Hey Yankees: Carlos Zambrano is the new Cliff Lee

So anyway uh... yeah. 
Carlos Zambrano will definitely win 27 games in 2011. 
I'm pretty sure he's... I mean I am positive that the whole anger thing? 
Totally fixed.
Carlos Zambrano - you saw his last starts last year - the good ones, correct?
Well, there you go.
That's the REAL Carlos.
All that bad stuff that happened in his past is... well just forget about that and only remember the good stuff.

Sound good, Yankee GM Brian Cashman?

Because we know how much you must be squirming when the NY DAILY NEWS had a photo of Cliff Lee throwing a pitch and the headline reads: SCREW BALL. LEE GIVES YANKS THE SHAFT, HEADS TO PHILLIES FOR $50 MIL LESS.


You got hosed.
That son of a BITCH Cliff Lee went behind your back and took a job with the Phillies?
Somebody in your organization even said something like, "He left 50 mil on the table? He must REALLY not want to be a Yankee. Glad we found out now." 

And now... Boston is SO gonna take the AL East.


Yes that's right: unless you decide to get the Cubs' Carlos Zambrano.

I would suggest you just take on his contract and write the Cubs a check for the 50 mil you just SAVED by not signing that son of a bitch Cliff Lee. And maybe a couple prospects or something.

You can always depend on Sergio MItre, I guess, but...

You know Carlos is gonna win 27 games next year.

A winking goat told me.



http://espn.go.com/blog/chicago/cubs/post/_/i... speaking of, story on ESPN Chicago on just this topic also says Tampa wants 2 pitching prospects and a shortstop of the future for Garza J. Jackson, Lee, Carpenter? I assume if Cubs are giving up Lee, they'd give up lesser pitching prospects than Archer or McNutt. article mentions Flaherty, but not sure how many teams really consider him a SS in the majors. I assume no one wants Barney.

No thanks.

I would bet that just because of supply and demand that you'd have give up Arhcer, Jackson and Lee... I'd really like us to keep Lee for another year. Archer, I wouldn't mind seeing him go in the right deal, because I think there's a good chance he never gets his control quite right.

If some teams like Ryan Theriot why wouldn't they like Darwin Barney? Better defense at a fraction of the price, and I'm sure he'll hit as well as Theriot. IMO they should just move Castro to 2b now and let Barney play everyday.

darwin barney probably has less power than theriot...which is freaky, imo. he's decent enough bench, but it's a great day for him when he manages to squeeze out a double or get 2 hits in a game.

Barney will be a better hitter than Theriot, not that it's much of an accomplishment. I'm' so not looking forward to the 2011 season. 75 wins will be a major achievement.

Barney will be a better hitter than Theriot.... why?

I was going to say "I'll take that bet". If anyone thought Barney was likely to put up a career line to match what Theriot has done to this point, he'd be a pretty hot commodity.

AZ Phil has written highly on Barney, several times this offseason he said another team could trade for him to fill their starting SS role.

Ryan Theriot career minor league line: .271/.355/.337 Darwin Barney career minor league line: .286/.334/.374 Watch the two hit, Barney has a better concept of hitting. He's only had a sip of coffee in the majors and he looks like a better ballplayer than Theriot. Not saying Barney is anything special, I'm comparing bruised apples to bruised apples here, but Barney is more appealing than Theriot (one major reason is also his salary). But if you give Barney 3-4 years in the majors and compare him to Theriot at the same age, he's going to be the better ballplayer.

You're the only one who doesn't know that Theriot became a better hitter after the Cubs allowed him to abandon switch hitting, so you're forgiven.

I think the fact that you guys are arguing about the merits of Darwin Barney over Theriot really says a lot about what next season is gonna look like.

Haha--wait, that's not funny. (well, it's a little funny, but only cause it's true)

Let's ignore for the moment that Theriot raised his batting average significantly in 2005, after returning to hitting exclusively from the right side. Barney's overall minor league numbers take the edge over Theriot's in terms of slugging percentage, most of which seems to come from having 10 homeruns in 1546 ABs to Theriot's 5 in 2048. Barney's doubles rate seems also to be a bit higher, 82 to Theriot's 88 (in about 500 more ABs). So, clearly, Barney has shown a bit more power than Theriot did in the minors. But neither one of them showed much power in the minors (and Theriot continued to show very little power, mostly aiming to slap that ball through the hole on the right side or over the second baseman). Theriot has a clear edge in patience and plate discipline however. Theriot walked almost as much as he struck in the minors. His totals are 260 BB to 264 Ks. That's a trend he continued in the majors until 2009, (when he also set a career high in homeruns in a season with 7) when he walked 51 times and struck out 93 (!!!) times. The year before that, however, his best offensive year, he walked 73 times and struck out only 58, walking 15 more times than he K'd (and, more importantly, walking a lot while also hitting for a .307 average, which resulted in a valuable .387 OBP). Barney, on the other hand, has walked significantly less often than Theriot did in the minors (before or after the switch hitting mistake), and K's at about the same rate. His minor league totals are 112 BBs to 197 Ks, which is not so great for a guy who has only 10 homeruns (and only 33 total stolen bases, to 10 CS). Barney is now 24. Theriot posted his best minor league numbers in his age 25 and 26 seasons, including batting averages of .304 and .304 at West Tennessee and Iowa, OBPs of .365 and .367, and SLG of .391 and .379. If Barney can improve in his age 25 and 26 seasons the way Theriot did, he could become an equally or perhaps even more valuable role player than Theriot--Barney seems to be the better fielder. But there's no guarantee that Barney will improve the same way Theriot did. The BB/K ratio of Barney may also indicate a more difficult transition from minor league to major league pitching for Barney than for Theriot. Barney has defense to fall back on, which could make him an acceptable backup/bench player even if he can't do better than, say, a .260 or .270 average.

Funny no one mentions stolen bases. Where do you want your shortstop to hit in the lineup, eighth? Theriot had 100 SBs in the minors and has 100 in the majors. Barney has 33. If stolen bases don't matter, why is Hak-Ju Lee better than Barney?

