The 2011 Cubs Season So Far...

This has been a pretty draining.
I only have the energy for this drawing and to ask the Cubs to please play the kids.
With all the injuries, it's like you have the perfect excuse.
And it would also be the right thing.
I'm glad Blake DeWitt got 3 hits yesterday, but I also could care less.
There are real outfielders from the future sitting on the bench.

Let 'em play. 


"I only have the energy for this drawing and to ask the Cubs to please play the kids."

What about Jeff Baker, Dewitt and Koyie Hill?
Don't they deserve something?

Trades to contenders alla Mike Fountainout last year... Hill, probably a contender in the Easstern League.

Montanez and Snyder are pretend prospects in the same way that Hill is a pretend backup catcher. I really don't care if DeWitt stands in LF until Brett Jackson is ready to come up, which I suspect is around the All Star break.

Then DeWitt and his new found flexibility can be traded to whichever NL West or AL West team needs a utility guy.

In September, the outfield should be primarily Jackson, Camapana and Colvin from left to right, with Soriano playing 2-3 days a week and Jackson moving to center or right on those days.

Who does the organization have as a prospect (besides Colvin) with enough of an arm to play RF?

Why are so many people excited about bringing up Jackson? He hasn't done anything yet to suggest he's ready.

Chuck...what exactly will Brett Jackson have to do to show that he's ready?

More important, what will Brett Jackson have to do to show that he's a better option than Brad Synder, of the .437 OPS last year, or than Bryan LaHair, of the 2008 .250/.315/.346 slashline with Seattle?

Get his average up north of .300 and cut down on strikeouts. I hope he is the second coming of Babe Ruth but a guy hitting 280 in AA is probably going to be eaten alive in the bigs

ok..his BA is only .284 this season....but his OBP is .408....and he has 24 walks to go with his 33 K's..
This isn't like he's been hitting .260/.330/.420 and they're saying he's ready. If he came up and did even that and played solid "D" I'd take it for a rookie.

Probably strike out less often or hit for more power.

He's K'd once every 4.27 PAs in AA and hits one HR per 34 at bats. For comparison, Corey Patterson K'd once per 4.40 PAs and homered once per 20 at bats.

I understand the temptation, but no, he has not proven he's ready to hit MLB pitching.

I of course...would like to see Jackson have a full season at AA. If he were to come up after the AS break? And the Cubs were still where they are now...going nowhere?
Also for comparison:
Patterson in AA (506PA's): .261/.338/.491, 22HR, 82 RBI, 45BB/115K's, 27 steals,14 caught

Jackson in AA (411 PA's): .279/.381/.477, 10 HR, 45 RBI, 54BB/96 K's, 31 steals,6 caught

BABIP, learn it, live it, love it.

And the Cubs were still where they are now...going nowhere?

Let's see what he's doing then, but really the organization would be better served to let Jackson stay in the minors for at least this year, and probably most of next. I'd certainly rather watch him play than DeWitt and Fukudome, but he's going to struggle mightiliy in the majors, based on how often he's K'ing in AA. at what point do Jackson's positive numbers in the minors show that he's ready to get a shot in the majors? What sample size? Does he need to cut down on his K's? Sure.....most young players do. Does his .401 career OBP in the minors factor ar all? Minor league numbers are just that.....but it's what we have to go on. I have no idea if Jackson will ever be a successful MLB player....but I do know that it looks like, looking at his numbers, that he gets on base...k's more than I'd like...has some pop, and can steal some bases. I give up....bring up Bobby Scales...screw it...

Call me crazy, but I'd like him to strike out less or hit home runs more often than a guy considered one of the bigger flops the Cubs have produced.

We've already got Colvin and Campana ahead of him on the depth chart, what's the great rush to get him to the majors, other than to make you feel like there's some hope?

Let him graduate to AAA, while not being mislead by a unsustainably high BABIP, have him continue to develop his power and plate discipline and bring him up when he's likely to make meaningful contributions.

