victories in his career, that I don't necessarily have to agree with what he does ,as long as the goal of winning is accomplished. But it's the playoffs or the highway in my opinion. Your going to keep going against commom sense moves, then you better know what your doing.

Just an FYI....

Jofy Gerut tweaked his knee again last night...

So much for knee braces helping much. Man is that guy a knee surgery waiting to happen. He is the leg version of Fox's arm.

"I see the Dusty-apologist spin machine is working bright and early this morning."

I can see the constant over abundance of Dusty-bashers is in full effect at TCR again. Swings both ways Blue...:)

Why have we had him as the manager the past 98 years we have not won a WS? You'd think some of these GM's and owners would realize he has never won a WS in the 98 years managing the Cubs that maybe its time for a change. Damn you Baker....

I was going to post on Dubois's walking, which is halfway to Neifi's total and 2 above Macias's. Or about Hollandsworth. But what's the point, what's done is done. Now, all we can do is hope Jason does well, because he appeared to be a decent guy, and the Cubs got a decent return through the sequence of trades.

Alternatively, some may point out every game where he Ks 3 times in a "See, I told you so, IDWT!!!" fit of gleeful schadenfreude, because we're the best fans in baseball & whatnot.

Last night's stats:

0-for-11 with runners in scoring position.
Two leadoff doubles result in no runs scored.

It's not the Cubs--it's the White Sox from last night.

The Cubs don't have the market cornered when it comes to playing poor fundamental baseball.

Ron Galt-
And if he was hitting .500 and playing good, I am sure none of the majority of Dustybashers on this site would post about how Dusty never gave him his shot and look how good he is doing with no pressure from Dusty, blah blah blah. Right?

Again, door swings both ways...

If Jason Dubois' (he is a rookie by the way) performance since leaving the Cubs is relevant when we have no lack of left fielders (Lawton, Murton) to replace him then the outstanding recent records of relief pitchers Joe Borowski, LaTroy Hawkins, Kent Mercker, Andy Sisco and Kyle Farnsworth must be really really relevant given the deplorable state of our bullpen.

"Why have we had him as the manager the past 98 years we have not won a WS?"

It's commentary like that that makes TCR great.


Another thing about Barrett. How many balls did he let get pass him from simply poor defense on his part? The man has no clue on how to block pitches in the dirt with his body.

Between Barretts poor D, pitchers not covering 1st that game was one of the worst displays of defense I have ever seen from a major league team.

And to top it off we got a RF in CF, a LF with no arm in RF and a LF in LF with no arm. Yippe!

Had fun at Fenway last weekend, and at the Ryno induction.

Lots of sympathy (can't be empathy anymore) for Cubs fans in Boston, at least from the ones who talked to us. I said I wanted to be like them when I grow up.

I'm done with baseball-related travel for the year, and now that I've been to both Yankee Stadium and Fenway, I think I've seen all the parks on the endangered species list.

For being older than Wrigley, Fenway is in significantly better shape. Quite a fun place to watch a game, I thought.

Did anyone else hear Ryno's speech as a managerial audition? Sure sounded like one to me.

They very well might be. Either hendry, Dusty or Rothschild (or most likely a combination of all 3) need to be looked at to why they are not with the Cubs and/or why they are doing better not in a Cubs uniform. Same in my opinion goes for Alou. I know some think Alou is a crybaby and bad baserunner (so is the rest of this team)and bad defense (so is a majority of this team), but his offensive stats on a piss poor team without their stud player would look nice in LF this year.

Oh yeah I thought of the movie title of the 2005 Cubs:

2005 Chicago Cubs...A SERIES OF UNFORTUNATE EVENTS. Lemany Snickets has NOTHING on the Cubs.


" Now that Rafael Palmeiro has been publicly tarred and feathered, everybody in professional baseball is absolutely sure what steroids, steroid precursors and supplements are illegal - right?

Well, uh, sort of.

''I'm sure there's a list around here somewhere - maybe,'' Diamond Jaxx outfielder Adam Greenberg said, glancing around the locker room at Pringles Park on Tuesday. I don't know."

''I've never seen a (banned drug) list posted,'' Chicago Cubs shortstop Nomar Garciaparra said before Tuesday's game. ''

(by the way, Adam Greenberg tripled yesterday for the Jaxx)

The quality of pitches coming from the bullpen and bullpen usage are becoming huge issues.