"Where do you want your shortstop to hit in the lineup, eighth? " If the options are Theriot and Barney, then yes, 8th or 9th. Lee has a career .370 OBP in A ball (Theriot and Barney were college Freshman and Sophmores at the same age). If Lee can have a .370 + OBP in the majors and steal 40 bases (with 10 caught stealin), he should bat leadoff. If Barney does that, I think you would follow him in the lineup with the Easter Bunny, Sasquatch and Santa Claus.

Santa Claus: The Ultimate Base Clogger.

Sasquatch would be a MONSTER at 1b. Think of how many wild throws he could save from going into the stands!

But is he left-handed??

don't think anyone wanted Theriot when he was a prospect for a good player. If barney establishes himself in the majors, then maybe he could be coveted in a minor deal.

Would new Yankees pitching coach Larry Rothschild be in favor of bringing in Zambrano? I don't know anything about their relationship. But Brian Cashman would definately ask Rothschild. What would he say? (Ignoring the fact Zambrano has his NTC.)

"But Brian Cashman would definately ask Rothschild. What would he say?" He'd probably say, "Why do you think I wanted to get out of that place?"

Submitted by QuietMan on Tue, 12/14/2010 - 12:49pm. Would new Yankees pitching coach Larry Rothschild be in favor of bringing in Zambrano? I don't know anything about their relationship. But Brian Cashman would definately ask Rothschild. What would he say? (Ignoring the fact Zambrano has his NTC.) ===================================================== QUIET MAN: Zambrano will never waive his NTC to go to an A. L. club. He wants to hit. No joke. That is a really big deal for him, because he does not enjoy pitching that much. He loves to hit. He lives for that.

I think that Z could hit for a higher avg. than Carlos Pena if he played 1b everyday. We could have saved $10 million and trotted Z out 4 out of every 5 days, and had someone else fill 1b on the days Z starts. Why not, this team is going to suck, might as well make them more entertaining. I know Z would go for it.

try to join 20th century baseball analysis

lol. My point is, Carlos Pena sucks. Adam Dunn with a worse avg. Making $10 million. On what planet is that acceptable? I love how Hendry was telling interviewers that "Rudy says he can work with him and get his average back up 30 or 40 points, and that's acceptable". .230-.240, acceptable? C'mon.

if it comes with around a .370 OBP and .530 SLG, yup, sure fucking is...

Agreed. What's more, I think he gets 10-20 points on his avg. just moving to the NL Central. What was his BABIP last year (or last few years)? Has he had really shitty luck? *edit Wow, I'm an idiot, really should have kept reading..... Moving on.....

I suspect a BABIP rebound alone will put him close to .230. Add in recovery from injury and (presumably) said recovery's slight improvement to his speed, and I suspect he could realistically hit .250 this year (with an OPS approaching 900). Or else he hits .190 again and he's out of baseball next year. Whatev.

Look at his career BABIP and the last 3 seasons of BABIP. All of his numbers show he's declining rapidly. Last year wasn't a one year fluke. BABIP: .279 for Pena's career, far below league norms. Last 3 seasons BABIP for Pena: .298 .250 .222

They may look like a trend because they appear consecutively, but what they actually say is: Career year Return to norm Injury compounded by bad luck Therefore, if the injury is healed as has been reported, "return to norm" sounds much more likely to me than "declining rapidly." He's 32, not 38.

A part of it is also. Defenses play him straight up Occasionally defenses play him on a shift Defenses always play him with the shift

And actually, Carlos Pena knows how to play 1B, another non-"sucks" point for him over Dunn, which is what Hendry's been saying all winter.

I think Bruce Levine is going Phil Rogers on us. When does the Chirinos-Davis trade finally go through?

From Levine: "Sources close to Zambrano said his commitment to his family, which includes having his daughters go to a private school in Chicago, is an even stronger motivating factor." The fact that Carlos Zambrano has been allowed to reproduce may be the most alarming news of this offseason...

Last I heard, you don't need permission from anyone but your partner.

He probably got some of that reverse chalupa encouragement from a former shortstop. How many kids does Aram-Ram have?

Pirates sign Lyle Overbay to $5 million/1 year deal. He'll play 1B with a Garrett Jones/Matt Diaz platoon in RF. http://twitter.com/RobBiertempfel/statuses/14... Is Pena worth twice as much as Overbay?

not sure that's the right question... getting a player and agent to take deferred money isn't easy and the cost is the same to both teams this year. Yeah, the Cubs paid more overall, but Pena had some suitors that I don't think Overbay did, including a multi-year deal from O's. Also sounded like he wanted to test market next year so took a little less overall money for a higher one year deal with deferred money. 2/14 was bandied about and O's were tossing cash around and still are (see Gregg, Kevin).

Submitted by Rob G. on Tue, 12/14/2010 - 3:34pm. not sure that's the right question... getting a player and agent to take deferred money isn't easy and the cost is the same to both teams this year. Yeah, the Cubs paid more overall, but Pena had some suitors that I don't think Overbay did, including a multi-year deal from O's. Also sounded like he wanted to test market next year so took a little less overall money for a higher one year deal with deferred money. 2/14 was bandied about and O's were tossing cash around and still are (see Gregg, Kevin). ========================================= ROB G: That's true. And no GM in baseball gets along with Scott Boras better than Jim Hendry. They are buddies.

I wonder why!

Reverse chalupa.

That deferred deal seems fine now, paying Pena $5 mil in 2011, but it will look crappy when we are paying him another $5 mil in 2012 to not be on the team. Oh, and the part that he sucks.

depends what he does in 2011 and what the Cubs do in 2012, doesn't it?

Mark Prior to Yankees for 1/$10M http://twitter.com/jcrasnick/status/148168841... half of that is a joke...

half may be truth, but both parts are a joke.

Hope Larry brought his towels...

This is one reason I still love Kerry Wood... http://www.chicagotribune.com/sports/ct-spt-1... Even as a free agent, he's not afraid to disrespect the White Sox.


Rob G: How many more unsigned free agents for the TCR free agent game?