That way you get a good player for less money, and you can spend the money elsewhere, like on $3.5 million mop-up men and $14 million platoon outfielders.

Neal....I said before...."I of course would like him to have a full season at AA...."

But is he is playing well at AA...and the Cubs are out of it in the second half? How long in his minor league career does a player have to play before it's not just "unsustainable BABIP?" 1000 PA'S? 1500?
Plate discipline? A .403 OBP in 972 PA's.
I agree to disagree here Neal.....
Maybe Byrd will come back healthy, so this discussion will be moot, or Campana will play well enough to hold down the fort.

"How long in his minor league career does a player have to play before it's not just "unsustainable BABIP?" 1000 PA'S? 1500?"

To have a .365 BABIP and think they're going to carry that through to the majors? Show me a guy who hits left handed, has world class speed and sprays line drives (about 25% LD) around to all fields and I could believe it. Other than that, it's not possible. It hasn't been possible for 10,000 MLB hitters, so guess what? It's not possible for Brett Jackson, or Tony Campana or anyone else.

Otherwise, knock .030 off their BA and OBP and .050 of their slugging and tell yourself if you're still excited about them getting called up.

Not only are major league pitchers a lot better than the minor leaguers, but the fielders are better, and advance scouting puts them in better position. A chunk of those doubles and triples that Jackson is hitting now are just exciting outs when he gets to the bigs.

Jackson hits the ball hard, and has hit a lot of line drives, and is fast, all things that would make you think a higher BABIP for him is in the works - just not that much higher, maybe he comes in at .320 or .330 in the bigs. It's not going to be .360+.

Look at Ichrio's 2004 and 2005 seasons for a really good example of what BABIP "luck" can do.

Let me get this straight:
MLB pitchers are better than pitchers in the minors?

Ok. Thanks Neal. I hope that someday, Jackson gets it...and becomes a decent player.

OK, you're right. Jackson will come up to the majors and hit .265.

Sure, Castro made the same jump last year and lost .076 points in batting average and twice that in slugging but "Magic" Jackson will only drop .015 in batting average.

He is the Cubs #1 positional player prospect, so no reason to think he may be overhyped or anything... nah, that would never happen.

Jackson is hitting .301 for his career in the minors. His OBP is .403.
So naturally, it's all due to unsustainable BABIP, and he will hit .240/.320/.380 in the majors.

Oh..and of course Castro=Jackson. Castro had an other worldly start at AA that year. Did anyone really think that he would come up and hit .375/.420/.560? Of course not.... In 243 PA's in AA, he hit .332/.384/.482. Jackson in 411 PA's in AA is hitting .279/.381/.477...but Jackson is a mirage, and Castro is the goods. Got it.

Here's the point you're not getting:

"Did anyone really think that he would come up and hit .375/.420/.560?"

No, but you apparently thought he would hit .355 .400 .500.

Did he? Or did his numbers take a hit due to a lower BABIP, and striking out more, just like every other fucking hitter for 120 years?

From Baseball Prospectus on BABIP:

"BABIP is mostly a function of a pitcher's defense and luck, rather than persistent skill. Thus, pitchers with abnormally high or low BABIPs are good bets to see their performances regress to the mean. A typical BABIP is about .300."


It doesn't matter what Jackson's career BABIP in the minors is, the MLB average for 120 years is right around .300. A player's BABIP can vary perhaps .020-.030 points in either direction, but normally more than that and they're having a lot of luck or bad luck and should come back to the norm during the season. TRN already pointed out many of the reasons that guys don't have .365 career BABIP in the majors.

Pujols career BABIP: .312
ARod career BABIP: .318

Is Brett Jackson going to demolish ARod and Pujols' MLB production? No. Should he stay in the minors longer or come up soon? That's a different argument than projecting his future MLB success based on his minor league BABIP numbers.

Jackson has only 800 career minor league AB's, and about 350 in AA. I'd like to see him get more minor league experience before coming up here, especially since Q isn't going to play him everyday if Soriano/Byrd/Fukudome are healthy and on the team.