Wuertz... Obviously he should be used against righties only. He doesn't have a nasty for lefties. He tries throwing the wicked slider, but lefties get a different look at it and never bite. If I had a dollar for every time Dusty put him in to pitch to a lefty, though... ugh... I'd spend all the money on hard liquor.

Mitre... He's a ground-ball pitcher and should be played a Wrigley more where the thick grass can eat up the ground balls (3.60 GO/AO). I'd even say, let him pitch inning 7-8 in winning games at home.

Rusch... is completely the opposite (0.99 GO/AO). He should only be pitching on the road and in bigger parks. It's no freeking wonder why he had a 4-hit complete game start at Petco... the place is huge. But you can't let a guy like that pitch at Wrigley, it's just *WRONG*.

Novoa... is sort of like the pitching version of Dunn (Dunn: See ball. Hit ball hard... Novoa: Get ball. Throw ball hard.) His best quality is the brute force he uses on the mound. Consequently you get a lot of infield fly balls. He'll be fine as a setup guy so long as he can continue to throw a strike on-demand.

Remingler... I like the guy a whole lot. He seems like someone I'd invite over for poker-night, but he's not been effective lately (meaning, since before the All-Star Break). Something's gotta give. 4.91 ERA isn't going to cut it in a tie-game in the 9th inning, I don't care how veteran and southpaw he is.

I'm done ranting.

Let's try again. I'll add bold this time.

But what's the point, what's done is done. Now, all we can do is hope Jason does well, because he appeared to be a decent guy, and the Cubs got a decent return through the sequence of trades.

Alternatively, some may point out every game where he Ks 3 times in a "See, I told you so, IDWT!!!" fit of gleeful schadenfreude, because we're the best fans in baseball & whatnot.

Part of the path to maintaining decorum and relevant discussions here is not posting the old debatables' one-game or small-sample performances. I personally don't want to hear about Dubois either way until the end of the year, and Manny, whenever you want to stop updating us on his whiff ratio, that's fine with me.

What you said, ryno. Please keep ranting. You are right on.

e.g. I saw Rusch pitch in Petco last year. He was tremendous. Shocked the hell out of me. If I were the Pods I'd offer the Cubs the world for Rusch. He'd win 15 a year for them in that sluggers' tomb they call a park.

Of course they'd have to forget about moving the fences in.

Ron Galt-
" I personally don't want to hear about Dubois either way until the end of the year, and Manny, whenever you want to stop updating us on his whiff ratio, that's fine with me."

Ok, man. Do I need to sign out a hall pass from you to get permission to post certain baseball items?? Let m ehave your email address so I can send you a preview of my post and you can authorize it...

Also, tell the same thing to the people who post constantly about Sisco and now about Farns doing good and about past trades people think Hendry screwed up on (Clement/Willis and garland/Karshner). It's all in the past...right??

Couple things from last night not getting much talk:

- The 2-2 pitch Wuertz threw looked like a stike. i saw the replay again this morning and it still looked good. It always seems when we don't get that called 3rd strike it comes back to haunt us. It happened to Rich Hill the other day and 2 pitches later he gave up a tater.
- Barrett thought the ball was foul tipped: "I looked at the replay, and the guy foul-tipped the ball," Barrett said. "The umpire called him out. I don't really blame him. The place was so loud. ... I was expecting a foul-tip call and didn't get it."

I am not making an excuse for him, because in is inexcusable, but just passing his quote.

On these pitchers we let go:

Willis: He won't be a excellent pitcher until he learns that the games after mid-july count.
Clement: Read Willis
Farns: A drunk who is succeding because he is far from a bar.
Sisco: When he let him go he looked like the a smaller shaq. 6-10 300 pounds. He was eating himself out of Baseball. Getting bascally cut finally lit a fire under him.
Hawkins: Can not pitch in Wrigley.
Borowski: We should have never let him go.

"You do realize I was argueing just to argue last night?"

Bullshit Mike, you pull this crap every week.
You argued because you have the definitive juvenile mentality that you can never admit that you are wrong. so even faced with facts, you kick scream and punch, and then leave. And then you decide it's cooler to pretend it's just a game then admit you were wrong and out of line.

Mike, how the fuck do you look at yourself in the mirror. I haven't come across someone like you since the 4th grade. Just a pure arrogant bully who can never be wrong who and is a flat out liar. I find it an absolute sickness when someone feels the need to try to show their manhood by picking fights on the internet.

I've told others to try to ignore your 12 year old bully antics in the past as I tried to think of it as a game...but the shit you pulled last night was absolutely unnaceptable to me and really went a long way to showing the type of character you have.

