Cubs vs. Dodgers—Stacking Up the Stats

How the Cubs and their NLDS opponents stacked up in a variety of statistical categories. (Team's National League rankings appear in parens; "DER" refers to and "RZR" refers to . Throughout, * means stats are through Saturday, 9/27. ) 

855 (1st) RS
700 (13th)
184 (5th) HR
137 (13th)
.355 (1st) OBP
.333 (6th)
.445 (1st) SLG
.400 (13th)
 800 (1st) OPS
733 (11th)
668 (2nd) RA
645 (1st)
3.87 (2nd) ERA
3.68 (1st)
2.30 (3rd) K/BB
2.51 (2nd)
711 (2nd) OPS vs.
691 (1st)
66% (4th) SV %
65% (5th)
.706 (1st) DER
.693 (9th)
.832 (6th) RZR
.825 (12th)


Here's another interesting set of numbers—the performance of the Dodgers offense before and after the acqusition of Manny Ramirez:

108 G 53
4.17 RS/G
.69 HR/G
3.10 BB/G
.321 OBP
.376 SLG
697 OPS


Baseball may not be a one-man game, but Ramirez, .489 OBP/.743 SLG/1232 OPS in 53 games for the Dodgers, is obviously one man who made a significant difference for his new team. The two Dodgers who have had the most plate appearances batting right in front of Manny, Jeff Kent and Andre Ethier, have been particular beneficiaries.

Jeff Kent
Pre-Manny 91  .307 .406  713
Post-Manny* 30  .388 .455 843
Andre Ethier  GP OBP
Pre-Manny 90 .338 .442 780
Post-Manny* 44 .442 ,640 1082


Funny thing is, both Kent and Ethier were able to punish the Cubs even without Ramirez this year. In 23 AB's, Ethier hit .348 with a .423 OBP vs. the Cubs, and Kent, in 19 AB, hit 2 HR, with a .421 OBP and an OPS of 1211.




Here is my concern. Look at what Sabathia and Santana did over the weekend. Dominating, complete game performances on short rest. That's what you need this time of year, particularly in the playoffs, and we don't have a starter who can do that. Our rotation overall may be the best in the NL, but that helps in the 162 game schedule. In some ways, the question over the course of the season is not how good your 1 and 2 are, but how bad your 3, 4, and 5 are. But in the playoffs, the question is how good your 1 and 2 are. And ours are good, not great. If we can hit our way through the playoffs that will make the difference, but we will see some good pitching. Dodgers in 5.

I'd say your assessment is pretty much spot on as far as the starters/course of the whole season as opposed to a 5 game set. But it's not as if the Dodgers have the CC/Johan type #1. Personally with the cubs lineup against Lowe/Billingsly/Kuroda/Maddux/Whoever they run out their in the 3rd game, i'm not too worried for this series. Cubs in 4, count it.

Has anyone seen the playoff roster? I cant find it on or in the tribune...My hope is that howry is left off so he can practice a new grip for his fastball so it atleast moves.

Doesn't have to be officially submitted until tomorrow.

Cubs in 4

a party in LA sounds good to me

I don't think the Playoff roster has been announced. Or else you'd see many Howry posts. Arguably, the 2nd half moves of Manny, CC, and Harden helped catapult their new teams into the Playoffs. Without the addition of Manny or Sebathia, neither Dodgers or Brewers would have made it. So, indeed, in these cases, one man DID make the difference. Can Sebathia just pitch every other day?

If CC could pitch every other day, he would. Being a Tribe fan also, he was a gamer and as seen in MIL, he'll take the ball everyday if the manager would allow him. here's the question, i know its looking forward, but who would you rather see the cubs face in round 2? CC and Mil, or Johan and NYM? I'd vote for neither if I could, because i can see both of those being a very very tough series to win. Perhaps i'd rather see the Brewers seeing how familiar the teams are with one another. And Wrigley Field North will be rocking

While your hypothetical question is is moot, the Mets are not in the playoffs and the question should be: Who would you rather face, the upstart Brewers or the Phillies with that mashing lineup and Cole Hamels? While the acquisitions of Manny and CC propelled their teams to the playoffs, Johan was unable to pulloff the same result with the Mets...Maybe they should have held him back until the second half instead of pitching him the entire season.

wow, mental lapse there. must be these damn high school kids yelling while i'm trying to write...Well, i'd rather see the Brew Crew than Hamels and the Phils..