We've seen so many Cubs prospects flame out here through mishandling. I'd rather let Jackson's production show us when he's ready. Maybe around the all-star break he could move up to Iowa. If he tears up Iowa the 2nd half of the season, then he could get a shot up here, but only if he's going to get to play almost everyday. Sitting on the bench here for long periods like Colvin did earlier this season doesn't help.

And who knows, Colvin might be another bust. But I can bet that next year's OF has Soriano in LF and Byrd in CF, unless Byrd is traded. Who plays RF is anyone's guess.

"We've seen so many Cubs prospects flame out here through mishandling."


Corey Patterson has had over 4000 PAs in the majors now, and has had plenty of handling by other organizations. What you see is what you get: .255/.294/.407/.700. His tools--especially his speed--have allowed him to hang on, which is the secret of tools anyway: they get you noticed and give you a better shot than the next guy. But he's just not a good hitter.

Same with Pie. So what if he finally figures it out next year or whenever? You can't keep a guy that long, there are rules about that.

Forget those guys, and I would say forget Colvin, too, unless the light bulb goes on inside his own head in the next year or so.

The common theme with each of those guys???????

Terrible plate discipline. Or "The tool the Cubs have never heard of?" as I like to call it.

"Who does the organization have as a prospect (besides Colvin) with enough of an arm to play RF?"

AZ Phil has seen these guys throw, so give him the last word, but outfielders who have played mostly RF in their careers are Snyder, Spencer, Nelson Perez and Burgess. They all have a respectable number of assists from right. Burgess, we know has a gun. So does Ha, but he can also play center and has been mostly there this season.

Ha has a ton of outfield assists. I suspect he is more of a corner OF.

Ha to me actually sounds a lot like Marlon Byrd... Fringy CF range, can hit the ball with some power, but is not going to take walks. His strong arm is probably the only thing that would separate his "projection" from what Marlon Byrd does.

Well, it's official. Tom Verducci doesn't think the Cubs have it in them this year...

Two months in... I agree. No magical comeback. This team is crap.

"Up to this point it's nothing but positives,'' Sandberg said in a phone interview from the team's ballpark in Allentown, Pa. "It's just a very good working relationship. Tremendous communication as an organization. Everybody's in it for the same thing and everybody feels part of it."

says Sandberg's team is 11 games over .500 right now

Based on BR average ages, Lehigh Valley looks like the oldest team in triple A. So it's not heaven for a manager.

you mean like 24-13, for instance?

Sandberg is working magic. The Lehigh Valley Iron Pigs have never finished a season above .500*

*team started in 2008

.134	5.4%	10.9%	.399	50%	19%	26	4.78	.380	117	135
.278	11.9%	17.5%	.339	52%	10%	28	5.32	.411	126	161

so which one deserved the call-up (age 23 vs. age 25)? that LeMahieu vs. Flaherty?

The last two hitters the Cubs added to the 40 man had a BABIP of .423 and .399 in roughly two months of minor league games...

When is our owner going to look at The Red Sox and the Rays and say "What does their front office understand that ours doesn't?" I hope it's soon.

it is

See Deck Chairs : Titanic. I don't disagree, but I can't muster any energy at this point to care.

I've been saying for years that there needs to be a change in the organizational culture of the Cubs. I thought Sandberg at manager--whether he was better or worse tactically than other managers--might at least have a chance at doing that. I was disappointed when he wasn't hired. At this point, I'd love to see an All-Star break massive firing of Hendry, Quade, and others at the top, and replacing them with outsiders who can bring new ways of thinking to the franchise.

At this point, I'd love to see an All-Star break massive firing of Hendry, Quade, and others at the top, and replacing them with outsiders who can bring new ways of thinking to the franchise.

Where do I sign that petition? I guess I am doing it by not showing up for the tickets I didn't buy in the first place.

A couple of weeks ago I said that LeMahieu and Flaherty were in each other's way at Tennessee and one of them would be promoted. LeMahieu was headed for Iowa but was rerouted to Chicago when Baker went on the DL.