Be proud of yourself Mike, be proud.

Yes, this is a personal attack, and if the mods feel the need to boot me so be it. It's not ok with me anymore to have someone continually not take responsibility for their actions, and so I'm willing to go down in flames to ge my message across.

Even though this is the internet and you can hide behind your computer....actions have consequences, and what is a schoolyard bully game to you, is not viewed that way to anyone else.

Enough is enough Mike.

Good point about Willis. man I would love to see his 1st half vs. 2nd half numbers in his career. They MUST be night and day. He has been horrible this 2nh half so far...

Macias in center today. Should be great.


Lawton LF
Walker 2B
D Lee 1B
Ramirez 3B
Burnitz RF
Perez SS
Macias CF
Blanco C
Prior P

Rollins SS
Michaels CF
Utley 2B
Abreu RF
Burrell LF
Howard 1B
Bell 3b
Pratt C
Myers P

Who'd ever thunk you'd miss Jerry Hairston that much?

I assume Neifi is batting 8th?

Manny you are being disingenuous again. I was the first person to post about Jason Dubois' astounding number of strikeouts since leaving the Cubs.

You didn't discover that, you read my post.

But I also note that our bullpen is a shambles because we discarded a lot of pitchers who, it turns out, weren't the dead fish that Dusty said they were. Each one went to a different team and lo and behold each one suddenly became the pitcher

as the ALL-CAPS CROWD would put it.

If it were just one guy doing well, or with one organization. If it were with just bad teams with no pressure, or with good teams with hitting and defense then the Cubs manager and staff could be excused. But its not. It's hot teams and cold. High pressure and low.

The Dusty-Defenders really need another argument for the lack of progress toward a pennant besides "The players suck." Maybe he sucks.

I think Hairston must be hurt(??)
I dont dislike Macias as much as some fans here do. Macias gets on base decently and honestly I am starting to like his swing better than burnitz.. Yes burntiz. Macias is a defensive liability.. but wait a minute should we be talking about defense after last night?

I don't really care if you believe me or not Adam. You guys were argueing about something THAT DID NOT MATTER. Who cares if it was a SO or not. Barrett lost the game whether it was a SO or not. You guys argueing about the stupidest things and completly lose track of what really happened.

Try watching the game and understanding what happened. Barrett lost the game because he was stupid, not because it was a SO or not. I am sorry I pissed you off, but you guys pissed me off argueing about something that was totally irrelevant.

Adam grow a spine and admit you guys were argueing about the stupidest thing last night. So I argued back with the stupidest topic ever. Now you know EXACTLY how pissed off I was with you guys in chat last night. If you can't stand having your own medicine thrown back in your face maybe you shouldn't bother stopping by the chat anymore.

Oh wait I get it, you guys get to act stupid and talk about the dumbest things. But if I do it I am an asshole. Yeah, whatever, double standard much? Grow a spine dude, its pretty obvious your skin is so thin they call you "clear".

"Manny you are being disingenuous again. I was the first person to post about Jason Dubois' astounding number of strikeouts since leaving the Cubs.

You didn't discover that, you read my post."

I don't recall saying I was the first posting that or anything. I was just pointing it out. What post # was that post you are refering to? But if that is the case, I wonder why Rob G. and Ron Galt didn't respond to you, but to me then. Hmmmm....

Good job removing the context from that quote.

I don't see anyone updating the community on every Sisco/Farns appearance, and at least there's some relevance there in the ineffective bullpen. Plus, we didn't get anything worthwhile for those players, certainly not comparable to Gerut = Lawton.

Specifically to Farnsworth, sometimes it isn't analogous at all, because many posters bring it up in the "gee, maybe his issues weren't psychological," "perhaps our coaching is deficient," and other issues regarding how the team evaluates and utilizes talent. If there's something to your updates aside from "Hey guys, Dubois still strikes out a lot," I'm missing it.

But, on the broader point, you're correct in that I don't think these players' every success and failure should be constantly raised for the purposes of point-proving, as it wears on everybody.

I want some of what Cubby78 is smoking. Macias "gets on base decently"!? His current OBP is .303; is career OBP is .301, and he put up a sub .300 OBP in 2002, 2003, and 2004.

How is that getting on base decently?

No one has contributed more to the downward spiral of these comments more than you Manny. I have exposed you over and over as the mega troll of this site caught in lie after lie after lie. I don't need any more proof because it all rests in the archives for anyone caring to check it out.

