Cubs Send Some Talent to Arizona Fall League

According to a , the Cubs will send Andrew Cashner, Brett Jackson, Trey McNutt, Chris Carpenter, D.J. LeMahieu and Junior Lake to play for the Mesa Solar Sox of the Arizona Fall League. will be added to the taxi squad meaing he's only eligible to play on Wednesdays and Saturdays. That seems to be one of the better crews of talent they've sent to Arizona over the years.

This is the second year in a row that Jackson and Carpenter were sent out to play. It's also Cashner's second go-round, although not in successive years, his first visit being after the 2009 season.

You can check historical

While not set in stone, I assume this means Brett Jackson will not get a September call-up and I'll tell you why I'm okay with that after the jump.

First, calling Jackson up means putting him on the 40-man roster, which in and of itself is no big deal because . On the other hand, there's some good reason not to do it if you don't have to quite yet and Jackson does not need to be protected this offseason from the Rule 5 draft. On the other hand, there are plenty that do and the new gonna-be-totally-awesome-GM-that-does-everything-I-want-them-to-do might appreciate the roster flexibility with the Rule 5 and possibly signing some free agents.

If that were the only reason, I'd certainly be saying fuck it, let's see what Jackson can do over a month against some major league pitchers. But, we all know Q-Ball is managing to save his job or at least set himself up for another job and that means there's no way he'd trot Jackson out there every day or close to every day. Maybe he'd do it at the expense of Colvin, but certainly not at the expense of the precious veterans that he owes his job too.

Finally, there's some considerations about starting his service time clock for arbitration and free agency. It's not as a big a concern for the Cubs deep pockets, compared to let's say the Rays, but something to consider. Jackson will be playing his age 23 season next year and normal aging patterns say his best years are gonna be 26-30 (different studies, different bell curves, but 26-32 is about a big a stretch as you want to go). So if you're under the predisposition that the Cubs will suck next season(I am not one of those people) and are probably 2-3 years away from being a serious contender, isn't it smart to ensure that one of the better prospects on the team is gonna be around for those years and at the most advantageous cost to the team? Which means Jackson's call-up really shouldn't be any sooner than May or June of next year, presuming he's still hitting the crap out of the ball next season. I don't think the Cubs will learn much about Jackson those first two months that they won't learn the last four.

Food for thought...

Also a good time to bring up my thoughts on Bryan LaHair. He'll most certainly get called up once the AAA season ends and he's named PCL MVP. There's seems to be a swell of support to let him play 1b and bench Pena (or preferably trade him when they had the chance). And if they had moved Pena, that certainly would be my preference. But they didn't, and now I have to think that letting Pena play and likely maintain Type B status on the free agent market may be more valuable. Last time MLBTR put out their reverse-engineered Elias rankings, Pena was near the bottom of Type B status and he'll need to finish out the season at his current levels in all iikelihood to stay there.  I don't know if the aforementioned gonna-be-totally-awesome-GM-that-does-everything-I-want-them-to-do will actually offer Pena arbitration, but I assume he or she wouldn't mind having the option. Sucks for LaHair and I'll eat a healthy plate of crow if he ever amounts to anything in the majors, but that probably is the best option for the Cubs organization going forward.


#Cubs Rookie ball in Mesa is done. Going to Boise are IF Javier Baez & RHPs Tony Zych, James Pugliese and Michael Jensen. from Bruce Miles

baez...5 errors in 3 games, 22 chances. lulz. omfg sample size or something. better start learning footwork for 2nd base, dude.

Baez or Garza?

award arguments starting, should be a fun last month... NL: Kemp, Fielder, Braun, Upton with Votto, Berkman, Tulo and Pujols on the fringe AL: Bautista, Granderson, Pedroia, Ellsbury with Teixeira, A. Gonzalez, Cabrera on the fringe AL Cy: Verlander NL Cy: Kershaw, Halladay, Lee, maybe Kennedy NL ROY: Freeman, Kimbrel, Worley AL ROY: Walden, Trumbo

giving or not giving the MVP to verlander might be a story in itself for the AL.

whoops, meant to put him on the MVP list hard for me not to see a CF'er leading the league in runs, HR and RBI's not getting it though, sorry Bautista and Verlander. be quite a feat if Kemp and Kershaw win it

Have to go with the "it goes to a team that wins there division, unless there's no good candidate" thing. I am still trying to figure out how Sandberg finished fourth in '89, but don't rule out Fielder/Braun one two.