My pros and cons were that Flaherty was older and had better offensive numbers, but that he had hit his head a couple of times when trying to get to the next level. He had a tough time after his promotion to Tenn last year, but he also started the season slowly at Daytona. Then in the AFL he slugged .305 with 3 XBH's in 82 at bats.

LeMahieu is a year behind Flaherty but has been very comfortable, almost Castro-like, on the fast track. LeMahieu skipped Boise and did his half-season at Peoria. Daytona was his first full pro season. Now he's leading the league in hits at Tennessee.

(It's true, I must admit, that all but two of those hits came on "balls in play.")

Also, LeMahieu was a righty hitter replacing Baker.

Flaherty's near the front of the line, don't worry. Fukudome and Ramirez should both take their turns on the DL pretty soon.

Colvin back up, Soriano to DL

current DL list:
Baker, Johnson, Byrd, Soriano, Garza, Cashner and Schlitter

word for now is Soriano should be back in 15 days

How long has it been since Baker played?

I wonder where LeeMayWho goes when Baker comes back.

Saturday, can play again on June 12th.

Johnson played on May 25th, so June 9th for him.

Iowa. Lemahieu had been promoted to Iowa just a couple of hours before the Cubs called him up.

Sickels from yesterday

has Bubba Starling to Cubs, had Francisco Lindor in his previous mock draft

if bubba starling lasts that long i'd be shocked and amazed.

he's good, but if he lasts til the cubs it's all about someone not wanting to give him $$ and the cubs wanting to give him $$.

the cubs love him and he's worked out at wrigley before, but meh...

Yuck... I want Mikie Mahtook!

Keith Law said something along the lines of the Cubs sent a small army of scouts to watch George Springer at the Big East Tourny.

I don't have the link. MLBTradeRumors does a little draft following, which is where I saw it.

MLBTR does 1 thing...stealing everyone else's news and putting it in 1 place.

at least they don't pretend they're breaking the news from their "sources" anymore rather that just stealing credit like they were doing....and at least they're not mass spamming their site to every baseball site on the planet, too.

You want Mikie Mahtook over Bubba Starling? Mahtook is a lesser version of Brett Jackson, and BJax doesn't even project to be a superstar.

Bubba Starling has the highest ceiling in the draft. Given that really our only needs in the farm system are middle of the order hitters and TOR pitchers, I wouldn't complain one bit if we took a chance on this enormous talent.

You're talking about Bubba Starling or Ryan Harvey?

I'd compare Mahtook more to a Kotsay than Jackson.

Then there's the thing that Rob mentions in post #43.

what'll be awesome is paying him a $6M bonus cause he's committed to Nebraska as QB instead of the $3m or so he's actually worth.

No. Unfortunately, $6 million has been the going rate for elite HS bats in recent years. Machado got it last year. Hosmer got it a few years ago. Tate got it a few years ago. Starling will get it this year.

he's not that elite, he's a toolsy guy that everyone says will get better when he commits to baseball.

you know, like Jeff Samardzija

Yes, but they are the tools that make an elite baseball player. Plus speed, plus raw power, plus OF arm. You don't draft HS players based on their "polish". You draft based on their potential. Starling's is through the roof.

Samardzija was in his 20's when he was drafted. Starling isn't even 18. Don't even try to compare the two.

What about Quincy Carter? Georgia QB we drafted hoping he would commit 100% to baseball because his skills were off the charts. Also another failure.

let me rephrase, if the going rate is $6M, add a guaranteed major league contract and probably $2-$3M (in cash, perks, something) to have him forget about football.

Either way, the Cubs are going to have to overpay for a non-polished prospect that is years away. A-Rod and Griffey Jr. he's not as in a consensus #1 pick.

anyway, whatever people think the Cubs will do, they won't so I'm skeptical they'll draft him if he's available anyway.

Also, if I'm Starling, I'd go play football and baseball at Nebraska and see what happens in two years unless some baseball team gives him exactly what he wants. Just don't think that in what is allegedly such a talent-rich draft, to be taking that big a risk at #9.

