Cubs @ Marlins: Series Thread (Games 147-149)

The Cubs hop down to Miami to begin a 7-game road trip. They'll face the Marlins for three in Florida to start the week. See below for pitching matchups.

Game 147, Monday, September 19, 5:40 pm central

CHC: LHP Wade Miley (1-0, 2.89 ERA)

MIA: RHP Edward Cabrera (5-3, 2.70 ERA)

Game 148, Tuesday, September 20, 5:40 pm central

CHC: RHP Adrian Sampson (2-5, 3.48 ERA)

MIA: RHP Pablo Lopez (9-10, 3.99 ERA)

Game 149, Wednesday, September 21, 5:40 pm central

CHC: LHP Drew Smyly (7-8, 3.48 ERA)



joe girardi in the booth tonight (monday)

And Wade Miley, putting out fire with gasoline. 

Well that seems counterintuitive.

I'll have to check the box score tomorrow to see how it turned out.

When they picked up Miley after the Brewers DFA'd him I kinda liked that $10m gamble. It didn't take too long to regret that. I think they're better off giving any remaining starts of his to other minor leaguers and seeing what they got. 

Fixed: "Reds"

The moral to this story is that year to year, pitcher injuries are tough to predict but a one year gamble for an established starter (and lefty) made sense to me. Given their record approaching the All-Star game, it's a shame his health made him untradable. Ditto for Smyly.

I think it was a good gamble on paper, but in retrospect I think they should have been a little more concerned about why the Reds were giving him away for salary relief only. It would have been nice if they could have put the $20M they gave to Miley, Simmons, and Villar towards one player who could have contributed on a higher level. 

Definitely not arguing the $20 mil could have been better spent. Especially the Villar and Simmons portion.

I can see why they didn't examine the Miley DFA more closely though.... the Reds were casting everything overboard that wasn't nailed down last winter, his DFA could have been interpreted similarly. But hindsight being 20/20 it turned into a missed opportunity.

Ah yeah, the Reds... thanks.  And yeah I would loved to see both them get traded at the deadline. However, Smyly has gotten on track and now I'm really kinda hoping he picks up his $10m option. Although sure would hope he stays healthy if so. If he wants to renegotiate and get more money and years I wouldn't bother though. 

 Morel has become a three outcome player:  Homerun, strikeout, error.

He needs a bit more development time in the minors, same with Nelson. If we're looking to contend those two need to start their seasons in Des Moines.

I like both of them and I'm glad we've gotten a chance to see them, but I think there's some development needed

contreras taking BP today.  neet.

stroman gets smyly's wednesday start because of shoulder fatigue.

in 2023 walkup music can only be 10 seconds.

they need to carve out an exception for oscar gonzalez (CLE).  i heavily insist on this.

I agree!

schwarb hit his 40th.

leading NL in homers and Ks.

also, judge hit #60 if you're keeping track of that.

Definitely a remarkable accomplishment by Mr. Judge. I expect David Kaplan to be pushing for the Cubs to offer him $250-300M for eight years tomorrow morning on his radio show (and anywhere else he appears nowadays). Kaplan has been jonesing for the Cubs to sign Judge for the past three months. 

WBC qualifiers have been a fun watch.

some of these games are taking place in parks that are getting lower attendance than highschool baseball games.

btw, there's umpire review in WBC, even qualifiers.

quiroz (lefty) batting leadoff vs a lefty.

okay, sure.  like 2022 matters, i guess.

p.wisdom with a killer sliding catch on a play he should have picked up on the bounce and have the batter held to a single.

2nd start in RF this season, 4th career.

awesome catch, highlight reel stuff.

mervis did a home run.


thompson returns and hasn't missed a beat.

3ip 1h 1bb 6k, 0r/er

he's going to be working out of the pen for the rest of the year for no real reason except we're almost done here.  he's expected to be a starter 2023.