Friday Funnies. Cubs vs Cards FINALLY!


Also, got SO LUCKY and was sitting section 326 (front row upper kinda overlooking Rizzo) when that Hoerner play happened. It's still re-playing over and over in my head. Astonishing. 

i'm stoked about all 3 being night games...even though the sunday game is an ESPN game (boo).

SUPER stoked, Crunch. Plus it's gonna be 80s here. I plan on transistoring Pat and Ron by the grill and then moving inside each night. 

Boo Aroid.

wow, TB is supposedly shopping willy adames very aggressively.

wander franco time looks to be starting soon.

...okay, that was quick...he's a brewer.

btw, TB is loaded with MLB-ready SS...franco, v.brujan, and t.walls are all ready to taste the bigs.

Pretty interesting trade. I hope it works out as well for the Rays as our trade with them for Jose Martinez

t.walls gets the callup...looks like i get to see w.franco locally a bit longer.

franco/brujan both "rank" higher than walls, and all 3 needed to play with only 2 slots in AAA for middle IF.  if TB can hang onto all 3 guys for a while it's going to make the AL East a little more interesting for years if TB can secure their pitching.  franco is a beast (acuna jr level) and brujan would be a system prospect star if it wasn't for franco's shadow.