We need to reach on a small school guy who will sign under slot. Then we can use the savings to resign Fontenot and Grabow this winter!

imo, a lot of the bubba talk comes from him working out @ wrigley during the HS Allstar game.

he evidently put on a hell of a BP power display.

i wonder how much is real cubs interest and how much is his performance at wrigley that wow'd scouts (not just the cubs scouts, i'd imagine)

Didn't Reggie Golden put on a hell of a BP power display at Wrigley as well?

so did ryan "batting practice babe ruth" harvey.

Haha, I should read all the comments before posting.

Submitted by QuietMan on Tue, 05/31/2011 - 7:26pm.
Didn't Reggie Golden put on a hell of a BP power display at Wrigley as well?


Q-MAN: A considerably more svelt Reggie Golden pumped a HR to the back row of the left-centerfield bleachers at Wrigley Field in August 2009 at the Under Armour All America Game.

BTW, Golden no longer looks like that.

While Golden is tied for the EXST Cubs team lead in HR with three, since hitting a HR in his 1st AB at Red Mountain Field (Salt River Fields at Talking Stick) on May 10th versus the Rockies Golden has gone 6-48 (all six hits were singles) with 19 K.

Speaking of football, Matt Szczur hit his first professional home run on Sunday, and his second on Monday.

"In other news, Matt Garza will throw off flat ground again and is tentatively scheduled to return from the DL on Monday in Cincinnati."

Garza hasn't throw off a mound yet and they're already scheduling him into the rotation. Seems Cubbery.

all the dl assignments give the spinmeisters the cover they need to plead tough luck; wait 'til next year...

rf fuke, 2b barney, ss castro, 1b pena, 3b ramy, lf dewitt, cf campy, c soto, p zambrano

2 of the 3 best power hitters hitting 8th and 9th.

9th best OPS in month of May in NL by Pena, 3rd in HR's, 7th in RBI's

season splits
vs. lefties: 050/204/125
vs. righties: 284/415/477

hurry back Jeff Baker

don't think Brad Snyder will be available today, made it to Ft. Wayne just in time to see his kid born.

pic of Marlon Byrd

Congrats to Snyder and his wife. And Marlon looks pretty good. Is he still going to have surgery?

Hayden Simpon's beginning the first pitching for Peoria (against the Lansing Lugnuts!)

Markus Brisker walks.
With Carlos Perez batting, Markus Brisker steals (12) 2nd base.
Carlos Perez homers (1) on a fly ball to center field. Markus Brisker scores.
Kevin Nolan walks.
With Lance Durham batting, Kevin Nolan steals (1) 2nd base.
With Lance Durham batting, wild pitch by Hayden Simpson, Kevin Nolan to 3rd.

Good thing we knew about Hayden and took him earlier than anyone else.

needs Greg Maddux back in the dugout

that being said 36 K in 40 IP against 15 BB's is pretty good. Too many HR's allowed so far though...

Submitted by springs on Tue, 05/31/2011 - 5:43pm.
Hayden Simpon's beginning the first pitching for Peoria (against the Lansing Lugnuts!)

Markus Brisker walks.
With Carlos Perez batting, Markus Brisker steals (12) 2nd base.
Carlos Perez homers (1) on a fly ball to center field. Markus Brisker scores.
Kevin Nolan walks.
With Lance Durham batting, Kevin Nolan steals (1) 2nd base.
With Lance Durham batting, wild pitch by Hayden Simpson, Kevin Nolan to 3rd.

Good thing we knew about Hayden and took him earlier than anyone else


SPRINGS: I wouldn't be surprised if Hayden Simpson is moved down to Boise once the NWL season begins in a couple of weeks, and Matt Loosen (who has been the #1 starting pitcher at Extended Spring Training for two months) is moved up to Peoria and replaces Simpson in the Chiefs starting rotation.