I am not hiding anything for any poster to find out the truth. If you want to find out how TCR has gone down the crapper look in the archives and when Manny arrived. Good luck trying to explain that Manny, you cant erase that past or make it go away no matter how many times you go "Na na na na, I am not listening!"

I love you man. Too bad you classless, unprovoked personal attack posts get deleted so much. Just like when HAWK got booted from here, TCR will be much an improvement the day you finally get booted.

Finally others are seeing you for what you really are. Those in the chat last night and the night you were saying ONLY the SS covers 2B on steals were classic. You arguing against 15-20 people. NICE!!

In one of the articles on, it said that Hairston went back to Chicago today to get an MRI on his left elbow.

"'It doesn't feel too good,' Hairston said of his elbow. 'I just hope it's hyperextended.'"

Dont even play that game Manny. Your not even clever enough to come up with your own rhetoric back. Because your post 3274 is exactly what I have said about you month after month after month.

Don't worry Manny plenty of your guys posts will be deleted shortly. You guys complain about personal attacks but then you turn around and do it yourself? Huh? Like I have said before do what you preach or your just a pathetic excuse of a human being who feels he needs to tell everyone the rules of the game but never follows the rules himself. Is having a double standard your disease Manny? Or does retardation run in the family?

You know what they say about arguing on the internet...

I was paying so much attention to the personal attacks that I didn't notice we apparently prefer Jose Macias's glove to Matt Murton's bat.

Perhaps someone can help me... this is where people go to discuss Cubs baseball, correct?

I've said all I need to say on the subject of users, so I'll leave it at that and give him the last word.

As for pitchers improving after they leave us, you not only are taking tiny sample sizes in all cases, you leave out pitchers like Juan Cruz who have gone on to suck elsewhere. Farnsworth had a great couple seasons for us, lost his head, needed to go somewhere wasn't that the Cubs didn't think he had potential, it was that he couldn't be trusted in the Chicago big market media heat. He had to go.

Hawkins is a non subject, he has been medicore at best for the Giants, so you have no argument there.

Borowski we stuck with for 1.5 years after his sudden and raearkable drop in velocity. He was terrible with us this year giving up 5 HR in 11 outings and getting scored upon in 6 of 11. He has now played well for Tampa in a TINY sample size, but that's great for him...He didn't fulfill a role in the Cubs organization anymore and couldn't be kept as a risk during a potential playoff race. Tampa Bay has luxuries that we don't.

Also, what about some of the success stories like Rusch who has been performing significantly better for the Cubs than he had before he got here, I think it cuts both ways.

The key is to look at what makes the most sense for the organization...and the trades and moves all needed to be made. All of the names you listed had their chance with the organization (willis aside) and didn't work out.

If Murton is not going to get regular PT he needs to go to Iowa to get it. There is no need to have your 2nd best postion player prosecpt on the bench.

Finally someone wants to talk about baseball and something relevant. Bout time Adam. Just for the record I dont hate any of you (cept Manny), but you guys really pissed me off last night at the end of the game.

It should also be noted that Borowski is in another league. He may have some initial success but will it last? I havent seen his velocity, is it still the same? Because if it is he will not fool people for much longer. Or maybe it was Barrett calling the wrong pitches, -shrug-.

Can a leadoff double stop the bickering?

Can a leadoff double stop the bickering?

Not if you don't get him home.

Nope...once again, Dusty fails to play smart ball...

Man on on second one out...fails to move him over

Man moves to 3B with 2 outs...fails to score..


If Murton is not going to get regular PT he needs to go to Iowa to get it. There is no need to have your 2nd best postion player prosecpt on the bench.

How about there's no excuse for having your 2nd best position player prospect on the bench when Jose Macias is starting in the outfield.

In Dumbass We Trust

So you want a bunt with Walker who is slugging .473 and D-Lee?

Playing for one in the first inning ahead of your big guns may be a lot of things, but it isn't "smart".

Cubs have not scored a run in the first inning since they put a 2 spot up against Cincy on July 18th.

One fond memory of the Aramis/Lofton pick-up in 2003 was the immediate hay made in the first inning with Lofton/Grudz batting 1/2 in the order ... seemed like the Cubs were getting a run or two in the first inning every game for a month. Man, times have changed.

Prior is developing a nasty habit of putting the Cubs several runs in the hole by the end of the first inning.

So.. Ron said that Macias could have jumped the wall and more than likely made the catch on the Abreu grand slam.


good thing we have a midget in CF today...