Absolutely. Hamels has been death for the Cubs this year, and while CC has also been pretty good against us, the Cubs have managed hold back the Brewers offense in those games. Plus, who pitches after Sabathia? What are the Brewers chances of winning playoff games not started by CC? I think the Cubs' deep rotation could potentially make a bigger difference in games against the Brewers than any other team in the post season. The Phil's rotation isn't amazing after Hamels, but their offense could make the Cubs rotation not look so "deep," especially if they can get to the bullpen.

yep. I have said it all year. And, their bullpen with romero and a renewed Lidge has been very good. Let's just get to the NLCS first.

PLAYOFF ROSTER - here is a bit from Muskrat's late last-night entry: "Whether DeRosa is ready will not affect the final decisions on the playoff roster, which will be announced Tuesday. Piniella was to meet then to set it with general manager Jim Hendry and assistant general manager Randy Bush." Also, DeRosa is claiming "he'll be fine" for Wednesday's start...

In Sun Times today Wittenmeyer believed that Dero would be playing second for first round, meaning more RF time for Fuku and I assume the wild tea cup ride of Micah Hoffpower.

That wouldn't bother me if Dome could at least raise his OBP during the Playoffs to something reasonable.

Slugging and OBP go together. Look at the league leaders in walks, slugging, OBP. A lot of power, a lot of meat on the hoof. Fukudome will have to hit to raise his OBP.

An overlooked factor in the Pre- and Post-Manny Dodgers, and their offensive improvement, is that around that time they stopped playing offensive sinkholes like Andrew Jones, Pierre, and Nomar. Benching Andrew Jones alone had to be worth many runs. He would have been released in ST if not for the financial commitment.

I'm trying not to be doom and gloom here. I am concerned with D(ouble play)Lee's hitting propensities, particularly with Derek Lowe on the mound. I thought hitters made in-game adjustments to pitchers? I just hope this team can get itself back up if they find themselves behind the 8-ball (a'la 2004 RedSox). This post season is not going to be a cakewalk. If we beat the Dodgers, I'm not so sure we can beat the Phillies when we not only have to deal with Cole Hamels, but Jamie Moyer(!?), who shut us down. Jamie Moyer is not supposed to be tough but he is to us. Their offense is downright scary too. I'm not on the ledge, but somebody talk me out of this.

If you're not on the ledge what are we supposed to talk you out of? What you're saying doesn't sound like doom and gloom. It IS doom and gloom. Here's a little bit of balance: The other teams fear the Cubs even more than we fear them.

That's a good point on D-Lee, but I worry alot more about the bullpen. If we lose this series, I predict it will be in the 6th and 7th innings. Wood and Marmol are good, but beyond that as you all know, we have been struggling. Meanwhile, the Dodgers have Saito and Broxton late, plus Kuo, Wade, Park, Bemiel....lots of RH/LH solid guys, with some strikeout guys, for those middle innings. We definitely need someone to step up in this space, be it Samardzija, Marshall, or someone else. Gaudin's back problems really hurt us, because he was pitching well until then, and providing that solid middle relief.

Kuo out, FWIW.

the grass is always greener...

Saito's still dealing with a bum elbow, If you ask a Dodgers fan, Beimel and Broxton are  the only bullpen guys that would be considered solid this year.

BTW, are we going to have Chip Caray on the TBS telecasts? I might have to mute the entire post season.

Worse. Dick Stockton, Ron Darling, and Tony Gwynn.

to charge a good $30 in bullshit fees for 2 tickets to a major league baseball game? F U Frank McCourt. And I still have to add an extra $15 each day for parking.

Yup, I about screamed when I saw how much fees were being added to the tix. Although some of that is ticket master. FYI, I have tickets in the all you can eat pavilion on Sunday too. Would have prefered to buy my own food in cheaper seats.

I'd say gouging customers is pretty normal behavior for a crook. Frank McCourt was born, to Malachy & Angela McCourt, in Brooklyn. Unable to find work in the depths of the Depression, the McCourts returned to their native Ireland in 1934, where they sank deeper into poverty. McCourt's father, an alcoholic, was often without work, and drank up what little money he earned. When McCourt was 11, his father abandoned the family leaving Frank's mother to raise four children. After quitting school at age 13, Frank alternated between odd jobs and petty crime .... --- wikipedia So, he just graduated from petty juvenile crime to bigtime bring the country to its knees kiss your 401k goodbye "legal" crime, i.e. Real Estate Investment.. Where's it going?--- me, I'm gonna riot if they run out of food in the RF pavilion.

That's a different Frank McCourt.

Gonna burn the place down to ashes?

Interesting, because at the very top of the Frank McCourt Wikipedia entry that you quote from and don't link to, it says this:
This article is about the author and memoirist. For the owner of the Los Angeles Dodgers and real estate developer, see Frank McCourt (executive).
You may want to look at this entry.

