Cubs Pull Off Washington Miracle

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The Cubs overcome an 8-run deficit to avoid the four game sweep and pull out an exciting win over the Washington Nationals on Thursday. It was just like that 9-run miracle comeback versus the Houston Astros in 1989, except completely meaningless.


Didn't they have an 8 or 9-run comeback versus Colorado a few years back where DeRosa put them ahead with a dinger?

It's kind of remarkable that Garza gives up 1 run in his last start and doesn't get the win and then gives up 7 in this one and doesn't get the loss. Kind of sums up the 2011 Cubs, sad to say...

Here's a clip that is very appropriate...

Cubster and I were at that game.

I wanted to leave after they were down 7-0.

Not Lilly's best game. But one of Hoff's good ones.

And, DeRo, of course.

quade looks like yul brynner on the receiving end of a cold-water enema...what a ballclub; even their occasional wins are slapstick...

he also looks like hank hill's dad, except a little taller

It appears the Yankees may have some interest in Cubs left-handed reliever John Grabow as well as hitters such as Aramis Ramirez and Alfonso Soriano.

Oh Jebus, please make that Soriano rumor true.

Well, if you wanted a GM who is dumb enough to trade a streaky hitter while he's on a cold streak, I have just the guy for you.

If sometime in the next week there are "leaks" about Soriano being a bad clubhouse presence, or going home early on a day when he's not playing, we'll know for sure he's gone.

Sounds like a great way to get back to being a winner!

Dream up something to make a guy look bad so you can give him away and pay most of his overpriced salary too! YIKES!!

The Cubs are one huge cluster fuck these days...

Well, if you wanted a GM who is dumb enough to trade a streaky hitter while he's on a cold streak, I have just the guy for you.

Are you talking about Soriano and Jim Hendry trading Soriano while he is in a cold streak? Okay, I'll poke a stick in the TRN cage... what part of "bad money" do you not understand? If you have a chance to trade Soriano, you try to get it done. It doesn't make him dumb, it makes him... I don't know... something other than 'dumb'. It all depends on how much of the contract you have to eat and how much you think Soriano will be WORTH the next few years.

If you are trying to maximize value for the Cubs in a Soriano trade (better picks, eating less money, etc.), it would make sense to me to trade him when he is playing well, like a supply and demand situation. Of course, if the Yankees are the only interested team, there really isn't much demand. Still, if the ultimate goal is to dump him, you might as well get as much in return as you can, as little as that might be...

Please take this capable player off our hands for what his market value today SHOULD be and we'll gladly eat the rest! YUM YUM YUM!!!

Soriano has no trade value, whether he is hot or cold, because of his contract and extremely limited one dimensional skills. (He occasionally hits hr's, that's the only thing he does, period.)

Pretty much this.

I don't think Soriano is so bad that he cannot be on a championship team, he's just overpaid like half our roster. Trading him just to trade him doesn't help things, and the worse he is playing at the time, the more money you'll have to throw in, which you won't be able to spend on our next FA left fielder.

He is taking a roster spot.

He is only going to get WORSE, not better.

He is under contract for three more years.

Getting back even a small pittance for someone deep in decline, who at least has more value in the AL, helps us.

What is so hard to understand here for you?

What is so hard to understand here for you?

The parts that you made up. His OPS+ this year is higher than his three year average. It was 111 last year and it's 109 this year. His OPS is 7th in MLB among left fielders with 250 PAs.

He's a one dimensional slugger with limited defensive skills, shrug, that describes the majority of left fielders in MLB.

What did I make up?

You are selectively choosing one stat only of the "five tools".

That's not even including the other "skill" he has of lack of hustle to the 10th degree, Hustle being the 6th tool - which he ain't got!

Just out of curiosity, what do you think the five "tools" are? The sixth "tool" is now considered to be strike zone control, by the way.

I'll even give you a hint: OPS encompasses two of the five tools, and the 6th.

More importantly, who are the 5 "tools" here at TCR?

Opinions may vary...

According to Baseball Dictionary, five tools are: hitting for average, hitting for power, baserunning (skills/speed), throwing ability, fielding.

Which of these will be retained over the remainder of Sori's contract?

Which of these are poor now?