Beltre, R. Soriano, Pavano, K. Wood, LaRoche

Looking forward to hearing about all the TCR rabble-rousers inform ESPN that their report, "Rich Harden could find a new lease on life as a reliever," is inaccurate, because Harden is completely incapable to pitching out of the bullpen. Go ahead, you know you want to.

As long as they only pitch him every 6th day he'll be fine...

Rosenthal: Wood looking for a 2/12 deal. No problem, Cubs just have to Hendrize it - $1M the first year, $11M the second. http://msn.foxsports.com/mlb/story/new-york-y...

I'm not looking this up, but I'd guess that is unprecedented for a set-up guy? Look, his wife is from here, they apparently are building a permanent home in the suburbs according to Kap last night on CSN, and I think if he took $10MM less, he'd sign with the Cubs.

It seems like the Angels annually sign a closer then relegate him to setup man the next year, so they prorably pay their setup men that much. Wood's request is probably "if setup men are getting $4-5 million, and I have closer experience, throw $1-2 million on top of that" which is pretty reasonbale given this year's market. From a busisness standpoint, he's probably worth an extra million or two a year to the Cubs. From a baseball standpoint... hard to say, it just depends on how you feel about his health, and Marmol's continued sucess, I guess.

Would Marshall then move to the rotation?

You mean if we blew our money we're saving for another starter on Wood? I think the plan is to sign a 8th inning RH reliever and another starter.

by current reliever standards 2/10M is actually pretty reasonable especially if year 2 could be a vesting option based on innings, could throw in games finished incentives to get it closer to 2/12M for him and his agent to be happy with...

And resigning Wood a "priority" According to New York Daily News http://www.chicagobreakingsports.com/2010/12/...

The Zambrano to the Yankees speculation begins...... http://www.nydailynews.com/sports/baseball/ya...

NY Daily News is essentially saying: Nevermind that Zambrano and Rothschild worked together for nine years, it's the last six weeks that were important. It's all moot anyways.

I hope we get Andrew Brackman back in trade so crunch's head will spin around like he's being exorcised.

hey, all i said was anyone who drafts the kid is signing themselves up for a year+ off from the guy cuz his arm was toast. yanks drafted him...his arm was toast...he took his year off. now he's trying to make bread. fwiw, he would probably take a trade to the reds in a nanosecond. he constantly rocked reds gear in his free time even though he was more well known around here for being a basketball player (only because college basketball is the lord and savior of NC).

it is the NY Daily News, might as well get your rumors from Phil Rogers or the NY Post

I think it's the usual incestuous rumor-mongering. The Trib's "Breaking Sports" column puts words in the mouth of the New York News without actually quoting them: "[Cashman will] still be exploring the trade market with the Cubs' Carlos Zambrano, who experienced a turnaround both in temperament and results under new Yankees pitching coach Larry Rothschild the last six weeks of last season, a likely target." Here's what actually appeared in the New York News:
They could opt to go after Chris Carpenter of the Cardinals or Carlos Zambrano of the Cubs, though the Yankees' history of bringing National League pitchers to the AL hasn't been good.
Bruce Levine has an idea; an item in the NY News repeats the idea; the Trib turns that into "Z a likely target."

NY Daily News turned it into a rumor, Trib just re-blogged it just like we do. Headline of NY Daily News: "Brian Cashman may dip into Yankees farm system, will likely target Carlos Zambrano for pitching help" Levine's post yesterday on the topic just asked the question and then explained why it was unlikely.

- Werth offered 4/64 from Phils with possibly a 5th year, Nats practically doubled it (tough negotiating there by Nats). - Rich Harden to A's for $1.5M/incentives and as a reliever - F. Carmona a desired commodity according to Morosi (Yanks, Rangers and the usual suspects). - seems like this was already announced, but 7 NRI's for Cubs so far: infielders Bryan LaHair, Bobby Scales and Scott Moore, outfielders Brad Snyder and Jim Adduci, right-handed pitcher Angel Guzman and left-handed pitcher Scott Rice.


The fact that this guy has been around for three years now is as much of an indictment of the player development department as anyone could ever ask for. Free Bobby Scales indeed.

He plays three positions (or at least volunteers for them), so there are a lot of slots the "development department" would have to fill to force Scales off the Iowa roster. Scales is a pretty good AAA hitter. (He should be at 32.) He hit a little better than Barney and much better than Camp last year. Gonzalez, LeMahieu, Thomas and Vitters ended the season on Tennessee's roster and could move up to Iowa at some point this season, which might finally "free Bobby Scales." edit: I should have said two positions, 2nd and 3rd, last season. He did play a little outfield the year before. But I was thinking SS when I said three. He really never had the glove for SS.