"baseball" frank was the parking lot baron of boston...which shows with his new "parking plan" he implemented in LA. -edit- "the plan"...aka, "the disaster"...aka, just shut up and deal with it...

although it still sucks donkey balls to drive there and try to get out, it is better than 3-5 years ago. Not $15 worth better, but slightly  better...

That's exactly why I don't go to more games. I can't stand the driving and parking situation. If a regular season game is boring, I have no problems leaving in the 7th to beat traffic. For the playoffs, I'll just plan on hanging out for an hour tor two afterwards and not even think about trying to get out of the lot.

You just need to know the secret parking spot.

you going to both games? I forgot the Dodgers switched radio networks this year, so my sure thing contact no longer works for the Dodgers.

Musician fired for playing "GO Cubs Go" at TGI Miller Park. Balls as big as church bells.

Stockton was terrible last year, why do we always get the "B" team in these rounds? He didn't even correctly recognize many of the players last year - enough.

quite simple long as the Red Sox or Yankees are in the playoffs, they will have the #1 team, because they attract the most watchers. This year will be an interesting test to see how well the Cubs do in the ratings. Last year, the ratings were weak for the Cubs in the playoffs...but I'm sure that was largely due to the 10PM EST start time for the two games in AZ.

Hard to imagine too many other reasons that the Cubs wouldn't get viewers; it seems clear to me that the Cubs are one of the most popular teams in the nation, probably number three behind the Red Sox and Yankees.

I would tend to think so too...but the key being they do fall behind the Sox and Yanks. I would think ratings for a Dodgers/Cubs game would be huge (2nd and 3rd largest TV markets)...but maybe not because of no east coast presence. I'd have to think Fox is dreaming for a Cubs/Red Sox series....and puking about the prospect of a Brewers/Rays series.

I don't know. A Cubs vs. Rays series would allow them to play up all the feel-good vibes they want having a team that hasn't been a World Series Champion in 100 years and, well, the Rays. But maybe those narratives they create to attract viewers aren't very effective. I don't study this stuff.

I'm sure Fox would be happy with Cubs versus anyone in the WS (probably happy with any combination of Cubs, Dodgers, Phils)...but no question in my mind that Cubs vs Red Sox would get higher ratings than Cubs vs Rays.

Sox 6th inning: BB, SB, WP, BB, WP, WP, BB, BB, HR. 5 Runs, 1 H, 3 Walks, 3 Wild Pitches.

you can shove it up your ass...YES! Mercy.

Umm... that was the Sox on offense.

released... Yovanni Gallardo going Game 1 for the Brewers.

released... S.Mitre from the marlins. doh...someone will give him a minor league contract.

Holy shit, what is Dempster going to get?

The Cards give Kyle Lohse a four-year contract. As a Cubs fan, I'm tickled. Now they're stuck with Lohse, who had a career year in '08, through 2012. Didn't they realize that Lohse was trolling for work during spring training? And didn't they give Pineiro a long-term deal last year? As long as they have Pujols, they'll win 85 games or so, but by signing Pineiro and Lohse, we won't have to worry about them winning 100 games anytime soon.

I had a dream last night that Dempster went 8 innings, one run, unearned. Word.

that sounds good to me,ramirez is the player who has to show up aramis was 0 for the playoffs in 2007.

I totally agree. He sucked balls with an 0-fer in last years' "Playoff". If he wants to be "The Man", this is the big SHOW. How do we score against Derek Lowe? This team has done very poorly against him in the last couple of years.

I have a hard time faulting A-Ram too much for not hitting in the three games the Cubs played last October. Pretty small sample size. Who DID hit that series? Derek Lowe does worry me, though. I'm hoping the Cubs patience will help them squeak out a few runs and they'll somehow avoid grounding into too many double plays. I'm also hoping Dempster can shut down the Dodger's offense.

"Who DID hit that series?" Soto?

To answer my own question like a jerk: Soto went 1 for 6 with a home run and two of the Cubs 4 total RBI. Lee was 4-12, all singles, plus a walk. DeRo went 3-9 (singles) with two walks. After those two the next highest averages were Theriot, Kendall, and Murton with .250. Jacque Jones and Geovany Soto accounted for the only Cubs extra bases (a Soto homer and a Jones double). They did manage 13 walks in three games, which isn't terrible, but the power and the averages were not there. The pitching was less than amazing, but not as bad as the hitting. No wonder I've forgotten most of that series.


It finally dawned on me that game times aren't pacific time and that I'll miss half of Wednesday's game and all of Thursday's because of class. Fuck. Also, I don't have TBS so I'll have to watch the games on a shitty feed from China on the internet. This might be good luck for the Cubs, though.

