Cubs Sign 5 Arbitration Players

The Cubs signed 5 of their 8 arbitration eligible players today.

Baker: $975,000, up from $415,000

Guzman: $825,000, up from $421,500

Gorzelanny: $800,00, up from, $433,000

Fontenot: $1 million, up from $430,000

Hill: $700,000, up from $475,000

That's $4.3M total for those 5, leaving Carlos Marmol, Ryan Theriot and Sean Marshall. The three will file their salary figures today and the Cubs will counter. Marmol made $575,000 last year, Theriot made $500,000 and Marshall made $450,000. Miles guesses Marmol will top $2M, Theriot will go over $1M and no guess on Marshall but I would guess right around $1M. Always a good time to remind everyone that Jim Hendry has never actually gone to an arbitration case ever with a Cubs player...the last Cub to make it that far was Mark Grace in 1993.

Miles also says the Cubs are interested in Jermaine Dye and Rocco Baldelli, but it all depends on the price.


Theriot asks for $3.4M(dear god, just cut him), Cubs counter with $2.6M. Marmol asked for $2.5M, Cubs put in $1.75M, Marshall asked for $1.175M, Cubs offered $800K.


I don't really get the Dye interest - is he going to want to take a job as a short side platoon man? Baldelli would seem to fit a bit better - though he has a similiar skill set to Byrd.

At this point I think Dye is just looking for a job.

Look at Jim Edmonds as a prime example of overvaluing your place last season. Now he is willing to play for the minimum.

The story is that they're interested as the short side of the platoon and to give Soriano and Lee days off and it seems his market has dried up for DH or OF jobs.

Obviously they're only going to do it if he's willing to do it for $2-3M and comfortable with the role. Certainly with Soriano's injury issues and Lee's neck spasms, not bad to be covered if it falls in your lap.

I like the idea of bringing in Baldelli. He would be a strong 4th outfielder and he's someone that can do a good job if he's called into action on a full-time basis. I don't understand the interest in Dye. Isn't he basically a DH now?

What did Mike Fontenot do in 2009 that made the Cubs more than double his salary? Would he have gotten that much in arb? Doesn't a $1 million salary make him less tradable (or untradable)?

baldelli sure would be great, you just have to have someone ready as insurance as he'll be injured by April.

Fontenot also had a 2008 season, it's not like they just focus on the last season.

at $1m, he's either going to be good and they keep him at a bargain or he sucks and they option him to the minors.

no one is gonna care much about $500K between league minimum and his salary when it comes to a trade.

Submitted by Sweet Lou on Tue, 01/19/2010 - 3:54pm.
I like the idea of bringing in Baldelli. He would be a strong 4th outfielder and he's someone that can do a good job if he's called into action on a full-time basis. I don't understand the interest in Dye. Isn't he basically a DH now?

What did Mike Fontenot do in 2009 that made the Cubs more than double his salary? Would he have gotten that much in arb? Doesn't a $1 million salary make him less tradable (or untradable)?


SWEET LOU: Not only does Jermaine Dye have diminished skills at the plate and in the field, he has played a grand total of one game at 1st base in his big league career, so I wouldn't count on him to give D-Lee a day off when needed.

Xavier Nady has more experience at more positions (RF-LF-CF-1B plus 3B in college) and is seven years younger than Dye, but he had his second TJS last July and might not have enough arm left to play RF.

Rocco Baldelli is just a shell of the player he was three or four years ago (injuries have taken their toll), but he does still hit LHP pretty well and he can play all three OF positions, and he should be fairly cheap, too (especially when compared to Dye and Nady).

I still think Ryan Spilborghs is probably the best option, given that he is young, healthy, and cheap (he just signed a two-year deal for $3.5M). The Cubs probably won't have any right-handed hitting 4th outfielders ready for the big club in 2010 or 2011 (Brandon Guyer is closest, but he's about two years away), so getting Spilborghs for two years is probably a good investment. I suspect if the Cubs would give up Tyler Colvin and one of their young MLB-ready (or near-ready) relievers (like Caridad, Stevens, Berg, or Parker), they could get Spilborghs.

As for Mike Fontenot, because he is a "Super Two" with options left, the Cubs probably gave him more "big league" money than the other four, but to get that Fontenot had to accept a minor league "split" salary (probably around $300K) in case he gets optioned back to Iowa in 2010. (K. Hill, Gorzelanny, Guzman, and Baker are out of minor league options, so there is no point in giving them more big league money in exchange for a minor league split). Likewise, the Cubs would probably be willing to give Sean Marshall more money than Gorzelanny (maybe even the entire $1.175M), as long as Marshall accepts a $300K minor league split salary (Marshall has one minor league option left, while Gorzelanny does not).