Which of these are in obvious decline?

My point still is that if you can move him and eat some money, or trade him for anything with potential, you do it. All of the "good" teams would.

What's really interesting is that a comment I made about Hendry's ineptitude has gotten misinterpreted into thinking that I was saying he could be traded for a good return, and that he shouldn't be traded.

Whaaddya mean the Cubs should trade Starlin Castro!!???


I don't think Soriano is so bad that he cannot be on a championship team

I don't think so either.

But it doesn't matter if he's in a hot streak or cold streak, every GM in baseball knows what Soriano is all about. Anyways, it's not worth arguing over because it just isn't going to happen. The amount of money the Yanks would want the Cubs to pay is more than the Cubs would want to pay. The math just isn't there. How much to do you think Soriano is worth per year? $6-7 million tops? Let's say $8 mil, that leaves $10 million the Cubs would be on the hook for to watch Soriano play for another team... for three years. If you were running the Cubs, would you do that? You could get some prospects but they are worth virtually nothing.

teams aren't making trades that involve the money Soriano is owed based on a month long or week long or hot or cold slump.

Soriano's trade value today is the same as it was in April, which is somewhere just above nothing.

teams aren't making trades that involve the money Soriano is owed based on a month long or week long or hot or cold slump.

We'll have to agree to disagree. There's a big difference between a 20 HR hitter and a 30 HR hitter, and a GM could think Soriano is either one, depending on how he is going.

There are other stupid GM's out there (Vernon Wells and Alex Rios, anyone?). Cashman probably isn't one of them.

Soriano hasn't hit 30 HR's since 2007 and I don't think at age 35, a team is going to think he'll suddenly be healthy enough to accomplish it.

Wells was younger than Soriano when moved, and while not a very good defensive cf'er, moving him to a corner could increase his defensive value. And his peripherals have always been decent and he does stay healthy, and at least he had a solid full season last year.

Rios was just a mistake by Ken Williams.

never say never and all, but the Cubs would have to eat at least half of Soriano's contract to ever move him and get almost no players in return or take on another bad contract. Hopefully they'll just bite the bullet at some point and release him, although with them sucking and no real outfielder ready to take his spot, there's no point to it at the moment.

So if Soriano had hit 7 home runs in the last 10 days, and had 21 at the ASB, no one in baseball would think he was capable of hitting 30?

When he hit his 11th on May 2nd, you thought to yourself "There's no way he hits 30 this year"?

I'm sure they think he's as capable as Russell Branyan of hitting 30 HR's. But when it's a 3 and a half year committment, they're not gonna suddenly think it's a good idea to trade for him because he's in the middle of a hot streak.

if he had a half year left on his deal, maybe a team would take a chance at catching lightning in a bottle.

on an unrelated sidenote just cause I just looked it up;

vs RHP this year: 696 OPS
vs LHP: 1.032 OPS

(late career Sosa splits there)

OPS by month
April: .891
May: 747
June: 797
July: 414

See comment #43, but I am pretty sure you were much more optimistic about Soriano's chances on April 30th than you are today.

wouldn't have traded anything more for him on April 30th then I would today though

and there was at least one other comment from someone else that you'd get more if you traded him on a hot streak.

maybe if that hot streak lasted a full season or at the very least a half season, but with that kind of money, age and years, I don't see it mattering.

That other comment would be mine - and I would argue that you would never get less in a trade for a player who is healthy and playing well at the time of the trade but you may not get more though, either...

Our bad for giving Soriano so much money and an 8-year contract on the wrong side of 30. Seemed like a good idea at the time (according to Hendry)...

OK, I am going to go with what happens in real life, and you go with that.

of which real life do you speak of?

is there one where a 35 year old got traded with 3.5 years on his contract near the top of the league payscale and the team received more because he was in the midst of a couple of good weeks?

Ramirez makes no sense unless they're really worried about ARod, and even so why would Ramirez waive all his options and NTC to maybe be a part-time 3bmen, part-time DH. Posada had a great June, so I doubt they're looking to completely replace him, maybe just someone to compliment him.

Soriano even makes less sense cause the Yankees seem to know that a .300 OBP isn't good.