#Cubs lineup @ #SFGiants (8/30): Castro SS, Barney 2B, Ramirez 3B, Pena 1B, Soriano LF, Byrd CF, Colvin RF, Soto C, Garza P vs. Torres cf, Keppinger 2b, Beltran rf, Sandoval 3b, Huff 1b, Belt lf, Fontenot ss, Stewart c, Vogelsong p Boise is allegedly on today if anyone wants to see Baez play more GM talk, no interviews yet, info gathering stage, Epstein and Beane mentioned

full Solar Sox roster here appears they're sharing with Baltimore, Twins, Pittsburgh Trout and Bryce Harper on same team

interesting who's the experiment player at 3rd in the mix? dozier? i haven't heard anything about j.lake being shifted or experimenting at 3rd.

i think a team hasn't submitted their roster yet, cause it should be 5 organizations per team.

ah, gotcha

nevermind, White Sox have since been added, but they only had 4 players at the moment

Submitted by crunch on Tue, 08/30/2011 - 5:03pm. interesting who's the experiment player at 3rd in the mix? dozier? i haven't heard anything about j.lake being shifted or experimenting at 3rd. =================================== CRUNCH: The Orioles and Pirates still have one more position player to assign to the AFL (BAL C Brian Ward is on the Taxi Squad), so the primary Solar Sox 3B could be somebody like BAL AA 3B Brandon Waring or 2011 2nd round pick Jason Esposito (Vanderbilt), or Pirates AA 3B Jeremy Farrell. Otherwise I suspect both Junior Lake and D. J. LeMahieu will get some PT at 3B. Lake probably profiles best at 3B ratherv than SS (or even more-likely as an offense-first super-sub IF-OF), and LeMahieu would probably move there if he ever develops HR power, or he would need to be able to play there if he eventually ends up a Jeff Baker-type 3B-2B-1B.

This lists Marcus Hatley as a Cub players... Who the hell is he? Must be a mistake...

Wow, thanks crunch... I don't feel like I have ever heard or seen that name. Must be a ripping good prospect...

He's a Cubbie farmhand....So you know he's a top notch prospect!

weird, Baez not starting DeVoss CF, Zapenas 2B, Lopez C, Cuneo 1B, Hoilman DH, Golden RF, Darvill SS, Harrington 3B, Zapata LF. Zeller on the hill.

the well-duh department Bryan LaHair just honored as I-Cubs' MVP. John Gaub pitcher of the year. -edit- Chris Robinson received a Community Service Award as well.

awesome comeback for gaub, but he's still got a little way to go.

3.54 ERA, 6 HR, 38 BB, 74 K in 53.1 IP 1.0 HR/9, 6.4 BB/9, 12.5 K/9 don't see a team having much patience in the majors with those walk numbers, although he's in the right organization. splits don't show a real big difference in lefties vs. righties either, well except ERA, but love to see how they calculate that.

Gaub has been dreadful his last three appearances. Maybe they voted two weeks ago. Aug 20, 1 inning, 2 hits and a walk. Aug 22, 1 inning, 3 walks. Aug 26, 1/3 inning, 3 hits and a walk. That's 5 hits, 5 walks in 2 and a third. Maine is much better these days.

Its pitcher of the year, not pitcher of the week.

Numbers are close for the year, with Gaub enjoying a hefty lead in walks even though Maine has walked his share. Gaub: 54.1 inn, 42 h, 38 bb, 75 k, 1.47 whip, 7 saves Maine: 50.1 inn, 37 h, 24 bb, 70 k, 1.21 whip, 11 saves The saves are misleading, in that Maine, not Gaub, has been the closer. I'm a Gaub supporter, but two weeks before Sept. call-ups was not good timing for an implosion. It's not untypical behavior by him, however, which is why he has never thrown a pitch in the majors.

wonder how much crack money you can get on ebay for that.

Vitters with a 3-run 2b for Smokies MacPhail likely to resign, well technically just let his contract expire.

LOL Read the comment before the subject line... I was actually wondering when the speculation would begin that old Jumbo would be the crowning achievement for MacFailure's attempt to turn the Fightin Angelos' into Cubs East...

