Cubs @ Pirates: Series Thread (Games 67-70)

The Cubs came out on top of this weekend's meeting of the hottest and the coldest in the league. Next they take to the road, starting with four games in Pittsbrugh. See below for matchups.

Game 67, Monday, June 20, 6:05 pm central

CHC: RHP Caleb Kilian (0-1, 8.00 ERA)

PIT: RHP JT Brubaker (0-7, 4.50 ERA)

Game 68, Tuesday, June 21, 6:05 pm central

CHC: RHP Matt Swarmer (1-2, 5.23 ERA)


Game 69, Wednesday, June 22, 6:05 pm central

CHC: RHP Keegan Thomspon (6-2, 3.27 ERA)

PIT: RHP Zach Thompson (3-5, 4.47 ERA)

Game 70, Thursday, June 23, 1:35 pm central

CHC: LHP Justin Steele (2-5, 4.27 ERA)

PIT: LHP José Quintana (1-4, 3.66 ERA)


here come the kids...kilian, NO NOT YOU, thompson and steele.  hope it's at least fun to watch.

nelson velazquez called up...sampson optioned to AAA

squirrel delay.

baseball is the greatest american game.

villar is doing kilian 0 favors...turning 2 outs into 0 outs on 2 different plays is a hell of a inning, guy.

kilian is doing kilian 0 favors.

command/control failure...

One more unwatchable game.

what's really bad is... not even Schwindel can come out of the pen tonight.

and with that, my 2022 cubs season is officially crushed.

Alfonso Rivas was a two-way player in college (1B / LHRP), so if the Cubs need garbage innings Rivas should be the one to throw them.  

2022 cubs and garbage a more iconic duo

If their record is 25-42 after tonight, a .373 win percentage X 162 games gives a record of...

drumroll: 60-102

just what this game needs...rain.

rain passed over.  game still sucks.  yet here i am watching...

Jeez, that Oneil Cruz has got some skilz/toolz...

e.stout traded to PIT for good ol' cash considerations.

"Cash considerations" for a DFA usually means a least twice the $50,000 waiver price, so the Cubs probably got at least $100,000 (which is equivalent to the Rule 5 Draft price, but without the cumbersome roster restrictions that go with a Rule 5 Draft pick). 

there's like 8 people at this game...not really that bad, but there's a ton of room at the park for a nice weather evening game.

even the cubs fans in the area aren't showing up for this.

swarmer almost gives up a homer, but it comes up short and it's a leadoff triple to start the game for PIT.

that counts as improvement for swarmer.

leiter jr gives up a homer on his 2nd pitch.

welcome back, dude.

Summer reruns. It's the same game every night.

bote's bat is coming alive in AAA.

in his 4 games back since taking a break for a couple weeks he's 8 for 15 with 4 doubles and a triple (no walks, no HR).  he's produced in all 4 games.

bote 2/5 today, couple singles.

10 for 20 in his last 5 walks.

Has anyone here ever gone to a game in St Louis?  Have tickets for this Sunday and first time going to that ballpark.  Feels a bit dirty going there but I do like experiencing different ballparks.  Also, I live in Texas and the 14 hour drive there is the closest the Cubs will play to me this season (its about a tie with Atlanta). 

BTW, the AAA realignment also means no Iowa Cubs games here in Austin/Round Rock. They've worked hard to make Texas a Cubs-free zone. 

My Dad retired to southern IL and we went to a couple games in St. Louis. It's a nice park and the fans were pretty chill--used to having Cubs fans there. The area around the park was not thriving commercially when I was there 3-4 years ago.

so um...uh...yeah, um...anyway, here's kyle farnsworth.

im about done watching villar play shitty D almost every day with a .268 ob%

at this point i'd rather see bote and i'm not really in a hurry to see bote...

david robertson first career AB...vs a position player pitching.

robertson is f'n stoked.  this is nice.

strikes out swinging on a 3-2 pitch.  it was obviously high out of the zone, but when is gonna get another AB?  gotta swing.

this was seriously one of his best managerial decisions of the night.  most of the dugout was on the railing watching this AB.

e.roberts TJ