He really never had the glove for SS. or 3b or the outfield

Submitted by VirginiaPhil on Wed, 12/15/2010 - 1:24pm. He plays three positions (or at least volunteers for them), so there are a lot of slots the "development department" would have to fill to force Scales off the Iowa roster. Scales is a pretty good AAA hitter. (He should be at 32.) He hit a little better than Barney and much better than Camp last year. Gonzalez, LeMahieu, Thomas and Vitters ended the season on Tennessee's roster and could move up to Iowa at some point this season, which might finally "free Bobby Scales." ====================================================== VA PHIL: I think that Bobby Scales is a likely candidate to replace Mark Johnson as the "player-coach" at Iowa in 2011 (gets placed on the DL with some vague injury, and then gets activated whenever another player goes on the 7-day DL). If that happens, he'll be at Iowa for the entire 2011 season no matter who comes & goes. That said, I would say (as of right now, very much subject to change, with Justin Berg & James Russell the most likely 6-7 guys in the pen until the Cubs sign a FA RHRP and SP), the Cubs Opening Day minor league rosters will be: IOWA PITCHERS: David Cales Esmailin Caridad Chris Carpenter Hung-Wen Chen Casey Coleman Thomas Diamond John Gaub Jay Jackson Scott Maine Marcos Mateo Brian Schlitter Jeff Stevens CATCHERS: Welington Castillo Robinson Chirinos INFIELDERS: Matt Camp Bryan Lahair Scott Moore Nate Samson Bobby Scales (player-coach) Marquez Smith Tony Thomas OUTFIELDERS: James Adduci Brandon Guyer Brad Snyder Ty Wright TENNESSEE PITCHERS: Chris Archer Jeffrey Beliveau Ryan Buchter Alberto Cabrera Rafael Dolis Ty'Relle Harris Trey McNutt Brooks Raley Chris Rusin Aaron Shafer Kyle Smit Luke Sommer CATCHERS: Steve Clevenger Chris Robinson INFIELDERS: Marwin Gonzalez Junior Lake D. J. Lemahieu Blake Lalli Rebel Ridling Josh Vitters OUTFIELDERS: Tony Campana Ryan Flaherty Brett Jackson Matt Spencer DAYTONA PITCHERS: Jeffry Antigua Yohan Gonzalez Su-Min Jung Aaron Kurcz James Leverton Robinson Lopez Jeff Lorick Oswaldo Martinez Dae-Eun Rhee Ryan Searle Nick Struck Brett Wallach Robert Whitenack CATCHERS: Michael Brenly Luis Flores INFIELDERS: Justin Bour Matt Cerda Hak-Ju Lee David Macias Jonathan Mota Logan Watkins OUTFIELDERS: Kyler Burke Evan Crawford Jae-Hoon Ha Nelson Perez PEORIA PITCHERS: Frank Batista Dallas Beeler Brent Ebinger Cam Greathouse Jin-Yeong Kim Austin Kirk Matt Loosen Marcos Perez Austin Reed Kevin Rhoderick Juan Yasser Serrano Larry Suarez Ben Wells CATCHERS: Micah Gibbs Chad Noble INFIELDERS: Arismendy Alcantara Ryan Cuneo Richard Jones Pierre LePage Brandon May Elliot Soto OUTIELDERS: Reggie Golden D. J. Fitzgerald Jesus Morelli Matt Szczur EXTENDED SPRING TRAINING PITCHERS: Hunter Ackerman Justin Bristow Dustin Fitzgerald Angel Guzman Cody Hams Casey Harman Ryan Hartman Alvido Jumenez Eric Jokisch Luis Liria Hector Mayora John Mincone Jon Nagel Amaury Paulino Starling Peralta Eric Rice Colin Richardson Jhon Rodriguez Melvin Rosa Jose Rosario Bryce Shafer Hayden Simpson Brian Smith Alvaro Sosa Charles Thomas Tzu-An Wang Yao-Lin Wang CATCHERS: Sergio Burruel Max Kwan Engel Santana Carlos Romero Jeff Vigurs INFIELDERS: Gioskar Amaya Vismeldy Bieneme Willson Contreras Pin-Chieh Chen Dustin Geiger Wes Darvill Albert Hernandez Marco Hernandez Jake McAloose OUTFIELDERS: Delbis Arcila Xavier Batista Anthony Giansanti Dong-Yub Kim Kyung-Min Na Cody Shields Oliver Zapata NO ROOM AT THE INN AT THIS TIME PITCHERS: Austin-Bibens-Dirkx Rogelio Carmona Marco Carrillo Manolin DeLeon Eduardo Figueroa Steve Grife Gian Guzman Marcus Hatley Dylan Johnston Danny Keefe Alessandro Maestri Corey Martin J. R. Mathes Tarlandus Mitchell Craig Muschko Jake Muyco Jeremy Papelbon Blake Parker Mike Parisi David Patton Mike Perconte Andres Quezada Scott Rice Carlos Rojas Chris Siegfried Joe Zeller CATCHERS: Jose Guevara INFIELDERS: Melvin Camarena Jake Opitz Greg Rohan OUTFIELDERS: Smaily Borges Chris Huseby Alvaro Ramirez Blair Springfield Jose Valdez

It's hard to believe they can't find room for Muschko, Carillo, DeLeon and Grife, but when I look at your team assignments, there's not a lot of give. This is what Sickels meant by "a huge amount of pitching."

Phil I thought I remembered reading somewhere that Kurcz could be fast-tracked due to his dominant performance following the draft. Would him going to high A be an assignment consistent with being on an accelerated schedule? Thanks as always

Submitted by Jumbo on Thu, 12/16/2010 - 4:20am. Phil I thought I remembered reading somewhere that Kurcz could be fast-tracked due to his dominant performance following the draft. Would him going to high A be an assignment consistent with being on an accelerated schedule? Thanks as always ================================================= JUMBO: Yes. Kurcz would normally be assigned to Peoria, but he was so dominating at Boise and Instructs that I suspect he'll open at Daytona.

Olney says Harden trying for 5th spot in rotation, otherwise bullpen or more likely DL

Not sure, thought he was retiring.... AZ Phil?

Brian Dopirak signs with Astros Hank White to sign with D'Backs

"Hank White to sign with D'Backs" He might want to change his name to that, now that he's in AZ.


Yes because enforcing federal law is racist.

pretending you have the power to make federal law has sunk the state's economy while "persuading" 100K+ people in the tax base to leave the state. their real estate values held relatively "sane" until 2009 when there was a sudden mega-surplus of housing because of exodus. they ruined their tax base in order to scare people and get elected while they spend money defending laws which don't hold water. good for them. i wish i could find work in Tucson because you can find a house in any part of the city for a deal over the past year. Pheonix's housing market is a huge disaster and has lost literally half it's value in 2 years. ...all this for fear. i guess money, home values, and incoming tax base loot isn't all it's cracked up to be vs. getting elected to an office to serve people.

Fear? Its simply the law of the land. Look it up. And while your worrying about a housing market that was built on giving houses to people who couldn't afford it (illegals) hospitals were closing, services were deteriorating for the legal residents of the state. Lets not forget i grew up in a border town in Az....the legal Mexican residents who followed the law can't fucking stand all the illegals. It's called coming back to reality. A housing market built on the backs of people who never were gonna repay the loans was never a market to begin with. It was a freebie giveway where the people who sacrificed to make their bills were screwed over by all the free loaders.

-edit- not getting into it. go cubs.

A wise decision.