Stick a fork in this one.

Yeah, Now we go to New York where we can watch another team pass us by in the wild card race.

In Dumbass We Trust!!!!

Mark Prior. Just get an out. 1 out. That would be a start.

Prior's opposing batter splits by pitch count are unnerving:

Pitches 1-15: .170/.204/.340
Pitches 16-30: .250/.359/.500
Pitches 31-45: .182/.237/.327

Uh, isn't a runner on 2nd already in scoring position??? Especially when your best hitters are coming up??? Please correct me if I'm wrong...

#293 of 295: By Bleeding Blue (
In Dumbass We Trust!!!!

Come on now, we can't blame this on Baker, can we? Don't get me wrong, the guy drives me nuts, but this doesn't make Dusty an idiot.


2 innings 53 pitches...WOOHOO!

I thought Kerry Wood was still on the DL.

I'm at work... can't watch (I guess I can be glad about that, huh?)

Anyways, what happened? Just took some time to settle down?

1st inning
Single,single, walk, Salami, walk, K, K, K

1st inning granny? Bummer.

Bleeding could have been playing off Manny's tendency to insert the parallel phrase into posts celebrating wins or good events that have nothing to do with Baker.

Who's ready for football/hockey/X-Games/Aussie Rules/Christmas?

Ryno -
Think the Real Thing would be interested in being a Manager???

Hendry must be fed up with Dusty's poor lineup skills. He's had to make trades to fix these issues including his obsession with playing:

Hawkins in the 9th...Trading him forced Dusty to move Dempster to the 9th

CPat until he was a minor leaguer, a good mgr would have benched him and then played him 1-2x per week and add to that if he performed better

Hollandsworth...along with the callup of Greenberg/Murton it implied that Holly need no longer be a starter

Hollandsworth...the above didn't work on Dusty so he went out and got Matt Lawton

Macias starting a game when he has other options, today the lineup should have had Burnitz in CF, Lawton in RF, Murton in LF (or even Holly in RF/LF for the reasons Dusty uses in the two items above)

Hollandsworth has value as a pinch hitter, and if one of the OF's goes on the DL. Macias has value as a 3rd pinch hitter (switch hitting is a niche, but in one day that goes away since Neifi will be the bench switch hitter). All Macias does is screw up the lineup with Dusty's usual double switching that bites us in the ass about 2 innings later.

Seeing Macias play in CF says that Dusty really screwed the team by running CPat out there until ultimate failure point. Corey would be a better backup and get rid of the 12th pitcher (Mitre/Remlinger) and get a backup infielder from the kidde corp (Jerry Fontenot)

My biggest fear is that we still have one more contract year of this Dustyball.


at least that gives Felix Pie another year to develop.

Thanks, Ron. I'm sure you're correct. I always have found the original rather grating. Sigh

The Cubs haven't scored more than 4 runs in a victory since July 24th. It's going to take 5 least. With Prior already at 67 pitches in the 3rd, I'm thinking 8 - 10 will be needed.

Hello again, Mr. 500.


"Bleeding could have been playing off Manny's tendency to insert the parallel phrase into posts celebrating wins or good events that have nothing to do with Baker."

No that is what I do along with crunch....get it right.

people blame everything on baker and then I sarcastically say when something good happens it is because of Baker...

One correction on Juan Cruz. He didn't suck last year. As matter of fact he had an outstanding year, with the best pitching coach in baseball. He does suck this year, but he is no longer with the best pitching coach in baseball. Farnsworth was having an outstanding year this year and then was traded to Atlanta. He will be awesome from here on out. Bottom line, with several other examples I won't get into, Rothschild is at best, an average pitching coach and most likely below average.

On the bright side... Prior is on his way to a 20K game. *roll eyes*

..."and get a backup infielder from the kidde corp (Jerry Fontenot)

Football must be right around the corner...

...the Cubs could use a good Center.

Pitchers and catchers report in about 6 1/2 months. I can't wait. I'm ready for baseball season.

Nice work Cubster. You forgot Hendry getting Gerut to stop Dusty from playing Hollandsworth and that didn't stop him, so he got Lawton.

Looking ahead to 2007 is sad, but correct if Dusty isn't fired at the end of this year. With Dusty at the helm, 2006 will be a throw away year, with Murton roting on the bench, etc., etc.

Re 297: Ron Galt is correct, its a play off an equally silly phrase.

Re 308: Manny, you can keep trying to sell it, but no one's buying.

