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SP Jason Marquis SP Matt Cain
  6-4, 4.96, 44 K, 34 BB, 85.1 IP
4-6, 4.44, 97 K, 44 BB, 105.1 IP
RF *Kosuke Fukudome LF *Fred Lewis
SS Ryan Theriot 2B #Ray Durham
1B Derrek Lee RF #Randy Winn
LF *Daryle Ward C Bengie Molina
C Geovany Soto CF Aaron Rowand
CF *Jim Edmonds 1B *John Bowker
3B Mark DeRosa 3B Jose Castillo
2B *Mike Fontenot SS #Omar Vizquel
P *Jason Marquis P Matt Cain












The NL West and Barry Zito proved to be the cure for what ailed the Cubs last night. The Cubs will look to continue their dominance over the NL West with Jason Marquis getting the start gainst 23-year old Matt Cain. Lou counters by mixing up the lineup a bit from last night, dropping Soto and DeRosa in the order and inserting Darlye Ward in left (Keep the ball down, Marquis!). Scrappy McFontenot also gets a start at second base.

Game notes fun after the jump...

The Cubs were the first team in the NL to hit 50 wins on the season and are only the second Cubs team ever to reach 50 wins by the end of July. The other Cubs team to reach such a lofty milestone was the 1969 Cubs.

The Cubs finished June with a winning record at 15-12, for their fourth consecutive winning month (dating back to last September). The 15 wins in June were tied for second in the NL with the Cardinals and one behind the Brewers.

The game is on WGN tonight, parachat should be rocking.



it may not be there for long but the mlb gameday has the cub lineup sporting Marmol as the starting pitcher...can you say typo?

the game preview says Marquis, but the gameday tab shows Marmol in the pregame lineup/boxscore

and Welly is into the 95+ pitch count range in the 5th, mets leading 6-3

Another horrendous outing by Rich Hill today, pitching for the AZL Cubs in Peoria versus the AZL Padres.


box score

Whatever the Cubs hoped would happen by sending Rich Hill to Fitch Park to work on his mechanics with Minor League Pitching Coordinator Mark Riggins sure isn't working too good (so far)

Maybe the Cubs could try sending Hill to the Dominican Summer League, or perhaps to either the MLB Australian or European Baseball Academy?

AZ Phil, in case you missed this from the other thread, I think I found what Rich Hill's problem is...maybe the arizona heat might melt that crayon.

Pie's back from dusty AZ and in CF for Iowa which has a 10-2 lead in the 7th. He also has a HR and a single with 2 RBI's in 3 at bats. Kevin Hart back from his concussion (I think it's his 2nd post-concussed outing) also started and pitched 3.2 innings of 2 hit, no run ball. Hoffpauir is 3-4 with 2 doubles/2 rbi's. I kinda wish there was room on the roster for both DWard and Hoff-Power.

DeRosa's batting 2nd, not sure about Theriot although even the scoreboard in SF says Theriot's batting 2nd.

Theriot scratched, Cedeno at SS batting 8th.

Gee...I sure wish we'd win 50 games by the end of July more often than wonder we haven't won in 100 years.

What just happened? Gameday says Fred Lewis stole home. That can't be right.

Not watching the game on TV but how in the f%&* did we let them steal home on us?

delayed double steal...Soto throw to Fontenot came on on a hop, runner at 3rd timed his move perfectly as Soto throw went through to 2nd. Marquis nearly at 30 pitches.

Theriot out with "stomach flu" according to Pat/Ron.

Thanks. My hotel curiously only has WGN in the fitness center, not in the rooms, and I've already worked out today. I'm thinking of just going down there and walking on a treadmill so I can watch the game. Annoying.

Final NYM 7, Stl 4


21-year old fireballing RHP Jose Ceda (he of the 98 MPH fastball and mid-80's slider) in six games since getting promoted from Daytona to AA Tennessee and being moved back to the bullpen & installed as the Smokies closer:

6 G
0.90 ERA
4 SV (1 BS)
10 IP
7 H
1 R (1 ER)
2 BB
17 K
.189 OBA
0.90 WHIP

Also, Columbian RHP Dumas Garcia (who was discussed here a few days ago) has been promoted from Tennessee to AAA Iowa, and he threw a 1-2-3 shutout inning (one K) in tonight's victory over Omaha.

comes from the Boise Hawks

Perconte, Coleman and Muller combined to strike out 18 Tri City Dust Devils. Coleman struck out 7 and walked 1 in three innings of work. And Muller struck out all six batters he faced to close the game.