Damn! Lahair just hit #38 & I 'watched' it on my I-pad!

LaHair played left tonight and nailed a runner at home. Unfortunately, he won't be able to play that position in September, either, since the Cubs will want to use Soriano's HR total as a talking point in the offseason.

It makes no difference how many HR's Soriano hits... right Rob?

Oh no you DIDN'T!!!!!!!!! /throws gloves off I believe the discussion was about dealing Soriano in the middle of a hot or cold streak. But count me in the group that believes that it doesn't matter much how many HR's he hits in September. Well except for one of my fantasy teams.

I really don't care about Pena's type B status. I just want to be sure the Cubs don't have another Casey McGehee situation.

This is the Casey McGehee situation .238 .293 .357 .650

McGehee would be 3rd in RBI on the Cubs w/61.

Not really, because he wouldn't be batting behind two .400 OBP hitters (though some of that 40% doesn't leave them on base). He's driven in 13.5% of runners ahead of him. That's worse than Soriano (better than Pena, though).

Do you think a guy can be 'clutch' or do you think it's hooey?

My personal take on clutch is that if you're "cluth" and you do better in RBI situations, that means you're just not concetrating enough in other situations. I definitely think there are chokers, though.

That actually makes a lot of sense.

Personally, I don't believe in clutch hitting. However, I do believe in Cthulhu hitting, which is when some banjo-hitting nobody awakens the Elder Gods and summons their dark powers to crush a 3-run HR against the Cubs. See Diaz, Victor.

This is awesome and horrible at the same time.


McGehee put up 2 consecutive 800+ OPS years for MLB minimum before this year. I'd gladly take that kind of value.

Typical caveats aside, this MLE comes up with .274 .338 .518 for LaHair if he played with the Cubs this season. 30 doubles, 28 HR's, and 80 RBI's I totally think this is his career year, but the same could have been said about Soto's MVP type season.

I'd be inclined to give the kid a shot. 5 years younger than Pena and about 10 Million dollars cheaper. If we aren't getting Pujols or Fielder. Let the kid play!

I say sign Adam Dunn!!! /cheap shot

I still don't think Adam Dunn is garbage yet. I'd trade Zambrano or Soriano for him in a second if I could. Playing every day back in the NL COULD very well bring back the old Adam Dunn.

of course you would... might as well go down swinging I suppose.

Dunn could be finished? I just find it hard to believe that someone who has been remarkably consistent his whole career just loses it one day because he has his 31st birthday? Switching leagues, burst appendix, DHing/ not fielding every day? I don't know exactly WHY he has had such a terrible year? I just think it's probably some combination of those factors over the "he's just done" line of thinking. Soriano for Dunn would be an excellent roll of the dice on the Cubs part.

Yes, I'm sure that year away from fielding has done wonders for his range, arm, etc... Not that I am totally against the notion of dumping Soriano for him, I would call it more indifference than anything...

How much range do your really need at first base?

Soriano for Dunn would be an excellent roll of the dice on the Cubs part. not much of a roll of a dice, as it is a here's my used diapers for yours. but yeah, sure, I'd be all for that, at least the Cubs would be a little better on the age curve. And of course the Cubs have the mighty LaHair in case Dunn still sucks. What could go wrong? Can't see why the White Sox would do it though...they're certainly not gonna make any trades to help out the Cubs and it wouldn't make them any better.

Dunn is probably 44 in real life :)

Looks like the clock struck 12 on Nick's rise through the minors. 5.37 ERA in AAA after getting knocked around last night, and no where close to a K/inning. Vitters and Ha combined for five hits at the top of the order for TN (no walks, 2 K's, surprising). Taipei Easterling had three singles and caught stealing for Peoria. DeVoss got two more hits playing center field, and Hoilman(16) and Golden(5) homered for Boise. Organizational hierarchy, you would have to figure DeVoss is ticketed to skip Peoria next year. It will be interesting to see what kind of snowball effect Brett Jackson's team has on the rest of the center fielders next year.

castro 6, johnson 9, ramy 5, baker 3, sori 7, byrd 8, soto 2, barney 4, lopez 1 vs. Bumgarner