Inserting "In Dusty We Trusty?" You've done that since day one, or time immemorial at any rate. This is the kind of thing that MikeC will have a conniption over. Which is good, we need sidebar entertainment today.

I'll add that Juan Cruz is pitching very well in AAA. Billy Beane, in a recent BP chat, said that Cruz is a starter in their plans, and that his chance to contribute is in the future.

Macias will probably hit a game winner today...just to bite this board in the ass and buy Dusty another year of contract extension.

two runs in's gonna happen.


...oops Mike Fontanot, Jerry's evil twin brother

There's another manager on the market:

AP-Orioles-ManagerURGENT 08-04 0019 AP-Orioles-Manager URGENT
ANAHEIM, Calif. (AP) -- The Baltimore Orioles have fired manager Lee Mazzilli.

There's a new post up with a fresh comments section...this one is loading slooooooooooooowly.

Adam, you're just factually wrong. Give it a rest.
Hawkins has been doing a fantastic job pitching since he assumed eighth-inning duties for San Francisco. He had an ERA of 2.53 in July (1.93 since the all-star break) a save and 8 holds in 13 appearances. This month he's been perfect in two outings.

Like I said earlier, in just three weeks Borowski has 10 consecutive holds and a 0.00 ERA .

To put this in perspective Wuertz leads the Cubs in holds with 10 for the entire season. Ohman is next with 9.

If Borowski and Hawkins can collect 18 holds in a time so short you can't comprehend it, then what does that say about the pitchers the Cubs kept instead and their 19 holds for the year..

Frankly, if you want to talk small sample size, Borowski's tour with the Cubs this year was too small a sample to justify cutting him loose.

Juan Cruz wasn't with the Cubs this year OR LAST and last year he was outstanding (50 games, 6-2, 2.75 ERA) for Atlanta. So why bring him up?

What? I like Mazzilli!

please reread my post again...i was not referring to the In Dusty WE Trusty comment.

This is what I said:
"people blame everything on baker and then I sarcastically say when something good happens it is because of Baker..."

It is toungue in cheek just like Blue, but when he does it it is OK, but when I do it it is bad. DOUBLE STANDARD. you guys are funny:)

Move onto the next post fellas and move onto a new topic....

Here's one, "of all the things to learn from greg maddux, why did prior choose to pickup on how to suck in the first inning?"

Comments closed, the management


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  • soler + hammel for mike trout is pretty much a sure thing. *nods*

    crunch 3 hours 44 min ago view
  • Not an inspired outing by Rondon. Seemingly got ahead of every hitter but had no swing and miss pitch today, slider had no bite.

    Somebody give Soler some smelling salts - yeesh

    Eric S 3 hours 45 min ago view
  • that runner scores on a single...

    The E-Man 3 hours 57 min ago view
  • So where do you think Soler will be traded to this off season?

    jacos 3 hours 58 min ago view
  • And right on cue he throws to third with no chance to get runner on 2nd so the batter takes 2nd easily. How long has he been playing baseball??

    The E-Man 3 hours 58 min ago view
  • Man you cannot put Soler out there late in games for Playoffs. Yuch...

    The E-Man 4 hours 6 min ago view
  • Such is the life of a fatted calf...

    JoePepitone 4 hours 19 min ago view
  • fowler with a triple in the 4th...he's a HR away from a "natural" cycle

    crunch 4 hours 52 min ago view
  • ...and contreras takes one off the hand and he's in obvious pain. sigh.

    he's staying in the game, though he's wringing his hand out during breaks in the action. aside from that he seems to have no issue giving signs or tossing back to the pitcher.

    ...and he's batting in the cubs half of the following inning. sweet.

    crunch 4 hours 56 min ago view
  • his collapse started on august 21st this it's a slight improvement.

    but wow, what a collapse since then...only 2 out of 7 can be considered good/decent.

    crunch 5 hours 8 min ago view
  • I'm really going to enjoy watching Hammel watch the playoffs.

    Jackstraw 5 hours 27 min ago view
  • The always combustible Jason Hammel

    jacos 5 hours 47 min ago view
  • Hammel :(

    Charlie 5 hours 49 min ago view
  • That was fun.

    Charlie 8 hours 48 min ago view
  • "home field advantage through the playoffs?"

    Except for the away games.

    VirginiaPhil 9 hours 1 min ago view
  • Eh, I read it as tongue-planted-firmly-in-cheek. VEB seems to have good heads on their shoulders.

    Brick 10 hours 9 min ago view