I saw Garcia's promotion and was wondering about that. Was he sent to Iowa because there was a need for a reliever there, or are they fast-tracking him through the system? 3 levels in one season through June is pretty rapid movement.

Too much Matt Cain last night be followed by too much Tim Lincecum tomorrow.

Better win tonight, boys -- don't want to be draggig (yet another) 3-game losing steak into St. Loooey.

AZP -- you beat me to the puch with the Ceda update -- looking good.

So, The Riot is down with the flu -- and Lou puts him in to face 2 RHP who throw 95 mph? Goofy.

Theriot had the flu.

I had a feeling after first couple innings it would be low scoring game.

Fell asleep and woke up to see the ninth.

All the sports talk stations here are panicing about Cubs and how Cardinals are on there heels with pitching help on the way and possible trade for Fuentes.

IMO, this team seems very levelheaded and confident. They might struggle in July, but I see them stepping on throats through August.

Cain just had a great start, not much you can do about that. The good news was that Marquis actually had a good start against a pukey Giants offense. I think tonights game has a favorable pitching matchup in the Cubs direction, if Dempster can rebound from his last start. Hopefully Lincecum will make a couple mistakes and we can scratch a couple of runs against him. Having Ramirez back will be nice.

Yeah Dempster will be going up against Correia so the Cubs should have have the pitching advantage.

AZ Phil,
I can't help but notice how heavily Marquez Smith is raking down in Peoria. Do you have any predictions as to when he may see Daytona? Seems like it would clear the way for Jovan Rosa to get 3rd base time in Peoria and fill a huge hole at 3rd in Daytona.

Cain has a habit of owning the Cubs for some reason. I feel a little better about Lincecum tonight than I did about Cain last night, though they are both pretty good.

And though it was only one run, Marquis' first inning was treacherous. I was glad to see him settle down a little, but overall it was a pretty sloppy game for him.

It was one run on a double steal.

Marquis retired like 13 in a row or more at some point. I think he did alright. Could have been out of the first if Cedeno gets that double play.

And let us not underestimate the importance of the umpires generous strike zone yesterday. Rusch vs Trachsel would have been a pitchers duel with that ump behind the plate. 

Lincecum is tomorrow night. Correia is pitching for the Giants tonight.

overall it was a pretty sloppy game for him.

Huh? You watched a different game than I did then.

i hope we get a sloppy 7 innings and 2 runs every night from our starters.

Though it was painful to watch at the time, it was good to see the Cubs mount a rally in the 9th. Theriot even had a good at bat going, but it's not fun trying to hit a 95 mph heater in on the hands (with a stomach ailment, which probably left him fatigued).

But I do have to say it's getting harder and harder to watch Cedeno do anything. He had his one uber-flukey month before the league realized they didn't have to throw strikes to get him out. He can do that just fine on his own, thanks very much. As his plate discipline has evaporated and he's back to being hacktastic Ronny, I'm guessing his only value is in his glove?? Omar Vizquel he ain't, and the non-flip to Fontenot (who, admittedly, is no gem with the glove either) on the Winn ground ball just underscores his overall lack of baseball instincts. As much as everyone, including me, ragged on Neifi, at least the guy could pick it.

I have no solutions, other than to scour the league for a utility type guy who is a plus-plus middle infielder. Ronny ain't it and he's the wrong fit for what this club needs. After watching Cedeno for parts of three seasons now, I don't see a ballplayer. I see a guy with tools and skills, but a sub-par understanding of the game. And I don't really see him learning on this level for this team. Obviously the guy needs lots and lots more reps and PAs to get better (though I'm still not sure he'd be any good). Everyone keeps expecting McPhail to take him off our hands, especially with having a perilous situation at the shortstop position. Seems as though McPhail has his doubts, too.

Submitted by Dr. aaron b on Wed, 07/02/2008 - 8:45am.

AZ Phil, I can't help but notice how heavily Marquez Smith is raking down in Peoria. Do you have any predictions as to when he may see Daytona?

Seems like it would clear the way for Jovan Rosa to get 3rd base time in Peoria and fill a huge hole at 3rd in Daytona.


DR AARON B: I agree with everything you said.

Marquez Smith is in the same "class" as 2B Tony Thomas, SS Darwin Barney, and LF Ty Wright (all three position-players played at Boise last year and are now at Daytona), and Smith should have been promoted to Daytona when Josh Lansford got moved up to Tennessee. 