Is Phil Rogers suggesting Jim Hendry could be re-hired by the Cubs as an asst to Rick Hahn, if Hahn gets the job? That seems to be how it reads, because before that he suggests the White Sox could hire him. "...Hendry could turn into an asset for the White Sox, not as a GM replacement for Williams but as a special assistant...a job with the White Sox could be appealing to Hendry because it would allow him to maintain his two-time zone lifestyle, fathering his children in Chicago while spending parts of the year at a home in Arizona, and Hendry has strong relationships both with Williams and Rick Hahn, the assistant GM who could replace him (and possibly be in the market for another set of baseball eyes)." If he's saying Hendry could be hired by the Sox if Hahn leaves, it makes no sense to say he has a good relationship with Hahn, "Who could replace him (and possibly be in the market for another set of baseball eyes)." Ugh.

think he means the white sox firing williams and giving Hahn the job and hiring Hendry as his assistant. it's wrongway, none of it will happen that way. -edit- you also buried the lead, it's not Rogers suggestion even, just something he read. In his tireless blog, Mike DePilla writes (that Hendry) but yes, a terribly clumsy conclusion sentence.

I do like this bit, though: Here’s hoping Tom Ricketts won’t get oversold on Byrnes. There are better candidates out there. I wonder who snuck that in at the end of his story?

Here's hoping Tom Ricketts won't get oversold on... My five year old could write better than this guy... Jesus, man, take a writing class. It's okay to talk that way, but don't write something like that for a mainstream news outlet.

I also like " would allow him to maintain his two-time zone lifestyle, fathering his children in Chicago while spending parts of the year at a home in Arizona..." Um, Phil, I think you mean *raising his children*, unless shit is about to get real, Hendry-lifestyle-revelation-wise.

I too found that line really odd. And pretty sure that Jim Hendry now has enough money to "maintain his two-time zone lifestyle" whether he is working for a baseball team or not.

Technically, the usage is fine, but when it comes to sports figures probably 'raising' would probably have been the way to go... then of course people would say "you raise cattle, you father children."

Hendry must have some secret complex in Arizona where he flies in and "fathers" some more children every now and then. I can picture some plump kids walking around with donuts and yelling at each other to swing for the fences.

Nice! Dammit Jim Jr! Stop taking pitches and swing!!!!

MacPhail is leaving the Baltimore Orioles... and, well, it seems like everything else the Cubs get rid of ends up in Baltimore, so maybe that's where Hendry is headed.

Rowand and Tejada DFA'd, Barry Zito must not be answering his phone. great line by craig calcaterra Brian Sabean is safely at his nephew's baptism as all of this bloodshed is goin' down, isn't he.

combined remaining salaries was $30M take note Ricketts


meh, bad twitter info appears it's only about $14.8M, Rowand owed $12M next year plus remaining 2011 deals

ROB G: Weren't the combined salaries left for Rowand and Tejada more like $15M? (about $2M for the rest of the 2011 season and $12M in 2012 for Rowand, and about $1M for Tejada this season, with Tejada a FA post-2011). It's still a lot of payroll to eat in one sitting, though.

yes, see comment #58

Mere mignardises compared to what the Cubs need to eat.


With Welington Castillo back on the Iowa Cubs DL with a recurrence of the hamstring injury that sidelined him a month ago, Steve Clevenger could get the September call-up as the Cubs #3 catcher. (Clevenger was already a likely post-2011 addition to the 40-man roster). Clevenger is the #1 catcher at Tennessee and the Smokies will be playing in the Southern League playoffs, but that has never stopped the Cubs from calling up a player before. The Cubs could just move Michael Brenly up to Tennessee from Daytona, and Micah Gibbs up to Daytona from Peoria (since Peoria will not be participating in the post-season, and since Gibbs should have the defensive chops to handle Advanced-A). The Cubs would not have to worry much about finding 40-man roster slots for Clevenger, Bryan LaHair, and Robert Coello (who is pitching lights-out at Iowa since getting moved back to the bullpen), even with Andrew Cashner likely to come off the 60-day DL after he finishes his minor league rehab this weekend, and even if the Cubs have to reinstate Carlos Zambrano from the Disqualified List. That's because Marcos Mateo can be transferred to the 60-day DL, and Kyle Smit is a likely outright candidate. (Justin Berg and Esmailin Caridad are likely outright candidates, too, but they can't be outrighted to the minors until after the MLB regular season if they finish the minor league season on the DL).