"Yes because enforcing federal law is racist." (without reading further) Oh shit, here we go....... And like somebody said not too long ago, "This is what happens around here when the Cubs suck."

as a total aside... i'm kinda pissed AZ is in the economic state it's in. i love the state. it's beautiful. the work availability and the pay are both dropping like a rock even while people are moving out, though...it's just not stabilizing. i'm currently looking work in other western states as a result. there's just not much there in my field except in the yuma, az area...and that's just a bit too brutal weather-wise for me.

FWIW, I'm not a huge fan of NM, until you get up around Santa Fe/Taos. Depends on how big a town/city you want, but that said, the small town I live in BLOWS (as in, y'know, it's very windy here) and Albuquerque isn't a whole lot better. It has its good points (bit of mtn scenery) but largely it's a big, dirty version of the small town I live in. I can't really speak to employment/economic status intelligently, however.

Does anyone else find it odd that we've seen so many 20+ Million per year deals this offseason? Arod,Manny,Sabathia and Tex were the only guys I can think of who had them previously. Are guys like Lee,Werth and Crawford really in that same league?

Yes and No. The first contract, where the middle reliever I'd barely heard of who got $15 million for three years, seemed to have started it off. I am sure it's all Hendry's fault though.

well I think Lee is, but I'm sure others disagree... otherwise inflation and stupidity explains the rest...

Only being 5 years will make the Lee deal bearable. But Werth and Especially Crawford are going to be really ill advised deals in 3 years. Not having money to spend might turn out to be the best thing that happened to this franchise this year.

Yes, Werth's deal is going to look much better than Crawford's when Werth spends the final two sumemrs fishing and watching Crawford play on TV.

When Crawford loses a step, hell be a 22 Million dollar David DeJesus.

Hey... easy on DeJesus.

So, you think that David Kingman would be a better ballplayer than DeJesus in 2011? You're wrong anyway. When Crawford loses a step he's still going to be an all-Star caliber player, especially batting in that park. He'd have to lose two or three steps to be David Dejesus (who was a better player than our outfielders last year anyway).

The guy is a Left Fielder with a career 781 OPS. He is coming off a career season in which his OPS was just a shade over what Soriano,Fuku and Colvin put up this year. He's a star only in that some people are enamored with Athletes. He's the shinny object that distracts scout types like Hendry each and every year.

Would Bo Jackson be a 20 Million dollar player today?

The guy does things other than hit homeruns to help his team win. For his career he has a WAR of 34.5. For the last two season 12.6 (and he's 29). Statisically the top two comparisons to him are in something called "The Hall of Fame", have you ever heard of it? Werth has career WAR of 22.2, 9.9 over the last two season and oh yeah, he's two years older than Crawford. Sorry, but by any reasonably balanced evaluation Crawford is a better player now, and will be a better player six years from now. Unless you think it's better to be an older lesser player? You've got a fascination with players in their 30's with old man skills. Those are the very worst players to offer long-term deals to.

20m for a guy that's never hit 20hr and gets a slugging bump from triples. his legs do the work his bat can't.

Putting aside whether Crawford is better or not, does Werth really just have "old man" skills? He can run a little, plays good defense. He's not Adam Dunn, for better or worse.

He strikes out a lot, walks a pretty good deal and hits for XBH's. That's old man skills. He's an effective base stealer, but I suspect that's more choosing his spots than being fast. His defense, according to UZR was pretty shitty last year.\ Essentially he's the reverse of Starlin Castro.

He doesn't walk and he doesn't have power. He doesn't play a premium defensive position either. The same people that are enamored with Carl Crawford are the same people who thought Bo Jackson was a star. He's a better Roberto Kelly.

Not sure where all the Crawford basing has come from...? Yes, he's getting older. Yes, he's not quite the same guy he was 2-3 years ago, and got paid probably more on reputation than possible future production (who doesn't anymore, at least on the North Side). Yes, speed doesn't tend to age well unless your initials rhyme with "Rickey Henderson". But he's still a pretty fucking good baseball player, and would be serviceable/better in CF (not stuck in LF, per se) and was arguably the best FA OF on the market this year. Did Boston overpay? Yes. They did it to fuck with the Yankees as much as anything else, which is usually half the reason Boston does shit. Standard. But it's not that ridiculous. Personally, I think Washington overpaid much more, because they had to because they're fucking Washington, but hell, I could be way wrong in that just because Werth doesn't have as long a track record, maybe he's going to last longer. But it's been talked about since last year (just like they're already starting on Pujols and Prince this year) that Crawford was going to get paid this year. It is what it is.

From ESPN- @AdamRubinESPN Carlos Beltran, on a chat with fans, says his favorite candy is Nestle Crunch and his favorite place to play outside NY is Wrigley.

Soriano for Beltran? :)

Z for Beltran could actually make some sense if both teams just felt like making trades.

Because we don't have enough outfielders??? oO

Good outfielders.

Well, there's that. Although I don't think Beltran is all that and a bag of chips offensively either, if memory serves, especially in light of injury issues, like crashing into other OF'ers.

Beltran would immediately become the best outfielder - both offensively and defensively - that the Cubs have.

Hmm...are the Cubs going to get 2008 Beltran?

Phoenix radio station reporting Xavier Nady near deal with Dbacks (per Roto) We hardly knew ya, so it's hard to miss ya.

http://espn.go.com/blog/nfcnorth/post/_/id/21... The school is looking for temporary workers to shovel snow for $10 per hour in six-hour shifts between now and Sunday. There are 20-inch drifts throughout the stadium, which has been dormant since last month. *Update: According to the Star Tribune, the university will not pay for shoveling and instead is asking for volunteers. The Vikings have removed the request from their web site. how much does the nfl make in a season again?

You know, I hate to throw around terms like 'integrity of the game' and 'moral high ground'. However, of the major sports (MLB, NBA, NFL, NHL), isn't MLB (despite Selig) still above this kind of crap going on in Minnesota this week? Or am I just a partisan baseball fan?

What kind of crap is going on in Minnesota this week and how is it better or worse than what happened with Astros when they had their hurricane problems or when the MLB games in Puerto Rico?

MLB didn't ask for volunteers to sell hotdogs do parking during the game?

