Pirates @ Cubs: Taillon vs Hendricks (Game 67)

The train keeps a-rollin’.

PIT (33-35): RHP Jameson Taillon (1-0, 1.93)
CHC (46-20): RHP Kyle Hendricks (4-6, 3.05)
First pitch: 7:08pmCST (ESPN)

Hendricks lost in DC on Monday (5.1 IP, 3 ER, 4 K, 4 BB). He’s somehow missed the Pirates so far this year. For their careers, these Pirates are 14-53 (.264) against him. Polanco is 4-11 with a HR.

Taillon, the 24y/o Floridian, made his MLB debut on the 8th and, coincidentally, has pitched against the Mets in both of his starts. He gave up 3 ER in 6 innings in Pittsburgh in his debut for a no-decision, but went 8 scoreless in Flushing on Tuesday for his first win.

Garcia (4-6, 3.93) and the Cardinals are in town next against Lackey (7-2, 2.66) tomorrow night at 7:05pmCST.

Go Cubs!


c.coghlan the leadoff hitter...okay, sure.

matt "im matt fucking bush" bush hit 100mph with a couple fastballs today vs STL...also STL blew their lead in the 8th inning.

w.contreras will get the start on monday behind the plate catching lackey (vs STL).

Lackey and 1st game of the Cardinals series...that's sort of trial by fire right there. On the plus side he'll come across as down right calm to the ump compared to Lackey.

i'm a bit worried because of the language barrier. contreras can speak spanish and his english is a little raw, but can he speak horse?

what the hell kind of unis are the cubs wearing? i thought the color/tint on my TV was screwed up for a minute. ...evidently they're "father's day" uniforms. i can't keep track of what color means what anymore.

Father's Day Cubs uniforms for prostate cancer research

Which is apropos because the Cubs are bending the Pirates over the exam table right now and donning the plastic glove.

"I'm a little bit worried because of the language barrier..."

"...contreras can speak spanish and his english is a little raw, but can he speak horse?"

contreras HR'd the hell out of that 1st HR.

I am a fan of this team.

Not a fan of bringing Richard into a game unless you are either winning or losing by 10+ runs. Single, walk and now he's pulled. Wonder if that was his last appearance as a cub.

10 run lead is still a bit risky...

Richard needs to become the new AJax. Only used to save the bullpen when the team is losing by a lot. Problem is, with this team....

He now has an ERA higher than James Shields. You never want to outdo James Shields.

Before tonight, batters were slashing .377/.435 vs. Richard. Lefties? .400/.441. Amazing.

i think the race right now is between c.richard being DFA'd and warren being sent down to AAA. either way i wouldnt be surprised to see a fresh arm up for tomorrow's game.

And...another great outing by the talented Warren.

Another game, another eight runs.

8 runs is so 2 batters ago. 10 runs is the new Cubs thing.

Contreras joins Starlin Castro, Jorge Soler, and Jason Heyward (against the Cubs) in the rare feat of HR in your first career at bat. Also some other recent Cubs related ones include Cubs 1st rd bust Luis Montanez (BAL), and Branden Guyer (TB, Garza Deal). Maybe they should've let Rondon swing away last night.

Those headlights in the Pirates rear-view mirror? The Milwaukee Brewers. Nice weekend -- sweep the Pirate while the Cards get swept. And -- good for you Cleveland. I'm no fan of LeBron's, but he is an amazing player who carried his team to a championship. Well done.

STL + PIT 5 losses in a row...STL 12.5 games back in 2nd place. awww yeah.

Realizing while watching the game last night that a Cubs win would put them 12.5 up on the Cards got me to wondering when was the last time that happened? Baseball Reference indicates 2008 Cubs finished 11.5 up, and 1984 Cubs finished 12.5 up, I assume BR has a day-by-day accounting to see if those leads were those numbers or larger at some point. Up 12.5 on first day of summer seems like charting new territory.