BTW, if Fontentot is optioned to the minors in 2010 and accrues less than 33 days of MLB Service Time, he would NOT qualify for salary arbitration again in 2011. Instead he would become an "auto-renewal" player again post-2010, and if that were to happen, the Cubs could unilaterally cut his salary up to 20%, from $1M in 2010 to as low as $800K in 2011. So Fontenot is in a slightly different spot than the other seven Cubs arb-eligible guys ("Super Two" with options left).

And just as a further point of information, Geovany Soto will qualify for salary arbitration for the first time post-2010 (he has no minor league options left, so he won't be going back to AAA anytime in 2010 even if he struggles).

i don't get the confusion over fonte settling for 1m.

guy is a middle IF who is capable of 15hr/30double season...

even if some feel he's overpaid it's not more than 100-200K i'd imagine. those that feel he should be paid 400-500K are missing something when compared to peers...which is a huge part of the arb. bargaining (and settling out of arb. bargaining) process.

I didn't bother to comment on that. Why the confusion over Fountainout and nothing about Warning Track Baker?

Bengie Molina resigns with Giants...weird.

sorry Parker Posey fans...


for 4.5m for a single year you can't blame them.

Parker Posey? Huh?

Buster Posey - catching prospect phenom

I like Parker Posey as a nickname myself, like Esther for Fontenot.


hit 90, threw some breaking balls, 30 scouts there... he's throwing high 80s and has a feel for his breaking stuff.

the important thing is how long it takes him to actually get rid of the ball, but these kind of stories rarely give this kinda's probably the #1 indication of whether you're ready or not no matter what the mph is.

well thank you MLB Network.

tonight's Hot Stove show had video and commentary on sheets workout today.

harold reynolds specifically broke down his motion and speed to the plate in his mechanics complete with comparative video of him when he's in his zone.

long story short, his mechanics seems to be just fine even if the velocity isn't there yet.

I don't see anything surprising about Fontenot getting $1 million. I'm just surprised he got a bigger raise and is being paid more than Gorzelanny. I guess the amount of time he spent in the minors knocked him down some $.

im also kinda surprised gorz. came in under 1m, too.

hometown discount...

post updated with figures exhcanged for Theriot, Marmol and Marshall

I feel very strongly that this is The Riots last season in Cubbie Blue.

Wonder if he has any trade value next season?

let's all enjoy riot's last season and take it for what it's worth...unless hendry decides to give the guy a 2yr/6-7m deal or something.

he's not the greatest...he has no power...his D is average as hell...DLee bails his throwing game out regularly...but he's been quite a consistent deal for what he is.

A multi-year deal like that wouldn't surprise me from an organization that values consistency from average players and peaks/valleys from supposed performers. Plus, Cubs fans have always liked crackers to go with their whine.

Bury the racism until the season starts. :)

If he was kept as an inexpensive utility guy, I'm all for it.

I would rather have TheRiot than Fontenot, personally.

for 3.5 times the money though?

" inexpensive utility guy..."

Emphasis on "inexpensive".

Yeah, jokes over on Theriot. He'll really have to do something to get offered arbitration next year. Barney or Castro for ML minimum will probably be too tempting even for Retardo to pass up.

Submitted by The Real Neal on Tue, 01/19/2010 - 6:57pm.
Yeah, jokes over on Theriot. He'll really have to do something to get offered arbitration next year. Barney or Castro for ML minimum will probably be too tempting even for Retardo to pass up


REAL NEAL: Although he might not have the projected upside of a Castro, HJ Lee, or LeMahieu, Darwin Barney is the real deal, a genuine shortstop and a very polished player, and he is more-advanced than Castro. I don't think the Cubs would lose a lot with Barney in the lineup. He has gotten lost amidst the hype involving the others (especially Castro), but I believe Barney will be an everyday MLB shortstop and do a good job. Once he has mastered AAA, Barney should be able to replicate Theriot's BA/OBP/SLG numbers at the big league level, while providing more stable well-rounded defensive play at SS. Castro (and HJ Lee) will probably be even better than that (eventually), but Barney is no slouch.

That's the impression I get on Barney. I'm going to look forward to checking him out in March. He seems like Theriot without the "speed", but I imagine given 40 chances he could probably get thrown out 16 times too.