AZ PHIL: Re Clevenger, is he right now, at least, the equal of Koyie Hill? How does he handle pitchers? I know you have mentioned in the past that he would perhaps be in-line for a coaching job with the organization, but with Castillo's injury history and Clev's bat, do you think he'd get the 2012 back-up shot?

Submitted by The E-Man on Wed, 08/31/2011 - 12:21pm. AZ PHIL: Re Clevenger, is he right now, at least, the equal of Koyie Hill? How does he handle pitchers? I know you have mentioned in the past that he would perhaps be in-line for a coaching job with the organization, but with Castillo's injury history and Clev's bat, do you think he'd get the 2012 back-up shot? ====================================================== E-MAN: When I mentioned Clevenger in connection with coaching/managing, I only meant he was the type who would probably eventually end up being a manager or coach once his playing days are over. As for how Clevenger would compare to Koyie Hill, at the plate Clevenger has a short-stroke and can rifle line-drives all over the yard. He doesn't strike out much. He can play other positions, too (he was a SS in college and 2B his first season in the Cubs organization, and while he doesn't play 2B or SS anymore, he has played a bit of 1B and occasionally 3B in recent years). Defensively, his arm and receiving skills are just average, but he is very well-liked by pitchers (at least the ones I talked to) because he thinks like a hitter and knows how to call a game, how to work umpires, and how to cheat to get called strikes. He is sort of a baseball version of a basketball gym rat. He flunked out of the U. of Texas (that's how he ended-up at Chipola JC), but he has a high baseball IQ. I remember last year (2010) when he was assigned to Tennessee (again) at the end of Minor League Camp only because the Cubs wanted him to get regular playing time (he actually had earned a spot at Iowa with his play on the field, but the Cubs wanted both Welington Castillo and Clevenger to be #1 catchers), it didn't bother him, he was cool with it, and even thought it was kind of funny (he mentioned something about maybe going to Boise with mentor Jody Davis for the summer if things didn't work out at Tennessee).

a Clevenger call-up would be good for him, he'd learn what to avoid at the post-game spreads and a good head start on where to pick-up the road groupies... if he got 10 PA's or 10 innings catching, I'd be amazed.

Whatever leads to Castillo in Chicago, Clevenger to Des Moines and Koyie Hill to somewhere else in 2012. I am all for!

I don't see Castillo as a backup in 2012.

He's gotta be almost out of options. Kind of turning into make or break time for the kid.

AZ Phil's chart shows 2 left, I presume that means 1 more heading into next season.

Submitted by Rob G. on Wed, 08/31/2011 - 2:01pm. AZ Phil's chart shows 2 left, I presume that means 1 more heading into next season. =============================== ROB G: That is correct.

Padres know how to tank for a draft pick, headed towards loss #7 in a row

We've picked up two games on the Pirates already this week. That Bumgardner is really overwhelmed by the Cubs all righty lineup so far. Yet another good call by the patron saint of Clueless Managers.

From Baseball America's chat: Navin (Pasadena, CA): Would all four of Baez, Vogelbach, Dunston Jr and Maples slot into the Cubs top 10 prospects? Thank you! Jim Callis: I do our Cubs Top 10, and haven't really thought about it. Baez will be near the top, along with Jackson, Szczur and McNutt (who gets a mulligan for 2011). Maples will make it, Vogelbach has a good chance and Dunston won't. We weren't nearly as high on Dunston as the Cubs were. itto (PR): Starlin Castro or Javier Baez (if he reaches his potential)? Jim Callis: Castro, because he's a shortstop and Baez will be a third baseman. Baez would have more power, but Castro will be a better all-around player. I'm not saying Castro will be THIS good, but he could become the next Derek Jeter.

If he learns to take a fucking walk. just Rafael Dolis, guess Flaherty didn't have enough PA's and Ridling didn't have a position there's a link to the PDF for the full team

from Kapman... Cubs AA Matt Camp received 50-game suspension after 2nd violation for a drug of abuse. Suspension is effective immediately.

from Levine... According to a major league source, Camp's first positive test in the program was for marijuana. His most-recent positive test, was for an over-the-counter product that is not approved by Major League Baseball.