Why Smith is still at Peoria, I have no idea. It just makes no sense.

I'm just taking a wild guess here but I saw Smith at Clemson on ESPN a few times last year and the guy is short. He's listed at 5'10 from what I can find and that might be kind of generous. He could be the second coming of Jimmy Wynn but he may not be considered an 'A' class prospect just based on height alone. Picture of Smith

Submitted by SheffieldCornelia on Wed, 07/02/2008 - 8:23am.

I saw Garcia's promotion and was wondering about that. Was he sent to Iowa because there was a need for a reliever there, or are they fast-tracking him through the system? 3 levels in one season through June is pretty rapid movement


SHEFF: Dumas Garcia will turn 25 next week, so I would think the promotion to Iowa will be permanent (unless he sucks at AAA, of course).

Just as a point of information, the most common age at each minor league level for the Cubs is:


BOISE - 22 (50% 1st year players)




IOWA - 25

So if possible you really want players to be assigned to the appropriate level.

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  • The Cubs have released RHRP Scott Frazier (2013 7th round dfraft pick - Pepperdine).

    A Cubs pitching coach told me in Spring Training 2014 that he thought Frazier had the best pure stuff in the organization. Absolutely electric fastball & breaking ball combo. Other pitchers would gather behind the screen just to watch him throw "live" BP. That's how amazing he was. 

    Arizona Phil 1 hour 47 sec ago view
  • Got a chance to see Diamondbacks RHSP Zack Greinke (15-day DL - strained oblique) throw a rehab start at Sloan Park Friday night. Four of the first seven AZL Cubs hitters singled and the Cubs did score an unearned run in the bottom of the 1st inning, but then Greinke got serious and struck out five in a row.

    ZACK GREINKE: 3.0 IP, 4 H, 1 R (0 ER), 0 BB, 5 K, 4/0 GO/AO, 49 pitches (34 strikes)

    Arizona Phil 1 hour 15 min ago view
  • Eloy Jimenez grand slam tonight. Hoping Soler power returns and gets hot but future looks bright in the outfield regardless.

    Eric S 5 hours 26 min ago view
  • Have fun - It may be good for Arrieta to be facing a team that doesn't know him as well as the NL teams. A nice shutout would do wonders for his confidence. He is confident in public but baseball is hard and he could use a boost, I'm sure.

    Old and Blue 6 hours 6 min ago view
  • Me too. I'll be at the game tomorrow and would love to see Good Arrieta.

    Brick 6 hours 31 min ago view
  • Last few games have been the April version of the Cubs that disappeared completely the past two months.
    Hope they can sustain it.

    blockhead25 6 hours 58 min ago view
  • Don't sell yourself short, Judge.

    Jackstraw 7 hours 25 min ago view
  • I love this team.

    Looks like Mother Nature is trying to call this fight.

    Rob Richardson 8 hours 53 min ago view
  • Hey! I remember this team!

    billybucks 9 hours 1 min ago view
  • The key for Heyward's offense: get early leads. Heard a stat on Mike & Mike on the way to work that his avg/power much better this year when the Cubs have the lead. And true to form he gets the two run dinger with Cubs winning 3-0 ...

    Eric S 10 hours 28 min ago view
  • I'm sorry - I was probably not looking at the correct line, or spot, or...who knows!

    I could blame it on the weed, but I stopped smoking many years ago.

    Fortunately, I can rely on the rest of you sober and astute folks to bring the correct info forth.

    The E-Man 10 hours 55 min ago view
  • Oh yeah! It just felt like one for some reason.

    Old and Blue 12 hours 1 min ago view
  • Agreed. I was not including Fowler or Heyward.

    I'm just not a fan of 2016 Coghlan.....

    Dusty Baylor 12 hours 8 min ago view
  • @Dusty Contreras if it's a Lester or Arrieta start. TLS is good PH too. You also forgot about Heyward, assume Fowler is CF.

    chitownmvp01 12 hours 9 min ago view
  • I expect Soler to get optioned as well when activated and Cahill to replace Grimm. It wouldn't surprise me if Coghlan and/or Soler is included in a trade.

    Maybe Coghlan is up to see if he can get on track before someone acquires him.

    This move could also be to assure that we have as much OF depth as possible to maximize Joe's ability to rest players in September once we've clinched.

    chitownmvp01 12 hours 11 min ago view
  • Maddon basically said as much...Fowler still kind of sore, they're being proactive, etc.

    Tito 12 hours 13 min ago view