Riot can only dream of having an arm like Barney's

maybe 2010 will start the season with the DP combo of Barney-Riot, after all Theriot only has to beat out Baker/Fontenot and I'd like the bench better if Baker was the fill in and PH.

Are you the guy who proclaimed Barney the second coming of Derrek Jeter?

Nice throw, but it not like he's Shawon or anything.

Theriot is not a great ball player, we all know that, but he has at least proven he can consistently perform decently at the ML level - which is why I like him. You know what you get. If the Cubs can find someone better, I am all for it, but I am not holding my breath on these guys. Barney "mastering" AAA is simply not a given - that's why they have so many levels of minor leagues. Furthermore, Ronny Cedeno mastered AAA too (.355/.403/.518) and so even doing that is no guarantee of major league success.

The reality is that the reason we have Theriot is that he is the BEST shortstop the Cubs system has produced since Dunston. That is sad.

So here is to hoping these guys pan out, but again, not holding my breath.

WISCGRAD: My point about Darwin Barney is that he has rocketed through the Cubs system "under the radar" (so to speak), making it to AAA in the middle of just his second full season in pro ball. He has managed to advance along without having to repeat a level or fight through a bad year, and just based upon what I have seen of him, I believe he will be an everyday big league shortstop capable of essentially duplicating what Ryan Theriot does at the plate, while providing better range and a stronger arm in the field.

I am not saying that Barney will be a Hall of Famer or an All-Star, just that he is a definite major league prospect who is mature and polished, and probably very close to mastering AAA to the extent that he soon will have nothing more to prove there. And I further believe that Barney will make his big league debut in 2010, he will play SS, and it will be before September 1st (although it might not be with the Cubs).

The big point here that Theriot at $1 million or less is a good thing. Theriot at $3 million, is not such a good thing. You're not going to win with a lineup full of Theriots, having a starting shortstop for $500K allows you to spend more on other positions. The main benefit to having Theriot, is now gone, and unless he consolidates the skills he's shown at times througout the years, he goes from an asset to a liability from here on out.

Agreed TRN. Theriot at $3 mill is definitely overpriced. He'd better get on base more, and steal bases more efficiently this season. Nah...he's still going to price himself out of a job after this season, but who else do the Cubs get for 2010? Tejada? Blanco?

Well we're stuck with Theriot in '10. There may be a GM who values him highly enough to trade a RH setup man on a similar contract for him, but Lou and Hendry haven't yet realized that Theriot's value is gone, nor would the be comfortable starting a rookie or Blanco (and I am not in the Blanco can hit camp). I can't see how Theriot doesn't finish the season as the starter at short, unless he gets hurt or really really tanks.

Nope you won't win with a lineup full of Theriots, and obviously I agree that the more he costs the worse it becomes for the Cubs. You want to get as much production for as little cost as possible. But $3 million for an OK shortstop is not going to be the death knell for the team. Last year Theriot was .284/.343/.369 in what was a drop in production from 2008, here is some perspective:

Christian Guzman - .284/.306/.390 for $8 million
Edgar Renteria - .250/.307/.328 for $8 million
Yuniesky Betancourt - .245/.274/.351 for $2.3 million
Orlando Cabrera - .284/.316/.389 for $4 million
Rafael Furcal - .269/.335/.375 for $7.5 million
J.J. Hardy - .229/.302/.357 for $4.65 million
Alex Gonzalez - .238/.279/.355 for $5.3 million
Cesar Izturis - .256/.294/.328 for $2.4 million
Jack Wilson - .255/.292/.362 for $7.25 million

There is a lot of complete shit out there that gets paid a lot to do very little at this position.

Most, if not all, of those guys play better D than Theriot, and many have had pretty good offensive seasons, which is why they got those contracts.

Theriot has two or three guys behind him who given 150 starts would likely replace his total production for 1/6th of the price. There's no one else on the Cubs you can say that about, with the exception of Silva.

It's all moot, though. We're going to pay him $3 million and he's going to start 150 games, unless Castro or Barney do something to force their way onto the roster.

Hopefully Theriot will play well enough this year to contribute and keep his value up. Surely someone would be willing to kick a couple of prospects over to get him next offseason.

Then we can let Blanco,Barney and Castro battle it out for the SS/8th place hitter spot.

That is how MLB teams are supposed to use their farm systems.

Joe Blanton thinks very highly of himself...

Giants and Lincecum $5M apart...