His most-recent positive test, was for an over-the-counter product that is not approved by Major League Baseball. --- Sex toys?

it sure wasn't the one thing he needed...steroids.

Platform shoes? Stilts? I've answered this one about a dozen times this season. The Cubs don't believe switching Marshall to a starter is in their best interest or his. He seems to agree, so case closed. ~snip~ My guess is that Maddux will not be back. His value to the organization has been underplayed by the Cubs, though if you ask any of the pitchers he has counseled, he has helped more than many of their full-time minor league pitching instructors.

Really? Marshall makes it a point every year to tell the media he'd like to be a starter. I guess Sullivan doesn't read the paper. This year it was Q-ball saying that Marshall was "too valuable" in the pen to make him a starter when he needed two quick replacements. He liked Russell and Samardzija better. The rest is history. Here's what Marshall said last year, "They know I like starting; I hope they know that," he said. "I try to tell them here and there, 'I'll be the guy for you."

~shrug~ if that quote was near the beginning of last year, I certainly wouldn't be surprised if Marshall has since changed his mind after having so much success out of the pen. he just needs to find a new team that will make him a closer.

2011- "I’m just stuck in my role now,” Marshall said with a smile."

“I’m just stuck in my role now,” Marshall said with a smile. “It’s (nice) to just worry about being a relief pitcher. … That’s what gives me peace of mind, really, to come to work and knowing when I’m probably going to pitch.”

if marshall's arm didn't crap out between 80-100 pitches he might get more love for the least that was part of his issue, stamina over a game.

And when you say Samrardissaj you mean Coleman.

Cashner with a rehab outing in Iowa tomorrow.

from cubnut on our twitter feed With 2/3 scoreless IP today, James Russell lowered his ERA to 2.06 (WHIP of 1.00) in 49 relief apps. In 5 starts, his ERA was 9.33.

I guess I have to remind the LaHair band wagon people that he is pushing 29 years of age and is a man playing in a kids league at this point. He isn't a "good" prospect by any means. There is a very clear reason why he hasn't had a shot in the majors since 2008. I don't mind finding out if he can do something in the majors but that should have been done starting July 31st and then gone from there. But in typical Cub fashion if they let Pena walk and really want to see LaHair, then they are pinning their next season hopes and dreams, and passing on considerable FA talent, to take a look at a 29 year old journeyman 1b man. vs. and mo pena has more power...people take minors numbers too seriously, and once they're past the age 26 it's really hard to figure out who's legit and who's feasting on mistakes and fastballs.

I wouldn't consider myself on a LaHair bandwagon I just think it's dumb not to see what he can do up on the big league level. I'm aware of his age, and I can't think of anyone off the top of my head who has come up that late and been an impact player of any kind, other than maybe Roy Hobbs. I've never seen the guy swing the bat -- maybe he's just awful, or he's got a Pat Bourque* type of hitch in his swing. But the kind of numbers he is putting up warrant a look. *Bourque was a first baseman minor league "prospect" for the Cubs back in the 70s who came up to the bigs and quickly demonstrated a horrific hitch in his swing that taught thousands of kids in the Chicago area how NOT to hit.

Carlos Pena wasn't worth a shit until he was... 29. LaHair was in the majors three years ago.

Exactly what I was going to say. Carlos Pena spent his age 28 season stuck in AAA. Why can't LaHair put up at least 2011 Carlos Pena numbers? I'd rather have Pujols or Fielder. However if the choice is LaHair at MLB minimum versus Carlos Pena at 2/20+. Then I'd rather give LaHair the shot and divert that 10 million dollars elsewhere.

Why can't LaHair put up at least 2011 Carlos Pena numbers? talent? anyway, Pena put up good numbers in the minors starting at age 20 and was at one point the #5 prospect in baseball, LaHair started putting up good numbers at age 25 and as far as I can tell wasn't even a Mariners Top 10 prospect.

Seriously, how much talent is required to have a .794 OPS or a .344 wOBA? I am going to go way out on a limb and say that this guy could be as good as Daniel Murphy or Mark Trumbo with the bat.

Pena had already had 1600+ at bats in the majors by age 29. 1 decent year in 2004....he did break out at age 29 though, absolutely.

Matt Stairs?