According to Bruce Levine, 1929. https://twitter.com/MLBBruceLevine/status/744...

He covered that team. ZING (I love Bruce, though.)

This was floating around on Twitter today

@dschoenfield 2h2 hours ago Largest lead in divisional era through June 19: 1. 2001 Mariners (19.5); 2. 2016 Cubs (12.5); 3. 1999 Indians (11).

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  • Dolorous Jon Lester 1 hour 47 min ago (view)

    It'll be more over when Kris leaves. Or whenever the same thing happens to another of his clients.

    He isn't wrong though...


  • Arizona Phil 1 hour 59 min ago (view)

    Presuming there is no traditional minor league season in 2020, expect an expanded Arizona Fall League (with potentially a new "Florida Fall League" as well) for the best prospects and expanded post-season instructs for other minor leaguers (all TBA). 


  • Arizona Phil 2 hours 10 min ago (view)

    My understanding is that the other two Cubs minor leaguers who are to be released are the two post-2019 Article XX-B MLB free-agents who signed 2020 minor league contracts, Brandon Morrow and Jason Kipnis. The Cubs will then supposedly re-sign them to new minor league contracts without the $100K retention bonus and 6/1 opt-out. 


  • Arizona Phil 2 hours 14 min ago (view)

    CRUNCH: Agreed. Not counting the "4-A" guys, Oscar de la Cruz is the one legit MLB prospect on the list.  


  • crunch 2 hours 19 min ago (view)

    aww...de la cruz had some decent looking spring outings (though late inning spring work isn't exactly challenging).  the years of injuries insanely slowed his progression.  totally wouldn't mind seeing him return in 2021 if the team would still be on his radar after getting cut at a time like this.


  • crunch 3 hours 40 min ago (view)

    that whole "kris bryant thing" is over...but it's never going to be over as long as this ownership group and boras is around.

    boras could have focused this on 29 other teams, especially the more vocal ones because the cubs have been mostly silent.

    he chose the cubs.


  • Dolorous Jon Lester 9 hours 5 min ago (view)

    Not looking forward to seeing that list. Hate to see it when a guy you've invested any sort of energy in is given up on.


  • Cubster 9 hours 16 min ago (view)

    Chi Tribune today. Boras picks, and focused on the Ricketts. 

    Headline writer, fun job: Agent won’t let Cubs get away Scott-free Matt York/AP and Paul Sullivan.

    Boras told his players “the game can not be played without you” and asked them to share the concept with teammates and opposing players when “MLB requests further concessions or deferral of salaries” during negotiations.


  • Cubster 9 hours 19 min ago (view)

    The billionaires vs the millionaires. The beauty of the game is not the business of the game. 


  • Cubster 10 hours 16 sec ago (view)

    Bat-signal seen in the Mesa skyline...AZ Phil, time to don the mask and cape.


  • Cubster 10 hours 1 min ago (view)

    per mlbtr, supposedly the Cubs have released 30 minor leaguers although Stewart and Asuaje are the only two names so far.


  • crunch 20 hours 57 min ago (view)

    cubs release brock stewart (AAA Rule 5 pick) and carlos asuaje (middle IF'r)...both older AAA/MLB-replacement-part types.


  • crunch 1 day 1 hour ago (view)

    after dragging their feet, the cubs commit to paying their minor leaguers through june.

    i'm a bit dissapointed they're not going to pay the last 2 months.  yeah, they're not the worst owners (in fact, the "through june" thing is common), but they can do better for their baseball household.


  • Cubster 1 day 12 hours ago (view)

    "in normal times..."

    It was the burst of times, it was the worst of times.


  • Cubster 1 day 13 hours ago (view)

    "Setting aside how stupid it is for fans to blame players when owners are all so much more..."

    I blame Pete Ricketts


  • crunch 1 day 23 hours ago (view)

    i can't believe this kind of stuff is what we're talking about 2 months into the 2020 season...i can't believe a lot of stuff about 2020 outside of the game, too.