No Baseball just expects the players to make the sacrifies. "Major League Baseball has always valued the dollar more than they do the individual, the players and their families," Lance Berkman said, according to the Houston Chronicle on Sunday. "That's illustrated in things like playing through a lightning storm in Chicago [on Aug. 4]. "The most important thing is getting the game in so you don't lose the gate and you don't lose the revenue. That's A-No. 1. And then if in the course of that you can work it around where players aren't affected, that's a distant second. That's one reason why players try to exploit the system to the max because they know they're being treated the same way. That's a sad part of the game." http://sports.espn.go.com/mlb/news/story?id=3...

What are we talking about? I thought we were talking about being a couple of billion dollar industries trying to get free labor out of people.

that's what I was talking about...

Sorry I didn't think we were being that narrow.

The flip side to Berkman's arguments is that without that management, there'd be no $100m paydays. He should remember that the next time he looks at his bank statement. Further-fucking-more, the game is bigger than Lance Berkman. Sorry to fucking inform him. If the fans weren't leaving or bitching, then shut up and perform, monkey. If you don't like it, retire; the minors, independent leagues and colleges are chock full of people waiting to take your place. I don't begrudge athletes making millions; the fans and tv subscribers pay it, they definitely deserve their cut. What I can't stand is them whining about how the process is administered. Fuck 'em.

I would bet if the Umpires said "You can play today or you can not get paid" Berkman wouldn't complain about playing in the alleged lightening storm where not even a seagull was injured.


Packers are going to lose to New England on Sunday, Bears are going to beat the Viqueens on Monday and will thereby clinch the division. It does not matter if the game is played in Minnesota, Michigan, Malaysia, a meadow, a mall, or a McDonalds. By this time next week, Bears will be 2011 NFC North Champs.

Really? Who'd we get at Quarterback for this week? Because if it is still Jay Cutler, the Bears could lose to any NFL team at any time, and probably to a few college ones.

The better question is who will qb the Vikes? All three of their Qb's are hurt.

Any team can lose to any team at anytime in the NFL. Cutler's had about 2.5 bad games this year. Give him a better offensive line, and he'd be doing even better.

The Giants game alone counts for 2 bad games.

He only played a half and got knocked out. Not entirely his doing there.

my feeling is he got knocked out in the first quarter and kept playing. boy was not right that game...

My feeling is you need a Quaterback who scores higher on the Wonderlic, especially to run Martz's "Death to All QB's" system.

Why would a smart QB want to run that system? Smart people don't like to get their brains beat in on a regular basis.

Phil Simms, who has a little more NFL experience than you do, thinks Cutler is a miracle worker given his offensive line protection. Other than a tendency to throw off the wrong foot sometimes, which I haven't seen him do lately, I think he's a pretty good QB who plays on behind an absolute shit offensive line. I'm surprised he's not fucking dead.

HAHA! Awesome!!! Preach on brother. And guessing by your handle you too have not seen a decent QB in a Bears uniform, before Cutler, since Sid Luckman. Hopefully the Bears offense will be dragged into the the 20th century. Not a typo.

I had high hopes for Grossman when I first saw him. But he couldn't play out of the pocket at all, or seem to find secondary receivers, or hold on to snaps. LOL. I enjoyed McMahon, but he wasn't an elite QB by any means. Cutler has his faults, but they're exaggerated by a line that can't block a good freshman high school football team. I don't think he's really very good at play action, either, and that seems like something that could be taught. That said, give him a supporting cast, including some guys who can actually run routes, and he'd be pretty good. He's sure as hell a lot tougher than I thought he'd be. If he can just survive the year without getting killed, maybe that idiot DeAngelo will actually fix the offensive line. I guess it's possible their playing together the rest of the year will make them better, but I'm not holding my breath.

He put up excellent numbers in Denver FWIW.

and a lot of turnovers... I like him and he's been great since the bye week for the most part. That offensive line, receivers and Martz's 5-step drop routes are a bad combo. But all of Martz's offensives turn the ball over, get sacked and score lots of points. Bears are getting 2 of those 3 right now. :)

Too bad there's not site to talk about this. ~ducks~

it's still there, but I found myself disinterested without an audience. I would still love to keep it going, but can't bear the brunt of responsiblity to find readers and keep posting. compared to TCR, where I'm disinterested because of the shitty organization I write about...

I think you just like writing about shitty organizations.

Agreed, That Bears line is Awful. I'm shocked the Bears have won as many as they have this year?

One, two, three throw. Until Cutler learns it, he will continue to be a turnover machine. Yes the O-line is bad, but switch Peyton Manning onto the Bears and suddenly the O-Line gets a lot better.

Cmon Neal. His # 1 receiver is a former college DB.

- Donald Veal resigns with Pirates on minor league deal. believe he was an "untouchable" at one point. - Buck Coats signs a minor league deal with Nationals. Why not?

Steve Stone had a hard on for Donald Veal. Then he solidified his idiocy by joining Hawk in the Sox booth.

What's he still doing in baseball? I thought his dream was to become an orthopedic surgeon?

Submitted by Rob G. on Wed, 12/15/2010 - 3:21pm. - Donald Veal resigns with Pirates on minor league deal. believe he was an "untouchable" at one point. ==================================== ROB G: TJS rehab

so out of all the prospects we've argued about over the years, who had Casey McGehee as the only one that the Cubs would regret losing? /honorable mention to Ricky Nolasco

More than a few people weren't happy about seeing Nolasco go, if memory serves. McGehee is like Dan Uggla 2.0.. maybe even more of a surprise.

mcgehee is a man without a position...his only real downfall, imo. his 3rd is below average and his 2nd is horrid. nice power...be nice to have around.

well people were upset the Cubs traded Scott Moore too just looking through the mirror of hindsight that those are really the only 2 that have amounted to anything since 2004. Brendan Harris has had a bit of a career I guess, but not even a regular.

Pie hasn't done too badly, injury and opportunity aside.

probably a few years before we can fully appreciate what Felix Pie will be, but I'm guessing if he keeps up a .300 OBP, no one would regret losing him.

If Felix were a step faster he'd be Carl Crawford! -peers over shoulder for TRN

You're defending Washington's GM. The person who everyone in the industry thinks is on crack. Maybe that should clue you in a bit?