"Mike Adams, SD / asked $1,200,000 / offered $875,000"

SD is going to have one of the best 8th/9th inning crews in baseball. injury magnet, but his stuff is just unreal.

he USED to throw 100mph...he still can.

he tried throwing mid-90s for a while in his mid/late 20s, but it still didn't help his control much.

a few years ago coming back from injury he realized if he keeps his stuff low-90s he not only keeps his movement, but his control is so much better.

the fact he can do that AND dial it up to high-90s if needed is a havok wreaking thing to have as a talent.

I know this is all based on comparable players rather than actual worth, but I don't think Theriot is actually worth more than Marshall. (I'm a Marshall fan, but not a Theriot naysayer.)

Was hoping you were talking about some other Mulder... shit...

some other Mulder... shit...

what is this world coming to? Isringhausen and Muldur not on the 60 day DL Money for nuthin' and Edmonds plays for free.

Levine just posted that the Cubs haven't actually looked at Mulder or even contacted him yet. They're just monitoring his progress from Cubs central.

More on SHEETS as well in that column he just posted.

I suspect the Cubs will end up giving Marmol $1.75M with incentives (based on "Games Finished") that could bring his salary up to the $2.5M he requested, as long as he is the Cubs closer in 2010. ("Games Finished" is the performance incentive used to reward closers). If somebody else is the closer, Marmol still gets his base $1.75M (an appropriate salary for a non-closer).

Stephen Drew just got $3.4M from the D'backs today, and that's the 1st time arbitration eligible guy to whom Theriot will probably be compared. So if the Cubs and Theriot cannot agree on a mid-point ($3M), and if it goes all the way to an arbitration hearing, I suspect Theriot will lose and end up with a $2.6M non-guaranteed contract. So Hendry really should consider making an exception this one time and go all the way to a hearing with The Riot. The Cubs would have a very good chance to win, and it would keep Theriot's salary lower in 2011, too (presuming he is still with the Cubs).

That would require testicles that Jim Hendry has never shown. Too bad for us though.

expect a Penny-like deal for $7-8M with incentives, Heyman cites Cubs, Rangers and Mets as the most likely...

using AZ Phil's info, Cubs are going to be around $131M to $132M. They could afford Sheets if the budget is $140M (depending on how they account for incentives), but that would make it tough to add their 4th OF and vet bullpen guy (assume $4-5M total for those two).

sheets would probably offset the need for the vet pen arm out of necessity. they got a surplus of youth and projects already.

They could also offer a lower salary ($5 million) with a nicer option year for 2011 ($13 million) including a high club buyout ($3).

Though if he looks to be healthy, like crunch believes, he'll probably make $16 to $18 million on a long term deal after 2010.

I'm not sure that I see it as a "need", certainly much less so than the Mets, but I'd probably prefer signing Sheets and two scrubs than blowing money on a mediocre setup man and Dye.

it would probably have to be a mutual option at a high buyout, seems like he'll have plenty of suitors.

Nady's my preference out of the OF names mentioned...but Cubs don't seem to want to pay more than $2-3M for it.

Miles indicated their not interested much in Byrnes and not so much Gomes, Ankiel hits from the wrong side now as they want a righty bench bat. Now it's just a matter of who will blink about price.

they rerun "Hot Stove" at 10:30 eastern (2 hours from now).

it was a decent piece on sheets.

Which brings to mind a great nickname for Ben if we sign him and he doesn't pan out. "Piece of Sheets".


How do these guys have any leverage exactly?

Because the starting pitching market is non-existant combined with previous success.

I agree. I think Dye's veteran presence is not worth the price. I would rather spend the dollars in pitching, especially starting pitching. The Cubs can move some prospects for a bench player and/or a bullpen arm. Frankly for the money I would rather have thrown $7-8 million at Valverde over Dye, and on a multi-year deal. On the other hand, Guerrero just signed for $5 million, so Dye may be using this as a base comparison. I think that Dye should get $4-5 million on a one year. If Hendry values him as little as I do, he may be able to get him for $3 million, which may allow for Hendry to fit both Sheets and Dye into the plan.

Mets interested in Pineiro, Sheets and Smoltz (probably 2 of 3)...Verducci calls Seattle and St. Louis as likely destinations for Sheets.

I'm serious when I say I support giving Marshall what he requested and allowing the other two to walk.

Andres Blanco would be a great defense-oriented SS. Other, very good teams have had shortstops in the Andres Blanco mold. Theriot is a lightweight.