I remember Pat Bourque! I think he went to Holy Cross. If you look at my screen name, you'll know that I was at my most impressionable age when Pat Bourque broke in with the Major League club. He had to be good! He was MVP down in Triple A! Jack Brickhouse told me so! ~sigh~

Yeah, he was one of a long line of great 70s prospects. Pepitone was great. One of my favorites of all times. Even though he wasn't a true Cub (I'd consider him a Yankee) and was a pretty average player. I don't know if you remember Bourque's swing, but I think the kids today would call it a big FAIL. In fact, his swing is why I remember him. It was as if there was a huge rubber band that yanked on the back of his bat as it was in the air waiting for the pitch that snapped it back before he swung.

IIRC, wasn't Ryan Ludwick upper 20's when he came of age with the Cards? GM talk The timetable for naming Hendry’s successor appears to be on track for mid-October but if one of the big name general managers appears to be in play the search process could drag into November when the World Series is concluded. One thing is for certain, money does not appear to be a stumbling block to landing the best GM as it appears Ricketts is prepared to pay handsomely to land his dream candidate. The big question is: Will the dream candidate want the job? Peoria going to upgrade area around park.

Jay Jackson goes 6 IP, 1 ER, 7 H, 11 K, 2 BB 37.2 IP, 2.86 ERA for August 29 K, 18 BB Szczur moved to 7th in lineup, hits HR and goes 2/3 in first game of DH, 1/1 so far in 2nd game A. Kirk shelled again in Peoria 3 IP, 5 ER, 7 H, 2 K, 2 BB, 2 HR

R. Golden goes yard for 2nd game in a row, Baez gets a start for Boise as well.

as does Hoilman

18BB in 37.2 innings - bullpen for life, right?

if he's lucky at this point, but 2.9 BB/9 on the year nonetheless, his K rate decline over the last 3 years is something to behold (9, 6.8, 5.5) while his hit rate has gone up (7.7, 8.8, 11.1) someone give him Rick Ankiel's number

Looks like a future CF/RF to me.

Seriously. Time to think about it with Raley as well.

really really quiet waiver trade deadline. oakland is still holding onto a ton of 1-year are a lot of teams. the "big" trade so far today is jack wilson to ATL for ptbn.

Treanor and Mike Gonzalez to Texas Matt Diaz to Atlanta

Local idiot Mike Quade with one last thought- from Trib "The Cubs are without two of their original starters with Carlos Zambrano on the disqualified list and Andrew Cashner rehabbing at Triple-A Iowa. The team They began the day ranked last in starting pitching in the National League with a 4.97 earned-run average. "We might not have a Cy Young winner, but we're pretty good one to five," manager Mike Quade said

I don't understand why the reporters don't ask follow up questions when he says things that stupid.

because the reporters know it's just media talk and they don't want to piss off players or the manager trying to flesh out a comment that has all the charm of a media coach.

It would be cool if they would do their jobs.

you'd need a national or roaming reporter for something like that...or a fed up local guy. a beat writer is very unlikely to roll over on a manager for sticking up for what he's got. at least quade was smart enough to leave it broad rather than giving specific names for people to pick apart.

I agree. They are reporters, which at some point used to mean they were journalists who asked real questions. It's just another case of journalism disappearing.

"We might not have a Cy Young winner, but we're pretty good one to five," manager Mike Quade said.
Quade didn't say that. Here is what he said. He was quoted by Carrie Muskat yesterday. It's still in
"We've played a little better," Cubs manager Mike Quade said, "but if you look at [Tuesday] night [against the Giants], and we hit a couple home runs and did some things that we need to do to win baseball games. We got good pitching, which I think coming out of Spring Training we thought we might not have a Cy Young winner, but we're pretty good one to five and we should compete."
If anybody involved with the Cubs is an idiot, it's the Trib writer who edited Quade's words to make him appear to be talking about today rather than opening day.

The "writer" is Paul Sullivan for one. If he was actually there, how did he get this so wrong? Same Sullivan who tweeted his anger at the Daily Herald for using other newspaper coverage to write their articles when they didn't send a reporter to the game.

heres the article, Sullivan is an idiot

The anti-Quade/Hendry, Barry Rozner

nice hard to read rounded font and bold for the article. they're gonna start charging money for that, eh?

speaking of LaHair, named PCL MVP and called up by Cubs for Friday's game

found this tweet from Goldstein from a couple days ago I had a scout tell me that if Bryan LaHair was given a full-time MLB job, he'd hit .275 w/ 20-25 bombs.

i find the second part believable...heh.