Greg Olsen played tight end.

I'm assuming this is for me. The plays are drawn up mostly for the WR's which include Hester, who is now taking a smaller role on the offense but is still getting offesive plays. If Manning would have to throw to him Knox and Bennett he would retire. They don't know how to run routes are limited by their hands and speed. I'm just laughing thinking about Manning audibling with all his theatrics while Hester is staring at his feet trying to make sure he's not offsides.

Oh for Blair White and Jacob Tammie!

Just someone who's half as good as Reggie Wayne would be a huge step up.

Amen. A great quarterback can make almost any receiver look good, but it doesn't work quite as well the other way. Just ask Larry Fitzgerald what he thinks about having Derek Anderson, Max Hall, and John Skelton throwing 6 feet over his head all season.

this seems like the Greg Maddux argument to me... comparing any QB besides Brady to Manning isn't going to end well for that QB...

If I have to win one game (playoff, Super Bowl, whatever), then the only QB I want lining up under center on my team would be Brady.

dave patton released...

Rosenbloom of the Trib opines that Pena was signed to be full-time 1B and part-time latin babysitter. http://blogs.chicagosports.chicagotribune.com...

i quit reading at this part because it seems foolish to continue after a statement like this: "Then we got an unexpected call from Stone, the White Sox analyst and smartest baseball man on my television and now my radio."

seems our friend Steve Stone was doing the opining on that one... but anyway, guys get signed for clubhouse presence all the time, isn't that why there's the Mark DeRosa statue outside Wrigley?

it's a little weird that our current team leaders seem to be r.dempster and maaaaaaybe byrd. they had a strong leadership void last year, f'sure...and too much division (mostly divided by language lines) on the bench and in the clubhouse.

Was it on this site back in June, where the was speculation that a Sharks vs Jets type of thing was happening in the clubhouse? The Latin players wouldn't let Castro get hazed, their was questions on Aram's condintioning. Then the next week was the Z and Lee blow up.

and then there was the thing where they sucked at playing the game of baseball. I blame Barrett and Bradley.

Ask Crunch, he seems to be dialed into everything that goes on in there.

i'm not the person that wrote/spoke about it and told the world...i was just there to read and listen. even bob brenley brought it up in speculative manner...more than once.

If Rosenbloom wrote that, then Pena was probably signed to pitch and babysit Fukudome.

Submitted by crunch on Wed, 12/15/2010 - 4:30pm. dave patton released... ======================================= CRUNCH: Also Jeremy Papelbon and Andres Quezada. Wow, no sooner do I post the "NO ROOM AT THE INN" list and three of them get released! I must be a voodoo doctor.

Moniker change? Voodoo Phil?

http://www.chicagobreakingsports.com/2010/12/... "Eagles' Vick wants second chance to own a dog"

i guess he's never heard of the phrase "too soon." ...and just when he was starting to make a few friends...at least it was responsibly worded, but yeesh.

what the hell is going on today? Neal Cotts to yankees on minor league deal

Ha. Well, y'see, Cashman gets inside information. And when Andy MacFail becomes the next commissioner, Cash wants to impress him with all his baseball knowledge to stay on his good side (and someday take his place). It's all elementary, my dear Watson.

No. Fucking. Way. Ugh.

There are presently 20 players originally signed by the Cubs who are on the 40-man rosters of the other 29 MLB clubs... Alberto Alburquerque, RHRP (DET) Jerry Blevins, LHRP (OAK) Jose Ceda, RHRP (FLA) Ronny Cedeno, SS (PIT) Josh Donaldson, C (OAK) Scott Downs, LHRP (LAA) Jake Fox, C-IF-OF (BAL) Jon Garland, RHSP (LAD) Brendan Harris, INF (BAL) Eric Hinske, 1B-OF (ATL) Casey McGehee, 3B (MIL) Adalberto Mendez, RHSP (FLA) Sergio Mitre, RHSP (NYY) Jose Molina, C (TOR) Ricky Nolasco, RHSP (FLA) Eric Patterson, IF-OF (BOS) Felix Pie, OF (BAL) Clay Rapada, LHRP (TEX) Ryan Theriot, SS (STL) Michael Wuertz, RHRP (OAK) plus.. MLB FREE-AGENTS: Corey Patterson, OF (ex-BAL) Todd Wellemeyer, RHSP (ex-SF) Kerry Wood, RHRP (ex-NYY) and... JAPAN: Micah Hoffpauir, 1B (Nippon Ham Fighters) also some who have signed AAA contracts elsewhere... Mitch Atkins, RHSP (BAL) Bear Bay, RHRP (LAA) Russ Canzler, 1B (TB) Buck Coats, OF (WAS) Brian Dopirak, 1B (HOU) Darin Downs, LHRP (FLA) Mark Prior, RHSP (NYY) Andy Sisco, LHRP (NYY) Donald Veal, LHSP (PIT) Dontrelle Willis, LHSP (CIN)

Cubs made good decisions on most of these guys, so you got to give people like Fleita their props, they know how to evaluate their own minor league talent for the most part. I was pissed about trading Blevins, he seemed like the kind of bullpen guy the Cubs could use. I feel the same way about Casey Lambert being let go this winter. McGehee was the only true miss out of this bunch on the part of the Cubs brass. I'll give them a pass on Nolasco, since you had to offer SOMEONE of perceived value to trade for Pierre. Speaking of that trade, whatever happened to Renyel Pinto?

Submitted by Jim Hickmans Bat on Wed, 12/15/2010 - 8:31pm. Speaking of that trade, whatever happened to Renyel Pinto? ============================================= JIM H: Renyel Pinto got released by the Florida Marlins and then he got released by the Cardinals Memphis AAA club. He is presently a minor league FA. He has been battling some legal issues in Florida, so that might have caused him to lose focus on baseball.