Matt Loosen's numbers at EXST so far:

28.0 IP - 20 H - 8 R (7 ER) - 7 BB - 40 K - 2 HR - 1 HBP - 1 WP
0.96 WHIP
2.25 ERA
192 Opp BA

Good thing we knew about Hayden and took him earlier than anyone else.

I heard that one inning is an excellent sample size if you are interested in analyzing a draft pick.

gonna start running a guess the first error of the game contest

and an over/under on how many total errors per game.

...and official scoring changes the castro error to a h.pence hit.

this isn't the first gift castro's had this year from official scoring.

Astros commentators were of the opinion that it was a hit too.. I could go either way with it, but the call wasn't "a gift".

Moreland also said it was a hit, for what it's worth.

it was hit right at him.

it was hit hard, but he should make that play. he didn't even have to range.


and our zillion dollar SP breaks another bat over his upper leg after a strikeout...the one he drives off on off the mound. it only took 2 hard smacks to his leg to break the bat. awesome.

eyes on the prize, guy...a no-walk, high K, power/contact hitting pitcher...the "pitcher" part is pretty important to me.

behavior like that hopefully won't earn him too many more pinch hit appearances.

eyes on the prize

4th place?

Don't worry, Q-Ball's on it...

Quade didn't say anything to Zambrano.

"I saw what was coming, and I decided I was not going to pay attention," Quade said. "Just look elsewhere, in case. I was glad he came out and pitched well."

Zambrano invited the media to watch him lift weights to prove his legs can take it. Informed that Quade didn't like the move, Zambrano simply shrugged.

"That's OK," [Zambrano] said. "If he doesn't like it, he doesn't like it. What can I do?"

It would be much better if he comes into the dugout and slugs his catcher.

"I saw what was coming, and I decided I was not going to pay attention," Quade said. "Just look elsewhere,

But what about the manager’s concern?

‘‘What manager?’’ Zambrano said.

[from the sun times]

This is a bad sign... I'll admit that it's sort of like a picture falling off the wall in the dining room of the Titanic, and someone looking at it and saying "this is a bad sign", but if that attitude is allowed to exist in the Cubs' locker room, Quade needs to get chucked out on his ass yesterday...

Former Giants and Cardinals catcher Mike Matheny said Scott Cousin's "went hunting" and hit Buster Posey when he could have easily scored safely with a slide.

I still say it was a complete cheap shot and if I were a Giant I would have rushed the field and beat the shit out of Cousins. Intent to injure. He should have been suspended and called out.

clearly judging by Cousins reaction after the play he intended to injure Posey...

you're the agent in that dialogue

guy has all of 30-50ft. running at full momentum to decide to slide or take out. he chose to take out.

being a catcher sucks. it happens. it usually doesn't end like this.

i don't understand the uproar, either. it could have been done differently, but taking out a catcher isn't something that's all risk to the catcher and not the runner. runners can get injured making that choice, too.

Soriano to the DL!? There goes the season.

Is there a 1,460-day DL?

So are the Cubs in a 1999-2002 stretch or the dreaded 1990-1997 stretch?

think it's the dreaded 1908-20?? stretch...

snyder isn't as bulky as he's been in recent past (never a fatass or anything).

also, cubs tie.

way to go Barney...

Pena IBB to get to Ramirez...ouch

they blew their lefty reliever to pitch to fuku who ended up sac bunting

my point being, when's the last time anyone would have considered walking anyone to get to Ramirez?

of course he makes them pay which is nice, maybe he got a friendly gift basket from his agent reminding him of his impending free agency

oh yeah, aram's power outage has been pure wtf disaster.

I thought at the time: Oh, you don't want to do that.

Maybe that will waken the sleeping Giant and our offense will get going. Geo's double was pretty nice too. He's gotten owned by RHP's this year according to what FXSW flashed up last night.

and here comes the marmolaids...

and the astros take the lead.

this game is dildos.

holy crap...3 run homer.

i dont think marmol's ever been this hitable. wow...lots of hits and his first homer given up since may of last year.