Slingbox on your laptop from someone with TBS while in class...all the kids are doing it now a days...

I don't know anyone with slingbox. Plus, there's 4 of us in the class. Someone might notice. Good idea, though. I'd love to do that. Hell, I'd love to just watch the game after class.

Don't do it! I teach college - with 4, you are sunk. If the prof., and students were all Cub fans, its another story... I have Sox, Red Sox, and Cubs fans in my classes. Oh - and a Braves fan, too...

It's an intensive course, so I can't really check out for a day anyway. Just sucks, though. I can't really plan my life around the possibility of the Cubs in the playoffs/WS...who'd have thought?

speaking of small sample size fontenot has had good luck vs. lowe

carol slezik in suntimes today headline so its been a hundred years since the cubs have been to the world series have you heard huh dont they proof read these things she should be sent to the wood shed. how emberrasing to cub fans everywhere.

That's the first line of the article. Still she's an idiot.

Speaking of proofreading, how about some complete sentences? Punctuation? Spell-check? No offense, but you brought it up.

Any news?

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  • crunch 4 hours 32 min ago (view)

    bryce harper ruined that bat dragging thing for everyone after his ejection years ago at the junior college world series.

    also, hurrah for baseball making it's return.


  • JustSayin' 4 hours 36 min ago (view)

    College ball started Saturday.  Umpire egos in D1 baseball are not that much smaller than in the pros, so of course there was a controversy.  In the late innings of a game in the weekend's biggest series (Michigan vs.


  • crunch 2 days 2 hours ago (view)

    the news is mostly based on a Baseball America article from the 11th (behind a paywall) the gist of it is rather legit rumor-wise, though it's still too far in the future to call it a 100% done deal.

    btw, the cubs have been strongly linked to pursuing christian hernandez for quite a while.  the BA writer that wrote the article about the cubs links has been following c.hernandez since he was a 14yo talent and is quite familiar with him.  that signing probably is in the bag.


  • Wrigley Rat 2 days 4 hours ago (view)

    I don't know much about this website, but they are speculating that the Cubs may sign two of the top International Free Agents available during this signing period: Does anyone know if this sounds legit?


  • Arizona Phil 3 days 9 hours ago (view)

    Minnie Minoso was playing in the Mexican League (as a DH) at age 47 and Julio Franco was playing in the Mexican League (as a DH) at age 49, so Mexican League teams clearly do not have a problem with signing older players. 

    And of course the ageless Satchel Paige was still working as a SP in AAA (with the Miami Marlins) into his early 50's (and prior to that he pitched in MLB as late as age 46).  


  • crunch 3 days 9 hours ago (view)

    b.colon has signed to a mexican league team.  woo old dudes.  he turns 47 in may...believed by some to be older.


  • Cubster 3 days 17 hours ago (view)

    Replacing someone like David DeJesus?


  • crunch 4 days 11 hours ago (view)

    mark grace returns to chicago as an analyst/on-air-talent for Marquee.

    he won't be part of the main game calling crew, but will be doing support content during games.


  • Eric S 4 days 14 hours ago (view)

    Increasing levels of smoke concerning a possible Arenado/KB trade

    Get Arenado to agree to push back his opt out a few years or so down the road and this could work out nicely for the Cubs


  • Arizona Phil 5 days 5 hours ago (view)

    Jason Kipnis (like Brandon Morrow) was a post-2019 Article XX-B MLB free-agent who signed a 2020 minor league contract, so he gets a $100K retention bonus and an automatic June 1st player opt-out if he is not released by 12 PM (Eastern) on the 5th day prior to MLB Opening Day or added to an MLB 40-man roster or MLB 60-day IL by 12 PM (Eastern) on MLB Opening Day. 


  • Arizona Phil 5 days 5 hours ago (view)

    The Cubs have signed post-2019 second-contract minor league FA catcher Jordan Procyshen to a 2020 minor league contract and he has been assigned to AA Tennessee.  


  • Dolorous Jon Lester 5 days 7 hours ago (view)

    Q could be subbed in for any of those too


  • crunch 5 days 8 hours ago (view)

    darvish, lester, and mills could combine to give up 100 homers between the 3 of them.


  • Dolorous Jon Lester 5 days 9 hours ago (view)

    I would have liked to give him a shot. I don't see much more out of a Chatwood and Alec Mills competition for the 5th spot.


  • crunch 5 days 11 hours ago (view)

    M's sign him 1/2m


  • crunch 5 days 12 hours ago (view)

    walker throwing for the M's today...hopefully they see something they like and can outbid the cubs.  it should be easy since the cubs seem to be hiring guys with camel cash and canadian tire money.