Marmol? Let him walk and hope an AL team picks him up just in case he finds the strike zone again. Even if you have to hit against him someday, at least you have a strategy: don't swing.

there's 29 other teams who'd love to have marmol if the cubs felt the need to shed him.

You'd be better off giving them the money and then trading them than letting them walk--you could get some prospects back at least. (Even Fontenot could probably be traded without cash considerations at a $1 million salary.) I'm not on your just get rid of them bandwagon, just saying--letting them "walk" makes zero sense even if you do want to be rid of them.

I'm just saying you're talking multi-million dollars next year for players who didn't perform very well. Who do they think they are? Bankers?


The arbitration protocal takes into account more than just performance last year. So if Marmol were arb eligible in '09, would you be saying the same thing? The guy was unhittable in '08. He has the stuff to be a closer and he will find the strike zone again. Even if the Cubs settle at $2.5 million, it is peanuts compared to what other closers are earning in the league. Again, Fontenot is making a couple of pubs above league minimum and looking at what he has done, not just in 2009, but in his major league career, he is roughly around what he is earning give or take. Is it worth taking a player to arbitration over $100-$200k? Maybe in South Florida, but not in Chicago.

Other, very good teams have had shortstops in the Andres Blanco mold.

True, but then Babe Ruth came along and ruined all of that.

Yes, because Babe Ruth was an awesome shortstop.

(Paul Noce's Head)


Yeah, Blanco's OPS last year was almost equal to Joe Tinker's lifetime OPS and hell, Tinker's a Hall of Famer.

Submitted by JoePepitone on Wed, 01/20/2010 - 3:07am.
Yeah, Blanco's OPS last year was almost equal to Joe Tinker's lifetime OPS and hell, Tinker's a Hall of Famer


Joe Pep: Andres Blanco had a really nice season in the Venezuelan Winter League, hitting 291/353/430, after hitting 304/353/474 at Iowa and 252/303/341 with the Cubs. He was also tied for 4th in the VWL in stolen bases with 14 (only two CS) in just 37 games. Why that is significant is that Blanco was a Baseball America Top 10 Prospect with the Royals 2003-04 (he was compared to Omar Vizquel defensively, but there were big questions about his bat) and was even KC's "World Team" rep in the Futures Game one year, but he suffered a couple of leg injuries in 2005-06 that led to post-2006 knee surgery, and then he spent much of 2007-08 rehabbing.

Blanco actually showed a lot of improvement at the plate in 2009 (he hit as many home runs--seven--in 2009 as he had hit in his entire pro career through the 2008 season), so if he can also improve his baserunning and steal some bases, too, he could get more playing time in 2010. And he's only 25, so he might just be reaching physical maturity, and could possibly yet reach the potential scouts saw in him when he was a teenager in the Royals organization.

AZ Phil --

I also noticed Blanco's improvement in his minor league hitting stats and his batting successes in Venezuela this winter and I'm actively hoping it will translate into better effectiveness for the Cubs this season. Thanks for the primer on his history as a Major League prospect -- I recall you writing about this before but it's nice to get a good thumbnail reminder of all of this again.

I wasn't meaning to dis Blanco or his potential by my comment. I really like the guy and I always pay extra attention to him, hoping that his potential will pan out to where he hits well enough so we can witness his fielding brilliance on a regular basis. I just thought Neal's comment was creatively funny and thought I would riff on the theme a little (kind of like laughing about a Jon Stewart commentary about a right-wing Republican even when you're a hard line conservative politically).

well, i'll diss him...he's a singles hitting little shit who's contact skills are abysmal (unlike riot's singles hitting little shit skills).

meh...he swings at everything...EVERYTHING. if you're going to do that at least have the ability to drive the ball more than 200ft. or have some method behind what you're offering at.

Who? Jon Stewart?

yes...jon stewart.

Other, very good teams have had shortstops in the Andres Blanco mold. Theriot is a lightweight.

tell me all the very good winning teams that had Neifi Blanco as their shortstop over the last 20 years...

Why wouldn’t Randy Winn be a better choice at a backup outfielder than Jermaine Dye, Xavier Nandy or Rocco Baldelli? He is a switch hitter and a more accomplished outfielder than Dye or Nandy and less of a health risk than Baldelli. He could be the right-handed part of the platoon with Fukudome and be an occasional left-handed hitting substitute for Soriano and Byrd. Winn’s on-base percentage was unusually low last year, but he still hit 33 doubles and had 16 stolen bases in 18 attempts.

Randy Winn made 9.6MM last year.

HE is not on the Cubs radar.