The Cubs are probably not inclined to trade Ramirez at this point; he has been one of baseball's hottest hitters over the past five weeks.

I hope that's just Levine's clumsy speculation that makes no fucking sense than anything he's heard from the Cubs.

I think the whole article was fabricated entirely on speculation from the sighting of the Yankees scouts, which Levine probably just heard about or someone pointed out to him. He probably couldn't tell you or me from a scout.

Anyone heard what is going with Angel Guzman? Not that he is the missing piece or anything, but he has been down in Daytona for four games over the past two weeks. What is the plan with him? Anyone know?

The plan is to bring him up, let him throw too many pitches in his first couple of outings so he can hurt his arm again, and put him back on the DL...

Not sure that any number of pitches is going to help him avoid getting hurt again. Just wondering if the Cubs are going to use him in the majors again before he gets hurt...

I read somewhere he had a "successful" rehab start in A-ball, fwiw.

Submitted by Jace on Fri, 07/08/2011 - 10:25am.

Anyone heard what is going with Angel Guzman? Not that he is the missing piece or anything, but he has been down in Daytona for four games over the past two weeks. What is the plan with him? Anyone know?


JACE: At this point in his rehab Angel Guzman starts a game and throws two innings (about 30 pitches) every 4th or 5th day, meaning he doesn't throw enough pitches to be a starting pitcher (he starts and goes two innings and then is releved) but he can't pitch often enough to be used as a reliever.

Once he gets free of his restrictive rehab routine, he should be able to work as a reliever, and barring a medical setback, I would expect Gooz to get brought up to Chicago in September.

The last time I saw Guzman throw down here, he was throwing a 93 MPH fastball, a change, and a curve. His breaking ball and off-speed stuff looked fine, but he was having difficulty throwing his fastball for strikes. And he was only throwing "live" every 5th day at that time.

Brett Jackson is #3 on the hot sheet
here isn't a 70 grade anywhere on Jackson's scouting report, but he does so many things well and does it at a premium position that he has become one of the best prospects in the game. Even when Jackson is at his best, he'll do his share of swinging and missing, but he works deep counts and get on base at a high clip. He doesn't have plus power, but he should hit 15-20 home runs a year, which combined with his on-base potential and solid defensive abilities should have him banging down the door in Chicago by next season.

Hayden Simpson shows up on the Not-So-Hot-Sheet
Simpson has not come close to showing the 94-97 mph velocity he showed the Cubs last year, and his fastball has failed to bump 90 in some starts.

We've seen this before with Cub pitching prospects. He has to be hurt. Hope his arm doesn't fall off.

Hey Sounds like Corey Patterson and Felix Pie......jack of all trades but master of none. A player destined for mediocre status.

HAHA! MIKE C the "prospect killer" shows up every now and then.

Seriously Brett Jackson isn't a very impressive prospect.

Then you're not looking at what he does Mike....but hey, let's add some more negativity to this pile of crap called the Cubs 2011 season.

speaking of negativity/cubs 2011, they must be struggling at BCB - has everyone been banned yet?

I didn't know i couldn't say Brett Jackson doesn't impress me as a player and then have someone get butt hurt about it.

Do you need to get the sand out of your vagina before you post again?

Do you need to get the sand out of your vagina before you post again?


The "C" in MikeC stands for "Class".

But don't you get it? Only women get "butt hurt"!

Lol....well I didnt attack you , or call you names. I questioned whether you wer looking that the fact that Jackson, in his minor league career, had played good D in CF, shown an ability to get on base, has some power, and can steal some bases.

Sorry you can't take your opinion being questioned. Please remove the sand from your own vagina.

Did i say you attacked me? I just questioned Jackson's ability to be anything more than a mediocre version of Felix Pie.

A jack of all trades but a master of none.

Nothing insulting or controversial.

I don't like Josh Vitters as a prospect either but i do like Jackson more than him. At least Jackson can take a walk.

Jackson is rated as our minors best power prospect which is just so damn sad, its not even funny. Its a testament to how weak our system is and has been.

As soon as Dan Vogelbach steps onto the field Brett Jackson will relinquish his title as the Cubs best power prospect. And while Vogelbach isn't the image of a fit athletic player, its about damn time we picked someone with a huge power potentional instead of the jack of all trades guys like Brett Jackson who almost never pan out.

