Cubs @ Dodgers: Series Thread (Games 75-78)

The Cubs (41-33) have won four out of their last ten and fallen a half game behind the Brewers for the division lead. The'll spend their next ten games on the road, and they'll begin with a tough four-game assignment against the second in the NL West Dodgers (44-29). See below for the pitching matchups.

Game 75, Thursday, June 24, 9:10 pm central

CHC: RHP Zach Davies (4-4, 4.66 ERA)

LAD: RHP Walker Buehler (7-0, 2.38 ERA)

Davies worked through six innings at Wrigley while allowing eight earned runs to the Marlins in his last start. Before that, he had two consecutive scoreless starts of 6.0 and 6.2 innings.

Buehler is the first of several dominant starters the Cubs will face on this 10-game road trip. Last time out, he struck out eleven hitters over 7.1 innings and allowed two earned runs. He did not earn a decision in his prior start against the Cubs this season, going six innings and allowing two earned runs while striking out eight.

Game 76, Friday, June 25, 9:10 pm central

CHC: RHP Jake Arrieta (5-8, 5.45 ERA)

LAD: RHP Tony Gonsolin (0-0, 3.00 ERA)

Arrieta has been kind of a mess lately, making only one decent start over his last five. In his most recent start, he went only three innings and allowed six runs, four earned. It was his first walkless start of the season, but that doesn't really count as a silver lining when you give up six hits including two homers.

The 27-year-old Gonsolin debuted with the Dodgers in 2019 and had 14 major league starts under his belt going into the season. He's been quite effective in that time, keeping his career ERA under three so far. In his three 2021 starts, he has yet to see the end of the fourth inning, and he was a bit wild in his first two.

Game 77, Saturday, June 26, 6:15 pm central

CHC: RHP Alec Miills (3-1, 5.18 ERA)

LAD: LHP Luis Urias (9-3, 3.99 ERA)

It's hard to complain about Alec Mills. Expectations for him are roughly nil, and he's given Cubs fans a no hitter while serving mostly as a swing man and long reliever. In his three starts this season, he's held opponents to five earned runs and eaten 13.1 innings. His last start was his most effective, when went five and held Miami scoreless.

Urías entered the season a five-year veteran, which makes it hard to believe he's still only 24. 2021 is shaping up to be one of his better years despite the slightly higher ERA--he's actually improved his strikeout rate and walk rate so far. He did get knocked around a bit by the Padres; they scored six earned runs in 4.1 innings in his last start.

Game 78, Sunday, June 27, 6:08 pm central

CHC: RHP Adbert Alzolay (4-6, 4.19 ERA)

LAD: LHP Clayton Kershaw (8-7, 3.43 ERA)

Alzolay's slider and his recently blistered finger both appear to have survived the first round of "sticky stuff" enforcement in his last game. He took the loss but turned in a fairly typical Alzolay start. He struck out five and surrendered a pair of homers to Cleveland in 4.1 innings.

Kershaw is enjoying somewhat of a resurgence in 2021. The veteran lefty has already struck out 111 opponents, and the season has not yet reached its halfway point. Last time out he took the loss but only allowed three earned runs in six innings while striking out seven Padres. He lasted only one innings against the Cubs back on May 4, when he allowed four earned runs on four hits and two walks. It was the shortest start of the future Hall of Famer's career and he made no excuses. Watch out for a possible chip on his shoulder.


Great stuff, Charlie - Thanks!

Decent start to the road trip.

was wondering when that combined no-hitter thing was gonna kick in for TCR...

i missed it because i was a victim of "this game starts at 10pm my time" and a horrible lifestyle condition called "i got a job to get to at 7am"

Lotta that going around.

TCR readers coming into this one like Kimbrel coming into the 9th.

is brian roberts a cub yet?

He probably has kids that could be selected in the draft at this point.

a.nola (that guy the cubs should have gotten rather than schwarber *cough*) K's 10 in a row to start vs the mets.  ties seaver.

11Ks through 4ip.  66 pitches.

seriously, though...we like schwarber...everyone likes schwarber.

brews tie in the bottom 9th with a 2r HR.  boo.

trey mancini invited to this year's HR derby, O's have no objection, and he's expected to take the offer.

wow.  impressive.  14 HR and 16's a legit invite.

dodgers have scored 2 runs off 8 hits + 2 walks + 1 wild pitch in 4 innings of work from a.mills.

damn the camera setup in dodger stadium is ass.  the nets just make it worse.

i have no idea wtf they can't redo their camera setup.  this isn't just fox, this is every telecast the past many years.  this is one of the worst TV broadcast parks in the majors.


cubs lose on a 9th inning walkoff...brews won earlier today...

There's a very real chance we're down 4-6 games in the division by the end of the Brewers series. In Milwaukee and facing the 3 SP of theirs we've faced like 50 times this year.

pj higgins needs TJ surgery.  damn.

he's not a cubs priority, but that's cold for a guy just getting his first taste at age 28.

re: Heyward's Foul Ball - FWIW, after finally seeing the video, I think it was proabably foul. Can't really see the ball due to the twilight, frame rate, not zooming in for some reason, etc. But the fan reactions were all pretty spontaneous waving foul and/or cheers at it going foul. I think if it had been fair, there would have been a few more immediate negative reactions followed by trying to "sell it" foul. 

dodger stadium needs to make that park 2022-ready with a total revamp of many of their camera staging areas.  it's horrible what they can get and miss with their setups.  in 2021 there's no reason the only shots of that foul ball couldn't be clearly tracked.

alzolay doesn't have it today.  he's up there looking like oldschool maples.

yeah, and giving up a homer after walking 3 guys is a hell of a thing.

ugg.  alzolay and the homer is gonna be painful if he can't figure this out.

...and another homer.

I think that interview with Trevor Bauer was one of the best 7 minutes of baseball broadcasting I've listened to in a LONG time. Intelligent, candid, insightful. Despite his attitude and temper, he would likely be VERY successful in broadcasting in the future if he chooses to do so.

My girlfriend made a very accurate observation about the ESPN booth: they talk way too much. I admire JD's ability to give a slow yet interesting broadcast, which Boog seems to have adapted to aswell.

i like len, but boog/jd seems to work a bit better than len/jd.  the jokes flow a bit less clumbsy.

i miss len/bob...really enjoyed them working games as a duo.