Astros announcers:

In the eight "This almost feels like the bottom of the 9th, since they've got Marmol back there."

"Astros ERA against Marmol as a reliever is 1.17 (about)."

"Marmol is just hard to hit. He's BA against is .147 and he's given up three home runs in the last two+ years, over 173 innings."

Maybe the best ever Whammy putting on by an opposign broadcast team in the history of baseball.

...and cue blown save.

Marmol ERA goes from 1.17 to 3.47

Quade point may surpass the Neifi Point

Wasted three hours.

Should have a contest on how many runs Davis gives up tomorrow.

I smell a sweep!

Cubs' 2008 sixth round pick, 3b JOSH HARRISON's major league debut tonight

2/4 both singles, 1 r, 1 rbi

Wasn't he a teammate of Tony Campana at Cincy (the better hitting teammate)?

Submitted by springs on Tue, 05/31/2011 - 10:11pm.
Wasn't he a teammate of Tony Campana at Cincy (the better hitting teammate)?


SPRINGS: Until he was traded to the Pirates in the Grabow-Gorzelanny deal, Josh Harrison and Tony Campana were best buddies, always hangin' together.

Whenever possible, the Cubs like to draft two guys from the same college in the same draft (sort of a "Buddy System"), partly to help make the transition to pro ball easier if a player knows somebody else on the team, and partly with the hope that one of the two will convince the other one to sign.

BTW, Campana told me that he hit 1st and Harrison hit 3rd when they played for the U. of Cincinnati Bearcats.

"Marlon's a tough man, and actually he was trying to get up and go fight (Red Sox pitcher Alfredo Aceves) the other night," said Jaramillo on Tuesday. "He's a battler. He ain't scared of nothing."

It doesn't speak well to his intelligence, trying to get into a fist fight with one eye and facial fractures, does it?

At least he doesn't use double negatives and the word "ain't". Shrug.

Well the guy had the other team's jersey on....


You know, I asked some people around the office the same question:

If you wore a Spurs jersey to the Rockets season opener after the Spurs had won the championship, and the Spurs kick the Rockets' ass, would you be surprised if someone wanted to fight you? No one found it surprising at all.

Haven't you all heard of the expression "Rubbing someone's face in it"? You think it's a good thing?

Do you work for the WWE?

No, do you work in an opium den?

That would kick ass if I did.

First, your office strawpoll is meaningless; but I wouldn't be surprised if those types of findings hold up in national polls. This is simply because humans consistently over-estimate the likelihood of bad things happening to them. This is especially true when something big, like this Dodgers-Giants event, occurs. Ask people how much they worry about dying in a plane crash and they will say a lot or very, etc. Ask them how much they worry about dying in a car accident and it will be little to none. Yet statistics of course show that you should be much more worried about the latter than the former. So it really doesn't matter if you, your office folk, or even all sports fans in the world would not be surprised if something like this would happen. The reality is that 99.9% of people who wear opponents jerseys to games do not get physically attacked. That's why we are still talking about it on this blog months later, because it was so surprising.

Yeah, because he totally knew he had facial fractures immediately after being hit in the face.

AZ Phil,

Do you think we will see Matt Spencer on the horizon this year, or ever? 6 months younger than Colvin. Has similar power output. AND CAN ACTUALLY CONTROL THE STRIKE ZONE!!!!

Will the fact that his plate discipline is better than Stevie Wonders sour the Cubs on him?

Submitted by Dr. aaron b on Wed, 06/01/2011 - 9:37am.
AZ Phil,

Do you think we will see Matt Spencer on the horizon this year, or ever? 6 months younger than Colvin. Has similar power output. AND CAN ACTUALLY CONTROL THE STRIKE ZONE!!!!

Will the fact that his plate discipline is better than Stevie Wonders sour the Cubs on him?


DR AARON B: I like Matt Spencer. I think he is an MLB prospect, probably as a 1B-LF-RF, although I have a hunch the Cubs don't value him that highly.