Jackson is a player who looks like he is solid defensively, has some power, can steal bases and get on base. The kind of player the Cubs don't have. I'll remain excited about his potential, until proven otherwise. Hopefully, he'll get more of a chance here than Pie did.

Asking me to remove the sand from my vagina isn't insulting?

Asking me to remove the sand from my vagina isn't insulting?

Only if you think having a vagina is insulting.

Lol...or something like that.
Sheesh...I didn't know that replying back
"Then you're not looking at what he does Mike....but hey, let's add some more negativity to this pile of crap called the Cubs 2011 season." makes me butthurt, or have a vagina.....
I see lots of posts that get a lot more critial than that....

5 Trey McNutt starts since throwing 7IP of shut-out ball on May 28th:

Jun 2nd 2IP, 4H, 2R, 1BB, 0K (ribcage injury game?)
Jun 23rd 0IP, 1H, 2R, 4BB, 0K
Jun 28th 3IP, 6H, 4R, 1HR, 3BB, 0K
Jul 3rd 4.1IP, 10H, 5R, 1HR, 1BB, 3K
Jul 8th 1IP, 2H, 2R, 1HR, 1BB, 1K

Can't imagine they'll keep sending him out to be thumped in AA ball for much longer.

I'm not sure. Does that help or hurt his chances of being called up in September?

He's tracking right along with Simpson for the Sept call-up. Good times ahead.

Not that there isn't a trend or that his stats are impressive in any way, but the last start was cut short by a significant rain delay after the first inning (both starters did not return after one, and I believe it was the rain and not production).

Of course, after giving up 2 runs in the first, he may not have lasted much longer anyway.

Thanks Springs - was not aware of the rain delay. Thought they just pulled the plug on him yet again.


Andrew Friedman has left some of his friends with the clear impression that he would love to be the next GM of the Astros.

Was Castro still the youngest player in the league?

I thought he was to start the year...

anyway, Mike Trout called up by Angels, so he definitely isn't any longer.

The Astros pitcher was the youngest when he got called up.

I wanted the Cubs to take Trout when the Angels got him - a lot of people thought he was a slight reach... wonder if we would have.

“We know what we have here,” Garza said. “We know we can compete with everybody in our division. They say… we’re all down and out. But I don’t think so. We’re right where we need to be right now.”

Jesus Fucking Christ.

relax. it's media stuff. it means nothing. it never has. they're just words.

it's words when quade says it...when hendry says it...when garza says it...etc etc

it means nothing. all this crap goes over way smoother than "yeah, we're done. is it basketball season yet?"

Let me state some facts... these are facts and not clouded by judgement of this team:

* 36-53 (.404) Record
* Swept by the Astros
* Among the worst defense in the major leagues

Not only is it extremely unlikely, but it would make me extremely sad to see this team make the playoffs. It would mean very crappy teams could make the playoffs and I don't think any of us want to believe that is possible.

Only 11 games out with 4 better teams in front of us - what's not to be excited about?

Now if we can only win 3 games in a row...

Fukudome RF, Castro SS, Ramirez 3B, Peña 1B, Soto C, Byrd CF, Soriano LF, Barney 2B, Lopez P

McDonald goes for the Pie-rats

and the lineup that is 1 game back in the Central

Presley LF, d'Arnaud SS, Jones RF, McCutchen CF, Walker 2B, Overbay 1B, Harrison 3B, McKenry C, McDonald P

Holy ballz, we can't compete with that pile of poop? Too bad baseball isn't played on paper...

I know, right? 5-6 years ago the Cubs lineup would have crushed these guys.


Sam Fuld says, "What, me worry?"

he should worry...don't think there's too many more bobbleheads or cape giveaways in his future.

i just wanna know what's up with zach rosscup...who keeps pitching well, but keeps taking weird breaks between appearances.

chat about midseason Top 50, and someone who must be a TCR commenter on Hayden Simpson.

Joe R. (Newport News, VA): Just thinking about Hayden Simpson makes me, a Cub fan, irate. Shouldn't the Cubs just admit they blundered and release him now, just to get him out of their (and my) system?

mentions of Brett Jackson, Szczur, Hak-Ju Lee and Archer as well...