Randy Winn is not a horrible option, but I guess it would depend on what kind of money he would command and how effectively the remaining dollars are spent. If the Cubs signed Randy Winn for a fair market deal, then decided to use gold plated urinal cakes for the bathrooms with the remaining dollars, the Randy Winn signing does not really do much for me. On the other hand, if the Cubs sign Sheets and add Winn as the 4th OF, it does not seem so bad. A couple of knocks on Winn are 1, he has the equivalent power stroke of Sam Fuld and 2, he is about 35 years older than Sam Fuld. Its all relative, but in the end, the Cubs can find better ways to spend money on a 4th OF.

Last I heard Winn was looking for a starter's gig. I would think if he comes off of that, he'd be of interest. Doesn't he bat left handed, though?



First, I am frustrated that the Cubs have already signed a 4th outfielder named Marlon Byrd and plan on using him as the starting centerfielder.

I am grossed out by the idea of signing Jermaine Dye as another 4th outfielder and platoon partner for Fukudome. Despite hitting 27 homeruns in 2009 and 34 in 2008, I believe Dye is still on the market because of diminished defensive skills as a right fielder.

Dye is actually about 4 months older than Randy Winn. Winn was paid $9.6 million last year and Dye was paid $11.5 million. Both will be age 36 this year and show signs of diminishing skills.

Winn is a switch hitter and more of a doubles hitter. He has only hit a total of 12 homeruns in the past two years. Over the past two years, Winn has 41 stolen bases in 45 attempts. He can still play right field and maybe even substitute occasionally in center field.

As a 4th outfielder, Winn would have more versatility. He still has defensive skills. He can bat from both sides of the plate and could steal a base occasionally. Dye should be a DH for an American League team.

Personally, I don’t think the Cubs should sign either Dye or Winn. I just think signing Dye is even more illogical.

The local paper in Monroe, La. says Sheets topped out at 92 MPH not 90 and threw 60 pitches in sets of 25, 25 and 10.

He threw free and easy. The Cubs are coming back for a second look next week.

The Mariners were so impressed, not only with his health but with his curve ball, that their scout is giving management a strong recommendation to go after him.

One of the radio guys here said Sheets "was gassed" in third session

I don't see any way the Cubs can afford him. He apparently wants at least $8-10m plus incentives. Unless Hendry creatively structures the contract over a few years (which Ricketts won't allow), or finds a creative way to get paid to dump Silva on someone, there's not that much money to be had.

Where are you getting the $8-10M+incentives from?

Last I heard was he was asking for $7M several months ago, and that the price has gone down.

I was hearing 2 years at 8-10 each.



Clever marketing. It's probably expensive. If I had a smaller lawn and the time to replant I'd probably look into it.

no one is giving Sheets two guaranteed years without some sort of injury escape clause no matter how he looks right now.

1/7.5-8 with incentives and maybe a mutual option with a high buyout.

I remember hearing $10m or so around Christmas but no one believed it cuz they hadn't seen him throw. I did hear the $7m as well. Then there's these:

Sources close to the Cubs (the first major player in the Ben Sheets sweepstakes) put his asking price in the $10-$12 million per season range.

I know that's Bleacher Report, so take it for what it's worth.

I'm not so sure the price has gone down. If he's hitting low 90s with great movement and is at 50-60 pitches now, he's going to have people very interested. Maybe not $10 million, but closer to his original asking price of $7-8.

Looks like those pesky Wrigley Field squirrels have been vacationing in LA this winter...

that's a real fancy way to sell kentucky bluegrass seed at 2-3x the price to replicate people who lay sod of the stuff rather than seed.

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  • coghlan his cleats stuck in the wall attempting a play (failed, but looked great doing it). walking off on his own, precautionary/day-to-day looking stuff...hopefully not worse.

    also, jake arrieta is literally worse than hitler. 1-5, bottom 5. ...make that 1-6, bottom 5. ...make that 1-7, bottom 5.

    crunch 5 hours 39 min ago view
  • Coghlan crashes into wall and comes up limping, looks like left knee or ankle. Leaves game...

    Arrieta inspiring no confidence yet again.

    Rob G. 5 hours 46 min ago view
  • from a sun-times article that I won't link to so you don't have to bear the ad-loading that will crush your browser

    When he left Boston after nine years as general manager, Epstein said he believed in the philosophy espoused by legendary football coach Bill Walsh: essentially that 10 years is a natural shelf life for a high-stress job.

    Rob G. 5 hours 48 min ago view