Submitted by The Real Neal on Wed, 12/15/2010 - 9:27pm. I CANNOT BELIEVE WE LET ANDY SISCO GO IN THE RULE V DRAFT!!!! ANYONE COULD SEE HE WAS BOUND FOR THE HALL OF FAME!!! =========================================== REAL NEAL: I could not believe that the Cubs did not add Andy Sisco to their 40-man roster after the 2004 season, because they had roster slots available, and 21-year old 6'9 lefties who throw in the mid-90's don't grow on trees (even ones with nasty personalities). But the Cubs had issues with his work ethic and coachability, so they decided they'd just let him go for $50,000. That was just plain stupid roster management. (Then they did the exact same thing with Donald Veal post-2008). And in fact Sisco was selected by KC in the December 2004 Rule 5 Draft (2nd overall pick), and had a decent year in 2005 working out of the Royals bullpen (making the jump from Hi-A to MLB). He had his career sidetracked by TJS, however, missing two full seasons (2008-09). He made a comeback last year at AA with SF, but wasn't particularly impressive.

Didn't Wellemeyer have an overrated half season or so in StL's rotation?

For those of you who might have missed it, Cubs 2003 #1 draft pick Ryan Harvey finally decided to give up trying to make it as a RF (he never got out of AA) and made the move to the mound at Colorado Rockies Instructs post-2010. Harvey was a RHP-OF in HS, and while he was mainly projected as a power hitting RF with plus-power and a plus-arm, some scouts thought he was a better pitching prospect than a hitting prospect. Kyler Burke might be in a similar position next season if he doesn't have a good Minor League Camp.

Did the pop just never materialize??

If I remember correctly, he could hit a ball a country mile, but had sever contact issues. Imagine a Jason DuBois who couldn't even turn himself into a AAAA player. I think his other skills/tools were better than Dube's, but his contact held him back


I have seen the following Bears QB's in my life - many in person: Virgil Carter, Mike Phipps, Jimmy Mc, Moses Moreno, Shane Matthews, PT Willis, Bob Avalini, Cade McNown, Rick Mirer, Jack Conncanon, Bobby Douglas, Dave Krieg, Steve Walsh, Eric Kramer, Will Furrer, Hank Burris, Stevie Stenstrom, Tomczak, Fuller, Lisch, Greg Landry, Vince Evans, Flutie, Jim Harbaugh, and, of course the modern guys... Jay Cutler - FWIW - is in the top two. The offensive line going into the season was bad. It still is. It was a gamble the team took and they lost. Seeing the Pats reinforced how much talent they have and the prowess of their fantastic organization, that competes and wins year after year - regardless of the players they seem to place in the holes. Regarding Jay Cutler - he has by far, the strongest arm I have witnessed in a Bears QB since Bobby Douglass, who could kill you with one of his throws. But Jay is infinitely more accurate.

Sexy Rexy and Vince Evans could both throw the ball pretty far. I'd be surprised if Cutler's arm is stronger than either of theirs. Last year he lead the league in interceptions. This year he's leading it in being sacked and fumbles, despite missing time. Wake me up when he can keep the turnovers below 25 for a season.

Well, since you seem to think you know football, most ex-players and analysts place offensive line cohesion at 1 and a half years, minimum. Couple that with a rookie starting, one who has a fucked-up disk, and a center who is in his declining years, and its a recipie for "sack disaster". If you had been watching the games, the O-line has been nothing but a turnstile for half the games. He's made mistakes, sure, but put him on a team with a solid line and he would have much better numbers. Some of his "leading the league" fumbles come from hard sacks where the above O-line failed him, including one where he was given a concussion. Stick to your Houston Texans or look at more than just the "stats" when it comes to the Bears. And, if you don't feel like being "woken up", then you got a couple Texas teams to watch to keep you busy to spare you from your Cutler pain.

Man, I just wish they had football on TV. What happens when a quarterback holds on to the ball for too long? Sacks are the responsibility of both the O-Line and the quarterback. How can you even pretend to have ever watched a single football game and not know that? I watched David Carr for years play behind some of the worst offensive lines in history, with no receivers and no running game, and guess what? He never threw 26 interceptions in a season.

Didn't he set the record for being sacked? Hard to throw picks when you can't throw.

WGAF about (a) David Carr and (b) how many picks Cutler threw last year? Behind a shitty O-line, he's thrown 12 this year. Big deal. Now, the fumbles, well, that's something that can't be defended. EDIT: Let me add there that he was solely responsible for the loss to the Redskins.

Clearly in love with Cutler's arm... Yes, it's impressive. Too bad he has about 3 working brain cells, and all three of them are focused more on how to be dickhead than anything else. He came from Denver, where he had a good O-line. Trust me, though the gaffes may evolve a bit due to other circumstances, stupid and arrogant always comes to the surface.

Bob Feller has died, 92

not again?!

Hendry's offseason theme for 2011, "clubhouse leadership" (whatever that is). Me-likee much better than "we need to get more left handed" dusts off his "We've got Wood" T-shirt... The #34 uniform is still available. http://www.chicagonow.com/blogs/david-kaplan-...

Totally agree. Even if Wood sucked when he was here (he didn't, although he was often injured so long people forgot who he was), he brings instant 'street cred' into the dugout after having been on the team so long. Hendry pulls it off, at least a few fans will respond with, "Ryno who?"

I tried for two years, no shit, to get a Wood 34 Tshirt off MLB. Due to business trips, etc., I was never able to order until right around the end of the season. I'd put the order in, they'd cancel it. No explanation, no "we don't have any more and we're not going to make more because it's august/september/october", nothing. I called the fuckers, and "I don't know why it's cancelled, let me put it back in" Cancelled again. I am the proud owner of a fucking Cleveland Indians Tshirt, with Wood and the number 34 on it, that I've worn exactly 2 times, just to say I did. I have a ridiculous man-crush on Kerry Wood. I think he's everything that's right and wrong about baseball, and the Cubs. I'm actually getting a half a chubby at the thought of him coming back. Okay, that was a bit much, nevermind.....

I've always regretted choosing a Zambrano jersey over a Wood jersey. It seemed like providence that I found a Wood jersey at a flee market ($5) here in Korea. I wear it around the house all the time. I sure hope he comes back and stays here until he retires.

since we're talking 7th-8th inning bullpen pieces, JP Morosi of Fox says the WSux deal with Jesse Crain is 3/13