I'm all for releasing him to the coroner but before we do I want him CSI'ed. We have a right to know what's broken.

Releasing him sounds silly.

I'd settle for us picking conventional 1st round talents in the 1st rounds, and getting away from suprising everyone with out 5 round reaches.

Kinda kills the "build from within" slogan when you sign, draft and develop almost exclusively total shit?

Can the Cubs just swap the front office/scouting staff with the Braves? I suppose Selig would veto it as "against the best interests of the Brewers ... oh did I say that! ... er, baseball"

Dempster goes tomorrow, inquiries for Sean Marshall being turned down, M. Mateo out 4-5 weeks with right forearm strain, no ligament damage found.

probably 3/44, but Cashner could be throwing by middle of next week, maybe a September return

Excellent - Cashner returns in time for the Sept playoff push!

The Cubs are not trading any of their so called stars unless they throw them under the bus first. It's Cubs tradition to completely undercut a players trade value by leaking stories to the Tribune.

via rotowurld...via the trib

"Carlos Zambrano (back) allowed one unearned run over four innings Friday in a minor league rehab start with Low-A Peoria."

I just noticed that Bruce Miles over at the Daily Herald blogged Z's outing. He was getting the p by p from the booth at the game.

If yer interested.

Are Andrew McCutchen and Daniel McCutchen related? I see a slight family resemblance.

The long hair?

Castro can't turn a dp, and marmol fails miserably

Marmol goes 0-2, then throws the next 6 pitches over the heart of the plate. Five fouls, then the HR.

How about a FB up out of the zone? Or maybe a pitch low and away?

Stupid. (I'm referring to myself, for watching this crap).

listening on the radio, Pirates announcers made it sound like the Neil Walker groundball should have been a DP.

Then .599 OPS Harrison singles and I think Byrd is 0 for forever in throwing guys out at home.

And then yeah, the HR.

Neil Walker groundball should have been a DP, Castro threw it away.

Oh man... would I be a terrible person if I decided to be a Pirates fan for the balance of the year?

It hasn't seemed so for some time, but they're still our division rivals. That said, someone has to win the Central - better them than the f#@&!&$ Cardinals. So I guess I'll root for them to keep the rest of the jerks out of the playoffs, then to get plastered. At least it's a nice ballpark.

I am buying a Pirates cap.

I was a huge fan of the Tanner-led teams, and Clemente is still one of my favorite all time players.

THE best arm I have ever seen.

"(Roberto) Clemente could field the ball in New York and throw out a guy in Pennsylvania." - Broadcaster Vin Scully

I would root for the Bucs.

Nah, big pappi ain't juicin again
Nice attack on Kevin Gregg

Does any one think the Cubs would trade M.Byrd perhaps to Detroit or Seattle?

I'm sure Hendry values his toughness or something, just imagine where the Cubs would be without him?

Contract wise, he might be the most moveable piece the Cubs have that teams would want.

I really like Marlon Byrd and I hope he stays... he's one of my favorite Cubs currently, but he could easily be replaced by a free agent.

you're cold

Easy now- you could be replaced by a free agent, too!

But in all seriousness, I think a major league GM has to be cold to make wise baseball decisions.


Chipper Jones placed on 15 day DL as well. Maybe Aram takes Chipper's place on the All-Star roster and increases his trade cache as well.

If they don't pick the best offensive 3B in the NL for the All-Star game--and that would be Aram-- something's wrong.

Well, the manager can replace his own picks or fan picks (in consultation with the commissioner's office), but Jones was a player's pick, so his spot goes to the next player on the player's list. Not sure who that is. Would image it's Ramirez, but who knows.

But Polanco might bow out too due to this back, which would open up another 3B slot. And Tulowitzki is uncertain as well.

Right now the IF is Weeks and Phillips at 2B, Tulowitzki, Castro, and Furcal at SS, and Polanco and Jone's replacement at 3B.

sadly Arod would be nearly back in the lineup near the trade deadline which is about when Hendry will get the epiphany that this might not be the year.

of course Jeter hits a HR for #3000

will have a threesome with Minka Kelly and Jessica Biel to celebrate

Augie Ojeda released from AAA Iowa.