Statistics and scouts on his side, plus Hendry is out of the way. We'll have to watch is 10 PA's very closely.

Another NHL "suicide"?? WTF is going on?

Getting in a fight with a hockey player twice a week is bad for your mental health, duh.

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  • crunch 6 min 30 sec ago (view)

    i don't blame the ownership/font office for doing what they did with bryant.  it was just kinda bad timing that bryant was the client that boras was finally "i'm sick of this" over.  the cubs were warned that boras was going to make a stand and it dragged on so long there has to be some kind of toll on the boras/cubs relationship.


  • bigsky33 13 min 49 sec ago (view)

    Hi Phil, yes, hoping for an extended AZ Fall League.  Do you think there will be more cuts?  De La Cruz was the only big sureprise to me. I thought he had some upside. 


  • Dolorous Jon Lester 2 hours 6 min ago (view)

    It'll be more over when Kris leaves. Or whenever the same thing happens to another of his clients.

    He isn't wrong though...


  • Arizona Phil 2 hours 18 min ago (view)

    Presuming there is no traditional minor league season in 2020, expect an expanded Arizona Fall League (with potentially a new "Florida Fall League" as well) for the best prospects and expanded post-season instructs for other minor leaguers (all TBA). 


  • Arizona Phil 2 hours 30 min ago (view)

    My understanding is that the other two Cubs minor leaguers who are to be released are the two post-2019 Article XX-B MLB free-agents who signed 2020 minor league contracts, Brandon Morrow and Jason Kipnis. The Cubs will then supposedly re-sign them to new minor league contracts without the $100K retention bonus and 6/1 opt-out. 


  • Arizona Phil 2 hours 33 min ago (view)

    CRUNCH: Agreed. Not counting the "4-A" guys, Oscar de la Cruz is the one legit MLB prospect on the list.  


  • crunch 2 hours 38 min ago (view) la cruz had some decent looking spring outings (though late inning spring work isn't exactly challenging).  the years of injuries insanely slowed his progression.  totally wouldn't mind seeing him return in 2021 if the team would still be on his radar after getting cut at a time like this.


  • crunch 3 hours 59 min ago (view)

    that whole "kris bryant thing" is over...but it's never going to be over as long as this ownership group and boras is around.

    boras could have focused this on 29 other teams, especially the more vocal ones because the cubs have been mostly silent.

    he chose the cubs.


  • Dolorous Jon Lester 9 hours 25 min ago (view)

    Not looking forward to seeing that list. Hate to see it when a guy you've invested any sort of energy in is given up on.


  • Cubster 9 hours 36 min ago (view)

    Chi Tribune today. Boras picks, and focused on the Ricketts. 

    Headline writer, fun job: Agent won’t let Cubs get away Scott-free Matt York/AP and Paul Sullivan.

    Boras told his players “the game can not be played without you” and asked them to share the concept with teammates and opposing players when “MLB requests further concessions or deferral of salaries” during negotiations.


  • Cubster 9 hours 38 min ago (view)

    The billionaires vs the millionaires. The beauty of the game is not the business of the game. 


  • Cubster 10 hours 19 min ago (view)

    Bat-signal seen in the Mesa skyline...AZ Phil, time to don the mask and cape.


  • Cubster 10 hours 21 min ago (view)

    per mlbtr, supposedly the Cubs have released 30 minor leaguers although Stewart and Asuaje are the only two names so far.


  • crunch 21 hours 16 min ago (view)

    cubs release brock stewart (AAA Rule 5 pick) and carlos asuaje (middle IF'r)...both older AAA/MLB-replacement-part types.


  • crunch 1 day 1 hour ago (view)

    after dragging their feet, the cubs commit to paying their minor leaguers through june.

    i'm a bit dissapointed they're not going to pay the last 2 months.  yeah, they're not the worst owners (in fact, the "through june" thing is common), but they can do better for their baseball household.


  • Cubster 1 day 13 hours ago (view)

    "in normal times..."

    It was the burst of times, it was the worst of times.