I've kinda had that same hunch myself? I just wish they'd give him a shot over some of these other guys. Better #s than Tyler Colvin pretty much the whole way up the ladder.

I am wondering if, college players from storied programs have greater success in general than those from DIII schools, or those such as Slippery Rock Teachers College.

Bill James believes the "seasoning" of players manifests more in college players when compared to those drafted in high school - but was curious if anyone has seen any definitive stats on the above.

Tweet from PWSullivan "Ricketts on what's wrong w/ his team: 'Nothing. Just injuries.'"

Sort of like the team that is in first place without their ace, their starting third basemen and a slow start from best player on the planet?

Hard to believe this, but I may have actually prefered the faceless corporate owner... sure they fucked over the fans, but they didn't give the idiotic sound bites while doing it.

One injury not often discussed that he must be referring to...Hendry's mental issues that led him to put this team together and believe they could contend (and trading significant prospects because Matt Garza was the remaining missing piece to be a contender).

I was going to say at least Archer and Chirinos are still struggling, but Chirinos has an .992 OPS over his last 10 games (a big chunk of that is batted ball luck).

Archer getting roughed up again today.

I'd rather be watching Archer get roughed up in our minor league system (and being only 22 or 23 years old) than in the Rays system. I'd also like to be dreaming about the top three of the order you mentioned the other day -- Szcur, Lee, Castro.

I think I speak for most here when I say: "Aaauuugggghhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!"

Ricketts is what's wrong with the Cubs. He opens his mouth and Hendry speaks. It's amazing.

The lineup is posted at top of site, but both Dewitt and Aram are listed as 3b. Who is playing CF? If I had to guess, of the people listed in the lineup, it would be Colvin, with Dewitt playing LF... I dunno...

Colvin in CF

Per radio, DeWitt LF, Colvin and Fuke other OF.

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  • Can't teach height and thinness

    jacos 26 min 2 sec ago view
  • Hopefully Pirates don't call up A. Lincoln.

    jacos 9 hours 56 min ago view
  • j.buchanan going friday...should something like it.

    crunch 10 hours 3 min ago view
  • Wow. I didn't know they could do that.

    Nice for Willson, not so much for Addy.

    billybucks 10 hours 20 min ago view
  • Game is officially called...also officially a tie.

    Stats count, no make-up date of course.


    Rob G. 10 hours 21 min ago view
  • Yeah -- seeing the weather -- I hope KB and Rizz are inside, wrapped in blankets and drinking hot chocolate.

    billybucks 11 hours 8 min ago view
  • rain delay...thanks obama.

    crunch 11 hours 46 min ago view
  • Thanks again Phil. We actually were in Mesa and drove around. Hopefully, I am back for some Fall League. If not I have all of spring training (like the smart people who move here!)

    rvimpeny 12 hours 50 min ago view
  • What Rob G said.  I can't speak for Piittsburgh, but the other end of the state has had absolute crap weather for two days. Perfect day to take it easy.

    Transmission 12 hours 54 min ago view
  • tarp came off 10 minutes ago...let's do this.

    crunch 13 hours 8 min ago view
  • He will not pitch another game for Cubs

    /Unless injury in playoffs

    jacos 13 hours 24 min ago view
  • ~fart~

    jacos 13 hours 25 min ago view
  • Today is bullpen day

    jacos 13 hours 26 min ago view
  • 10/450 if they win WS

    jacos 13 hours 26 min ago view
  • Carrie Muskat [email protected]
    Even though Hammel is missing start, don't assume he'll not be on #Cubs postseason roster. Maddon says elbow problem isn't that bad

    Carrie Muskat [email protected]
    Maddon on #Cubs postseason rotation: "I don't want to announce anything. We haven't talked to anybody yet"

    Carrie Muskat [email protected]
    Maddon hopes Soler can take BP in Cincy, play in sim game Tue. "All of that should give us some kind of indication of where he's at"

    crunch 13 hours 43 min ago view
  • tarp on the field 40 minutes before gametime...meh.

    crunch 13 hours 46 min ago view