Rays recall Brandon Guyer

I always loved Guyer...he seems like Reed Johnson but with more power and more speed. Then he hit .340 or so last year, when he finally stayed healthy, and I hoped he could become a top prospect for the Cubs.

Because I had rooted for him for so long, I was more upset that he was included in the Garza trade than most people. Although I did recognize that (for once) Hendry may have traded someone at the peak of their value, I continued to hope that perhaps Guyer just finally put it together, which now appears to be the case.

He is still one of my favorite prospects and I hope he does well in Tampa. Just a shame that in a lost season such as this, we are bringing up players like Campana and other more marginal prospects while having traded someone like Guyer away.

"Rays optioned OF Brandon Guyer to Triple-A Durham."

another tease callup

From Bruce Miles Blog:

Szczur headed to Daytona
Got some roster moves from Nathan Baliva of the Peoria Chiefs:

OF Matt Szczur to Advanced-A Daytona (After Futures Game), not with Chiefs this weekend. At Peoria, Szczur was at .314/.366/.431 with 15 doubles, 1 triple, 5 home runs, 27 RBI, 21 walks and 28 strikeouts.

RHP Su-Min Jung to Short-Season Boise

LHP Brent Ebinger to Double-A Tennessee

LHP Graham Hicks placed on DL

RHP Robinson Lopez activated from DL

1B Ben Klafczynski added from Boise

Posted by Bruce on Sat, 07/09/2011 - 12:29

Is dave soup campbell doing game with Len?


So how the hell many vacation days does Brenley get,
if i was Len Kasper i would be talking to Brenleys agent.

s.rolen (CIN) gets the roster nod for the AS game...

As I noted above, he must have been next on the player's ballot, not Ramirez. Nothing manager can do.

i blame obama, oil company lobbyists, and free masons.

Dempster/Q-Ball honeymoon seemed to end, jawing after 5th inning when Q-Ball told him he was done.

Guess Dempster forgot about all those times he was left in too long and blew it this year.

postgame comments all seem calm...

also, Cubs got a huge gift call on DP to end the game

Jeff Gray showed up on my TV pitching for Mariners, seems to be doing well or at least lucky this year between Mariners and White Sox.

2.84 ERA in 19 IP, 5 BB, 9 K

How did he get in your TV? "Honey I Shrunk The Reliever!"

Disney's new movie idea!

which happens less frequently---cubs beating pirates or whitesox beating twins?

when it happens on the same day, is this one of the seven signs preceding armageddon?

another day off for bob brenley...

and not official yet, but supposedly ARam is going to get an injury replacement nod to the AS game.

He did, for Polanco, but declined it.

the AS team is going to be down to a few AAA guys and relief pitchers before it's all over.

the star power is flaking out all over this year.

ARam refuses All-Star Game invite.

p.sandoval in...i fully expect him to get injured today, along with 2-3 replacements until we see casey blake or jeff baker playing 3rd.

I hear it's the supersectionals for cockfighting this week


Brenly gets the next 3 days off, too.

I wonder if Dave Campbell or Todd Hollingsworth show up at Brenly's house to water the plans while he's gone?

The next 3 days are the worst sports days of the year.


I've never understood why the Futures game is played on the Sunday afternoon before the break while all the major league games are going on. Gigantic missed opportunity. The HR Derby should be on Monday night, the All Star Game on Tuesday night, and the Futures game should be on Wednesday night. Moving it to Wednesday would give the prospects more exposure, create higher TV ratings, and give fans something to actually watch on that Wednesday when there is nothing going on in the majors.

Great point...couldn't agree more.

24th annual Triple-A All-Star Game on Wednesday, July 13th at Spring Mobile Ballpark in Salt Lake City, UT. The Triple-A All-Star Game will be telecast live on the MLB Network with the first pitch slated for 7:05 Mountain Time.

I'd rather watch the Futures game Wednesday too, but it is what it is.

Szczur 0/1 btw

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    Even though Hammel is missing start, don't assume he'll not be on #Cubs postseason roster. Maddon says elbow problem isn't that bad

    Carrie Muskat [email protected]
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    Carrie Muskat [email protected]
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