Cubs vs. Cardinals: Series Thread (Games 51-55)

Another double-header turns this 4-day series into 5 games. See below for matchups (to be updated soon.)

Game 51, Thursday, June 2, 7:05 pm central

CHC: RHP Keegan Thompson (5-0, 1.58 ERA)

STL: LHP Matthew Liberatore (1-0, 3.72 ERA)

Game 52, Friday, June 3, 1:20 pm central

CHC: RHP Marcus Stroman (2-4, 3.95 ERA)

STL: RHP Miles Mikolas (3-3, 2.67 ERA)

Game 53, Saturday, June 4, 12:20 pm central



Game 54, Saturday, June 4, 6:15 pm central



Game 55, Sunday, June 5, 6:08 pm central

CHC: LHP Justin Steele (1-5, 5.40 ERA)

STL: RHP Adam Wainwright (5-4, 2.75 ERA)


thursday game is free game of the day, fwiw.

Jordan Bastian @MLBastian
No announced timetable for lefty Drew Smyly (right oblique), but the Cubs pitcher estimated he could be sidelined for at least a month.

morel's aggressive play has strong 2016 cubs vibes...would have fit in great.

I can't give Morel enough credit - particularly having to deal with and play thru the left hand nerve injury.  Hope he stays healthy and continues to ball out. 

thompson gets to throw 89 pitches.  he was slowing down a bit in the 6th at 80+ pitches, but that tracks with his low workload so far this year.

he leaves with 2 on in the 6th (both walks)

5.1ip 5h 3bb 3k, 2r/er

phillies fire j.girardi

22-29 record, vastly underperforming all-around

Not surprising and not saying it isn't deserved but hard for any manager to look good with a bad defense and a weak bullpen.

Back in the day, I thought Girardi would be the guy to take over the team from Renteria when Cubs got serious about winning. Maddon stepping in and taking that role worked out pretty well enough though. 

schwindel pitching.  *shrug*

3 popouts and a couple homers.  meh.

caleb kilian gets the SATURDAY start. (day corrected)

at least the cubs aren't trying to sign dallas keuchel...hopefully...

Kilian related moves: Leiter Jr to AAA, Menez dfa. 

Is Kilian or Espinoza the 27th man today?

Espinoza is 27th and has to return to Iowa tomorrow

Kilian is the 26th and gets to stay if Jed wants

Saw where Miley threw "another" bullpen session today. And CMartin will eventually come back from Bereavement list. Also AMills will need to come off the 60IL very soon.

Swarmer has 12 IP of 2 ER. He'll stay up and Kilian will go down. Just a conservative guess

b.davis had back surgery...shelved for an indeterminate amount of time.

the "good" news is it seems to be a minor procedure involving soft tissue rather than the hard structure of the back, itself.

cubs got suzuki, happ, and morel going into 2024...the OF is good right biggie.

3 pitches, 1K to start kilian's career...2 watching, 1 swinging vs t.edman

I might be really off Kilian first impression reminds me a bit of Mark Prior.  Big calves, throwing strikes and working up and down. Prior was even  taller but Kilian is supposedly 6'4.

they're not seeing what he's throwing.  they can't pick his low-90s 2-seam from his mid-90s+ 4-seam.

i dunno if he's really this deceptive or if they don't have his scouting down.

9 up, 9 down, 4Ks, 31 pitches.  deadly so far.

...and he can't find the strike zone in the 4th

...and only Mark Prior was like Mark Prior, but it was a fun 3 innings.

Is it theoretically possible for Andelton Simmons to have a negative OPS+? I know he's getting close. 

the yankees love to over-value middle IF defense for bench/rest players...let's hope they want to go shopping soon.


5ip 3h 2bb 6k, 3r/er, 83 pitches

masterful first 3ip, cruddy 4th, great 5th

jason heyward fouling off fastballs down the middle swinging late.

ugg.  another season of this...

RBI single...reaching out wide and manages to pull it to RF.

whatever works, bro.

givens throws 45 pitches (wtf) and walks 3 guys in his 2nd inning of work.

can we get a pulse check on d.ross?  i want proof he's actually still alive or at least watching the game.

...and here comes d.roberston in the 7th to clean up the mess.

...and here comes d.robertson into the 9th...a'ite.

we got some extrodinary asks from the pen tonight.

...and the cards bail out robertson with some bad baserunning.  wow.

2.1ip...most pitches (39) since 2016 in an outing for him

Think Steele might need to toss a CG today

Chris Martin has been automaticaly transferred to the Restricted List because he has exceeded the maximum number of days (seven) a player can spend on the Bereavement / Family Medical Emergency List. BTW, it's one list that covers both a death in the family and a family medical emergency, so if a family medical emergency turns into a death, the player's absence can very well exeed seven days. A player is not paid while he is on the Restricted List. 

So the Cubs will have a slot on the 40 open until Martin returns and is reinstated. David Bote is eligible to be reinstated from the 60-day IL on Tuesday, and Alec Mills was eligible to be reinstated from the 60-day IL this past Friday. 

Hope whatever is going on for Martin turns out okay, it's not a good sign that he's exceeded the usual bereavement leave. Hope he's holding up alright on a personal level